I expect research somewhere describes this subject matter better. I simply felt the urge model a torus penetrating sun's equator and the sun spots.   Granted that tori outlining fields in the sun, might be multiple or deviate from fixed, or static forms. I understand little of astrophysical conventions and have always preferred artgineering, to imagine freely formed concepts. Solar and planetary energy fields have long intrigued me in this way. More respected terminology than the single word 'coil' is used in sciences. I use the common metaphor here and would take the time to build somewhat comparable coils, if i had better apparatus to investigate with. I doubt that human concepts of magnetics really penetrates the mysteries of forces and associated realities. So that an artistic exploration of new perspectives might encourage more research.

This (November 2013) page will look at specially formed coils which might share some features of forces associated with sunspots.  A tan shaded, specially shaped coil  below is overlaid with red arrows to signify current flow in the windings. Accurate 3D software was used to model the coil wires to allow further contemplation This exercise allows further considerations for advancing to more effectual wire fitting.  To examine coil effects, (in a succeeding prototype model).

       2013 equatorially arrayed, dual polarity model.

The tan coil above adds additional patterning effects to continue prototyping my concept of parallel coils.  Twenty polarity sites are added to the overall spherical structure of this coil model. Essentially the same 3D model of the above coil emphasizes the yellow dual winding, portrayed on the exterior, (image below). Arrows again are overlaid to signify current flow.  The purple lines and arrows signify the expected, resulting magnetic field. While the image above explores the layout for physical windings in parallel.

The illustrated expectation or postulate infers dual tori in addition to the overall, typical toroidal field.  Below is a close-up with just one set of field-lines. The red and blue sections are to suggest North and South polarities.  (As a static snap shot, while coils are typically used with alternating currents, hence alternating polarities). Extreme file- compression, (abbreviated images), is my website style. I attempt to emphasize key geometric design features accurately, (along with key technical terms) . I achieve affordable internet costs, with wide accessibility on search engines. I reach out to exchange ideas with other people sharing associated interests.

The smaller, arced purple lines ( force field paths) are of an idealized, equatorial sun spot symmetry.  The concept here suggests the "right hand rule". The rule normally applied to electromagnetics. In this instance, as a rule which i pose for forces generally.  As yet to be mastered beyond magnetic effects.  The looped coil pattern provides four, distinctive field polarization zones. Groups of the 4 field paths are helically arrayed in tandem, around the equator.  See the distinctive field paths in  image above.  See that one of the four field paths could in itself be a toroidal coil structure. Such  that a complementary torus coil can be understood in the following image, (see further below).

The equatorially spiraled force field merged with the green sphere. Where the spiraled force field penetrates the sphere i have placed blue and red polarity indicators or markers. These red and blue markers are meant to portray the sunspots, while the human vision naturally does not see these schematic colors on the sun. These diagrams simply trace the possibilities for building electrical prototype coils which have these polarized characteristics. My postulate is that coil geometry of this type effects an unusual magnetic field, possibly corresponding to sun spots. Worthy to observe effects of this geometry. In case their is some further associated field geometries which somehow engage the sun's energy fields. Two inversely chiral paths, are distinct shades of purple, in image directly below. (It is the same 3D model but with a torus copy, reversed handedness or chilarity).

This general concept is actually in an initial modeling stage. More modeling will come when time provides for it. The dual coil path chilarity is here modeled is parallel wound, in  this case  with 20 dual polarities:

I say "randomly sited" referring to the quantity being greater than two poles and also that the ordinary two polarities of a coil have here been 'fractal-ized' into many polarities. An adjustable quantity of polarities could be had while 20 poles were used in this model.


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Continuation of my printed coil "thought experiments", March 2013, modeling for a transversely wound and folded coil.



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I never perfected my coil studies and prefer continued, inspired exploration. I have always needed to focus on making a living with my rural trades. So i spent most of my time trying to develop and market income producing work. But the artisan-builder rarely makes much income. While free time allows the inventive spirit to enjoy pure modeling.


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