Snail Shell Structure

Corduroy walls  are tube like elements arranged into walls and can be solid, hollow or foam like, (low and very low weight concrete mixes).. Vertically poured tubes can be shaped while still "wet". Walls shaped like snail shells can form on simple construction scaffolding. (The braces and forms would have been set up in advance of concrete work).


Vertically poured concrete tubes can also be lifted and set on top of forms as well, to make roof sections. However the drawing below shows a translucent cover intended as a sky light. (This was originally a proposed art project to allow musical experimentation. The project failed to gain final support from an art sponsor) .While tubes are easily made from chicken wire, other methods mentioned below are also worth consideration.

Helix RInged Column Pouring Techniques

The author first applied helix reinforced mesh tubes in 1976. Since that time, many variations of helix and commercial meshes have been compared for respective implications and qualities. Following are column and tube forming alternatives. First is a wire basket like mesh which can take a "scoop" of stiff masonry and to be stacked vertically or sculpturally. Click here to see how easily these basket-dome like meshes are made.


Wire in spools closely sized to the diameter of tube or column, (or flute in column), could be coiled directly into a growing stack of masonry like concrete. Hand sculpting or slip forms could be used. The method generally applies both to hand formed work and potentially to rapid machine installation of concrete. Also see ringforcement.

1981: Hollow chimney formed on fiberglass, conical, translucent, fiberglass cylinder with earthen, flared base.


Too little is known about actual test comparisons between traditional reinforcement, flat spiral loops and individual "O" rings. Rings appear to have interesting test possibilities. As a low budget single handed developer, I have very little opportunity to better test the many ideas presented in these www pages. The testing cannot keep up with my my conceptual exploration.

Comments are invited. Consultancy or constructive cooperation is offered.


Comments are invited. Consultancy or constructive cooperation is offered.

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