Pole Formed Concrete

A Preliminary Outline For Experimentation

Builder concept explores wall and vault pouring with minimal formwork. Minimal formwork could compete for efficiently in building generally. Of particular interest on this page is use of increasingly popular conveyor trucks, (which deliver ready mix concrete).

Crude and primitive looking finish texture is expected initially, in testing this concept. (Yet improvements are also eventually possible).

Pole mounted reinforcement consists of "overlapping rings". Better ring products are not yet available. Presently, steel wire or other filament from spools can be arranges into flat spirals. Regular spacing of wire-turns achieves a loose and unwoven mesh. The mesh loops become interlocked with concrete.  First picture below visualizes some temporary poles supporting steel wires or plastic filament in a flattened spiral. (Drawing is more schematic rather than photographically correct).

As concrete is poured, the loops ("rings") are hinged away from poles, to encompass the wall thickness. (Hinging is indicated by blue arrow below).

The footprint widens and concrete may pour through center. As concrete pours, it is held by rings and by temporary, moving forms. A three-dimensional mesh results, tying together height, breadth and thickness. (Temporary forms, not yet shown, are moved along with pouring).

I am working on more visualizations to show alternative methods, for example wet tilt-up combined with poured in place methods.

Similar variations using coils as reinforcement.

Concrete vault structure for which this concept might be suited.


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