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Note: These pages are placed in the public domain and are furnished "as is". The author assumes no responsibility for the use or misuse of the concepts in this series. All pertaining laws should be satisfied, in duplicating or testing my concepts or descriptions, as are posted on my linked pages.

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Summer of 09, 'Annualized Site Prep'

Primal Helical Tetrahedron!

X-Coil Cross Section

Small Eyelid Greenhouse -- Cost Competitive Design

Green HVAC For The Greenhouse Age

Low Clearance Culvert Solution To Solve Heavy Rain Washouts

2008 Sit Down Gardening ! --  Ergonomic Nutrition ?

Extremely low cost eyelid greenhouse.

--Theory & Practice

Toroidal (Or Donut) Truss (Under Construction)

Atrium View of DonutTruss

2007 Free HVAC?
More on this & Alternative Insulation

Innovative Architectural Modeling "Sail Box"

American Concrete Institute Central New York Chapter ACI

Alternative Furnace Research

Recurve Cable Truss Arch Built Easily

Floating Bed Fabrication Facility

Near Buoyancy Form Work For Cementitious Structures

Oceanic Gyres, Is Garbage Clean Up Possible?

Sandy Bottom Aqua culture-- Aquatic Fencing & Other Concepts

Competitive Green Roof Home With Hanging Garden Arbor

Tilt Up "Lightweight" Ferrocement Wall Sections

Grove style framing for a building

Inner tubes As Form work For Structural Coffers

Continuing Progress on Grove Dome (Glazing 2008)

Arc-Optimized Vault Surfaces For Efficient Strength

Tilt-Up Square Donut Vault Construction Concept

Pole Formed Concrete Walls And Columns

Locally produced Bulk Materials For Construction

Forming vaults by raising molds or raising tiles upon poles.

Arcades made with vaults which are shaped like goblets.

Sculptural Vaulting Experimentation

Recycled auto tires might form a mold system for vaults

Inner tube air forms for molding ferrocement structures

Monolithic Hand Finishing Both Inside And Outside Of A Vault

Tiled Dome Building

Vault Judo: A method to flip vaults in place.

Arched Purlin Truss
(Huge Surface Truss)

Crumb Rubber & Ferro-Tensegrity

Self Tensioning Sheet Metal Reinforced Ceiling

Testing #9 Gauge Wire Ringforcement

Stair building style which uses ring reinforcement.

Spiraling rings for frames, rafters and truss structures.

Job site machines might form flat coils and mesh.

3D rings and a 24/7 concrete construction robot?

Instant dome frames from rings and subdivisions for nested frameworks.

3D Reinforcements from nesting rings on cube faces .

Progressive concentric spiral as reinforcement.

Alternative masonry using fiberglass insulation blocks.

2007 experiments with minimalist ferrocement frameworks.

2007 Fast-&-Easy Flat Ferrocement Work.

2005 Hand Made Mesh Experiments

Pre 2004 mesh forming methods are linked here.

Ringforcement concept for a small (5m/ 15ft) dome.

A method for smoothing FerroCement
, using rollers.

Expanding Expanded Lath Concept

CAD "replaces" the Measuring Tape and the paper work planning.

Raster Aided Vectors / Digitizer Aided Building
Computer Aided Labor

Experimentation with intersecting joists

27/7 Additive Construction Concept

"Corduroy Wall" Forming Method

Hollow "corduroy wall", wet tilt shaped drain pipe.

Corduroy Snail Shell and Columns.

Interlocking WWM units to form versatile wall units

EPS Grinding-Experimental Concept.

Bucket mixing of cement, spiral mixer research

Bend your own rebar mixers plus.

Difficulty With & A Partial Solution For Lumps In Bagged Cement

Micro cement/ concrete batcher research.

Concrete pump using recycled radials research.

A simple lid adapter which sprays cement from a 5 gallon bucket (20 liters)

Literally Integrate Architecture With the Earth To Achieve Cost Free HVAC 

Self Heating House Blogs.... (primarily for cold climates)

PAHS Retrofit - AGS For Ordinary Buildings

Branching U Tube Thermal Siphon For Perpetual Temperature Stabilization

Passive Annual Heat Storage Built Strong

Self Comforted House
-- Ferrocementing for PAHS style building.

Historical precursors before PAHS with a relevant discussion link....

2007 Earthwork & Challenges

Concrete Compost Toilet Research

Near-Range-Audio Vibrator-Sculpting Tools

CAD Animation: Revolving, pivoting, (spiraling) form concept

CAD Animation: Tilt up dome concept

Agmont Park, fountain restoration. in Bar Harbor, Maine

"Earth Molded Concrete: Artisan Secrets"

Sand Cast Large Contoured Wall Panels

Spiral Edge Geometry

Insulated Firebox Experimentation

Spiral Donut Masonry Heater Concept

Monolithic Pour, Tilt up Masonry Heater Concept

Vortex Flame Amplifier : Solid Fuel Burner Experimentation

Spiral Heat exchanger - Intriguing Assembly Method

1994 Spinductor Concept

Donut spiral: relation of poloidal to the tetrahedron

Parasitic Antenna Elements... Geometric modeling some interference patterns.

Note: These pages are placed in the public domain and are furnished "as is". The author assumes no responsibility for the use or misuse of the concepts in this series. All pertaining laws should be satisfied, in duplicating or testing my concepts or descriptions, as are posted on my linked pages.

Visualize - Actualize --  Bo's Arts

Translucent dome
built entirely single handed by Bo Atkinson. See an old sketch the author made with an ancient Windows program. See trickle down solar heat storage concept. Sculptural concrete dome, a minimalist concept. Translucent sheathing details.Star dome: intrinsic star tessellations. Ringforcement: a synergy of ferrocement, concrete, masonry and curved construction methods.Building your dream geometry ?free assistance, (when time permits), with accurate nonlinear geometry.A sketch for an article on integrating conventional stud construction with ferro cement.Extra axial : twisting spins- poloidal Radial wave: rotated spins. Spiraling sphere models / "spinductor": spherical inductor "Nex'inductor": miscellaneous spins structures Tetra helix prism : refracted spin Knot like torsion structure : tetrahedral spin Tetrahedron derived curve. three fold spin. Interactive, Periodic Table Of Elements..CAD sketches using curvaceous meshes.

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Enersearch gave up on the "non-profit" business path in 2008. (All assets were purely intellectual and "inured" to the public domain as required by non-profit law).  Enersearch was a non profit corporation founded in 1980 to promote harmonious integration of art, science and philosophy. All design concepts and technology marked with the enerseach logo were placed in the public domain to benefit the public welfare, as provided by law. Patents were not sought because putting technology directly into the public domain was more likely result in the public reception.

Furthermore While enersearch economized by not having to pay for a domain named virtual server space, the midcoast server has graciously allowed unlimited web space for many years. Prior to the midcoast server, a now defunk server under the name "" previously hosted some enerseach work at Verification of these initial efforts may be accessed, thanks to efforts of the (Some files in the Way Back Machine are missing, but some remain intact.) Insearch was a name given to a xeroxed publication distributed through snail mail (by enersearch), to engage in  information exchange, through low cost channels of communication, (before the internet was made public).

Enerseach has researched regenerative annular theory and practice since it's founding in 1980. Many practical spin off projects have been published in humble formats since 1980. Patent Disclosure Documents dated Febuary1979, stamped by the United States Patent & Trademarks Office certify some invention preparation efforts by the author, which later were exercised in the non profit mode. Research and low- budget publishing efforts have continued at a small scale since that time. Operating expenses were almost nothing, but the mission was consistently carried forward without profit.

Note: These pages are placed in the public domain and are furnished "as is". The author assumes no responsibility for the use or misuse of the concepts in this series. All pertaining laws should be satisfied, in duplicating or testing my concepts or descriptions, as are posted on my linked pages.

Enersearch was incorporated in 1980 but never materialized financially.  A  synergy of concepts were developed and are reflected in the pages of this series.  The synergy continues as a single handed effort of Bo Atkinson, in Maine, USA.

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