I spent much of my life exploring patterns of geometry, purposefully. To see what nature might offer. Symmetrical growths of fractal pyramids suggest 4d or 4 axis face alignments of a tetrahedron. Mathematically precise, reticulating geometry is explored here. Call me for a free guided tour of the show, usually dawn to dusk... 2_0_7__3_4_2__5_7_9_6

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Photo above shows massively grown, pyramidal fractals, crystallized with patterns or codes. For me all patterns are codes of a sort. This coding is simply compelling to me, to distinguish the four dimensional alignments from the more traditional three dimensional, three axis alignments. The tetrahedron provides four axes due to it's four faces. This has long inspired me to search the geometrical ramifications, (calling it 4D for short). See my offerings for enlarged prints, described further below. Buy My Art


All images around the door in the photo above are the same 3D model, viewed from different directions (and)... Each unique image uses a different “camera lens”, ranging from wide angle to no angle. Background color was added simply for decorative appeal alone.


The same 3D model was rendered in all the images. More recently this same 3D file was used as a “modular building block”. I began using the modules to join with identical copies, to join into a larger whole or as a modular matrix of many modules, (first photo). The general module above was grown (or stellated), from one, inner, precise tetrahedron (or equilateral pyramid). Resulting in countless crystallized pyramids, (tetrahedra), which are traced on concentrically triangular surfaces. This process proceeded with my gradual computer upgrades, as this literally grown model, became very complex or dense, requiring a better computer, as i was only later able to afford such upgrades. My focus on the tetrahedron also revealed its apparent relation to a triangular helix. The mathematical formula for the helix, applied to the equilateral triangle as a path, produces tetrahedra, when facetted with nine segments. I have not found this remarkable, precursive principle of the tetrahedron noticed anywhere else in mathematics:
The tetrahedron, (an equilateral pyramid), can be shown to derive from a helix:


Back to the "solid geometry": The initial growth pattern, for the successively crystallizing reticulation, is demonstrated in the sequence shown below. I removed the larger, inner, initial tetrahedra, to see what the smaller-outer-ones would look like without the bigger-internal-tetrahedra, (which were it's geometrical scaffolding).


This exploration developed over the years and eventually the outer tier-level-results were compared, one tier with the subsequent tier level. (Of further grown, outer tetrahedra, or triangular pyramids). The main challenge for mathematical-construction, is the 4d alignment which challenges the traditional concepts of layout, as bound to the 3D alignment of cubes. Current geometry-software and mathematics hugely favor the 3D building alignments and only very rarely does one find 4d alignments used or considered. Historical teachers of 4d exploration are Buckminster Fuller (geodesic works) and Leonardo DaVinci (stellated octahedron ~ stella octangula). Mankind is otherwise very attached to linear and cubic orientation of dimensions, that is: Top, Front and Side. Four dimensionality is free of uni-directional-gravity on a planet, (as on the flat land of earth).


By the year 2017, my crystallized modules were symmetrically attached together, crystallizing larger tier growths, after buying yet a better video card, for my computer. These provided 4d axial alignments and interesting-inherent-growth-patterns, based on the tetrahedral-face alignments. Massively branching tiers symmetrically all joined together with more complex tier-modules... Below are 64 modules, face-attached, symmetrically, all together.

The impact is increasingly more compelling with larger, higher resolution visibility. The human cone of vision can fully saturate and immerse, (given larger scale, wider coned visuals along with multiple views of the same, 3D model). This led me to invest in large prints for the first time. I’m inspired to see still larger prints, as this will increase the immersive effects. Three dimensional structures made of these prints would enable walk through visual effects, along with varied rendering modes.

Nearest images above and below contain 64 modules, each containing many (uncounted) pyramids, (tetrahedra). Image below is rendered in wire frame mode, above image is a shaded render. However, these particularly, rendered views have no perspective at all. (All pyramid edges have equal lengths). The 'holes' between modules take on recursively-determined-geometrical forms as well. I spent much time navigating all imaginable viewpoints, lensing-effects, transparency vs opacity and coloring effects, all of which motivated this art show (and it's continued, clarifying updates).


Gazing may provide cognitions of fractal geometry and holographic effects. In the sense that patterns connect and repeat, in larger natural outgrowth-ramifications.

I explored geometries as a balance within multiple work disciplines. As of 2018, my focus has turned this search intensively towards Pythagorean Hylozoics, which teaches me deeper insights, about objective principles, which-all originate in Plato's (or Platon's), world of a ideas. Apparently the source of all human breakthrough-ideas are already sourced there, or so it is explained through esoterics specifically.

I am still distilling my understanding of all the aspects involved. I appreciate that the orientation of most scholars (and sponsors of scholars), may differ on the content of my writings. As one can spend much time Googling or verifying all the teachings about Platon or Plato. Esoterics provided the meanings which i sincerely looked for.

Large fields of detailed views immerse my perceptions, while navigating models, with better video hardware. I tried making videos, which need too much editing and i could not prioritize immediate computer upgrades of my very old Macs. Also, i have stopped upgrading computers, (after too many expenses, of over-investing, in tools for my unprofitable works, where better rendering tools lure me beyond affordability)

The print set in my drive-by-road-show is just a start of this better-immersion art-form, as of now, just partly envisioned. Ask to see the stained glass effect my of large prints! Everyday interludes of relaxed-glances, release my mind from a small cone of vision. It pays me royally in perceptivity and cognitions (and not in cash).

The "stained glass effect", as seen from indoors, inside one of my workshops:

_______The in

Please ask for enlarged photos of my physical display scenes, as i cannot afford web space, for larger, clearer photos. I can email camera files directly to you. If you have very large computer screens, these emailed-images will be much clearer. Or with ordinary computer screens, one can zoom in to see details closer. Ask for my clearer images.

Consider supporting my art work! A variety of prints can be purchased from me, as insulating-stained-glass-window-effects, or for room dividers, or as panels, or as posters, for banners, for wall paper or as digital copyrighted files for personal, architectural or decorative uses.

2018 Update: My outdoor prints are holding up very well, even in half-day sunlight. The original printer has stopped offering the corrugated print materials, so another source could instead be searched. I welcome people to come here to see my wooden or Cementitious framing options and discuss purchase of my art. I have tested similar insulating, corrugated plastic, testing indoors and outdoors, for many years. It does not deteriorate when shaded from direct, all day sunlight. Art exposed to direct sunlight deteriorates, (in as little as 5 years, but some plastic examples are still intact after 20 years). Printing inks must be chosen through the printer, where printing inks greatly vary in durability. There are a variety of architectural methods to mitigate the preservation of art works. I have nearly 50 years of experience with the weathering of various building materials in Maine.

Purchase my art in customized forms.

I offer a full range of options from selective, physical print collections, to single images. Let me know what interests you. I can quote a single price for a customized collection. For one sum, a collection can be sent to you or installed for you. Or just single, large, high resolution image files can be emailed to you, for $100 each. Pick your choice(s) for your local printer, or have me also supply optional services:

My high resolution imagery can be sent to large format printers who can print on various kinds of large media. Various printing possibilities exist at different locations. Printed walls for architectural uses is also a great possibility. I am experienced with many kinds of building methods. Art installation or plain prints can be had in many forms, for indoors or outside in the weather. I ask for hourly compensation, for my time spent, plus the cost of materials. (Or just one agreeable sum can be negotiated for a complete service).

Compensation is asked to cover: Preparation of customized files at $60 per hour, additionally including all printer-resource-searching, all consulting time, all computer model formatting or any installation-work of frame-building and any travel costs if incurred. Very large graphic files can be sent directly to printers world wide. Distant buyers, even in distant places or distant countries, can use their local print-shop-options to enjoy the same cost anywhere, for my art service, as outlined above. Payment can be sent to me through email, from your PayPal account. With

Thank you for your consideration.


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