1990s 3D software... Nex'inductor ... A continuing exploration of nonlinear geometries, often containing spirals, spheres and multi-axial pattern. More will be posted as i go through old files, and eventually scan in stuff from enersearch's pre- computer graphics. "Nex'inductor" is a quick word by which i imply a speculation that tapping the next technologically significant force- form, beyond the electromotive and magnetic forces, may be achieved through energizing and/ or tapping structures like these.

Diverse rendering tools offered in CAD are powerfully suggestive for experiment. CAD accuracy in 3D space extends the human range encouraging postulation of new experimental structures. These graphics can be contemplated both as physical structures to experiment with or as a force fields resulting from particular physical structures not immediately included, (in the particular graphic). Shown in the picture below are a variety of visualizations jammed into one picture file. Enersearch proposes building experiments by taking powerful advantage of "3D printing". Hereby , the 3D CAD files used to render the graphics below, can be used to output physical products, for experiment. (Please also see the spinductor).

I made a variety of efforts to weave "basket" coils and assorted hyperspiralling coils in the 80's. These were of many different descriptions, and some of the limited results will be reported on eventually. But 3D printing will achieve the specs which are not readily built by hand. For a long time i could find little outsider interest in these graphics. Email comments, but not spam:__ boa1@pivot.net - - - Thanks!



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