Experimental  coils were made in the 1980s & 1990s. Simple resonance testing is described below.

A much later explanation of this coil work was posted here in 2021.

Above picture is my wooden-surround-shelf-&-workbench (originally built 1974?), for testing my coils, primarily done in the 1980's-1990's.. To left, top shelf is my bought kit with recycled box makeover, spectrum analyzer unit (which actually used a TV tuner of the older era).. To right is my Tektronics oscilloscope. Bottom shelf are some signal generators. To right is a more recent computer addition for better, pending, spectrum analysis using software with 'built-in' audio range to begin with. Lots still to do here (early in Nov09- visit this page again in 2010 & in 2011 for updates. Higher frequency ranges than audio frequencies get expensive, in terms of electronic test equipment. Yet most Mac computers have included good audio systems since the early days of Macs. Among my studies are down-stepping harmonics.) Eventually i want to test some better materials, higher-than audio frequencies and higher voltages with some coil models i have.

Nov 2012 addition: This year i took close up photos of my dusty collection and posted them here.  Multiple ramifications of my coil study complicate this effort to describe it all. The term "multi axial coil" might well describe the numerous winding- interrelationships.  "Biaxial"might well imply two field interrelationships. Electric fields and magnetic fields may well apply interchangeably, to geometric forms, (like helical, toroidal, elliptical, twisted, knotted, woven, etc... Multi axial might apply to individual fields of EMR interacting or perhaps also an additional sort of force-field besides electrical or magnetic. The linked coil pages here will continue to update-- My geometric modeling has provided a meditative exploration of coils since 1994-- Constantly improving with the hardware and software improvements since then. But the energy of exploration bypassed sequential documentation. Furthermore, these interests have been derailed by making my living and also by exploring multiply-aligned subjects of the human intellect.

Second picture above shows my very old 'invention' for what i termed a 'biaxial' coil. In this case it was made from a hollow ferrite cylinder stripped off of an older CRT picture tube, (old TV yoke, before digital screens came out). I removed the TV display control coils and then quickly hand wound my own copper wire (enamel insulated)... Such that outside the ferrite, the wires ran orthogonally to the wires inside the ferrite. This, i reasoned forced the magnetic flux to spin around the cross section of the ferrite core. (Masking tape was used to secure the ferrite together). Consider it all new spins on old spins.

I have written my opinion about relevancy between these coil experiments and works of others here.

This winding modulated the inductive output, such that a string of harmonics was easily produced. Simple harmonics were the main observation of ordinary 'cross-ways-windings'. Many variations of geometries were used as cores to wind coils on.

Third picture above is yet another possible variation on the theme of biaxial windings. It also turned out to essentially be very similar, in essence, to a proposed geometry.  I later found coherency with work in the field of plasma physics. Above is my CAD inspiration which seems to reflect fig. 6.13b, pg 244 of "The Big Bang Never Happened", by Eric Lerner (1991), and possibly earlier publications of  H Alfvén, CG Fälthammar, (1960s). 

Next below is a parallel wound Toroidal example. To show the outer windings made (somewhat) parallel to inner windings. I have explored varied examples, using both 3D CAD and also with enameled copper wires wound upon various substrates.

Next below shows the inner winding paths removed. If my scanner could eventually be made to work, i plan to insert a journal illustration from long ago, reporting mapping of the earth's magnetic field which bore some poloidal resemblance. (Somewhat tending towards the paths illustrated below).

A related Biaxial? or tetra- toroid?.... These

A relationship between the mathematical-formula-for-the-helix and the tetrahedron geometry.

My simple experiments last century.

Lots more can be said here, across many fields as well. Email me and encourage me. I enjoy experimenting, in search of orthogonally related fields, as noted in electromagnetism. I'm especially searching for what appears to me as a third, as yet not classified, orthogonal force field. My search is through coils or windings of electrical and of magnetic paths.

Click here for a visual comparison of the poloidal and the common donut structures.

Also: click here to see relation of biaxial toroid to the tetrahedron.

Also: See my "hyper spiraling, concentric spherical weave", which also,potentially has "windmill/ generator" effects (in terms of particle winds).

In the October 19, 1996 issue of Science News, Vol.150, an article discussing the earth's magnetic field, happened to include some interesting computer graphics of the field. The computer generated lines of force which roughly resembled a slightly poloidal field. The text included the term 'poloidal', which caught my eye. I expect one has to pay for online viewing: http://www.jstor.org/pss/3980105

A favorite concept of mine seems to have precedence in Buckminster Fuller's book, Synergetics, (inserted in picture below). Also possibly plasma physics authors. My own inspiration was "why not research coils with an objective of 'unwinding' energies, as yet hidden. Electromagnets have indeed been 'unwound' or separated, in terms of the orthogonal effect. So why not keep exploring windings and unwindings, in a quest to tap new forces, from the cosmos.

Fig. 1130.24 Reality is Spiro-orbital: All terrestrial critical path developments inherently orbit the Sun. No path can be linear. All paths are precessionally modulated by remotely operative forces producing spiral-linear paths.


Separately, the winding of coils, of many kinds, does open new avenues, for experimentation. The magnetic paths are very much shaped by the contours of coils. Therefore, if an ordinary coil is wound upon a coil, upon a coil, some remarkable configurations can arise. The image above demonstrates that 'winding' of (non touching) turns upon turns, does result in "helical-interferences". In other words, causing eddies in the magnetic paths.  My crude experimentation has found that harmonic responses occur. More experimentation is recommended to explore frequency conventions. However, there are very complex variations of resulting paths, (when modeled in software).

Indeed, if we live in a sub-orbital circuit, of many orbital paths, galactic-ly speaking, then could we find a coiled geometry which might tap a complex force-field. Said coil might lead to tapping another orthogonally -related force field. My hyper-spiraled bubbly coil, a CAD model of 1997.

I have actually played with a variety of real world and also computer generated patterns.  I was always interested in electronics, but somehow dropped out of school. Largely because my brain was wired for geometry as a kid. My schools all emphasized verbal and math skills, with apparently no geometry for me. . Last for now-- Picture below, Basket coils wound in the 1980's. Indeed basket weavers provide fascinating patterns for woven-coil-research.  Isotropic force field configuration

Yet further, below are two of my excerpts (from 11/07/09). Generally i see this all relating to generalized "unified field theories", but without laborious text to explain it all.  Even so called 'zero point energy' actually relates, in various ways, in my own mind. Yet, as an individual, i am motivated to build up my own contexts and my own metaphors. Remove the word metaphors, and many factors can seem to snap together


"expanding earth"
artgineer — Nov 07, 2009
IMHO, magnetic explanations would essentially follow from this drawn out puzzle of speculations...

One of my favorite 'radical' speculations totally defies plate-tectonic theories. Yet i prefer it. Piecing together several speculative threads... Basically, the huge speculation is that earth actually has gradually grown in mass and in size, since 'the beginning'-- A theory to this effect has been around for decades and has generally been discredited. I merely scanned it, blown away by the notion that gravity itself continually contributes to earth's growth, while at the same time adding to the mass (and size). Debunkers laugh at the idea of 'push gravity' instead loving their ideas of string-like 'pull-gravity'.... In any case, call it what-ever one likes. A simpler mechanic could be that planets do grow gradually, eventually causing things like continental drift.... Also the theory posits that dinosaurs died off because gravity eventually increased to a point where large body structures could no longer 'hold-together' (hence juveniles failed to mature. Ha, that might happen to certain political movement too.)

So at particular moments of excess, pressurized expansion, the tectonic plates spread a little, here and there on the globe. (Almost imperceptible, for mankind's tiny window of geologic time perception). The 'materializing' or transmutation of gravity could also occur slowly, as 'gravity-particles' are slowed down by planet-masses, so that electronic matter finally materializes in the planet core, more likely. Magnetism itself could also be another mass-localized-dynamic similar and/or related to gravity manifestations. Hence we could have sudden magnetic winds, on our planet surface or on small areas of the planet surface.


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Here was an effort to overcome my life-time writer's block, by posting comments on Avalon Forum...  More than a writer's block it has been a creative's block and a visionary's block. An effort to understand the bigger picture of world changes, in a year of expectant changes, 2012.



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