Following are some concepts for static-air forming concrete. Inner tubes are used to integrate framing with skinning of a building. Many inner tubes or few can be cast simultaneously. I worked with one inner tube at a time. Continuous-organic-variable cement molding can extend out into space, integrally supported as some bridges are built.

2006: Inner tube forms floated overhead forming cantilevering coffers !

System adjusts between faster pace pro crews and slow one man- one tube progress. The framing effect is similar to corrugated sheet or egg carton resilience. Deflection resistance is increased by framing, as compared to flat sheathing alone.

Next below is a more precise geodesic arrangement of inner tubes intended to form a dome framing full of openings. The framing elements could have "U" shaped cross section. Alternatively the center holes could be solid like example above.

What sort of reinforcement? Rings for rounds, traditional meshes for rectilinear structure, fiber, all are possible.



Next above is illustrated a framed wall formed with "square jackets". Below is shown a jacket model . The inner tube is to be inflated after placing inside jacket. Ferro cement can proceed as if these jackets were "bricks" while the "mortar would include reinforcement. After cement sets, the tube is deflated and the jacket peeled out. (Mold release agents- coatings are required for repetitive use. Commercially available coatings or home made clay + soap, etc mixes can be used).




Next below is an interestingly similar method utilizing inflatable balls such as exorcise or beach balls or weather balloons. The ball should easily collapse by deflation for removal from an inside hole left available. Another optional ball (for complete closure- encapsulation), could be recycled styro/ bottles/ wood etc...(Pre molded in ball forms).



This page is intended to encourage exploration of inner tube molding. Explorers must work out there own details. Enersearch has limited resources. Necessity inspires inventive spirit and sometimes the will to endure slow, boring labor. These methods are placed in the public domain. Others are encouraged to add there ideas to this idea. Links on the www are invited.



A quonset style structure. Inner tubes are inflated, preferably in a fabric jacket to regulate sizing, rigidify air form (and extend tube life). The picture shows 19 inner tubes on pole scaffolding. The same structure is possible with one inner tube used by one laborer. Spaces between inner tubes can be reduced by squeezing closer together.


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