First experiment would be to test enlargement of blade cutting edges. The illustration shows a considerable enlargement, starting with a little at a time. Note well- testing for balance as with tires, is important as are safe welds. An old blade could suffice so to avoid permanent changes on the lawn mower,( in case this experimenting is stopped). Enlargement of blade (by welding) will greatly increase "blower" effect of machine. A heavy "screen" could be tested over the output opening to retain larger chunks until broken down. ("Screen" should easily pass chunks, perhaps twice the targeted- large size chunk) . Static electricity must be controlled. One economical solution is to simply spray water into process which effectively dissipates the charge. Water also reduces dust hazards



If results are positive, a heavy circumferential "sieve" might work best for a final, more dedicated version. A circumferential collector would channel output.

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Three directional (three axes), ring reinforcement visualizations for lightweight concrete

and labor saving, 24/7 concrete construction . Just add water!

Rings for elements of framing in structures.

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Under Construction----

No time to more carefully edit wording...... A lawn mower has been converted into an EPS grinder.  The machine is actually a 24 year old 10 HP BCS walking tractor multitasker. I took the old mower attachment and flipped it 180 degrees, easy with BCS spline. EPS intake needs to suck material in. Notice patches of snow, not to confuse with EPS.

(You can find used mowers at bargain prices, any lawn mower will work with a little forthought). Welded a few scraps of metal inside the shroud to "rake" wind swept EPS. Welded on a grate, (shelf from junk fridge). Welded grate at the grass clipping outlet.   This keeps EPS inside until it is small enough to pass through. Tack welded a plate with 10" hole.


Hole is closer to center of blade, more at suction point. Added a collar over hole to fit a handy stove pipe for EPS chute.

I welded on some bars surrounding outlet, so i could clamp on some fabric like a giant bag. You can see i stuffed some holes with old foam rubber, (recycled mattress). I used some recycled "skrim" from a wedding party. It is loose knit and next time I'll use something closer to bed sheet or curtains. The  Chopped EPS can be seen through the fabric, and patches of snow also. No time for modeling. A stapler was used to sew long seams together, (electric stapler). Paper clamps were used to seal opening. Last picture shows fabric opened up. Particles are sized from 1.5" (3cm) down to fines. A smaller screen could be used for finer stuff).