These models used 3D software to determine interference patterns of waves represented by color coding rings. (This software can be downloaded as a free demo at ).


Above is a transparent rendering of geometric objects which can represent radial waves fronts from just two points. In this graphic, both sources start with blue, circular waves of the same size and alternate with red, blue, red, etc... The resulting pattern is developed to the point where the outermost wave fronts reach the opposite source point.

Next, above, are 30 source points which alternate. Again the rendering is transparent.

Next, above, are three source points close up. The center source is opposite to the sources at either end, right and left. The cancelation points where opposite wave front polarities meet was colored green. The question is: could parasitic elements be modeled advantageously in this way and suspended in a potting material?

Above, the green cross sections have been magnified and isolated. Below, a 3D version has been mocked up by rotating the cross sections along the vertical axis. Since the elements are planar surface objects, those which are near center effectively appear invisible. More accurately, solid geometry can be employed with booleans to build truer modeling experiments. I would like to cooperate with others in need of the the 3D geometry data for development of antenna models.


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