Above, pieces of donut like structure are presented. If the structures of both images were put together, you would have something between a sphere and a donut, (or a donut with a shut hole). All the component lines can be seen as plain, flat circles. The following images will show a related but evolved pattern of structure where the plain, flat circles have been bent. The first image below shows just one of the defining circles twisted to obtain two axes (top and right frames) and stretched along one axis, (front frame). The frames in the first image below define a single, twisted loop in 3D space.

When the very same twisted circle shown above is used to make the donut like structure of the first images, the form taken can vary as demonstrated in the "animated" picture below. While the twisted circle components remain unchanged, their position relative to center, and the their angle along the radius is changed, (which accounts for the change in appearance).

The first images on this page are tessellated to reference a common donut, but of more interest here is the flow structure. The range of poloidal twists animated above is infinitely more variable. It is even less discernible when observed in nature.

Geometric speculation: Relationship of poloidal structure to the tetrahedron.

geometric speculation: poloidal coil structure.

biaxial potential for habitable buildings.

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Sunspot Coil Model

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