This is meant to simplify house-sized concrete-sculptural form work, (for one worker alone or a several person crew).

Curved tiles formed on a mold* using sticky sand parting agent. Solar curing for 2 days, then tie panels together while "balancing" on poles. Poles are also wired to panels and to floor. (Precision mapping and cuts can save time on site. The wiring leaves plenty of margin for adjustments.) The wired panels are added a few at a time. "Mortar" together in place, using additional semi-precast frame sections, (wiring to panel wires). The precast surfaces become most of the interior finish, reducing overhead muddy toil. Another advantage of this method is pre-curing much or most of the surface. Pre-curing reduces difficulties while helping with quality control.

*Molds could be made from cold rolled wires welded with curvature. In this case several variable panels are under study to produce the panels here illustrated. Another option is to use traditional sand molding for panels. A third option is to use a digitizer to define mold precisely with the greatest ease. The workman loves to simplify measuring!

nstant rustic finish quality might be possible. Efficient work production with high customization. Customized coloring and textures can be incorporated through "earth molding". (Click to see long description of Bo's approach to earth molding).


The images are based on a 3D CAD model which contains all necessary measurements. The overall dome design is an adaption of icosa geometry. Icosa tessellated and curved into an arbor shape. Other tile shaping is also under study. The frames represent branches. The panels represent leaves and would have better leafy texture than illustrated above. Click here to see a shell dome concept which can be built with similar methods.

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