Stair is crudely built using ring reinforcement and corduroy methods. First picture below shows 2 sand molds. (Picture shading emphasizes sand mold dug in flat sand floor, to speed download).

Flat coil rings are cut from an agricultural spool of wire. This wire already has a usable radius and can be cut into manageable lengths. It can be stretched and laid flattened into fresh cement which has enough tack to hold it. More of this technique will be added to this site.  Here is another example of simple, heavy gauge wire used as ring reinforcement.

The stair support is chicken wire tubes made as forms for concrete which is poured into tubes. This allows part time, additive construction without too much hurry and allows each part to be easily covered for proper cement cure.

The sand cast treads from the first picture are hung on embedded steel bars and also welded to outer, curved bars. The vertical supports are temporary wood. The finished stair picture will be added when time permits. Presently the stair is crowded with storage ;-)

Little is known about actual test comparisons between traditional reinforcement, flat spiral loops and individual "O" rings. Rings appear to have interesting test possibilities. As a low budget single handed developer, I have very little opportunity to test the many ideas presented in these www pages. The testing cannot keep up with my prototyping nor my conceptual exploration

2015 Modular Stair Concepts.

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