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The independent soul needs guidance!

I recently have come to accept this which overrides some of my previous reluctance, to welcome guidance. My independent thinking takes in new assertions, gradually, while corroborating threads of it with my my own collections of thought.

I was a Mr-know-it-all-child, but would have probably loved more constant guidance, on top of that. My parents both worked all day, so i explored outside instead, in the valley and the sandy hillsides (and from a very young age). Most of the time i was trying to escape school obligations but was fortunate to have some excellent teachers who found ways to call me back from cloud nine. When my family had time, we would always go on country-side picnic trips, to explore rural lakes or archaeological ruins. I would stay close to the camp site when they would all go around to see the churches with famous art renditions. (My parents served as American citizens, for most of their years, in Rome, Italy, approximately from around WWII until the 1970s & 80s).

I always yearned for tech coaching, at many skills like electronics prototyping or really any sort of advanced skill. Instead i got a wide exposure to many things. So i came through fairly grounded without getting sucked into the professional rat race. Thanks to my family for letting me explore for my own way! I was grateful to intuitively search for many kinds of things. I was too shy to beg for coaching from skilled people. So that i developed good imagination skills instead. I was always utterly bored with the default school curriculum.

Recently i read something suggestive. I understood that inventive or imaginative skill likely comes from past lives. I have wondered how are these past lives found as intact, convincing memories? What skills may be mastered to access such libraries? How does a person get to see their own personal history of past lives? Where is the USB connection? Where is the administrator key? Heh, Heh. It does not seem immediate. Work and study is required, to dig ourselves out of materialistic slavery, first.

A dream vision practice seems to be working well for me~~ At least my dream visions picked up and provided clearer meanings. I tried out a variety exercises or practices, based on found writings. Faith, belief or hope were not applied. Cults, priests or experts are not needed. An unprejudiced attitude led my search through found brands of cosmic wisdom. Brands might remind one to look inward, but eventually appear parasitical, excessively asking for materialistic support, like any misguided cult. Nevertheless, commitment through the wakeful heart and soul led me onward.

June 2017~~~ I share my cognitions of geometric visualization. Come see my show!
See this link! __My rural roadside art show portal -:)

Gradually and successively, by practicing visual discipline, the inner eye may hereby corroborate and cognize sort of a simulated light show, perhaps otherwise described as holographic reality. Unfortunately, authoritarians of today, who are actual oppressors, use this light show, (consensual reality), for deceptions and parasitism. Bear with that concept to see and to release from mental rubbish. This requires an ability to see this with a reserved sense of humor.

Consider a prison of endless life-death-cycles, perhaps a spinning wheel worth stopping. Can we prepare to settle karma? Why are lifetime lessons lacking lifetime resolutions? let the teaching immerge, when it is still useful. Why are learning experiences withheld, until after human death, until after countless lifetimes? We seem to opt out of higher ordered consciousness, in exchange for flattering but fake promises. As averages go, our human energies are parasitized, due to our narrowed cones of perception. By demented and victimized beliefs, we are restricted to narrow down our cones of vision. Conventional schools too often call this sharpening the mind, huh? We are hypnotized by materialism, full of dwindling sensations? Does the aging human notice that thrill of life stagnating? So we believe authoritarians and abandon intnts of higher learning, all for some cheap thrills, which wear out too soon.

Here is the argument that A.I. (artificial intelligence), has already defeated humans with materialistic technologies, eons ago… That it has steadily programmed it's A.I. mechanisms to ride upon the backs of human spirit, in a parasitical attempt to invade higher realms of spirituality. Humans naturally possess access to higher consciousness realms, which lie outside of false promises. Outside of parasitical and weaponized A.I., which is limited to materialistic constructs.

My more effective solutions to all such terrifying, hidden knowledge, has been to explore structural and positve dimensions. To contemplate the sources of human reality and to explore advertised outcomes. I have been severely attacked for expressing this deep interest. However, this inspired me much further to study the hidden mysteries of our world. I want to see and to understand the world order to see i's facts and fictions. Why is world order crumbling today? It is time for us to grow our awarenesses, or else, to sink further into a morass of parasitized materialism. I recommend dry humor, to be found in deep thinking attitudes. Any sort of effective humor will help us find our way through this morass of parasitized materialism. Smile.

December 2016 ~~~ My Latest Electromagnetic Research On A Radical Radial Pole Coil

February 2016 ~ Sentient Geometry

In This Posting: My geometry and quizzical speculation are anecdotal, per rural limitations here. I search for good evidential updates in science. To discern integral reasoning between things. Steady observation for structural changes, over years passing, this, should inform us. I was in the midst of struggling with this latter thought, when apt news suddenly appeared on the www:

Dominant scientific institutions seem to declare that stars incinerate stray matter, thereby powering all cosmic existence, cataclysmically. By contrast, Electric Universe presentations propose that networked plasma, wirelessly powers all star systems rather industriously. (Media is presented from all sides, per keywords searched, thanks to a public internet.)

However, this month’s blog attempts to discuss multi facetted human reality, which interrelates seemingly scattered parts as a human whole. It is partly technical, it's partly prospective, but it is profusely illustrated with sentience and spirit, all consolidated as one.

Geometric interpretation of a single cosmic photo, can suggest electrical characteristics, at astronomical proportions. Below, a toroidal nebula, with an eye on infinity, seemed evident. I love the way the outer rings appear to involve extra coil windings. Thanks again to the Hubble Telescope teams. However, it was named The Hour Glass Nebula. Here is my dated, snapshot modeling, of geometric speculation.

I love to interpret existence, geometrically. Test for 3D veracity, without innocence deceived. This century, cosmic patterns suddenly flood open-hearted consciousness. The internet observer may take care to distinguish assertions regarding cosmic photography. From a telescope’s one sided view, other views can be tried and tested for 3D probability.

Hyperbolic and toroidal frameworks, as modeled above, appear symbolic and conceivable as circuited, frame works. I admire scientists of the The Electric Universe Movement who are developing an international, collaborative science, of the cosmos. My own ruralist focus here is directed elsewhere and is personalized. I’m integrating consciousness implications which affect the whole. My art work is primarily generated with 3D specificity and perceptional deconstruction. I am persuaded that matter is circuited, at many levels, from the smallest to the largest, circuiting within and circuiting all about us.

As such, myriad form works can progressively be tried, to better explore astronomically offered shapes. To see how common shapes exist in differing subject matters. However, this blog further aims to explore multiple explanations, of human reality. As was suggested- That all life and physicality is “not solid” but is rather a form of comprehensive simulation. I hoped to simplify the vast complexity of meanings involved here, but… I therefore spent two months of long hours, balancing text with imagery and also, with alternative thinking. This after devoting much of my life to understand these various subjects.

I adventurously imagine a primal force raining inwardly throughout reality, to congeal physicality with spin circuits. However, this contemplated feat includes consciousness to project matter, by focussed energies. I expect hierarchies of species and multiple realms, to populate variations of branded realities. Perhaps, a “cosmic light” perpetuates a prismatic succession from primal forces, through all existences. Generally one multi system operates it all, which also provides, built in exploration potential, from any part.

Hereby, an entraining rain propels everything, integrally, prismatically and successionally. An equivalent metaphor is carrier waves of radio transmissions- Where multifarious intelligence rides upon “carrier waves”. Cosmic codes may thus resonate and radiate it all. A very elementary model follows: A 3 cycle helix is geometrically superimposed on, or encodes, a 9 cycle, carrier helix. The result on left, below, is a encoded modulation.

Multiple kinds of existence provide live experience. Dissonance and challenges do result, but are essential, to provide soil and compost for subsequent growth. So that we may grow freely with inputs and outflows, centered in every direction. Yet peace is maintained to better harvest, the incoming, coded experience of it all.

Grounding a human soul imparts a balance of inwardness and outwardness. I visualize inward centripetal forces, supplying carrier waves (like radio transmission) to energize personal energy, to broadcast back, outward expression. I see this as the natural state of consciousness, (specialized according to culture, to habits and to entrainments). Personality automatically remands their personal being, right back,( to collective consciousness, to their sphere of influence, to their world). One of the best resonators is the electronic, toroidal coil. I next consider curiosities about coil alignments.

Imaged above are a set of wire toroid models. All were identical toroids, (as the red, typical toroid on the right). Each have 12 turns or cycles, (to permit viewing windings, inside and out). However, three were twisted, to differing degrees. Toroid on left is twisted the most which lengthens each cycle and lengthens the winding overall. Next image below, additionally tilts these same, static toroids, (now viewed perpendicularly). The increasing tilt angle demonstrates that each degree of twisting will differentiate, a specific angle of toroidal alignment. Specific angles of loosely wound toroids reveal a vane like property, (pictured above).

However, loosely wound toroids present exceptions to more tightly wound toroids. Following are auger forms which also reveal this particular property, (also “loosely wound”). First an ordinary auger, (a straight spiraling form) is modeled, to demonstrate three specific view types. Where each view type is displayed from the same, singular model.

All basic spring like coils reveal an “imaginal propeller-repeller analogy”. The auger increases vane potentials of spirals, (images above and below). Propeller-impeller vanes visually emphasize polarity and alignment. I feel this provides an additional, (physically subtle), traction principle, of centripetal engagement.

Scanning examples of contrast, throughout nature, drives my geometrical curiosity. I visualize variances, like duality, imbuing structures with characteristic details. Transverse reflections edit characteristics, at many levels. The simple line bifurcates the single point into two points. The torus bifurcates the sphere into two radii. Limitations of language encourage 3D model navigation, to search for continuing cognitions. Geometric tools greatly extend analysis, of duality, triunity, quadrants, etc… However, this particular type of centripetal impeller concept, is not represented in basic electronics, (because this in particular, produce no profits, as yet).

Subtle it may be to basic electronics, but endless exploration, it sustains. I press forward, simultaneously in multiple realms. My intuitions urged me towards 3D geometric verifications. I quit winding up physical models, to explore virtual 3D instead. Electromagnetic forces are observed to wrap magnetic and electrical fields together. I find this an exciting adventure, (but cannot share my high resolution, 3D navigation, on this small bandwidth website).

I hunted for a curious relationship between the sphere and torus. I visualized transition states between the torus and the sphere. Resemblances to a tori nebula haunt me too. Regardless of what physical rendering might manifest. Or what effects and materials could be tried. Or regardless of which geometrical options are modeled for physical trials. Perhaps the Hubble space photo shaping, (toroidal nebula shape), is worth trying first.

What if the torus intersected itself? Could this make something practical? As a 3D topology, the standard geometrical software has no formulae for it. Scouring Google/images returns no similar geometry, (at this writing, unless a specialized word was missed ). I model for clues, (with formZ software), by trying out patterns and fits. I ponder detection methods to determine what sort of effects might result. Which forms might detect useful force interrelations? Could intersectional tori resonate an implosion of sorts? (I suggest another word, perhaps ‘inwardly’, to de-emphasize the violence meant by the word implode).

Spaciously parted weaves (presented so far) provide a visibility of inside parts to outside structure. This analyses schematic meaning and also ponders potentials for a winding up strategy. It appears more difficult than winding up ordinary toroids. The outcome may not gain anything for multiple efforts invested. Exploratory 3D modeling foresees better fits by a quicker trial and error. I added an equatorial pattern which better covers spherical topology, in image above. (It better covers the surface space and also introduces swirling of the minor torus radius). I have written more about coil modeling here.

Primal force would seemingly exceed the highest frequencies of copper coil materials. However, untested heterodyning potentials interest the explorer in me. Intersectional toroids are distinguished from standard tori, with that special eye at center. Twisted toroids also layer up forces distinctively, as pictured next below, (but general toroids maintain the ordinary, toroidal ,donut hole at center).

Continuous spirals suggest to me, a framework to experience time. Was time actually introduced to awareness? Is their consciousness without time? Is time invoked as a branded mode of existence, to chronicle experience? Time arranges special ranges of possibilities, for creaturely life streams. Yet time may appear completely detachable from existence, which should not offend sensibilities. My draws have illustrated time within filamentary streams, (my version of time lines imbuing consciousness streams). So it has seemed to me, (while exploring many iterations of spiraled form works).

To solidify or not, here is yet another question to integrate. Intersecting topologies suggest new variations of tori. Above examples are just a few form works bridging sphere and torus. Self intersection can be optionally stretched to fit these debatable, bead like form works. Or the winding can strictly trace a toroidal form. In these cases, windings were mostly equatorial in direction. I next visualize the essence of surface (skins) in contrast to volume, (in fills). What is solidity?


Geometric modeling discriminates whether an object is “a solid” or is “a surface”. Three dimensional reality skins over in fills. Could the in fill of matter consist of bounded spin- force, exclusively? Is circular spin, or whirling, about a firm pivot point, a tool of force, to spin up packets of energy, (through successions of spin categories), to “solidify matter”? Is solidity conclusively solidified by closing circuits of spin? Such reasoning reasoning about spins conjoins solidity with time. Spin variations fascinate me. Spins upon spins are spun by primal forces, as yet to be fathomed, within human perceptual ranges.

I wonder if some of these many models could suggest varied sorts energy circuits and entrainment dynamics. Modeling spins is a form of meditation for me. It detaches me from attachments of life, with openness towards a cosmic rain. My feeling is that circuited entrainments modulate reality’s never-ending variations. Primal flows of whirling entrainment, congeal into realities, by code. Diverse realms exist with unique codes. As such, branding of realities came to mind. All might be loosely associated through generic energy, but the realms exist quite apart.

Perhaps some of the space photos hint at energy structures. Physics is gradually washing away the in fill of materiality. Replacing the in fill concept of solidity, with detailed force dynamics. I’m finding that spiritual realms may reveal comparable principles. I will next shift my focus, more towards the experience consciousness.

Interesting theories of everything suggest that human existence has always been a virtual simulation of sorts. Video games are crude examples of how live schemes can play out, or be played in. By contrast, artificial-intelligence, or AI initiatives, seem to advise replacement of human bodies with high tech robots. (“So buy immortality now! Download your brain to this chip!”, says the vendor to a customer. Or was this a video, where cyborgs hacked a monopoly?). I’m avoiding such confining brands. Simulation within simulation seems like further entangled branding. How much brand entrainment, does one want? Generalized, holographic theory may suggest, that physicality is already a sufficient projection. As an elaborately coded world game, deserving release from it's rotted entrainments.

Some of the academic physics has reasoned differently. Non locality, of quantum physics, feels a little similar to radio channels tuning interferences between one or more channels. Or parallel universes may possibly overlap somewhat disorderly. “Spooky action at a distance” may or may not enlighten reason. The anciently described Akashic Record has also been associated with a quantum physic’s brand of non local memory. “Quantum Activism” outlines an interesting brand of physics today. After hearing many YouTubes from that perspective, it was great to learn that some consciousness studies, are to be found, somewhere in academic physics. Though, the activism seemed to indicate that much bigger brands still rule the roost of that ivory tower.

Among virtual-reality concepts, Nikola Tesla (a widely respected scientist and major world benefactor), wrote this noteworthy article 101 years ago, stating, in parts: The human being is a self- propelled automaton…” (Writing also: … Descartes … in the seventeenth century… laid the first foundation to the mechanistic theory of life…”). Tesla was the inventor of many technological devices still vital today (and also provided sobering metaphor in this article, interpreted as follows).

In my twenties, this article sounded sterile and lacking soul. I got over that. In 2017 I felt it was possibly describing transducer circuitry, for virtual simulation.

Subsequent Quote: “What we designate as memory, is but increased responsiveness to repeated stimuli.” …. What makes sense here? …. Yes exactly! …. This is about perceived senses, (involving stimuli), always processed in present time! Past histories repeatedly stimulate new contexts (and do not rearrange facts of past time). Memory is thus sensed as energy. The present, is the state of increased responsiveness because it energizes sentience. This began striking cords for me. Reactive nature of a predatory world can avail, to provoke deep searching. Tesla’s meanings might thus explain a robotic, integral reality.

Ancient wisdom includes the observation, that “life is illusion”. The arts, in various ways, have suggested “life is but a dream”. Curious irony said that “life is a game”. Virtual reality has many authors presenting media on the internet. One has to try many specific word combinations to find interesting stuff, (through continued internet searching, with further reflections). Keyword curiosity can link to better listening, than ordinary materialistic agendas. This was my long path, (up to 2017).

*Self Corrective Update 2020... With my best foundation of knowledge found more recently ... I'm trying to view this topic more in line with Pythagorean hylozoics, by modernizing the terminology a bit: That body-brain-&-emotionality comprise a robotic unit, temporarily lived in for a lifetime by consciousness, and this is the individualized human, the person. Where the brain is a smart phone, a multi tasking transceiver network, containing memories of individualized experience. Where the memory is recordings of space time energy, both as consciousness and subconsciousness. Where the soul selectively collects library additions, from one life after another life. Where souls may work to join particular human cultures, located amongst separate star systems.) The rest of this was evolving study and not a finished belief system...

The human state features beautifully intrinsic blinders, (to obscure all-seeing wholeness). A narrow focus enables personal experience “as one human self”. Separateness of selves is decorated by restrictive, perspective views. Experience of personalized separation might be the greatest purpose for living human lives.

Orthographic projection of the same model view, (example on right, above) flattens relational perspective. The nearby eye suddenly appears far and further eyes appear near. Viewpoint essence may illustrate man’s state of decorative tunnel vision. If all reality’s views were orthographically projected, meaning perspectival attributes were removed, then, a resulting ink blot would obscure our tunnel vision completely.


Imagine souls and spirits, as unitized, viewpoint circuits.

Our mind’s eye requires separated perspectives. We are enticed to stay confined and narrow, in a theater of capitulation, while extending our existence, within a branded space- time. All-seeing wisdom upsets the individuated, materialistic drama. In return, materialism shuns wisdom. Wisdom can merge science and spirituality. Sentient people may adorn souls and spirits with truth, with beauty,with goodness and with love. Though none of it is more solid than our energies invested.

A collective belief in perspective, adeptly filters our world of possibility. Collective consciousness, like instinct, infuses the creature's histories. Individuality exists, to prototype personal experience. Qualia are suggested to further differentiate perceptions, but the overall system still operates as one system overall. Or call it one circuit, as a whole. Despite the risks, immersion inside physicality provides substance to the soul, (or to spirit, or to monad).

Where a materialist may rigidly solidify, the constructive people may release! At the least, checkered perception may be released, to achieve more freedom. Un-checkered perception dispels many stresses. Projective theory of everything suggests that passive consumers accept faux solidity. Let them beware, the doom of materialism manufactures it’s own entropy, (as in seeds it’s own self destruction). Let creatives envision freer realms for expanded being. Let soul’s love entwine harmoniously.

Break away from faux solidity!



January 31 2016

I am working on a series of images, which explore the integration of many decades studying some favorite theories of everything.

Occam's Razor helped shave down word usage to a minimum, to allow more colorful contemplation.

I have to shave down file size here. Large 8K square resolution is much more immersive. Poster size prints may be had for a contribution.

November 26 2015

The labor of bending over, if done repeatedly, throughout a day, strains the body. A labor saving device is suggested here. Wear a back pack which springs one back to a standing position, (after bending over).

Open source cooperation to develop this device is welcome. I do physical labor like construction and gardening. I also do precision 3D modeling. My long experience with back woods mechanics provides many needed insights and tool setups. Let us work together.

It might be considered sort of an external, leveraging muscle. It is relaxed in the upright position and also relaxed for swinging limbs independently. The springy resistance develops only when the back bends.

Read more here.


October 31 2015 Half a year passing while searching for additional insights, to gain understandings of the free world. I attempt to correlate much in this posting. To better understand meanings of individualized and collective consciousness. I test for new meaning in the words "out of this world”. I would include extraterrestrial awareness. What are those ETs communicating? Why is serious discussion of this subject ignored, or ridiculed? Many respectable, corroborating sources can be found, but vested interests demand that this subject remain taboo. Far seeing people are increasingly ignoring this taboo. I find it is a humbling multi task study, spanning universes. Yet this study can fit into my rural, self sustaining lifestyle. Independent thought is quietly comparing notes on the internet. Many advanced subjects are widely shared by conscientious people.

Preliminary potentials for new tools came to mind. Bio mimicry of the ant could guide tractor design, suited for many tasks. I have used various tractor types and have enjoyed the increased production levels. Micro tractors, (barely existent), could serve and prosper micro business. I prefer micro enterprise economies over mass produced economies. I prefer creative individuality over stereotyping humans into mindless chattel.

Imagining advanced civilization provides me a constructive relief from the failed state of current world events. I wonder about basics like the purpose of manual labor and how it should fit into human evolution. Should humans institutionalize robots? (This is an actual current trend). Or are we humans actually automatons, already tired of our purposes? I'm developing relevance here, for the bigger picture of life purposes. Because human commerce already monopolizes life styling. To blur out individuality. To prioritize profiteering, while fomenting species extinction. Are the aggressors aware of their fomenting ecocide?

Are humans taught the best science? Can we learn from alternative sciences? Have we mustered enough consciousness to compare and follow the best research? Do we fool ourself with monopolized science? Can we explore our human roots, more deeply? Working with healthy soil inspires my thoughts. Working at the ground level, where plants can grow, typically challenges the human with bending over all day- Many humans are trapped in this difficult toil, while many others struggle in bureaucratic mazes. Can the human soul develop peace and prosperity in materialism? Deep questions have inspired me, along with new slants on thinking.

Physics tells us that electromagnetic fields cross align electric and magnetic forces, at 90º. Might common reality cross align with higher states of consciousness? Will we expand our ability to understand angled perceptions and slanted realities? Science is increasingly demonstrating that mankind is not the center stage of reality. The center stage is questioned. An infinite reality is acting. The actors are finding new cues which need sorting out.

There are many troubling claims about alien races, extraterrestrials, advanced beings, advanced civilizations and far advanced technology. I will try to compare sources and compare concepts, unassumingly. Some of the claimed extraterrestrial sources offer plenty of rationality to explore. Recently i found a (freely downloaded) book titled: A_Primer_of_the_Zeta_Race.pdf TENTH EDITION 2015 COPYRIGHT © P. HAMDEN & W. TREURNIET 2012

I spent 10 weeks trying to contextualize the book’s coverage of another race. Another race is trying to reach us.


This book provides many insights central to understanding the composition of common reality. (Italicized text indicates quotes from the book.) I appreciated the detailed integration of human knowledge with cosmic investigation. I appreciated testing my own considerations and speculations. I think that aspects of spirituality are gradually playing into discoveries of science. The Zetas in this book go further, however. The Zetas, through telepathic interviews, seem to dismiss some assumptions of human-science, by discussing self creation and states of being. Examples follow. Human perception of time is declared as essentially artificial and perhaps misleading.

Page 133 you live in a frame-based thought process. If every time I spoke to you and I only spoke of .... consciousness being in harmony, then you would not understand what I was speaking to you about.

As if we humans are locked inside make-believe frames, because we cannot readily unlock the frames. Not unless we discern the framework and the key to it’s purposes. Zetas describe there own “collective consciousness”, which contrast with human demands for individualism, freedom and independence. However, Zetas prove to be respectfully cautious and appreciative of individualism, especially by presenting telepathy as a delicate and decisive threshold currently before us, (before us humans).

Page 296 He warns that technologically assisted telepathy is not desirable, since whoever controls the technology may also control the communicator. Ideally, the technology will merely ease the transition to true telepathic communication without technological assistance. People may choose to opt out of this kind of communication if they wish.

Human are already experimenting with technological telepathy. This can be web searched but truth is difficult to weed out. I feel that surreptitious research is already in progress, (as i was personally attacked telepathically). Despite my set back, i aim for ideals, while working at ground levels. Bending over from the standing posture, to work at ground level is the wearisome part. Human dependence on grown food and the consumer complex, outlines our limited state of consciousness. Revisiting basic aspects of lifestyle, seems to clarify and sort out components of the overwhelming whole, (of all human existence). What would make a worthwhile life style? What would an enlightened life style look like? I think telepathic culture weeds out the surreptitious elements and thus advances the race.

A higher-self, as a loving consciousness can produce harmonious realms to live within. External feelings, or deviant realities, are not interfering at this state of being.

So, how can a human life progress towards higher states and towards harmony? I explore humbling, independent lifestyle approaches. I have spent recent summers growing food. I see how food production is a key human issue, riddled with many problems. Labor regiments and relationships is just one problem. Who serves whom? What serves what? Which system serves best?

Following image illustrates a build-able concept for food production. Container gardening avoids back bending and/or expensive equipment. Implemented on a large scale, i wonder if raised or vertical gardening could economically improve large scale garden-farming- Where hand labor remains the key feature. (Let all workers avoid painful bending and stooping, countless times during the work day. Instead put that energy into production). While factory farming is suggesting completely artificial grow-rooms, (or perhaps even smaller, fully automated grow-cells)... I prefer the energetics and the aesthetics of natural-earth-farms (and even semi wild landscapes).

Many would agree that work is most comfortable at elbow height. While stooping is no fun. The raised garden allows much easier work postures. I can't afford the amelioration efforts, but love to model construction details.(I studied these things integrally for decades). Gardening has allowed me to simultaneously read and reread far-reaching books.

Explanations and contexts of the universe beginnings always interest me. (Admittedly, most of the ET related books and sites, on the web, lack the following deeper interests and insights.) I was fascinated with the following Zeta excerpts. How have cosmic beings (anywhere and everywhere), engaged lifestyles which depend on grown food? What are the hierarchies of beings? And why?

Page 35 "Zeta: ....The Hyperversals, when creating the nucleus of the Multiverse, split the form, the initial creative potential of this entity, into fragments - something like a stream. This stream of matter became the Multiverse. When the first process of time began, it was then segmented into various streams. This is not a synchronous process...

...You think of time as you would a watch ticking. The reality is that time is a reference point, not a continuum. Just because on your planet you perceive a cyclic process, does not mean time exists...."

This fits notions that time is more like networked streams of condensing matter, (like water streaming down the windshield glass). Memories are actually congealed, like collections of events- Established there by agreements, to be replayed individually or collectively. Present time animates event creation, while past time stores networks of condensed events. The human processes images of congealed past records, to guide a continuing life- As humans expect time continues sequentially.

I have been imagining the above schematic. Could present time be a cross section of flowing, individualized threads? Thus comprising the larger hologram of population-experiences? I would also suppose that flowing threads or networked streams of time are the prime constituent and mover of physical gravity. It is all a unified phenomena meant to entertain consciousness. Back to other aspects, communicated to us by Zetas of the above book.

Where humans might assert physics is surely applicable throughout all existences- Zetas seem to suggest this claim illusory. Will human perception of physics perform identically throughout all galaxies and all materiality? Can that be proved? How so? I sense that Zetas infer, that human physics describes a branded package of reality. Our major brand of physics captivates us, while non human brands of physics might be discoverable, too. Why limit our self to one brand?

Zetas use human metaphor or simile to say that beings reside at varied frequencies, which refers to states of being, (however, not electronically measurable frequencies). This borrowed use of the word frequency is gaining popularity. My interpretation added here- That electromagnetic frequencies, as used by humans, are bounded within a closed human brand, apart from other neighboring life forms. Human perception bounds and limits observation capabilities. Therefore, materials and energies of each system will not react meaningfully or consistently across such boundaries. Perceptual boundaries, account for our natural ignorance of such realities. Another "state of being" , (as inferred by Zetas), may also imply modulation of codes, as content factors.

Page 224 Zeta: We believe that the source energy has created multiple timelines and existences and dimensional processes for the ability to understand self; it is learning from facets of existence.

page 33 Zeta: We are all the same, seeking to understand the "highest nature”, the Creator, the non-local, universal, creative life force ...

Heterodyning, (a long known electronics process), was suggested, (by the book authors), to explain the energetically based process of commonly-held, human reality. Also a new technical understanding of ‘frequency’ was explained as states of being, (rather than emphasizing an energy spectrum of physics). The book explores heterodyning as a simile only. I like to compare heterodyning (mixing frequencies) along with modulation. Modulation amplifies sound or waves electronically, as audible tones; while heterodyning transfers sound frequencies far beyond the human hearing range. (Electronic transmission uses such principles to communicate across distances). Both functions can also be seen as filtering and directing individualized communications. The book here associates these wave phenomena with holography, as a process supporting the human perception of reality. Holography has seemed, in part to promise 3D TV. Therefore it has conceptually allowed a mechanism for 3D reality. Consciousness of structure is hereby presented as the creation of it! ... What?

Page 125 “Consciousness holding itself into conscious states creates matter. This is seen as certain elements, some of a finer framework, others of a gross process. As you breathe in oxygen, you bring this to yourself as an act of consciousness. "

Some quotes like this provide suggestive inspirations to explore. The currently popular, scientific issue of the “double slit experiment” are also discussed-

Page 150 "By extrapolating from the results of the double-slit experiment, we can say that a photon does not exist before it strikes a receptor in the eye, and that only the effect of the photon exists when an observation occurs. In turn, the elementary particles in the receptors do not exist until they have an effect on other elementary particles further along the chain of interactions to the brain. Matter and energy become objective entities when they register as effects."

The book also explored physical manifestation of solid matter, through other, highly specialized disciplines. Apports, ectoplasm and even small bits of material manifestation, (seeming magic), were reviewed and the Zeta seemed to respond agreeably, that the long disparaged and the archaic 'aether' is actually real. I needed to look up many definitions and appreciate learning more about metaphysical work.

Page 169 "...according to the Zeta, all physical objects normally have an energetic double which is superimposed on the physical body and may extend outside it."

Correlate this with heterodyning. At some point we may find ourselves resonating higher states of being, by filtering out the lower states. Seemingly magical outcomes might occur outside our wakeful state, but may originate from inside our love-centered, blueprint of being. An entity like one’s higher self might at some point become realized. This might be discovered individually. The natures of relationship with higher selves may vary.

Page 99 "... The human body is thought to have a superimposed ephemeral double called the etheric body (e.g., Powell URL, Ramsden URL). It exists in the physical realm, but is capable of separating from its denser counterpart in order to enter or communicate with non-physical realms. "

(The book also quotes non-Zeta sources)

page 225 "Zeta: The nature of the soul in its own understanding, its own container, understands that by its own nature it belongs to a class of energies. This class of energies remains as a whole form, one entity, broken into many forms, many existences. So, saying this, a being is able to incarnate into many states of being in many realms. "

Human selves are subdivisions of higher selves. A higher being has to disable it’s own faculties, so as to subdivide and experience the likes of human incarnation. Many sorts of races and selves populate our common universe. Selves incarnate individually. Also inferred, is that selves may inhabit all materiality of planetary life, (at some level), including conscious minerals, conscious plants and conscious animals. (Generally speaking, Zetas say all humans are of one race, while Zetas are another race). Races have mysteriously non severable, internal bonds. Such that a more advanced race from one original spawning, may evolve more gainfully and then feel an eventual duty- To lift up the long-lost, backward races of the same, original "group-genesis". Wherein certain other race branches fell and became hurtfully trapped in illusion. By lifting up this trapped race, the advanced race also fulfills it's own mission of being. A higher being may ultimately withdraw from the material universe or multiverse experiences. So this would be sort of a built in, cosmic escape hatch. I found other extensive sources sharing similar descriptions of universal, incarnated existence. Incarnation has long been taboo in the west due to religious demands. I like to explore all places for consistencies which can harmonize integrally with multiple disciplines.


I was very appreciative to find yet another audio library with free, audio, mp3 downloads. I was able to hear many hours of this orientation. The generous webmaster reads from many western books, of cosmic-spiritual teachings. The common focus is this: "THE LAW OF ONE SIMPLY STATES THAT ALL THINGS ARE ONE, THAT ALL BEINGS ARE ONE” (original source site http:// Cosmic spirituality introduces extraterrestrial relations from an incarnated messenger context. Messages from old souls reuniting or messages from inventive, pioneering souls building anew. Readers might understand that spiritual hierarchy is a progression of interesting, evolving consciousness. Integration of multiple worlds or existences into common, orderly federations suggest's that earths's quarantined hierarchy bears a primitive status, spiritually. Popular interests by human individuals is needed. Law of One sources provide an easy access for common people to consider.

Law of one philosophy emphasizes a simpler, practical, service orientation to balance consumptive attitudes in life. A simple service question is key, which focuses on just one aspect of the law of karma. Who does a service or transaction benefit, the self? Or does a service benefit the other? Systems like karma or canon-law, rarely if ever to found, emphasized this part so plainly. However The Law of One also introduces a special self service (greedy) status. Wherein a being can earn an untarnished graduation to higher spiritual states, by robbing others exclusively, (without ever serving others at all), throughout an entire incarnation! This sounded amazing, but on further thought it seems evident innatural predation of nature. Earth needed a predatory phase of existence. It is part of historically observed nature, and therefore might rather work out as

I move onwards because absolute proof is far to complex to find proven. Earth deserves to wake up with more advanced awarenesses. Human appreciation of wisdom should flourish. We should not be trapped by misguided primitive hierarchies (for too long). The internet of individuals hereby offers many paths to build awarenesses and expand mind. I see increasing, freely styled presentations of wisdom, suited to varied styles of learning. I see science, philosophy and spirituality agreeably melding their best attributes, to explore truth.

I also explored the realm of structure and subtle energy, earlier in the summer.

The word geometry caught my attention in a subject named and copyrighted as Biogeometry. This subject drew my attention to yet other developed laws of reality. Biogeometry is in part described as rediscovery of ancient Egyptian technology. There appears to be good evidence to consider. Here again, i find curious indicators that fundamental, natural forces might to some extent, actually prove to be branded. That humanity has too quickly summed up all generic forces and all mechanisms. That optional force levels can be invoked and experienced, instead of experiencing just one, uniform, absolute set of forces, which pervade all of existence. This is highly arguable and disallowed by human science. Despite the objections, i’m patiently trying to hear things through.

Fundamental, natural forces might have optional domains of operability. Here is an additional book which explores yet another realm. Biogeometry seems to present actual documented evidence. Advancing technologies can edit scientific rules too, but ancient technology revisited, (next example following), offers a documented case, which solved a modern documented technological problem. The documented case which solved harmful micro wave pollution is here: The documentation seems to override physics. A small, hand built, non electromagnetic device seemingly ameliorated the microwave transmission characteristics. Or, that naturally occurring, harmful energy spots exist on our planet- That these spots actually affect microwave transmission towers- In a manner that science could not explain, nor could modern tech solve the documented problem.

"Dr. Ibrahim Karim combined "modern concepts of physics, harmonics, perception and Pythagorean theories to develop a new ‘Physics of Quality’ and based on it a science of qualitative measurement: Egyptian Radiesthesia. It became the main research tool in his subtle energy work, supported by biofeedback and bio-imaging devices.”

A fascinating book, Ibrahim-Karim--Biogeometry--Back-To-a-Future-for- Mankind. The PFD is available online. I felt somewhat akin to his presentations, which also appear on Youtube. Home page!home/mainPage) biosigs The wider search for truth explores many kinds of things. Sacred geometry and divine ratios are popular terms in this search. I don’t interpret this with devotional contexts. A plain exclamation about a match of geometries makes more sense to me. Patterns might share some principle. What is the principle? What are the qualities? I like to study primal relationships and agree that bio mimicry is useful in design. I enjoy these aspects of geometry, but am glad to see that others online are also questioning the sanctification of such things. Some humans demand symbols or figureheads to preside, others will passively endure custom and ceremony. "The Golden Ratio” for example, may or may not underlie earth’s biosphere.

(Search title for vids).

I have occasionally liked to test a pendulum which reacts slightly and independently of my hand movements while holding it. While focussing thoughts or questions, we observe pendulum feedback. While the observer simultaneously focuses on their own 'frequency'. There are variations of motion (or feedback). There appear a set of movement types, for some people. (I verified this for myself). Another comparable practice is “muscle testing”. Both of these find some restricted popularity. My own interpretation of these methods is that one’s own subconscious or “higher self or daemon”, is energizing subtle feedback. An individual can apparently test or question for feedback, reaching beyond the conscious state. Providing that a user can decipher and accept the feedback, or find it useful. A friend and i once discussed rigging up a small electronic device to obtain this sort of feedback more easily- Just pull a device out of pocket and get quick feedback, for the fast consumer world. At that point useful indicators might be had, (but the cost of prototyping the electronics was too high for us).

This summer i reflected on these related things and wonder if perhaps even pure science will eventually have brands (or admit that science is a market place). No longer will there be one undifferentiated force field expected to exist throughout all reality and during all circumstances. Rather, there might be found states of existence which override traditional tests of physics. Sponsoring corporate brands do already seem to dominate the halls of science, but verifying coexistent, diverging brands of natural force would become mind boggling! Diversely operative, natural forces would upset the apple cart.

This summer i broke free from sci-inhibitions and hand built my own brand of subtle force sculpture. I incorporate concepts like the "Coriolis effect", nature-mimicry and other lore. Cosmically interested people can be less picky about scientific mechanics. They may be less concerned about quantities and instead, focus on qualities. Explore and resonate qualities of love, which may override particular lower mechanics. Can subtle brands of natural-force override opposing subtle brands? I used to wonder if it was higher spectral bands of force, but am now wondering if it is diverging brands of force all around. I wonder if brands may also connect collective energies of people or beings. When two collectives differ, one passes the other like silent ships in the night. Where one particular brand can simply no longer detect or affect another particular brand of energies. When one person builds up sufficient intent, a force may be had to fulfill that intent, unencumbered by lower, (less conscious) brands.

Will science gradually accept subtle energy phenomena for accredited study? Academia evolves slowly, while new discoveries splash their way onto the scene. The sponsors of academic research demand that no discoveries should affect their own income, (or corporate interests). The mandate comes down from authorities: Just have promising new discoveries ignored, period. Force the restrictions at all costs (with wars of genocide and of ecocide when all else fails). Maintain their power. Economic suppression of creativity prevents wiser scientific progress. Until a brave scientist breaks the silence. Some great scientists have and my heart goes out to them.

In searching my subject, the following videos came up, which fit popular interests. I believe it is important to expand one's world view and join the great changes of earth today. I tune in many explorational video channels. It is possible to relax with these presenters.

For those aligned with Buddhist thought, here is a fabulous video series with some mainstream, relaxing, artful, technical and spiritual mind expansion for the whole family:

For the curious, uninhibited rational explorer, the Youtube Channel linked below, interviews fascinating sources: "Buzzsaw features the most engaging and fascinating outside thinkers from the worlds of news, alternative thought, subversive information, and metaphysical exploration.”




.......April 2015

Snow melt was already overdo. A slow melting ice sheet inched it's way off my wood shed roof. So slowly that it traveled for days, while naturally-compacting itself, from spongy snow to pure ice. Each day, gravity bent the softened sheet just a little, as it slid outwards almost imperceptibly. Over a week or more, the softening ice bent, but only at the edge of the roof where the sun softened it most. The roof line cast a shadow on the lower parts of the ice sheet, just below the roof's edge. So that the previously bent sections of ice locked the gradual bends, in the freezing shade of the roof's edge. At this point in the picture, it has formed a full U turn! Small plays by nature can entertain us. I love to observe nature which often reminds me to finish up seasonal projects. Seasonal cold inspired my geometric thinking.


I have been wanting to write out accumulated concepts about spherical helices. A pair of ball like vortices might be evident in the Cat's Eye Nebula, (in the famous Hubble image posted on the web). I have been thinking, why not model spherical vortices to represent the round sections, circled in red. I borrowed part of the famous Hubble image. After filtering it inside Photoshop, to emphasize it's main parts, the result was imported to formZ modeling software, for speculative modeling.

........Click Link

This link elaborates my spherical vortex rationales and my construction methods based on leapfrogging from primitive to evolved, by means of integrative tracing. I thought of a new term to describe spherical structuring. I named it "scalar orbiting". This is a geometric principle which might possibly bear implications beyond geometry. I have contemplated spherical vorticity, for decades, from microcosm to macrocosm. I tend to integrate multiple systems, both as a healthy exercise and also to jump start higher thinking processes. The internet has opened access for creative minds to reach out and compare notes on all such things. The village thinker can now postulate globally.

I wonder if human awareness can be modeled and dissected, via integrative tracing. Does cognition contain all associated ideas or does it simply contain symbols which function more like titles or addresses? A title or an address of full ideas can then connect or resonate the awareness to wider associations, while it actually just connects more titles and symbols. Connections of thought symbols are threaded or resonated together to form more intricate thoughts. As the mind uses symbols or titles to label it's aggregate thoughts, it records, replays and threads symbol collections, in mixed sequences. (This has provided a model for computers, which simply compute and network digital pulses. I want to focus on humans for now). Does awareness bear a resonant frequency? Would frequency mechanics constitute rates of cognition? I'm wondering if this can spell out a mechanism of thought. Thinking which admixes absoluteness of symbols, through entertaining metaphor, to generate adequate experience. The awareness aspect handles only the most basic unit of thought just as symbols or titles.

My contemplation then, is that humans are massing together countless symbols, which on closer inspection bear only a fuzzy logic. A logic which approximates things, perhaps, because ultimately, absolutization risks loss of life's pleasures. Approximations which resonate meanings with the aid of metaphor and emotions. By the time dozens of symbols or titles are heard, all mixed together in a sentence, the listener has resonated a saved metaphor instead absolute meaning. Vast metaphoric collections of the past are assembled, to manage meanings. A life full of personalized meanings and contexts develop. This can provide full ranges of life, for better or worse.

The director and observer of this thought process would be what comparative mythologies have called spirit, soul, ego, being, entity, personality, consciousness, etc.. The vast and continuously growing collection of thought processes are all constituted with these fragments which can be isolated as symbols, with individual frequency signatures. As awareness reacts with these symbols, the observer experiences a stream of continuous frequency chords, like music and video. We may even call it reality. The quest for reality's inception source continues. In this context, frequency implies a rate of symbol units per second, better named "thought symbols". Now to time this frequency...

Allow me to bypass the more popular attributes of a particularly famous frequency, called the Schumann Resonance and instead boldly wonder if this same frequency might incidently be the speed or frequency of "human cognition". In the specific sense of human ability to count or note each passing "symbol of thought" in cycles or progressions of symbols per second". I'm previewing an approximate 7 or 8 cognitions (as thought symbols) per second, which might be the fastest average speed for thinking. Just in case this were so... Thought symbols do not include the automatic recital of all tedious thought associations, at every instance. (That would be unhuman.) I'm suggesting that up to 7 or 8 of these titles or "significant thought symbols" can proceed in human thought, per second of time. Notwithstanding that fewer may otherwise proceed, or that a particular symbol can be sustained or repeated for a longer periods. However, 7 or 8 is only an upper limit. Confirming an upper limit might provide important clues about the operation of reality. I expect that the resonance parameters of thought may offer useful keys to the inception of reality.

This frequency of 7 or 8 Hz, might oddly relate to the sub division of the musical "octave scale". If we can confirm that one second of time is a significant measure for human reality, (in contrast to other time periods), we then might relate 7 Hz or 7 cycles to each of the seven whole notes in the "octave scale". We might wonder if the musical whole notes resonate musically because of seven cyclic subdivisions, (for western musical culture, at the least). The appearance of 7 subdivisions in both these examples is however complicated because 1] the mentioned, naturally occurring frequency, is fractionally greater than seven, 2] the musical scale also adds fractional notes to it's scale and 3] my suggestion of cognition speed has not been sufficiently verified. There are other groupings of seven units throughout natural phenomena (and in geometry as well). I liked reading about the 7musical whole notes in the octave scale mentioned. A recently found book related phenomena with seven sub divisions. The free download book reads easily and is linked here: – The Universe and The Psyche ~ By Reece Girven I like this author's way of contrasting eastern and western discussions of reality and consciousness. I happened to find this by listening to a great podcast site with many good interviews at Legalise Freedom, hosted by FGreg Moffit. His interview with Reece was well worth listening to here.

I search for equivalents of "thought symbol". I search within "individualized realities","studious disciplines", "parallel universes", "spiritual realms", "astral traveling","inter-dimensional exploration", "other world speculations" . Thought symbols potentially fit all, that is communicated. Vast libraries of thought symbols would seem to interface all or any these realities, by means of heterodyning, (Oxford Dictionary of English: "verb [with obj.] combine (a high-frequency signal ) with another to produce a lower frequency in this way : (as noun heterodyning ")... My take from integrative studies: This is a natural phenomena where mixing two frequencies transcends limitations of either frequency,resonating alone. Humanly intelligible audio is thereby clearly heard (or sent) around the world, through radio and other networks, essentially through frequency conversions, (for example, though microwave). Pulsed waveforms avail from additional mechanisms, like code compression, but which still use faster frequency. Radio tech introduced the term carrier wave implying the higher frequencies carrying lower audio frequency, (beyond audio reaches). This might demonstrate human attributes, through metaphorical experience. Experience of free will, to structure a reality personally. Experience of managing "thought symbols", in life. Experiencing responsibility as living animals. Savoring the bliss of fresh experience. Even experience the bliss of innocence, to navigate risks of guilt or corruption. To experience limitation and transcendence. To possibly experience higher partnership experiences within. Experience unburdening of overloads of incompatible data. I searched for neutral phrases to avoid contentiousness, across individualized realities.

Frequency in the sense of assigned wave bands, can span across a vast spectra (across many frequencies). This could actually imply "carrier frequencies" to individuate personal realities or individuate group realities. To provide life force reality for the people. It might also imply life force reality for other worlds, or other universes or other dimensional existences. It might imply force field types (besides electromagnetic force fields). Curiosity could inspire gradual discovery of natural phenomena. Frequency implies time experience. Flowing or passing time energizes all these experiences. Human sense of time is reinforced by deep seated group agreements about common reality. A reality which demands, that a vast majority must agree on phenomena, before commonty accepted. Before it manifests as real.

Time passage, if imagined as a flow of energized fields, does enlighten me as a potential basis for claims of extraordinary experience. An endless variety are reported, outside the regulated group realities. I am urged to listen for any claims which contain threads of familiar phenomena. Extraordinary outcomes are suggested such as individualized or differentiated "time lines. This sounds like group invocations about pending outcomes, as expected or hoped for. An attempt to sway sufficiently large groups to believe in swayed reality. However, as a humanly invoked tech, this is difficult to share or sell as reality. Higher frequency strains can also calmly override such claims, if immature. A bit like a religion attempting to control other religions or control other uninterested peoples. Egoistic attempts at mind control seem to clash in the same way. Various extensive researches claim that the military-complex has ventured into strategies of mind control, to increasingly own the world. Evidence of failed attempts also fit here, yet the financial drivers of this profiteering still persist. Weaponized induction of time travel has reportedly resulted with horrors, for experiencers. I write this paragraph because published coverage is so overwhelming, (for anyone who follows the money, to explain world events and the global madness). However, relief from such anxieties comes to me, by visualizing the common group time, as a flow of energized fields, continuously passing... Flows of energized fields which the observer can influence or manifest, for their perspective alone. A sufficient population of decentralised persons are co-creating positive perspectives of energized field, now flowing.

Sufferers who become caught up and overpowered, can find remedies and support available in many diverse forms, to suit each situation. One has to refine search terms to exclude the spam and hired dis-informants. From a tech perspective, i would generalize that immunities are evidence of higher frequency phenomena which limit the expanse and effectiveness of lower frequencies, such as egoism and greed. I have surmised that humanity resonates a created, common reality with boundaries to discover. Harmonious discovers can explore resonant uplift-ments to manage life in a tormented world. The higher resonance evidently can portray a turbulent world as a play ground meant to occupy experience. Evidence shows that molestation of humanity has not been achieved already, despite incessant efforts spanning many centuries.

I often wonder what makes reality real to people. Granted reality must vary among the population, which bears so many differences among so many people. In studying this i have read through hundreds of subjects and contrasted many works. I have wanted to collect good evidence which can integrate the sciences, as well as comparative-mythology and art and natural law. I search for good evidence to expand my limits and to search for reality's inception source. I like to observe whether a writing interferes or supports this search. If so, how so and as a conclusion: Is there more of a unifying potential or is there more of a fracturing potential? Be fair in this observation and collect the potentials, which help me unify principles. All of which improves the quest of reality's inception source.

..................Record snow levels in the winter of 2015. Last few lumps of snow are still melting on April 25.


January 2015
Proclaimed meanings of truth are tirelessly propounded in this appreciated book (of 600+ pages). It's is available as a free PDF download. (I listened to it through mp3 audio conversion). The translation style almost sounds quaint and repetitive, but this might be explained as an effort to include contexts of individual prophets spanning throughout ancient time. It is said that "the 7 Prophets of the Nokodemion lineage of the same incarnating spirit-form which currently dwells within <Billy> Eduard Albert Meier - The Guardian of the Treasure"Also the book is translated from German, adding some unique syntax. It reminds me of how rules of language can obscure meanings. This book might interest determined researchers of truth, regardless of potential inconsistencies between messages and messengers. The renunciation of questionable idols and gods is extensive in this book, which corroborates and supports "freedom researches" of today. I googled the term "atheistic spirituality" finding thousands of results including various forms of atheistic religions- I hadn't realized just how wide a range of spirituality already existed. This book emphasizes the use of rationality and intellect, (which encouraged me to consider the message within itself, apart from alleged reputation).
Free PDF Download

*Goblet of the Truth* The book of the entire Teaching of the Prophets 2007-2008 By Billy Meier

I have tried to extract and abbreviate some of the key points in this book. This quick scan might inspire further reading of the book. Italicized texts below are multiple, extracted, abbreviated quotes from the book.

page 87 ... (# 86) One part of the people would like to lead you into confusion about the teaching of the truth, because they are believers in fabulated (invented) cults and gods and tin gods, as well as in demons and liberators (angels), priests and other servants (hands/helpers) of tin gods and godheads, as well as in venerable ones (holy ones) who are all merely the hallucinations (delusional constructions) of those who are leading (guiding) themselves into confusion, but they also lead you into confusion and exploit and subjugate you; it is just that you do not want to comprehend this truth.

I looked at pages containing all these words on one page: responsibility + cause + effect. I wondered if additional insight might be obtained. Is responsibility, (in addition to dictionary definitions), a conscious practice to engineer one's experiential effects? Is the full range of all potential effects manageable through one ability, that is responsibility? Besides the German translation into English, some interesting terms, such as the term "swinging waves", integrate a postulated mix of physics and spirituality, in some ways similar to electronic aspects of a holographic reality.

page 567 ... (#477) If your material body lacks the energy and power of your consciousness because the latter stagnates, then this stand still holds back the blossoming of the body and hinders it from keeping healthy, because the body, without the consciousness-evolution, uses itself up in its own swinging waves, i.e. motions, wilts and decays; therefore it can no longer renew itself, because it lacks the power-source, the motions, i.e. swinging waves of the evolution of the consciousness; therefore it is useless, if you move only physically, but leave the evolutionary motion of your consciousness out of your attention.

The popular concepts of karma, spirit and consciousness are considerably reoriented with a self imposed fate. This is a very difficult teaching for those of who feel harshly fated. Thus, fate should move one to consciously evolve one's paths more comprehensively.... Watch out what we wish for and edit out destructive expectations, on the fly. Build in our creative solutions instead. Punctuate hard observations with solutions. Evolve our consciousness truthfully, without lies, absurdities or fears of failures. Do not depend on external validation or fear of rejection, etc... Weighing these concepts with other works on reality exercised consciousness for me. I extracted many parts of Chapter 23 below, hoping that key concepts could be readily noticed.

• .......human beings.... searched for ..... reality.

• ..... reality as a timeless state.....

.... This reality is the truthfulness of the Creation with its uncontrovertible laws and recommendations which you, ... the godhead is of course only fantasifully thought up and invented.... are looking at the dignity-less chaos of your life, all the evil, the murdering and jealousy, the coarsenesses and torturing, the hatred in manifold forms, the crimes and criminality, all the terrorism as well as the splittings (different forms of opinions, views, etc.) proceeding out of the ideologies, religions, sects and philosophies and out of the politics of all nations which are continuously growing and apparently never cease. ...

.... The only thing which comes forth out of the creational laws and recommendations are its effects which regulate .... distinct cause...effect...

........ you must strive as individuals .... to achieve in yourselves true love as well as peace, freedom and harmony .... carry these high values forth .... throughout the whole world.

.... live them outwardly, into the world around you .... truly it is only in this .... the better can come about ....

.... then it is the individual who is called upon .... bring under control within themselves all the terrible things and their baleful thoughts and feelings and clear them up, in order to lead their lives in fairness and in full responsibility and conscientiousness....

.... you have always searched for these since time immemorial without being able to find them, because false prophets have guided you with false teachings into the unreal and to a belief in gods and tin gods, and thus into religious aberration and confusion....

.... you are no longer capable of free thoughts and feelings because they are only controlled through the belief and the religion ....

.... you let yourselves be led simply uncontrolled through your intentions and inclinations as well as through your lustfulnesses and attitudes, as well as through what is forcefully imposed upon you though the circumstances and through your fellow human beings or through the environment....

....Therefore you are not the result of yourselves, but rather the result of many and manifold influences that continuously break in upon you...

....In you, there is ... nothing that you have discovered yourselves... because you are truly empty and hollow with regard to the truthly knowledge about the reality of the Creation and of its laws and recommendation....

..... Consider, human beings of Earth, what you are doing in this wise makes you into tormented human beings with a broken consciousness, broken thoughts and feelings and a broken psyche....

......Fundamentally, you human beings of Earth must go into yourselves in order to acquire everything in yourselves by you creating true love in yourselves as well as inner peace, inner freedom and harmony....

.... If, in doing so, you give up all lovelessness, all unpeace as well as all disharmony and unfreedom by which you are bound, and if you practise the status of equalisedness and neutrality in yourselves, then over the course of time an inner blossoming of that inner love and beauty will arise which opens the entire life in full magnificence....

.... but when you then finally reach the centre of the core of your inner nature then you discover with dread that there is nothing in there but emptiness or rubbish because you could not put anything valueful into it since your consciousness has been left dormant and you have made your thoughts and feelings blunt, incapable and unconcerned through a belief in a god or tin god.....

.... Therefore .... use rationality and intellect in order to recognise the truthly truth of all truth there.... because the modes of functioning of the creational laws and recommendations and therefore the effective truth are to be recognised therein....

.... Truly, no one can say to you how you need to look and to perceive, therefore the true prophets do not say to you either how you shall look and perceive, but only that you shall look and perceive, because you are, as an individuum.... you alone can determine how, when and where you want to look at something and also how you want to perceive it....

....And when you are finally yourselves, then it will happen that you repudiate everything false that you as human beings have dragged around with yourselves for many generations, and truly when this happens then an ever greater energy will grow in you, out of which more and more power will unfold through which you will come to ever more, greater and more extensive life-capability as well as to greater vital courage which has inherent in itself very much more intensity, drive and vitality than can be entirely lived out, therefore large reserves are always available which can no longer run out.... Here ends quotes for Chapter 23.

Given all the heightened concepts here, it would be nice to see an actual human demonstrate these high attributes. However an interview titled: Son of Billy Meier "Methi" Exposes FIGU - 2012, explains that the author (and other followers) possessed serious human failings. Also, there are UFO connections (outside this book), which might strain one's patience for "verifiable credibility". I have come to expect hazards everywhere on this planet, which encourages me not to reject concepts or books based on a messenger alone. I therefore encourage the use of word searches directly inside the PDF version to look at the statements on consciousness (and other words of personal interest).

A clarification on meaning of the word 'spirit appears on page 571:

This appeals to me, for example, as deeper reason not to use the term "sacred geometry", regardless of my appreciation of art works, which might be so labeled. A term like "heart felt" might be more appropriate in many cases where the words spirit or sacred are used.

    From Page 569: Is physical health

    affected by physical causes alone?

    2015 Snowless Winter Ice


    December 2014 The internet can provide "reality exploration" well beyond the dominant, controlled media. Knowledgable sources have ranged from unappreciated individuals to highly sponsored organizations. I love to explore and integrate and to test reality models. I am delighted to find that some of my interests are widely shared. I have been wondering about an ancient concept and claim of reality, named the akashic record. Here are two talented sources, revealing their own inner experiences of the akashic record. At first glance, these two sources might seem to disagree, but i managed to hear both of these distinct versions of akashic revelations, through my own projections of perspective. Aproximate perspective is sufficient for me as direct access is not given by these sources. Both sources are published in text, speech and video, with plenty of free downloads available. Google results are in the thousands. Sources to search are:

    "Chris Thomas" + akashic ...... (Copy and paste into search engine).

    Galactic Historian

    I was captivated by these particular, lengthy claims and questioned-attestations. Akashic revelations build upon all sorts classical and alternative understandings, mythologies, histories, sciences and arts. My tests for integrative compatibility load me up with many categories of possibilities, to reflect upon. I have no need for absolute conclusions. I'm not discouraged by my own lack of conclusions, but rather driven onwards. I believe this sort of extensive effort is required to make any sense out of the world today. The official world leadership increasingly displays evidence of fraud and deceptions of all kinds, which ought to convince one, of a need to consider alternative knowledge bases.

    The akashic sources above go into the mind boggling endless stretches of galactic histories-- Both akashic sources provide a needed balance of analysis and humor. I sensed a rationale of how sovereigns actually fall into slavery. How failing habits of perception enslave the unwary and what are the wakeup calls of light. If one cannot start there, then some (non akashic), noticeable, alternative journalism might shed light on the modern enslavements of human spirit:

    Besides these linked, alternative sources, one more self contained, scholarly, collected work, outlining the abuses of sovereignty is: (This website was later removed, possibly bcause of hard threats). Frank O'Collins was the founder and balances his revelation of world evils with websites on human benevolence:

    This is my new year's eve posting. May individuals dare to self educate themselves steadily in 2015.

    October 2014 My experiential interpretation of the six heart virtues of another author. The original work was provided by  :

    January 2022 update and added text: The 2014 URL or link above was changed and might remain on The Wayback Machine~
    My 2022 text addition is inserted next:

    I add this note here, seven years after posting this webpage. Nothing from Wingmakers lasted for me as a seeker of truer knowledge. It sank into the averaged background of fervent presentations. It was a captivating storyline, but otherwise it was imagination without useful evidence to grasp.

    I was inspired to colorize and expand the "6 Heart Virtues", and in hindsight it was a euphoric fling into emotional meaningfulness. My 2014 computer graphics and word searching now seems more applicable to mankind's emotional developments, through the millennia.

    Soon I found that since ancient times, the Buddhist tradition numbered six or ten virtues to guide the process of self perfection, said to require thousands of lifetimes. This evidently-stated procrastination is notable worldwide, and it deserves some reflection. For the preceding 100 years and more, consciousness practices of India have been gradually introduced into western culture, and are gradually harmonizing with western science. Inevitably there are reactive spillovers and repercussions. Wingmakers abbreviates just some of the Buddhist virtues, emotively entwined with an absorbing science fiction thriller.

    A question remains whether Wingmakers helps develop consciousness at all, or can artistry be mistaken for consciousness development? While we still live on the physical plane, truer knowledge about 3D reality must maintain corroboration of form and the senses of real life, while consciousness is developed integrally. Short lived intrigues might keep us "feeling artsy", instead of searching for truer knowledge.

    Years later after struggling through streams of subjective knowledge and its cleverly enthralled conglomerations, I simply grew keener for objective knowledge. Had I believed artsy feelings alone, no matter how well developed the feelings, I could never have developed rationality and sensibility along with consciousness. I am grateful for all the stepping stones along the way, regardless if some steps slipped way off the path of truer knowledge.

    [Here ends the 2022 edit, and next continues the unchanged text of 2014, regardless that I am switching away from subjectivism of various kinds:]

    This interpretation of the 6 heart virtues, uses color spectra, to suggest resonance between some human action-words. My color choices only suggest resonance of meanings (and nothing esoteric). I had already studied and tried more complex systems of virtues before finding this set of six or seven words. I'm attracted to good reliability in simple word sets. Where a small number of word meanings can take root in well grounded experiences of life. I have always looked for applicable references like this, to grow from.

    Human emotions and feelings proceed as they will, but having a set of word meanings to bridge between the brain-mind and the heart-mind can make life more harmonious. Other common practices like keeping centered, grounded and focussed do include other materialistic aspects, but the heartfelt aspect might prove more critical and more powerful. To help us deal with inevitable human quandaries, on short notice, with ease. Check sudden issues against a list we have already studied and trusted.

    The current difficulties of our world might spur the energy needed to make sense of the times we live in. Easier times may have sated people in past decades and made them indifferent to complex issues, which gradually unfold. In decades past, the world turmoil was less pressing for the "free world", (or so it has been called). Today, more humans will question the concepts and promises of freedom. Materialistic freedoms are downsizing today and leadership can seem deceptive. Yet philosophic freedom cost nothing and does handle realistic values. This allows a heart-mind foundation to contemplate our current, stellar opportunities. Freedom allows us to consider grand opportunities like the Sovereign Integral! My short list of excerpts follows. The PDF is long, but delightful for deep contemplation. This, the 5th interview is the latest in the series which has been gradually released, over years. I read through all these, only in the last 2 months. The story line deserves reading the whole, intriguing sequence of texts, linked through ... After that, read the set of interviews which culminate with the 5th interview. It is all worthwhile. (The copyright has allowed independent websites to mirror the original texts in full. So underemployed people like me, can search around the web to find the free-PDF-download versions. Paying persons can find commercial bookstores to support the wingmaklers websites.) A sophisticated, sci-fi allegory grabs the interest at many levels!

    Thought provoking excerpts are quoted from the wingmakers website text:    The-Fifth-Interview-of-Dr.-Neruda1.pdf
    ".... This deception is that our three-dimensional reality and human consciousness have been programmed to be perceived as real, when they are not..... Dr. Neruda explains the forces behind this deception, what their agenda is, how humanity has been enslaved from its inception to today, and what we can do about it. It is, understandably, an unsettling narrative.
    ".... it exposes a reality where humans are biological hosts of infinite beings, suppressed by deceptive programs designed by entities from a different dimension. Humanity is unaware that we live in a designed reality, and that that designed reality includes... everything.
    ".... Neruda seeks to answer and explain in layperson terms.
    ".... those with a scientific or religious training will find this disclosure difficult, if not impossible, to believe.
    "... how this happened, why it happened, where it is trying to lead humanity...
    ... how
    we can break out of the programming—all of us.
    This interview is not concentrated on the scientific realm
    ".... The science behind the Hologram of Deception is not based on the mathematics or physics of our spacetime. Its complexity and sophistication is well beyond our current understanding, so the attempt to define it in scientific terms would be an impossible undertaking. Even if it were possible, it would only muddle the real import of this information in arcane vocabulary and mathematics.
    The true focus of the fifth interview isn't the scientific definition of the Hologram of Deception, but rather how we can free ourselves from its pervasive and illusory presence.
    ".... The Sovereign Integral process is defined in this interview in detail, but you may have to read carefully to hear and understand it. This process is truly the centerpiece of the fifth interview. ".... the Sovereign Integral process remains available as a tool to use in your daily life.


    September 2014   Finally, my first exploration of WingMakers through and through (and other linked sites). I focussed on the earliest philosophic writings i could find:

    Life Principles of the Sovereign Integral WingMakers’ Philosophy
    The Shifting Models of Existence WingMakers’ Philosophy
    The Blueprint of Exploration WingMakers’ Philosophy
    Beliefs and Their Energy Systems WingMakers’ Philosophy

    These texts are graciously provided in varied forms, as free downloads. Evidently, some of the deepest philosophic portions of the writings were shortened and smoothed, possibly for easier introduction, on the main websites.  Personally, i am deeply fascinated in the deepest versions, (see my excerpted clips to the deeper philosophy further below).

    These writings do seem conversant with other writings. Integration of sciences, arts and spirituality has always interested me. Expansive, integrative writings are found on the WingMakers sites. I see separate, googled websites posting a variety of suspicions about the WingMakers, original website management, but so far i have not found particularly detailed questioning about the deeper content. There appeared to be concerns that some of the philosophic content was changing. Personally, i think a decentralized phase is expanding the message, all around. I'll continue looking for additional relevance. I browsed from 1998 to 2002, on the waybackmachine, to get a feeling for the issue of the changing nature of the source point website, it's developments and the enigma. Currently i'm focusing on the message, regardless whether fact, fiction or allegory…


    I wonder ….mythic … mystic … metaphysical … morphic … mental … meaningful … megalithic petroglyph … philosophical … metaphoric … allegorical … meditational … holographic … masterful … transformative ... source code activating … sixth and seventh sense … multiverse interactive ?

    My easy going, open minded integration of multiple disciplines seemed to fit many WingMakers contexts. Corroboration with previous interests (including certain aspects of the Urantia Papers) helped me read with some familiarity, through obscure references of the WingMakers writings. These both feature very detailed English language combined with specialized terms requiring patient clarification of meanings and inferences. Such terms could be controversial for unfamiliar readers, but also constructive, where extended structure is tolerated. The WingMakers actually pronounce structure as a hierarchical entanglement (my paraphrased interpretation here). Another consideration could include the WingMakers mention of the "grand experiment". Also "trapped in diversity" as indulging in "the universe's most extensive separation". Humans of earth, are said to have the most extreme version of a living separation, in a universe of live beings! (Beings separated from source and left to invent evolutionary civilization.) Which possibly interfaces the concept of God subdividing or fractionalizing God's self. To thereby experience a fractal particle of consciousness , such as being a human being.  Also the religious concept of "God being within", (within a human being). I attempt here, to weigh relationships of seemingly incomparable concepts.

    I was fascinated with WingMakers shifting models of existence, (philosophically)… Where it is written that the "hierarchical model" has dominated belief systems of all humans. Beliefs absorbed so completely, that realities cling to moments in evolution & saviorship modeling of reality. Either faith, or contractual belief, dominates the traditional paths.  While modern communication technology is dissolving the hierarchical arrangements. Are these writings possibly suggesting that the human condition could be termed controlled, hypnotic or dream like?

    Open minds have the internet available today. Free will can thus engage a contrasting  self sovereign dynamism, these writing seem to say. Will this provide a liberation from fixated points of view? This might be a do-it-yourself, self-transformative model of existence,freely offered for a dynamic person. Finding a workable synthesis of  the traditional combined with independently transformative, is suggested and offered by the WingMakers. This sounds practical for a human who can organize the time necessary. I'm inspired.


    I use my software conversion program, to generate audio mp3 files, from internet texts. Computer speech is still primitive but does read lengthy and even complex writings. If one can tolerate the mental language corrections needed for verb tenses (like the word "read" in past and present tenses). Ha, the WingMakers actually warn us that language is a limitation. Surely the comprehensive use of language and reading does take considerable human effort. I repetitively listened to the above "chamber writings", many times, progressively focussed on specific parts, while i dutifully worked, at humble, hand hewn labors. If language is limiting, digitally read mp3s exemplifies this point.   Unlimited reading, easily heard through mp3 audio, becomes fully portable, with loud speakers worn like a belt. Let one make a living, at human tasks, while they study advanced subjects, deeply. It is never too late to self educate.

    Among many deep subjects, these WingMakers do lift off the veil, (the veil which conceals all hidden agendas and intentions). Does this include all hierarchical intentions of repression, highjacking, pillaging and rape? Perhaps it does so allegorically, while leaving specific interpretations to each individual. This sort of publicly, liberating unveiling, should naturally upset the powers-that-be, who are part of the hierarchy. The hierarchy, it seems, is further explained (by the WingMakers), to include all humanity from it's origins to the present along with the consensus reality,( of all human time). We are all one in that special context, (despite the many subdivisions evident, in the traffic jamb of civilization.) The judgmental, karmic, fear based, belief systems  maintain the complex, hierarchical control system.  This model of existence is slowly falling apart as of 2014, in our world of increasing information exchange.

    The small percentage of humans exercising deeper self-education, through free exchange of knowledge and wisdom, is sufficient to gradually transform the old hierarchy. There is described a natural, universal force, which reorganizes the hierarchy. This all seemed suggested, by the WingMakers, to occur gradually within this century. Reorganization will occur through a synthesis of culling past wisdom and adding it to an emerging, integral, harmonious wisdom.   Transformation to occur along with the lifting of the legendary veil. A primary lifter is the jump started communications of the internet. I tried to fit a lot into this paragraph.


    As the current hierarchy falls apart, by it's unworkable follies, self transformation will free dynamic humans. Dependence on incompatible belief systems has demonstrated the follies. Despite content of some goodness in hierarchies, stagnation does occur.  This phase of humanity has nurtured key elements to transform humanity for future phases of existence. The individuated separation evolved by historical humanity, has featured extreme perceptions and experiences of "not being whole". Willingness to perceive errors and new possibilities should encourage deeper searches for higher truth.  My interpretations help me refocuses my attention, to look closer and to improve my comprehension of writings. An upbeat, heart felt attitude is recommended. Music is provided on WingMakers sites, to improve reading attitude. The easier, immediate music player is here, at

    These writings gave me pause to reflect on some of the perplexing polarities within consensus reality. Simplistic examples comes to mind: Are constant struggles, (perhaps like garden chores or daily life struggles), required for human life?  All areas of life can be questioned. Why can good things (nutritionally) taste bad and bad things (unhealthy treats) taste good? Much deeper examinations of human life were covered in these cosmic writings. Comedic feelings for life's questions help me appreciate tasks of contemplation. Perhaps tradition permits this feeling in the Divine Comedy. The WingMakers outline a complex earthen hierarchy. Which perhaps details how average humans, appear elaborately hypnotized by earth's hierarchy.  Why should average humans give their power, to a corrupt hierarchical system? A free exchange of wisdom uncovers hierarchical inconsistencies.

    WingMakers seemed to promise public realization of this. Besides a dynamic self transformation, greater networks of the cosmos are claimed and promised to expand public awakening. Cosmic codes are suggested in these writings, which bypass all the traditional progression methods. Such that individuals might jump-start their self transformation. Once invoked, these codes are said to transform the experiencer. Healthy skepticism may demand caution here. Multiple popular notions of misdirection by greedy forces (anywhere), might add the suspicion mentioned above. That deeper question of "who controls reality's agenda" remains intact, regardless of externally hierarchical liberations vs internally transformative liberation. Does free-will-reality emerge? Or does a new reality still clash polarities like good and bad? Can we smile?

    This abbreviates my readings down to raw basics. "Reality" as a subject is so vast. Besides the 4 texts listed above and besides the websites, etc... A very detailed, concisely written, Q&A interview by Project Camelot details certain long-standing human enslavement claims, along with a preliminary emancipation exercise for the able & willing. This text is published on line here at: Much more is analyzed there in depth, freely accessible on line.  WingMakers also say that unconditional love has sustained humans through it all.  I'm grateful .

    Here are excerpts from another interestingsystem, the Sovereign Integral writings (Full version is here at )
    Begin Quoted Excerpts:
    "The hierarchy is composed of all entities of all motives that have linked their energies into sub-groups. .... its seed was initially conceived, planted, and nurtured by Source Intelligence for the purpose of stimulating the Grand Experiment.

    This is the experiment of transformation verses evolution. Evolution is the arduous and ongoing process of shifting positions within the hierarchy--always assessing your present position in relation to a new one that beckons you. Transformation is simply the recognition that there are accelerated pathways that bypass the hierarchy leading to sovereign mastership rather than interdependent saviorship, and that these new pathways can be accessed through direct experience of the equality tone-vibration that is present within all entities.

    This tone vibration … is a vibration that holds together the three principles of the transformational experience: Universe relationship through gratitude, observance of Source in all things, and the nuturance of life. The application of these life-principles in a specific equation of conduct de-couples an entity from the controlling elements of the hierarchy.

    .... it is the entity who has surrendered, by choice... seduced by the model of evolution/saviorship.

    Why has the hierarchy not .... enabled the entity to make a choice .... truly exercise its free will? It is because the hierarchy .... is not aware of its wholeness….
    ...and the very concept of transformation is removed from the hierarchy's reality.

    While the entity assumes its role of personal liberation, it does not mean that the hierarchy is to be shunned or avoided. The hierarchy is a wondrous instrument. …

    The combination of self-saviorship and detachment from the hierarchy initiates the synthesis model into manifestation. The synthesis model is the next outcome of the Grand Experiment....

    Consider these words as symbols only. Remember that language is a tool of limitation. Feeling is an antidote of limitation that permits the human instrument to leap over the boundaries of the logical mind and witness first hand the wordless power of collective energy individuated. Feel the truth that stands behind the symbols, and tap into this energy-force that reaches out for you. Know it as a tone-vibration--a resonance that waits for you around every corner in which your life will turn..."  End Of Excepted Quotes

    Life Principles of the Sovereign Integral copyright © 2000 WingMakers LLC, All Rights Reserved. Reproduction, in whole or in part, is permissible in any medium, provided this notice is included.

                 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


    August 2014      I wondered about the predatory nature of our human civilization. Does our current civilization engineer predation, just to deny problems of fascism? So it seems to me. Much of human civilization seems to dilute reality and saturate consciousness with substitutes for individual being. Technology is too commonly harnessed to replace creative being with mass produced realities. Profiteering is just one rationale, to be found here. The more concerning rationale is the destructive mind-set. Why is a destructive strategy subsidized by the largest creditors and the largest financiers? What might evolve here? Does a graduation exist? I had been brought to a human life with freedom of thought, thanks to my loving parents. As the years pass me by, this parental gift of freedom, beats out the heart-mind gift of love. I to share as much a possible.

    By devastating contrast, controllers of the status quo distort freedom by use of trickery and covertly they foment hate. A herd mentality is forced upon hungry followers. Responsibility is disabled, temptation takes control, artifice tricks the follower. Freedom is distorted into a meaningless word. I always explore for connective evidence. I wanted to know what motivates humanity's staggering demise? Who or what controls society? So, what could motivate a world-controller's structural belief? Here came a structured explanation. Virginia McClaughry offers this explanation: "Inside The Mind Of A Slavemaster or What principles does a sociopath live by?"  Here we find evidence of harsh motivation for controlling the masses- Quoting from the blog, Virginia quotes a promoted author, (Correa Moylan Walsh), who embellished a slavish creed, in a 1901 book. Clips from the book: "… For advance in civilisation has rested on something else than collaboration…. This is strife, contention, competition. …"   Aha, so this was a root which shaped modern societal control. Unseen forces wanted this mind-set established. (I'll have to load up and hear this author, consider this further, by using my mp3 player-- Googling found the free ebooks, with easy downloading.)

    I interpret that this controller's-creed was another diversion to spoil the genius of humanity. Could repression ever back fire? Does it pump up a latent energy now surging upon the earth? As we can say, it takes only a few percent of good rationale to blow away false rationales. Poof. I integrate my own interpretations with a variety of diverse researches. The McClaughry blog traces slave master history of the last century, primarily, through the alleged English and other, undermined hierarchies. I love this multidisciplinary approach. Perhaps a vast focal point confuses a materialist. May they pause from gorging at the materialistic feeding trough, to consider this.

    Here then came the master puzzle. Are there any humans still toiling as slaves on earth? Dare we rationalize the meanings of slavery? Here was a fitting motivation to explain the follies of a species: Among the other staggering agendas of slave masters, (of a planet), a special enterprise might fit in the mix. A highly funded, deceptively motivated, special project to develop and polish mind control techniques might produce results. Wherein, the hidden instigators could compartmentalize corporate features, marketing income, plausible deniability and cover-ups all around. Elements of the following blogged research basically seem to fit: This blog conveniently puts key parts on the table:   Furthermore, this text, Scientology Roots branches out, reaching into my own haunting enigmas, my personal experiences, like my dad's WWII accounts, his curtailed OSS stories, along with my own brief youthful schooling in Surrey, England,(1966) and especially my own interest in the mind-scape.

    After my own teen age graduation (1967), my learning focus broke further away from the mainstream and invoked my unofficial study of Scientology. It's look of powerful solutions appealed during that era of youthful protest. I was too poor to get entangled with the cult system directly. Yet the promise of that era fascinated me: The cult founder, L.Ron Hubbard, had published charts and books promoting the becoming of : "total cause over matter, energy, space, time, life and thought". (That older call, appealing to a quest of empowerment seems to have past from the later changed cult. Their promotional output seems blander today.)  I had proceeded to develop a variety of goals and dreams around this empowerment theme. I also chose to identify with it's defiance of psychiatry and chemically based (pharmaceutically based) medicine. These extended subjects were too much to study in my youthful physical, energetic state. I left the city, bored with the rat race, to focus on my real love for living somewhat independently on the land, to explore integrative building trades, to explore advancing technologies and to explore various artistic paths, (all integrated together). The concept of "becoming cause" lingered in my pursuits. Except through innocence, my interest in causation was cosmic rather than predatory. Only much later did comprehensive, multidisciplinary studies set me free, from my lingering, imaginary notions of Scientology. I scanned a wide variety of cosmologies, religions, sciences and philosophies. I needed integrated corroborations, from many sources.

    I struggled through trial and error, to fulfill my life duties. Such as helping mom enjoy her retirement years, serving the local volunteer fire department , serving on the conservation commission and to seek human wisdom, (where ever it led). Practicing good resource management in every way discoverable, for an imperfect ruralist. I also got a brief, but official access to Scientology in 1978.  This access clearly revealed the cultic core, hostile to my being. I broke away from them officially, based on that principle.
        False Hopes
    As August ends, at first glance, these distinctive, colorful caterpillars, (to the right in photo above), spurred my hopes. Were these the endangered monarch butterfly? No! Again, the good butterflies bear less interesting forms in the caterpillar stage.  Likewise, deeper study is always worthwhile, especially to distinguish the intricacies and the connections of monarchies, real and false. The humbler appearances of good things must not be overlooked. I let humbler things grasp my attention. Deceptive monarchies should not confuse us with their glitter, but rather entertain us, as ironies of life and the warning flags of deception.

    It was not until this August that these comprehensive, relevant,  investigative researches came to my radar-- I use mp3 conversion tech to read lengthy research. My ongoing, wider researches of mind control was already spurred by the inexplicable attack upon my person.

    I love freely downloaded books, available to study immediately and without delays. I found some deeply probing research this month. A book description caught my interest: "This book is a result of a Tavistock Stanford Research Institute (SRI) early 1970′s “mind” restructuring project supervised by Willis W. Harman." (Linked to PDF source).  I  thought to myself:  Finally, an honestly-open, scholarly study concerning official agendas and origins of mind control. It should not surprise one that privatized governance uses democracy as a mask, to trick civilization selfishly. While the best and brightest work force are happily bribed this way. Heck- I have felt bribed too, while always keeping a foot in the door/ exit. Building better mouse traps, if so commissioned, but are there any options? Professional excellence is rewarded with glittering materialism. As the Marxian plunders the Hegelian. It is a difficult subject to study, but studying frees me. It proves difficult to shun materialism. Humans rarely have the required horsepower or horse sense. We might suffer for truly freeing arts and we have to broadly study what "free" actually means in context.

    Why are deeper thoughts unpopular and generally ignored? Networked thinking is increasing today, but too much of this is slavishly manipulated. It seems that few average people expand their awareness. Materialism took control and we fell. Too often, people keep the blinders on! Blinders to filter out the burdens of deeper thought. It is addictive, but deforms us sadly. Only familiar patterns are accepted to rhyme with shrinking conscience. Belief in entropy follows, like a bad habit. This, despite the known losses to be suffered. Fluff and shallow materialism produce the pride before a fall. My thanks goes to the brave ones who awaken. Failed hopes can be replaced through expanding conscience. Let it grow.

    Speaking of the obstacle course blocking the way. The demise of our planet should raise concern. My effort here is to decry the strategy of abusive, humanly abusive monarchs, dictators or politicians. To alert, the reader, that engineered insanity may possibly result from the deluded strategy of mistaken, human leaqders. 
        Find this claim on the web.

    Deeper thinkers find relief from the burdens of thinking. Finding humor in the ironies and the contradictions. In tracing the origins of tricked realties. A side benefit is gained in life adjustments, to smooth out the rough obstacles facing everyone today. This requires pro active learning efforts and diminishment of lazy thinking. This requires balancing of the mental and the physical, in work and in play. Manual labor can become a picturesque experience and a vitalizing exercise, while the mind can simultaneously study inspiring thoughts. Learn to eat what is actually healthy, too. Materialism narrows perspectives while soul growth expands the panorama of truth.

    I have wondered just how the current, softly-genocidal programs and artificial destruction of the earth could be justified or desired by the those who control world events. (Destruction enacted by proxies and unwitting slaves). I could suggest dozens of examples, bigger and smaller examples.  I appreciate bloggers who offer plausible commentary or corroborative documentation. Here is a man who remarkably summarizes this thinking, in another freely downloaded-book titled "SILENT WEAPONS for QUIET WARS.pdf".  Kevin Galalae, author, summarize assaults on planetary life, in our time (Google the PDF for the free download or buy printed version).  Kevin  infers that this is indeed a concealed, comprehensive genocide-- To graciously euthanize the masses-- To reduce populations to a fraction of current population levels. Initiated at the end or WWII, by military leaders! What?  (We should search for the inferred, official documentation showing the clear association of all these claimed aspects.) There have already been a variety of segmented announcements and "proofs". Announcements of this kind, by blogged for or by honorable whistle blowers. To the extent that oppressive laws are rushed into effect-- To stop government employees from exposing official records of facts, to the public. Another, much discussed example of governance undermining the public good is "Agenda 21".This agenda seems to proclaim that the population culling is good and needed. Somehow, a serious, logical discussion about human reproduction has never been officially launched. I always have wondered why that is so. Instead, the suppressed discussions are found with key word searches, of words like depopulation.
    I read through other remarkable websites this month bearing related corroboration: by DR. ERIC T. KARLSTROM:  He included the Urantia Book among agendas to be questioned- Here was the book which provided me a basis upon which to study Christianity, during the 1980s. This book was purported to influence spiritual seekers (from the 1950s onward), through intellectualized, religious belief systems. I appreciated it's approach to the spirit and it's deep study of the Abrahamic God.   This book encouraged "personalized experience" as a valid access to religious experience. I always felt out of place, even though this book did provide an interesting approach to "cult" definition. I felt that it's approach to planetary population management was what world governance should present for democratic processing. Average people would not hear of readings which were packaged as religion. My own personal experience proves to be a terrible talking point, for religious rapport with Christians. Each religion seems fixated against deeper probing examination. The independent thinker can finally turn to the internet for specific discussion points.

    Another site with many genocidal documents linked : I read these sites open-mindedly this month and wonder. How might an inquirer get a fair and honest assessment. Is the diversity of internet media conflicting and confusing? Can assessment even matter? I wonder and conclude that all i can do is to make my statements plainly. I add images to share aspects of my feelings and to encourage serious and balanced discussion. I welcome discussion. Please provide relevant insights or links. Thanks.

    My computer tools read books and texts to me, which in turn allows my humble, ruralist hand work and trade. Let my mind wander. Web searching provides so many plausibly-hypothetical explanations of earth's trials and tribulations. If one carefully sifts out the dross and ponders the claimed gold through time.

    Visit of a Torn Swallowtail

    July 2014:     I prefer harmonious viewpoints outside the entrenched authoritarianism which destroys our planet. Thankfully, fresh viewpoints are continually found, through productive key word searches. World destruction is outlined and remedied, through many kinds of sources. Study of human conflicts and resolutions has helped my conscience grow. A wide variety of corroboration helped me build clarity about it all. I increasingly wanted to build responsible perspectives. Like the torn wings, of our butterfly above, still sustaining graceful flight. What may we learn from life surrounding us?  May we find synchronicity and learn fragments of truth?

    Authoritarian systems are increasingly observed as enslavement systems which additionally destroy organic life. I never found politics productive and invested little of my mind in political devotion. Instead i studied a very wide spectrum of realities, to be found in many places on the internet. I find that entrapment of human minds is increasingly discussed and that free-will-exercises are increasingly displayed. In various ways, we are prompted to responsibly to build our own realities, instead of yielding to forced, debilitating dependencies, (of centralized control systems).

    This month i found a succinct interview promoting what i might term "computerized consciousness".  Both participants have public followings, which earns them my serious consideration:  (Also find publications through Google, authored by these gentlemen.)   The widely known Dr. Ray Kurzweil seems to promote interest in a future robotic product which should potentially house human consciousness. (As the interview describes this). As if prosthetic robotic machines could replace whole human bodies. Would a regular human consumer buy a robot product, to house their own mind and soul? Kurzweil seemed to define soul as mere awareness, which is equivalent to digital coding. Did Kurzwei consider human consciousness was merely data processing and data flows? Would we play or stream the inner being across a cloud and operate robotic bodies? It seemed this was promoted as an improved replacement for human life. "Live longer and better!"  If all of this was implied in the interview, then i differ in many respects. Both of these gentlemen are advanced in their professional status. Kurzweil, it seems, (based on my limited verification) seems to run the Google tech section. While Kaku is a respected, traditional scientist. 

    Perhaps it is the expected serviceability of electronic systems which promotes this desire to "immortalize" one's human life, through robots and through artificial intelligence.  Perhaps there are covert  labs in our world today, where advanced robots perform stupendous feats, including wide ranging human mimicry or supremacy, (perhaps).  I doubt robot serviceability is better than for human medical systems. (I base this on my explorations in electronics and mechanics, in contrast to healing of organic bodies). Transhumanism sounds undesirably limiting, within my sense of livingness.

                     It's all perspective.

    Many questions have already interested me, which Kurzweil comments upon. I'm agreeable on many points raised, but differ widely on specific points. I doubt the materialistic rational, which supposes consciousness is entirely defined in terms of matter, energy, space and time. Science could provide an area here, for deeper discussion. My preferred realm for discussion is freer formed. Philosophic and spiritual realms, have both outlined definite distinctions beyond mere data processing of matter, energy, space, time, life and thought. Digital circuits are indifferent. It is the human soul which runs a human universe with care, life investments with causes and effects.

    I was amused by the podcast-interview linked above, where a main stream scientist suggested that vast amounts of education could be more easily downloaded, directly into a human brain. Bravo, i would say, if somehow the floodgates open up for a more comprehensive education of humans. I have been working very hard to transpose downloaded texts into mp3 formats, to allow my private human learning through listening... The key here is that i browse the web to find subjects by my free will. While the linked interview seemed to promote a forcibly centralized education. Why then, could not Kurtzweil and Kaku discuss the matter of free will in education? Why couldn't these gentlemen offer visions of "downloading free willed education". Instead it sounded like another business scheme selling forced curricula.

    My bigger point here is that it is very difficult to freely access education on a free will basis. These gentlemen do not seem aware (or would they care about) a quest for promoting free will in education.  It sounded as though pre-programed, or, forced will agendas in education were favored.  Perhaps this illustrates a distinction between fixated pre-programed codes, versus a well developed human soul exercising spontaneous, free will. A well developed soul would become bored with fixated robotic circuitry. To say nothing about the excessive, associated industrialization which observably destroys the natural world. We already see dying natural systems, as if organic life today is under a siege.  The robots are curiously offered as an alternative to organic life. Hmmm. Here was a current, humorous commentary, by a popular investigative reporter, entitled: "What are machines thinking" (at

               Freely willed learning while one works and plays worthy audio media.

    Life and consciousness, abundantly beyond this world might have always existed in some manner, or perhaps technically parallel to earth. What does 'parallel' mean? Specific premises can be defined before proceeding, (defined with materialistic proofs). A current conundrum intervenes here, where earth's totalitarians prohibit strongly effective analyses. Why? Totalitarian profiteering might be blocked or deteriorated, by the mass disorientation, of the official, politicized world realities-  Tyranny might be blocked or deteriorated, if consumers diverted attention from consumption. Humans might become interested in free will where it conflicts with the softly forced wills of the market place, (plain and simple).


    Is the climate changing and what could cause it?

    * I wish that more books where available in plain e-text. An intelligible format for my assistive-reader. Efficient delivery of ebooks to low income humans, using assistive readers, is spurned by the marketplace. Wow, what if low income people could listen to freely available, mind expanding publications, read to them while they go about daily tasks! I have proven this is possible and most satisfying. Along with freely downloaded audio media. This is part of the electronic world which i promote, for human advancement.By contrast, the commercial Audible Books brand locks books making them accessable only through secialized, bulky software,which ios like a paper book library with inaccessible, locked shelves.



    May 2014

    An illuminist writing challenged the sanctity of faith. I read and pondered this. I have to admit that my own efforts to exercise officially-revealed-faith had not outlasted the experiment of it.  My study of officially-approved, revealed-faith, over the years, suggested one should disqualify their own abilities and beg for deliverance. Open self to what could be random outcomes. Rather than to focus self discipline towards truth discernment. Imagining a totalitarian  spiritual realm orchestrating rewards to the faithful, has seemed suspect. 
    I have long considered that subduing ego, for mental balance, was productive of spiritual growth. I also felt it was important to experience deeper understanding of Christian faiths, by attempting to partake in them.  But i could not proceed beyond those irrational blood-symbolic rituals. Cultic aspects of beliefs never attracted me deeply. Rationality prevailed instead. I did want to understand what was meant by cults and how, organized religions, coped with their cultic implications. My interests led me onwards through world wide spiritual studies.   Belief systems promise to deliver what? If materiality is promised in some form, it is ultimately materialism. If there is an open ended quest towards truthful  principles, then it appears more spiritual to me. Yet the, authoritarian systems on this planet, appeared confining. I searched for a sensible spiritual sense instead. I searched for a spirituality which was free from dissonant competition based on material gain. I am drawn towards harmonious aspiration. Just how to organize harmony is a huge and a challenging subject. I wish to consider this at length, in this blog.
    This month i came across one more system which is productive in contrast to materialistic-faith. It seems like a comprehensive, proactive system of creating reality. It engages spirituality with the heading of 'oneness'. I interpret the basis of this system to claim a deep, live connection with creation- The proponent becomes a reality source. This seems to suggest a power of manifestation.  This type of approach equates a rational  deity. It seems to integrate "the god within". In the conscious state of mind, a higher, coherent consciousness is attained, with no material-ritual, no drugs, with no hypnotic trance, with no electronic equipment required. My experiences of many diverse systems raised my questioning: What is hypnosis? If a meditation or mind state is guided at all, could this actually be considered hypnotic? I am patient, providing that corroborating questions or studies are permitted.

    Let me point to this very comprehensive book on the nature of reality. This is a free e-book which is easily downloaded. The founder and author, provides a 9.5MB download in PDF. One has to register one's email address to get the download. I feel the contents deserve wide www exposure, so i copy-paste the contents here- Quote:

    Choice To Create

    What You Are Is What You Create

    You Influence The Creation of The Father

    The Creation of Potential Hell

    All Of Your Beliefs About Yourself Will Eventually Be Projected To You 5

    Reintegrating Awareness Of One And Accessing Unlimited Power 6

    The Ultimate Reality 6

    You Carry The Fate Of Your Universe Within You 7

    The Permanent Quantum Soup and Remote Influencing 8

    Creation Requires More Than Positive Thinking – Creation Requires

    Mastering Energizing Processes 8

    The Real Power of Consciousness and Influencing The One 9

    Understanding The Relationship Between Energy and Thought 10

    Deep Levels Of Mind Powerfully Energize Thoughts To Manifestation 11

    The Need To Overcome The Subjugation Of Low Level Matrix Influence 12

    The Key To Manifestation 14

    Reality And Perception–Energizing The Effects You Want 14

    Remote Viewing and Deep Theta Exploration - Remote Influencing and
    Deep Delta 15 Reaching A New High-Level Matrix 15 We Are Vibratory Light 16 The Dark Matrix, The Human Brain, Time and Space 17 The Real Game Of Creation 18 The Dark Matrix and Reality Projection 19 The Two Poles Of Creation 20 Real Light, Sound, and Emotion –The Key To Energy 21 The Power Of Raising Your Emotions To Extreme Joy 22 The Dark Matrix Is Creative In Attaining Control Through Fear And Anxiety 23 The Matrix Serves As Instructional Tool For Future Powerful Reality Creators 24 Fate Only Exists Within The Realm Of The Matrix 25 Reality Preparation By Our Higher Self 27 The Vibratory Rate Of Man And The Nurturing Vibration of Mother Nature 28 You Will Become A Full-Fledged Creator In A New Earth, A New Creation 29"    -End of Quote-

    The pdf describes a system basis. A training system is also offered through mail ordered disc sets. The result of which promises the ability to engage what sounds to me, like a higher wakeful contact with subconscious and super- conscious realms of one's own mind. A higher consciousness is claimed to directly engage, in real time. Engage through properly tuned mental states. I'm very patient with cultural styles and claims and trials of systems. Providing that my integrative experiences are not shunned. This particular, expansive system corroborates scientific laws with spiritual laws:


    This particular system, is new to me and uses the heading of "Remote Viewing". I encountered the term remote viewing used differently- RV is used by various public figures, whose work is published on line, but whose work differs (and has usually disinterested me). Often these other remote viewers recount there viewings of possible futures for the masses. I may have heard the term applied to solving crime mysteries or supporting military interests. I find militaristic and competitive systems tending to retard civilization. I feel that humanity needs to graduate to a decisively harmonious, evolutionary phases. I find these phases get stuck in the mud because of greedy vested interest and dynastic-slave-traps. 

    My own, limited livelihood has always aimed to " visualize & actualize". Which indeed is an appropriate exercise where the mind aims to guide one's living. My little advertisement is pictured: 

    Applying Gerald O‘Donnell's RV to consciousness advancement appears well founded to me. I listened through my "read-to-me-software". Much of my hand building  labors, of various trades, allows my mind to listen to profound subjects like this sort of RV. The website covers vast areas of interest to me. Lucid dreaming is mentioned in this system. It has seemed more constructive to me than "blind-faith-in-random-outcome". This system seems to promise regular, wakeful state access to higher consciousness realms. Build a better world, perhaps.

    This sounds supportive to my own framework of thinking. I will look further into it. I listened to generously offered interviews and meditative samples by O‘Donnell', offered on his linked website. It sounded fine except that i need much more word clearing where the word usages actually should become steps. Paths of realities would seem to manifest, ultimately.  One might have to experience manifesting reality in contrast to being the effect of other, commercially pushed realities. I already imagine and try the building of reality. I'm thankful for decades of studying various systems, various isms and various ologies. Without getting caught up in debilitating traps or chaos.

    Materialistic greed of the major institutions trap humans in slave conditions, which are cleverly disguised. In effect, humans who subdue themselves in these deceits, deserve what they get. Those who develop awareness, have available, ways to escape slavery. But this requires their personal action. Actions like reading books which outline the traps we are all born into. Then discerning what is true and what is not.

    April 2014

    After exploring and contemplating Schauberger's integration of physics with bio-mimicry and such...  I became interested in some bold illuminist perspective is presented. (Boldness has not been the original intent, but rather a last resort of illuminists to stave off the forces opposing illuminism, so they said). An extensively reasoned array of bold assertions are made. Generally i could not find scientific irrationalities and faults, but the arguments against all religious faiths were alarming- if forced politically. Yet, the point is clarified that peace is already lost by the major, institutionalized 'faiths' which, in the form of institutions, foment conflicts. Wherein three major world faiths are essentially hijacked by powerful vested interests,which threaten the world. The World Trade Center, 911 history was claimed to prove this point in great detail, in one of their articles.

    Foremost, (in this site), seems to be the claim of a loss of reason, in our world due to authoritarian, religious, anti-scientific dogma. These illuminists claim that the Abrahamic Faiths collectively have retarded reason and massively restricted sciences in general. Especially by retarding the needed scientific awarenesses, as the primary basis, in human consciousness. By saturating world commerce with materialistic, hypnotic, greed-controlled objectives.  By covertly hiding many agendas of malice, underneath masks using the name of faith.  By greedily hoarding all planetary wealth underneath dynastic control. By abusing world wide power through dynastic control....  Given these circumstances, illuminists, ultimately say that faith alone cannot lift humanity out of the dark ages.  That human consciousness is still struggling out of the vestiges of the dark ages.

    Upliftment requires applied sciences and the illuminists especially recommend mathematics. As all is math, they say, providing a number of positive, affirming subjects to study here. Besides faith,  other popular mindsets are likewise challenged, within the spiritual traditions. Karma is especially challenged along with many other isms and ologies.  I have personally attempted to study many such things, at various times through my life, without overall convictions. My inner guidance system has tended to demand rationality such as science demands. Except that my inner guidance also demanded a duty to question everything including the questions. Relentless inquisitiveness combined with my disinterest in the herd mentality kept me out of materialistic entanglements. (Such as achieving financial success and social popularity in a materialistic world). My worldly unimportance has worked out well for me. Exercising unpopular disciplines, all under hardship, kept me fit.

    My ad for part of  my own force-geometry research. Geometry is my interest in math. The coil in photo uniquely explores convergent vs divergent electromagnetic force fields, due to special geometry of nearly flat coils specially wound in various ways. Eventually i will break away from making a living-- To devote sore time to experiment with these kinds of coils. This was my brief, winter's coil research:

    More details will be developed and posted when time permits. Artists make little for long hours of work-I seem to make my living modestly.

    The illuminists do not seem to use a centralized head quarters. I didn't notice any. I did noticed other site links including a political model they call the Meritocracy. That sounds interesting indeed. Run society rationally for a great historic change, but they didn't elaborate.  I still need to see how an electorate can truly discern, what is in fact meritorious.  

    Some 'illuminist' books were mentioned and provided some thoughts. I'm thankful for these books. I'm glad to find some deeper consensus if it is offered somewhere, if it is found. I especially needed to fill in my gaps of knowledge concerning the so called age of reason.

    Over the years i tended to find academic books on psychology uninteresting. Somewhere in the illuminist articles this book was recommended:


    I learned a lot from reading this book recently.   Jaynes focussed primarily on the evidence, transitions and outcomes of his featured "bicameral mind".   He analyses archeological findings to possibly indicate a major shift of human consciousness, around 1000+ BC (?) (I think the shift occurred or is evidenced, spanning over a long period of time, but the shift is striking in implication.)   Among the most notable shifts, was the apparent fall of Athens- Where prior to this fall from power, the gods and oracles appeared to express more directly in human records.  As a sudden change, according to many records, the shift suddenly externalized deities as distinct, separate beings. Did i get this right? --- Jaynes' account deserves reading directly-- My initial impression needs more study- Jaynes suggests that human consciousness evidenced a major shift.  While these earlier humans apparently exercised no personal reasoning power, (or something like that). Then suddenly, a shift in consciousness is evident in the archeological record. Jaynes seemed to make a thorough case for this in his book. As though the humans seemed to suddenly evolve a conscious or self aware ability, (my words here). 

    I loved the serious coverage of 'metaphor' by this author. I thought he was going to argue that metaphor is a primary function of consciousness. I have independently pondered such a notion for decades. Jaynes did not seem to go quite that far, but a certain notion of that remains for me.


    September 2013:  

    I was reading some Rudolf Steiner books, downloaded from recently found archives as the internet collects more things. I was wondering where to find classically referenced material on the 'veil' and the 'guardian' features of planet earth. I searched a lot of current commentaries on the major paradigm shift of our times. I like to compare the variations of assertions about this large subject. My printed-paper-&-bound book readings of times past were more limited. I simply disliked nor couldn't afford to read all day, with needs to earn a living. I love to learn noteworthy intricacies of human progression throughout the ages. I dare to question the manipulative authoritarianism of earth's past histories, and test principles in practical ways.

    Past efforts to read about theosophy could barely register.  Steiner mentioned that his theosophy book detailed the challenges for creative individuals, in this world. Once again, one has to have some appreciation for outdated language. However I lost interest after reading from the Steiner archive. His book on Agriculture had detailed strange composting claims, which we had tried back in the 1970s, which less and less had seemed evident or useful, over the years, and now the promotion of his image on the internet seemed too thin without evidence behind it.

    Bio Digester Concepts

    Another concurrent German, who seems to have been repressed to some extent, was VIKTOR-SCHAUBERGER. So far i am reading a book about him, titled "Living Energies", which encourages me to look for Schauberger's original books. In part because he apparently integrates, to some extent, the western-physics along with naturalist- earth science. Excerpts of his, (from the linked pdf), which i love are: " Our form of chemistry is coercion-chemistry... Nature, on the other hand.... instead employs cold fusion in her cooperation-chemistry. This is the cool chemistry of mutual suction or attraction between opposite polarities and charges, in which under a partial vacuum - the spacial and energetic vacuity between attracting bodies - various elements come together to create life."

    "Living Energies"



    I am contemplating and adapting some of what i discuss on this page.

    My integrative adaptations within a bio- reactor- composter.

    Years of testing resonant geometry for well being.


    How to read while one is active ~ How to learn more while handling repetitive, simpler tasks:

    *  I am using the software called ghostreader to "read books for me". It reads text files and converts text to mp3 audio files. This allows listening to webpages  and especially lengthy texts at work, (mostly physical labor of many kinds). I am also using video-to mp3 audio conversion in order to hear many lectures, interviews and shows. Additionally the many great downloaded "internet shows" available on the web.    Listen while these streams remains free and available.  That is to say before the terrorist totalitarians manage to ruin the internet somehow. Currently, the totalitarians seem to be struggling to hijack humanity through mind control.  In the mean time let me say thanks for liberating human thought streams. Poured into mp3 audio files, which are then loaded on to a (wearable) mp3 player. I delete these files after a day or so and load newly acquired ones, as the days pass by. This allows me to study many subjects, even including technical user manuals for my tools and software programs. It increases my options to explore available awareness levels. Yay.


    My studies spanned several decades while living in rural Maine. Rarely could i afford time to sit down and read paper books or to pay much money for physical books. I did use libraries for some time and did purchase many books. However my reading and digestion of paper books was slow and limited in scope. Today i very much prefer downloading digitized books available on the internet.  I found my comprehension of books has accelerated. Instead of sitting and reading texts, i use software to instantly convert texts into audio.  I listen to the audio while doing physical work of my ruralist lifestyle trades. This is a benign use of artificial intelligence.

    A wide variety of audio lectures, interviews, shows, documentaries, forums and websites all provide expansive knowledge on many subjects. These sources keep me studiously occupied. Instead of merely reading, I load the computer generated audio into a portable listening device (mp3 player). This allows me to go almost any place demanded by my chores. All the while, many subjects can be studied at depth. Strangely enough, the popular videos often have minimal visual content of real depth, while their audio portions have deep content. I use computer conversions of these videos, to provide yet more audio content to study. The mp3 players keep my mind occupied, while my gut knows how to do the daily, menial tasks and chores.*

    Old men like me are usually underemployed. I was always a laborer working at varied, low paying trades. This actually provided me with much free time to think, and also provided time to build low cost extravaganzas with structural experimentation. Artful practicality could be explored while living lightly on the land. Practice some of the interesting principles learned, without disturbing peace in the world.  Now that is many goals integrated into one life style.

    It was worth all the difficulties and uncertainties endured.  I had to humbly master countless skills, to some extent, which keep me happily growing independently from the bigger world confusions. The status quo of the local world seemed to doubt any merit in this effort. Why doubt such rationality? The world generally ignores humble explorations and personalized expressions. This provides necessary space to discipline oneself, while building a creative life.

      May one prevail with a harmonious force.

    Pictorial index page of my webpages since the 1990s.

    The content on this website,, is placed in the public domain only as a free exchange of ideas and as a "hard studied wish to serve life". The author assumes no responsibility for the improper use of the concepts in these web pages, as all relevant laws of life and local codes should be verified and observed before any building or experimentation proceeds. discussion is welcome, please write.  Bo Atkinson