A very interesting idea suggests that protons and electrons might be composed of entities spinning as a cluster with all axes in common. The difference between proton and electron would simply be in the clockwise or counterclockwise direction of spin, on the outside of the cluster. A neutron would have a near balance of directions, of spins on the outside. To account for the atomic zoo of particles which are produced in an atom smasher, we might suggest that the cluster is broken and the fragments behave according to the remaining spin elements, which are primarily imbalanced and not stably useful as in electricity.

These are early efforts in 3d CAD, to visualize curls, twist or turns on a geodesic. Spiral objects were placed on geodesic sphere symmetrically. The geodesic sphere has been removed from the cluster on the right. Under construction are some intuitively designed models for animated visualizations of these as electronic clusters in action.

Spirals with fewer turns.(geodesic removed)
This is a CAD model

Below: Close up views of same computer model, the first has a wide angle view.



The following four images all have the same 3D model as a base but were photo painted in 2d programs.

The ""agate/insearch" markings are my old ISP address, (like a struggling artist's trademark). My art is available in high resolution prints, outdoor flags, etc... Every element in these pictures derive from independent 3D CAD objects. They were cut , pasted and tinted in Adobe Photoshop.

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