Unity is the only survivability.

Little known examples of "targeted individuals", (or TIs) report various forms of electronic harassment, such as sensory interference, inflicted bodily pains, or neural transceiver conversations, with hatefully harassing agents, (bypassing privacy from a distant range). Numerous accounts describe varieties of similarly unsolvable attacks which become sidelined, or cried out in despair, or ignored, and also empathized with, or discussed by fellow victims for mutual support.

The perpetrators are apparently above human laws, which is an unsolvable mystery, (currently), because only a victim's personal experience can describe the effects, and this limits the description to a personal experience, which is therefore not admissable evidence, except to discredit the victim's credibility. Future victims could be any important person of the larger population, who then becomes robbed in some way, sooner or later, or their position in life is somehow misused, or they might be "electronically murdered, all of which is engineered to appear as a case of suicide".

Illicit neural targeting with amazingly engineered electronic methods, also includes a less known, special type, which deserves the designation "brain hijacking". This advanced kind of lethal hijacking builds in alibis for murderous perpetrators, who can electronically navigate a victim's brain, to unintended and unconscious consequences, according to plotted objectives, such as illegal acts through an equivalent of electronic hypnosis. The victim's occipital lobe, (of the brain), is hijacked remotely, by use of "highly developed computerized transceivers". Such a victim could then be made to appear to have intended to commit a crime or suicide, while in fact that person's consciousness was "put to sleep and not guilty". The legal investigation for the cause of a death, cannot as yet examine neural records of a dead or hacked person's brain, to understand conscious motives, and it's tampered motives , or acts. This is a very hidden agenda for ruthless supremacists, to control government and military officials "at any cost", by blackmail or threats.

Incremental globalization of this agenda might proceed, if and when the peaceful 5G communications networks are hacked, because the higher resonant frequencies might be the same frequency range which had enabled my brain highjacking experience of 2007. The attacks on private people like me, may well have been needed research tests to prove such technology, for "illegally hacked 5G surround propagation" because transceiver fields are sufficiently strong in the 5G network vicinities. Prior to 5G, highly secreted experiments with mobile and fixed radar systems were reportedly used to develop this special targeting technology for committing these multiple varieties of crime.

Researcher reports are officially ignored as if these were simply delusions, despite the proofs that legal patents and technological proof exists for various applicable parts of this specialized technology. Most unexpected were the public avoidances of so many victim testimonials, which also spurred on my search for a larger knowledge of it. A barely explicable variety of electronic harassment and differing tactics are reported. Only personal experience of such targeting has focussed my long term study, by adding a difficult new chapter to my life long search, which was already in progress, for tenable explanations of life's larger explanations.

The image below represents overlapping, concentric wave fronts which calculability intersect at points and may be used for good or bad purposes of locating positions in space, (like human brain targets), and/or for intensifying selective radiative effects, (like brain hijacking). While some projected uses of this technology are super peaceful, misuse includes a more advanced form of lethal targeting for nefarious purposes. The population deserves protection from abuses of this misused technology, because higher frequency ranges of 5G communications may enable perpetrators to hack human brains, (anywhere within the 5G cell range), or other nefarious activities.

Illicit targeting of people risks the stability of society.

Just by focusing tiny milliwatts, just by modulating neurally programed signals, focused just right, inside the human target's brain, and accurately targeted by triangulation in space... A targeted human brain is potentially susceptible and it's owner can loose control of their brain, and suffer consequences of electronic hijackers. Specific technology can be abused, by intersected signal focussing through triangulation, (or trilateration), by reaching targets from several differing angles, (or sides). Specially adapted transceiver groups can interact with sufficiently targeted brains, committing even the inconceivable. Before 5G this assault is limited by fewer available transceivers, but if the 5G is standardized in populous areas, and if unbeatable hackers overrun security protocols, a considerable population might be experimented upon for illegal purposes. The extent of such sophisticated crime could electronically enslave a population and it's governance, (or has allegedly already begun on smaller groups).

I wouldn't have troubled over this kind of research or blogging, or sacrificed my privacy, had I not personally experienced these most hatefully configured kinds of neuroweapons. Bizarre electronic voodoo and worse electronic hijacking of body, were aimed at me, and these I just barely managed to survive. By contrast, alert people and those who advance their mentality and advance their own emotionality are less susceptible. By contrast, good, peaceful and productive use of neural and electronic technology might prove beneficial for peaceful and or for lawful purposes, like beneficial communications, building, manufacturing, and especially for judicial proceedings! Mankind must sort out it's priorities and quit all of it's primitively hateful habits. Multiple topics branch out of these. I had wanted to interface 3d models with construction work, as an example of useful interfacing, but life presented too many other things to manage. (The above webpage and it's content were first posted on the www in 2004, and need technical updating, to match currently available hardware).

As of 2017, I suspected another form of subtler attack was affecting me. I had a limited shielding in that year, and I could not afford extensive faraday shielding. My best idea was to try out some simple, low cost, electrical shielding. What could easily be added to drain away such subtle attacks of the electronic voodoo type? Tesla had diligently researched and developed the transmission and the reception of electromagnetic signals. I narrowed a possible solution down to minimalist shielding applications, because we simply want to diminish, already subtle electromagnetic effects from our vicinity. Tesla was the first to productively combine electrical grounds connected to antennas, but through coils! This idea inspired my creativity to explore the basic three part radio principle.

Surround transceiver- radiation, (or perhaps it will be called trilateration), can locate positions in space, but could also become secretly hacked nefariously, if targeting misuses are ignored. Surround transceiver antennas define precise locations, apparently possible in a 5G antenna configuration. Close range tracking, constantly updates locations of targeted subjects. Detrimental purpose for targeting could be applied, if unlawfully abused. Peaceful purposes are widely known, but my experiences dealt me an unknown misuse. Psychopathy desires a non consensual telepathy or voodoo function, added to their weaponry, to illegally target individuals. The watch dog must stay alert. I don't expect 5G regulation will sufficiently protect against this particular kind of misuse, of specialized technology. The frontier is too risky for a lazy mankind, when criminals hire a psychotic technological intervenor, to knowingly or unknowingly, install private technological mechanisms, to harass or to suppress public or private individuals.

Also the war against consciousness development must be mentioned here. The tenable history of this practice is noted in the history of the inquisition, as just one example. Applications of modern repression is too complex to easily define. Perpetrators have lucrative incentives to exploit normal neural vulnerabilities. Fraud is accepted as fair game enterprising, and mankind accepts this kind of slavery. Very few wake up, while dreaming that life is but a consumer's dream; and thereby, people will become targets, if the perpetrators are successful in fully advancing and installing this kind of technology, in public networks.

Slavery has taken many forms and today's electronic targeting can only justify it's costs by extensive criminality. If government cannot protect a free society, other unplanned reactions take over, like critical mass awareness of wrongs. Engineering successive epidemics will not lastingly fool populations, not gain public confidence in the wrongful protocols, for year after year. Honest people with power should get a grip on this situation, or they will loose too much, where a covert supremacist perpetrator will extort more and more, as the system grows in it's further criminal reach.

I do not suggest that a little shielding fends off the powerful attacks, rather it only helps out by draining some of the unwanted, subtle interference, and only in weaker propagation fields, like a drip-drying clothes, (and without intense electronic fields involved). The best known shield is The Faraday Cage, but these are expensive. These are known to exclude electrostatics and if dense enough, to exclude electromagnetic influences, with a connection to earth or to the ground. As shields, these are explained by others in great detail. As a low income ruralist, I kept adding make- shift trials, configuring more recycled stuff on hand, which in turn complicates targeting, or so I hypothesized; while also continually expanding my awareness, and my sensory reality, and my motivational drive.

This webpage offers limited shielding and healing methods, only for those who may find some parts of it applicable.

This innovative combination really discovered radio and much more. This intrigued my artistic senses. After a little experimentation, a resonator experiment 'detoxed' my living space, and my apparent TI attack-sensations stopped concerning me.

Improvised Tests of Electronic Shielding & Earthing

I consider this artform to be a grounded-resonator art, the quality of which is variable. Also likely is one's attitude which in my case does favor electronic technology uses. I expect that this resonator overrides incidentally directed energy with earth's own resonance, besides draining away the interfering pulses to ground or earth. I felt relief, from looming, mysterious attacks. I installed one (and later more), grounded-coil-antennas, distributed around the house, work spaces and gardens.

By comparison with a grounded Faraday Cage, this idea and method adds copper coils. Small, cheaper 'antennas' or sheets might replace a plan for larger, surrounding, expensive metal 'cages'. If already installed- the popular TI-conductive-plastic-sheet-or-conductive-paint-enclosures, might become enhanced by simply connecting through coils to ground. Other adaptations might morph aspects between sheet forms and antennas, generally. The electrical characteristics for this purpose, can be verified in Tesla's writings, while the aim is towards subtle electronic signaling. Artful experimentation is key, not the academics.

I also had earlier used one other effective device when symptoms seemed on the rise... Moving metal strips, hung on the blades of a disco-ball-motor, slowly turning over the sleeping person, and this did help with sleep. But when the new voodoo set of symptoms flared up (in 2016), I quickly began my coil additions, for broader coverage. Considerable relief was noticed at that time. I wanted more reinforcement. The blogged idea of using AC socket for grounding, the ground wire of power mains was not acceptable for these particular shielding purposes, because it contains other unwanted vibrations, and instead an independent rod in the ground, distant from the AC rod, was much preferred, (to emphasize earth's normalizing vibration. A muscular shoulder pain subsided soon after implementing my coiled-shields, (whereas a nearby friend of mine was diagnosed and treated for conventional shoulder surgery, which had evidenced simultaneous symptoms of a similar kind).

The Belgrade Museum referred to the electrical component named 'transformer'. This is otherwise known as coupled coil pair. (Or just say coils). I focus on the basic coil aspect alone, not the precise tuning. Our objective is to drain away spikes of broad-band vibrations and not to decode or encode tuned signals. Digital codes use spikes or pulsed codes. I refer to the first research for development of high frequency, (HF), with Tesla's own drawing above, marked up in color by me, to emphasise the prototypical resonator aspects, which I found artfully protective. Where, fast-forward, until today, Tesla's gifts have become distorted by greed-lust-marketing, ultimately to generate so much electronic pollution and general environmental havoc. (Whereas the havoc and chaos are not needed to obtain the beneficial uses of microwaves or HF).

My preference is to bury some thick-as-possible copper scrap, (as from recycled junk), copper pipe and cable scraps, or bare copper wire in the ground, or use a grounding rod. Avoid very fine copper wires, to avoid premature corrosion, (in damp soils), thicker or flat sheet copper is better. Moist content in soils, such in natural lawns or viable shrub soils provide better grounds. Existing, sub soil metal pipe, or exposed concrete reinforcement rods might provide grounds, but less effective than copper buried in moisture prone soil.

The prototypes are made with simple "raw material", (which are strewn everywhere as junk). Surplus coils can be bought at low cost, as large or compact sizes, (or roll one's own). Size (and inductance) is not critical, but starting with varieties was my path. I use both fine wired and medium fine wired coils. I have always had many sizes and varieties of electrical junk. Fewer wire turns in coils are likely desirable to engage the higher data frequencies in use today. A variety of such coils and grounds were used and forgotten, like artwork little noticed.


Apartment buildings introduce a very different set of circumstances, which likely disqualifies such simplified shielding methods. One can find amateur radio people, on line, to possibly learn about ground connection options inside apartments. However the targeting subject is likely unfamiliar to them. Use of the AC power mains encounters noise from many appliances and other sources; therefore, the rural and outer suburban, settings are most effective for electrically cleaner and freer grounding.

It took me time to realize the drawing on right, below, was to emphasize the weakening of power levels with distances from source and the strength of ground waves, and earth resonance?

This is about an artful experimentation and not engineering. Coil sculpture as grounds, drains electric pollution away. This model loosely simulates the prototype of untuned radio. We may try one step at a time, see if something helps one's symptoms at all. See if one can improve specific electrical quietness in the living space. I was glad for this relief. Targeted people can afford the time to try remedies, because today's world is covertly made unsafe. That my experiments worked, encouraged me to innovate further.

Separately, manipulative programming has already been developed previously and used with satellite targeting, but now this advanced-form of targeting could conceivably develop at closer ranges, possibly in communications networks. Levels of concern range from electronic noise pollution to hateful harassment which is emotionally transmitted, and the corrective management of emotional vibrations is gained separately through consciousness development, (and this is a much larger subject).

Thin wire tufts increase surface area and electrical 'connection' to atmosphere. Above is my latest wire antenna experiment, to drain charge around the computer display. It might inspire something better looking in time, but now it is for handy observations. The wire goes down into my cellar to connect to a metal fitting of my water supply and rods in the earth. My original motive was not for looks, but rather the mentioned 2016 successful protection effort. Next are some specifics of my tuft-antennas:

The idea of 'attracting' charges was suggested by Franklin's lightning rod. Except my tufts subdivide the 'points' or wire ends, in all directions. Where Tesla commented, the sharp points tend to attract and increase probability of (sudden) discharges. Tesla was advancing antenna technology in that statement, (as the inventor of radio). My interpretation extends this probability to indoor pulsed environments, immersed in multiple, digital, or possibly noisy frequencies. Electronic noise is generally continuous during computer uses. A variety of other less prominent, grounded and coiled surface, not shown here, remained intact, indoors, but gradually recede from visibility.

l got especially inspired by the antenna style from Tesla's lightning protector, (below). This umbrella-shape was proved to dissipates atmospheric charge generally. Indoor spaces may likewise be "electrically detoxed" by antenna-coil-ground arrangements. Lightning is not likely from PC display, indoors, but the grounding simply attracts and absorbs signal noise and charges. Pointed ends, according to Tesla's observations, create lightning paths, but in our miniature arrangement here, I say we attract the modern pulsed signals, penetrating our living spaces. As signals come at us, as polluting pulses impinge, we may as well attract and absorb the charges, draining them into ground, (through connected coils and wires). The Tesla protector shows a direct connection of antennae to ground, for architectural protections, from natural lightning. (Tesla claimed these remove lightning paths near to the architecture.) So I have rearranged the basics, to improve the electrical environment of modern living spaces, and add the coils as amplified reactors, if we are not worried about lightning indoors, which is the case for moderate to humid climates, and most populated areas. (Highly active lightning regions may need to reconfigure this general idea and study Tesla's protector to start with).

I use coil leftovers, in this case a Yin Yang Coil, which happens to reduce inductance. However, note that the second reference drawing from the top of this webpage, (see above), schematically draws Tesla's example coil as composed of both clockwise and counterclockwise turns!

Constructive ways to spend time are best, but the targeting and consequences demanded so much remedial time. I hacked through some simple technology, building experimental arts. Physical relief was obtained, from the symptoms. Why is there such violent hate in the world and why do most people accept deceptive control of their lives? After 15 years of these targeting studies, the expected motives for targeting me, are possibly explained as deep seated hate for free thinkers and of radical thinking, perhaps like my webpages which have been under development since the late 1990's.

In due course, mankind may discover that a mostly unconscious state of self enslavement has sadly dominated human life, because human rights of individuals were traded off for indulgent emotions and for overwhelming materialism. A possible path for a harmonious evolution was thus depreciated into automated role playing, from one individualized role into another compensating role, life after life, with consciousness scaled down to indulgent awarenesses, and in the roles of an actors on a stage. Perhaps as actors held on diametrical stages, from one life to another life, until one plays out the whole balance, left and right, and exits through the wings, and back to a former self who needs role playing as a spiritual growth, as a cosmic evolution... An excess of unconscious content has dominated the human scene, whereas attainable evolution could potentially expand consciousness and awarenesses, far beyond the enslaving inter activities.

Manipulation by covert supremacist make unlawful programs, as a result of mankind's delay to evolve mentality; and otherwise, each human could develop higher mentality, so that emotionality and physicality are rationally directed, instead of this diametrical sport fixation. This much at the least seemed to become clear. Finally after 2020, this new thinking for me felt like non-physical remedies for the ills of life, because mind took better control over matter. Hard circumstances in this case provoked a much greater search for human evolution; or otherwise, perhaps a true seeker naturally seeks such knowledge. Peace is the better path, but our world is stuck in an epochal, emotional rut of ingrown hate, which reverberates through billions of affected humans, like an old, antique, vinyl record stuck in one repeating groove, over and over, or like a new app which just freezes, needing a reboot.

Psychology has been restrained from developing "consciousness advancement ", and instead has focussed on a "consensual-programing", which is sponsored by the markets, where the top gun has defined a mistaken thing as progress, even if this destroys actual progress (of continuous human evolution). Ultimately good will can win, (for the evolving soul), so the covert abuses will eventually stop by that naturally live force, especially. Psychology is naturally rising from the ashes, irrespective of the totalitarian blocks. Independent researchers, (including reluctant researchers), remedy the dystopian interim with creativity, where victimization is removed by one's building a purposeful lives, (plural), which supports consciousness development, as much as possible; and curiously, this is about personal control of one's own thoughts, to overcome random streams of randomized static, and to subdue the unbridled emotions.

Other popular claims are made about shielding artforms. I simply contend that art can sometimes affect well being, but, again only to limited degrees. Nevertheless, my story shows that well being can be searched for, by awareness and creative counter-actions.

One loud claim, upheld by some people, is called 'orgonite'. It is purportedly based on Wilhelm Riech's orgone energy. I say that Reich presented something very different from 'orgonite'. I openly looked at both claims, with particular attention to the parts involved. Riech's 'orgone' experiments involved wrapping successive layers with metal sheets, insulated with organic material, (between sheet layers). I would indicate that these all lack electrical grounding. I doubt that a mere belief is consistently reliable. Though indeed, people are free to ignore or to inject shared feelings, through massively spread beliefs, (or something like a mass-placebo effect). My point is that something more than mere beliefs is worth searching for and testing.

I wondered within the dedicated claims made... Why wouldn't steel belted tires involve Wilhelm Reich's Orgone Accumulator principle? Is there a spinning orgone effect? Carbon material interleaves with metal mesh, (as insulation recommended by orgone theory). Old tires serve that definition, but are unlikely to produce shielding effects. Can massive human belief cause scientifically measured effects? I thinks so, but I doubt that the majority consider tires as useful, outside of good rides. Or did your steel belted tires make you healthy? People admire flowers, which are health inspiring, and a few tires made into flower pots might serve well-being, perhaps some of the tires in the photo above were steel belted radials, but who can really say?


August 2017 Update:

Simplistic uses of rebar as resonators has long intrigued me. Here is a quote attributed to John K Hutchison, famous researcher, whose work has approximately supported the generalized rebar – resonator concept. Quote: "We used REBAR as antennas to capture the RF frequencies. This worked in cleaning the ground around the rebar. GET rebar and put in the ground. Along with this use your mind for healing the earth and helping Japan. This is called psychotropics. All the above information and psychotropics. are accepted sciences in the military industrial complex as well as noetic science teams. Please participate. Please help save the Earth. John Hutchison and Nancy Lazaryan # # # Q&A Rebar Question: Using rebar to capture RF frequencies? How long a piece and how much is driven into the ground? What diameter rebar could be used? How many rebars would one use? Would one use 4, one for each direction?  Answer: March 19, 2011 2:32 PM MST roughly 6 feet long about a foot into the ground 1/4" to 1/2" diameter...or whatever is available one is okay, 4 is better" End Quote

June 2017 Update:___

Here are some experimental coils used in my yard to "harmonize the spaces” around my home, in Maine. Generally i think of antennas, coils, sculpture and perhaps various sorts of objects as resonators. Resonant frequency is a key subject of electronics yet it is actually more than one single frequency, because embedded information typically rides upon one assigned, single carrier frequency. I wondered if these are "resonant codes". Where codes and patterns are modulated and transmitted, or heterodyned on top of a fixed-resonant frequency. The following resonators are considered resonant with the low frequencies of the earth, which in recent times have been called the "Schumann Resonance", (named after the first man to mathematically hypothesise that earth had such a frequency).

Artificial, electromagnetic transmissions on earth are taking on chaotic qualities, at alarming rates. I reason that certain psychic phenomena cross the boundaries of all these things. Garden art resonates creative inspiration, during the years we invested here, in our struggle to grow a harmonious wild garden eco system.


The steel rebars provide durability to form, as well as magnetic and electrical potential. Despite that the electromagnetic specifications are arguably negligible, there remain definite hardware qualities to build intentionality upon. The directional spin, as indicated by the red arrows is key. A side view reveals that a clockwise and a counter-clockwise coil are welded together.


This concept splits the vortices (or coils) vertically. I added a small inverting vortex coil, here named “infinizer”, only because the reversing connector shape is similar to the symbol of infinity, or otherwise similar to the numeral 8, (but not for any other breakthrough- reason, heh, heh). This interfaces two opposed spin-energies on earths surfaces, (as observed in wind and ocean currents).


Some of this was salvaged steel rebar and from other structural parts, here welded together; and inspired by various curiosities. I make no exceptional claims for this artform, but integrate it with a sense of harmonizing environmental energies.


Over my life i studied and artistically tested unrelated concepts from the ancient Chinese Yin Yang concept, to Egyptian Biogeometry, to orgone energy, all in contrast with scientific concepts like vorticular aspects in physics, (from the Coriolis Effect to electromagnetic applications). Add to that, the outdoor work on the land with physical exercising.


Creating healthy surroundings, at first by building gardens, and later by testing antennae concepts aimed at something like healing-harmony, and has brought a quite joy and strength, along with some sense of mind immunity from the neural programing types of directed energy. As an incidental experiencer and as a home-based researcher, shielding was gradually pieced together, alleviating the worst effects while full physical fitness was gradually restored; and in no small measure, by continued hard labor to improve the garden, yet hypothetical, electrical observations have also always raised my spirit.

Next I turn to my creative interpretation of Dr Robert Duncan's brief suggestion of a method to help foil brain attacks. He himself has written that he helped to develop a type of human-targeting technology professionally, before he became aware of all the nefarious purposes. Subsequently he became a top whistle blower, alerting the whole world to it's horrible power, if applied as a weapon, and used on citizens like myself. Dr Duncan has bravely informed the public. His development work was, (according to his books), used in secret governmental programs which he has identified with names like "SATAN" and "TAMI". (See his alarming series of books including Project Soul Catcher. Also see his many free Youtubes). Back to his briefly mentioned "scrambler concept", this was to attach many loose pieces of foil to the ceiling and blow a fan to continually agitate the pieces of metal foil, to scatter some content of signals and to affect the precision of targeting radiation.

Below is my reinterpreted concept, easier to obtain and install, but generally inspired by his concept. I agitate reflective metal by spinning it. Shiny, (oxidation free" metal might work better than rusty metal). Crumply metal like very thin aluminum foil might dissipate or refract, instead of reflecting the waves in a uniform wave front to garble signals.


The disco ball motor rotates dangling metal sheet, slowly and continuously. I tested this above the bed to foil attacks which seemed to occur, (as observed by unexplained symptoms). It seemed helpful, and I had little time to spare, or to research it further, as we had other intense work commitments. I relieved night symptoms, of electronic attacks when this was going. I did get attacks which invoked muscular inflammation, despite my ability to previous experiences of handling these conditions, with an extreme "non inflammatory diet". Especially where i kept adding systems here, to interfere with such attacks. Before all upgrades here, last summer, my wife and i felt we were physically attacked, in the form of differing unwell symptoms, which were wrong for the season, respectively. It was extremely hot, weather wise, while my own congestion did powerfully set in, very suddenly. It was soon followed with severe debilitation of shoulder muscles. After various intervening efforts, strangely, the instantaneous symptoms returned. The additive interference systems needed more efforts yet. This motivated me to rush into newer additional resonator installations, but indoors, by use of various, coil resonators, electrically connected to antennae on the roof and grounding plates in the ground. Our symptoms were gradually subsided, but some took longer to overcome completely. One or more nearby people also suffered shoulder issues, around the same period of time, which increased my suspicion of electronic weaponry, for experimentation in our nearby area. Electronics are used like voodoo by very covert operations and the effects do not uniformly affect all people. Dr Duncan had originally elaborated how the carrier waves of weather radars are modulated with personally - targeted programing, and perhaps this causes stronger effects, hence electronic voodoo?

Read Dr Duncan's book, mentioned in the previous paragraph, for this specific use of radars, which target individual locations. Search the internet for Dr Robert Duncan's initial whistle blower's text: "The-Matrix-Deciphered_Robert-Duncan_Nov-2010_276p.pdf". Also search these terms online for additional examples. My main conclusion however, was that my coils wired up as resonators, managed to interfere with this particular type of targeting, (all prior to widespread 5G installations). Also that additional modalities have simultaneously aided my health and well being, as a harmonious whole. Disclaimers: I simply read Duncan's PDFs without continued reading of subsequent criticisms or endorsements of his work. Also, to my knowledge as of July 2021, no other person has endorsed or criticized my work on this webpage. My views are my own, and openly shared in the event that other experiencers find this an efficient summary , and helpful to get on with their own life.

Following are my personally applied views of healing constructively, derived from decades of cumulative study. Creative work keeps me healthy, and I admit that my building includes outlandish styling and exploratory tests of structural integrity and efficiency. Mostly built single handed, various hypothetical ideas aimed for a sparingly finished state. This self challenge got me through unexpected ordeals, and helped me sustain the later continued electronic attacks.

These photos show a physical building progress beginning and continuing all through the 2000s. I was doing additional outside jobs as well, including a new full time construction job in the summer of 2007 when I almost lost my life to the very first electronic attack, the extraordinary phenomena of which I knew nothing beforehand, nor soon thereafter. I lost the new, promising income job and was suddenly, physically derailed, but gradually and gratefully, I regained my strength, (also thanks to our prioritizing a debt free life, settled here on the land). I managed to fulfill my obligations to others generally, and patched over some of our life needs by use of short cuts and other life imperfections, (otherwise confessions to footnote somewhere, besides here). The first electronic attack astounded us, but we never doubted our purposes nor failed to meet our outstanding obligations, and also, many thanks to my family who helped me recover, and appreciate my aims of life.

Also, I am thankful for on-line studies, of various integrative topics, largely through free books and www presentations. While I labored, my mind listened to MP3 audio files, converted from PDF downloads. Powerful healing methods were found to aid recovery, and stoic indifference to the suffering helped too. Saturating mind with the best found mental resources left no time for worries. The product of this decade, was full of unpolished details just barely acceptable but adequate for the larger purposes, and never very marketable to our world. Thus it was about 10 years spent to get the dome roughed out and serviceable, along with doing other income providing jobs like laborious installation of decorations by contract. Developing and fulfilling commitments helped divert the electronic targeting effects, and trust in life was key.

Perpetrator targeting of people is the will-to-power acting-out , acting above the law, driven by the hate of emancipation, hate of any occupation which frees someone from robotic lifestyles. Eventually I concluded that this is a war on consciousness-development, where the perpetrator recognized a threat to their coveted consensus-trance and for decades they have covertly used mind control methodologies, attempting to stop emancipation, (or freedom - realization), to stop escapes from their subtle consensus trance, or trapping of public reality. That explanation was somewhat supported and then further verified from Pythagorean hylozoic readings. The enslavement is said to have begun on Atlantis and still dominates the masses.

In 2007 few people could know much about this state of affairs; and, even open minded people had yet to hear from whistle blowers who were soon to begin exposing the highjacking of highest governance, especially concerning the WTC~911 high-crimes, and it's hidden "false flag perpetrators", (most of these facts are still suppressed today), and here, truth-seekers are mocked as "conspiracy theory nuts", just for asking honest questions, just for seeking greater clarity, and at that time, (during the early 2000s), we had so limited resources of facts and figures, which were then just barely unfolding. Brave intellects and honest professionals played a key part along with many other heroes who serve all life. As one example from many, Dr Judy Wood was risking her life, exposing forensic engineering research and had just submitted her first legal case in 2007. Many additional analytical and engineering hypotheses were appearing with growing numbers of supporters, to say nothing of honest common sense expressed on the public technical forums, (such as Project Avalon Forum and many independenty www-sources).

In the fateful year for me, (2007), having just finished the top part of my tree-dome, I was (a bit blindly) attempting to build a "self heating house" for a my sister as a client, while my tree-dome project was "put on hold", all of which admittedly was an over ambitious workload, and all without the wherewithal to develop special tooling for the innovative thin shell techniques. It all happened so unpredictably. The hard facts are still barely pronounceable. I was suddenly knocked out cold, outrageously forced into the faked accident, with the electronic hits, which were clearly directed at ending my life. How is it possible that such an expensive attack scenario would target an insignificant guy like me? Why would I say "blindly" of my honest construction job endeavors? It's not about the honesty, but rather about the generally disabled human condition we are all born into, besieged by psychopaths operating a covertly mismanaged society.

A covert power structure has programmed operators, to implement such methods on the unaware public. Publicly posting this kind of experience adds to growing testimony of hidden, violent hate crimes; and furthermore shares makeshift remedies to survive the growing menace, along with a few positive notes. Years after suffering my first attack, after 2011, I read the Soul Catcher book, and was glad to find detailed descriptions which generally seemed to fit my inexplicable experiences, or at least the mechanisms of attacks, and this lent credence to my interpretations of having been attacked.

Subsequently, separately, and years later, were found much deeper readings with much larger explanations of life, and it's truer time line extending far beyond the common belief that life is just temporary. The mind has a brain and is not a subset of the brain, and the true self inherits the body with a brain intact to develop through one life, but only for that one life can that particular brain serve, before it's materials ultimately expire. Other lives will provide new brains with new bodies for those particular lifetimes, for reincarnated humans. Careful study of this situation is liberation from todays contaminating hate, if one can realistically see the inquisition returning and the entrapments which are so well covered up.

Observation and physical experience of covertly harmful radiation, around and after 2013, has motivated the sculptural shields described on this webpage. My simplistic, ruralist's experimentation sensibly handled the unwanted symptoms which were dealt to me. The harmful affects were subdued, and as a result this renewed the seeker's study of newly found knowledge sources. The intense efforts mounted in the work described above, expanded my research sensitivity, and steadily shone light and hope for mankind's evolution, which was developing very well by the year 2020.

Traditional repression has always attacked expression of newly tested truths. For example totalitarian authorities persecuted the scientist, Galileo Galilei, for his new exploration of discoverable facts, in astronomy and physics. An irrational repulsion from the powers that be is generally expected in our primitive civilization, still using backward traits of: "doing evil that good may come thereof". Even an outlier of society who explores for new hypotheses of truths, may become severely repulsed, by organized, psychopathic entities who use expensive technologies in sadistic manners.

Clearer analysis of current authoritarianism is sidelined by highly paid commentators and the subsidized media. The scientists who challenged "the powers that be" have not entirely enjoyed the rights of free expression or the laws of freedom. Teachings of higher laws, including scientific laws, brought tyrannical responses of punishment or death. Still unknown is the unseen spectrum of reality, wherewith we could see the bigger picture of life, as functions of many roles played out rightly, coherently and and all the way to unity. The retrograde masters of hate and repulsion have been called the black lodge, (long before use of the word black was popularized as a derived racial definition in the 1960s).

Opportunities for personal evolution through human lives on earth can be earned or can be wasted, by one's own choice, from many options of freely chosen options, but the human institutions advocating "the will to power" have skillfully blocked this information for millennia! Mankind chose this fate by voting for it in elections, voting for something like "the will to power". Was that it? The evolved individuals of mankind are at evolution's doorway, and and are offering a helping hand, to learn about "the will to unity", through personal study PDFs at this time:

– A particular presentation of Pythagorean hylozoics sets a forgotten record straight, (and I am particularly referring to the laurency.com website and links). This source helpfully urges humans to study life's enslaved condition, which dates back to Atlantis, when mankind accepted the guidance from the black lodge, with what might today be called "the will to power" and many details are extensively given by a source using the pseudonym H.T. Laurency, and linked on that website. Thereby mankind abandoned the guidance of the planetary hierarchy, with it's "will to unity" and which greatly differs from the guidance we humans follow to this day. The planetary hierarchy prioritize a unifying guidance unclear to our present political systems, and requiring a study to begin an understanding what great differences it implies. The planetary hierarchy cannot guide mankind without a population's expressed priority for unity, (and otherwise individual consciousness development is a personal option). With the politicized guidance had today, the will to unity is pushed away, and the will to power wins it's delusional prizes and unsolvable problems bordering on human genocide.

This was a very refreshing study of esoterics for me, as we are each responsible for developing our own being, our attitudes, our interests and spans of concentration. Orthodox academia has generally been forced to support the needs of autocracies and has generally obstructed knowledge about pure "consciousness development", as a branch of knowledge all in itself, and this reluctance has subsequently delayed scientific discoveries in this field, which are there to become discovered, when mental dogmatization is avoided and when freedom of inquiry is sustained. Multiple aspects of the planetary hierarchy can be web searched with the assumed pen name "Henry T Laurency" + "Pythagorean Hylozoics", bearing in mind, that soon enough, agents of the black lodge will stultify these few names and the game of power thrusts onwards, as all higher messages sent to mankind have become distorted and blocked. The planetary hierarchy, (we may learn), won't lift a finger until mankind explicitly wills unity, manifested in human affairs, as may naturally proceed through consciousness development.

Fear of losing enriched positions is a tactic perfected by the black lodge, to keep mankind in a hierarchy of disunity, competing for the diminished scraps, while denying the natural abundance of life's potential. The black lodge members are fleas by comparison to evolution's natural hierarchy; yet, if mankind lets the fleas bite, they will suffer the bite, and must otherwise handle this themselves, through intent, because natural action follows from human intent, and realization of this provides a way out of the hateful matrix.

Perhaps most difficult for readers to grasp is this typical hylozoic explanation of human existence:

"...The conclusion he must reach is the Sokratean one, that he knows nothing worth knowing, or that life remains an unsolved riddle, or, as Buddha said, that human reason cannot solve that problem. Usually, however, they received some knowledge from a Pythagorean or a Rosicrucian such as Francis Bacon, Newton, Leibniz, Lessing, Herder, Goethe, etc. In the writings of all those men you will find esoterisms, which they presented as their own speculations. Cusanus, Galilei, Bruno, and Copernicus had all got opportunities to read Pythagorean manuscripts..." (A laurency.com excerpt from: Knowledge of Life Two)


The purpose of this webpage has been sharing experiences of healing from hateful, electronic targeting, (and so much more). A nearly unknown type of hate crime is so secretive that only a survivor can describe the effects of it, and then risk the fool's characterization for attempting to describe it. Death would have been worse though, and life can be mended with continued determination. Advanced, networked technologies can loosely and unpredictably interact with human brains, further risking affairs of state. (To put it mildly).

Bo Atkinson, Last Edit & Additions: July 2021

April 2022 Study: Questionable Internet-Infiltration Experiences With Sreenshot Evidence

Following are fragments of this webpage originally started around 2013.

I considered printing the 3d files pictured below, which are based on the vector equilibrium as a fractal formwork and as a transformative symbol of renewable formation. I was not been able to activate my out-dated, (Windows based, 3d printer and have put off renewed attempts). I focussed on other priorities in life. Integrative disciplines can effectively fend off unwanted interferences to the mind. One can also learn useful subjects, from books or lectures, if converted to mp3 audios, all to replace life's unnecessary interferences. This also depends on the sorts of interferences which one may ultimately experience. The war on consciousness targets brains. One must develop consciousness which also means the ability to control thoughts in the brain, instead of letting externalities interfere.

The following 3d model, is based on tetrahedral ~ octahedrally arranged centroids. The tetrahedrons were replaced with overlapping spheres, (which todays software automates).  A circuit resonation of these centroid foci is the aim of this experimental prototype. At three levels, it also resonates cubes, tetrahedra and circles, (all in one array). The specific geometric arrangement is based on my own geometric proportions of the objective centroids. The star tetrahedron appears to have been invented or introduced by Leonardo Da Vinci. I learned this from matematicasVisuales.com, which terms the art thus: ...an adaptation of the drawing that Leonardo da Vinci made of the stellated octahedron for Luca Pacioli's book 'De Divina Proportione'. Pacioli named it 'octocedron elevatus vacuus'. A hundred years later, Kepler named this polyhedron 'stella octangula'   In any case, my focus is on the fractal derivations of the stellated octahedron or star tetrahedron. I actually integrated other facilities of mind, besides academic geometry. Which enters an area possibly scorned by pure academic standards. I doubt Leonardo would scorn these experiments, which will maintain strongly objective features.

Octahedral geometry could be accurately 3d-printed in plastic and then specially coated. Reflector or absorber coatings could be tried. This could achieve specified geometries of interest. These geometries are suggested to address energy patterns at a human scale of sizing. I'm reluctant to profess any claims but enjoy experiments. Cementitious layered with silica layers and or conductive layers would be easy to try, on small printed objects. This building process is fairly easy, after one has a physical 3d printout. The geometry (images below), can be precisely 3d-printed, (and account for added coating thicknesses).


While the above renders the spheres semi-transparently, (like a glass).... The image below renders the same digital , 3d model as opaque. The mottling  is due to JPEG file-size reduction (to save web space and download time). These first two images suggest a single material type, consistent throughout the geometry. However, with more design time devoted and with higher quality of 3d-print machines, a semi transparent, somewhat optical quality of production material might be more pleasing. The density of coloring suggests increasing opacity due to overlapping sphere geometry. This imagery of overlapped geometry is entirely virtual as of this writing begun in 2013.  Further down this page i will next convey my concept of coating a solid array of (boolean) merged spheres. (Interpenetrating spheres are easier to print using today's popular 3d printers. Better 3d printers would allow much more advanced geometry and subsequent experimentation.)

The two color rendering below is schematic. I contemplate prototyping of multi layered productions. To allow hand- dipping of the precise 3d-print, into specialized, Cementitious mixes.  To  experiment with imaginative resonator effects. The computer rendered image below, infers that the blue layer coats the red 3d-printed, red base.  I have seasonal priorities like preparing for winter.

Fractal Star Tetrahedron Basis

I offer to collaborate in these experiments, perhaps to explore energetically interactive jewelry. Decorative items to be worn, perhaps to symbolize consciousness exploration.

The colors in image above indicate that the final structure, would have multiple layers. These layers would function, potentially with particular effects.  My diagramed image above indicates that successive layers be applied to replicate this concept. Let it be tested. 


Viktor Schauberger ethericities also provide concepts to contemplate. Here is just one Schauberger example, from the freely downloaded e-book titled "Living Energies", by Callum Coats, page 272.

                   Energy From Atmospheric Ethericities
Schauberger's principle of ethericities, in this leaf, appear just a little bit relatable to the Reich's orgone principle- In the orthographic vector of energy exchange- The geometric evenly distributed, inwardness and outwardness.  Schauberger incorporates sort of a conductor between the "ethericity dipole".  I delve into the resonation of such systems, (or the resonant functions). I only recently dug deeply into the online books, which publish Schauberger's works. (August 2013~ My deep gratitude to all who made these works available on line and to the author Callum Coats.) There is such a depth of prior arts to be found. I love to contemplating these investigations, even if the means never arrive.


An additional modeling use for "Leonardo da Vinci's stellated octahedron" or my fractal star tetrahedrons was to build a framework or a truss to guide and to hold coil resonators in a precise geometric form. The image below is just one random form, which is buildable. While the principle could be re engineered to match differing results to be had.


The purpose of the coloring, here, is to show that 4, fairly simple square truss works, can unite and present a form of framework in a stellated octahedron, (or fractal star tet). This type of geometry is said to be highly precise and readily transferable to 3d printing machines. Once printed, the plastic object provides a framework, through which, even coil wire can be threaded. The simplistic coils derived with this imaged model, could inherently infer" high frequencies", due to the coil wire length and size, bearing low inductance. (Yet other coil techniques are also suggested for experimentation). This model is otherwise a conceptual platform, upon which to derive more intricate molds, to use in castings. To cast  molded conductors and geometrically structured cores.

A separate art show on vector equilibrium prints is blogged separately here.

I protest psychopathic programs which target individuals. I stand in solidarity along with many others, on the www. We document freedom's attempted destruction and world ecocide. Earth is progressively being destroyed by perpetual, industrialized, warlike monopolies. All conscious people are called to raise their own consciousness further, which could sway the tide. There is no limit to raising our consciousness and it can be fun, if we are free.

However inspiration persists.

I believe peaceful world resolutions could come , with ethical telepathy. I feel it is a higher form of shared, consensual reality. Let it safeguard society. Let loving and peaceful privacy inspire society, inspire laws, guide justice. Let truth of all consequences be shared only through ethical forms of telepathy. Let consequences flow from growing wisdom. Let unjust consequences be recognized before those occurrences would otherwise happen. Let telepathy and not avarice lead the way. Let the accused be legally investigated through telepathy, along with the accusers. End crime permanently. Banish conspired totalitarianism through telepathy. Heal mother earth from the destructive parasites and predators who presently destroy life, through destructive artifice.

How does a society accept a better goal? Perhaps by comparing one step at a time. I want to explore initiatives already underway. Telepathy is here already, masked only by our adhesion to primitive, misleading teachings. Rotted authoritarianism, has entrained humans for millennia, by our indifferent consent, by individuals giving responsibilities away. We bought into it, we now own it, by believing blindly. Let us refocus and be free.

Are we really free?

Both ethical and also unethical telepathy, both, actually exist today. Choose carefully or totalitarian entrainment will be forced upon you.

I was slow to discover freedom’s skill sets, using up decades along the way. I persistently admired mind expanding disclosure at any level. I have been inspired to explore this realm, anywhere it could be found. I want to share links here, gradually, as may be found along the way.


My own, unexpected experiences of harmful telepathy, took me years to understand and to overcome. I want to present some work of others, for background, before continuing with my own unfolding stories.

Here is an enjoyable, affable lecture which introduces positive telepathy, for the average thinking person.

No More Secrets- _ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9l6VPpDublg
Michael A. Persinger (born June 26, 1945) is a cognitive neuroscience researcher and university professor with over 200 peer-reviewed publications. He has worked at Laurentian University in Sudbury, Ontario, since 1971.

The following was my motivation for rendering and publishing these particular resonators, at this particular time period. A Targeted Individual (T.I.) does not consent to covert targeting. Two of my web pages include warnings to highly aware persons- To regularly advance their awarenesses because attacks on aware people have happened. My own examples are here:

First Incident ~~~ Second Incident. 

I was experimented upon and affirm that one can survive these attacks. I find that a strong sense of personal integrity and due diligence, combined with intensive, loving, creativity, provides excellent protection, (from mind control, also called psychic attacks). Such diligence should sit on one's shoulder and weed out the impulses which very well could be a hidden electronic attack, upon one's senses or upon one's neural motor skills. Such unexpected, external attacks could afflict the conscientious persons. As of this 2016 web page editing, a pattern of murdering holistic doctors has been revealed. Simply web-search the term: "murdered doctors". Yet let us not fear nor give this pattern power.



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