I spent much of my life exploring patterns of geometry, purposefully. To see what nature might develop organically.
Symetrical growths of fractal pyramids suggested cognative 4d alignments. Call me for a free guided tour of the show, usually dawn to dusk... 2_0_7__3_4_2__5_7_9_6

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Photo above shows massively grown, pyramidal fractals, crystallized with patterns or codes. For me all patterns are code, so my interpretation is not esoteric. The code is simply compelling to me, to focus the dimensional distinction between 3d and 4d. Here it is simply a human perception sneaking through an extra dimensional portal! Also see my offerings for enlarged prints, described further below.


I emphasis that all images around the door in the photo above are the same 3d model, viewed from different directions (and)... Each unique image uses a different “camera lens”, combining wide angle to no angle, (technically called axonometric).


The same 3d model, rendered all the images. More recently this same 3d file is used as a “modular building block”. This year i began using the modules to join with identical copies, to join into a larger whole or as a modular matrix of many modules, (first photo). The general module above was grown (or stellated), from one, inner, precise pyramid. Resulting in countless crystallized pyramids, (tetrahedra), which are traced on concentrically triangular surfaces:
Pyramids can be shown to derive from a helix:


Modules by successive crystallization:





2017: This year, crystallized modules, grow on successive, identical modules, outwardly. We may explore 4d axial perception, with the tetrahedral alignments. Fast forward to the massively composite, multi branching modules… Identical models from the art above are extensively multiplied and joined face to face. Below are 64 modules, face-attached, strategically, all together.

The impact is increasingly more compelling with larger, higher resolution presentations. The human cone of vision can fully saturate and immerse, (given larger scale, wider coned visuals along with multiple views of the same, composited model). Which led me to try large prints for the first time. I’m inspired to grow more unique crytals, as this energizes me, (but my computer is stressed out). These provide an initial sense, with (limited budgets), etc.. etc…

Nearest images above and below contain 64 modules, each containing many (uncounted) pyramids, (tetrahedra). Image below is rendered in wire frame mode, above image is a shaded render. However, these particular rendering views have no perspective at all. (All pyramid edges have equal lengths).


Gazing may provide a cognition of life's actual holographic simulation. This general subject can be searched on the www, for startling realizations. I occasionally add links from my own www studies, right here.

Large prints assist in this cognition. Ask to see the stained glass effect my of large prints! Everyday interludes of relaxed-glances, release the mind from small cones of vision.



Consider buying my art! Typical examples follow below. A variety of prints can be purchased from me, as insulating-windows, panels, posters, banners or digital files for your personal use only, please.


Physical prints shipped directly to you: Two sided prints, 24”X24” @$80 …&… 36”X36” @$150… For 2 sided matched prints on corrugated translucent plastic, (to lower 48 States, add 5.5% sales tax to Maine delivery or picked up at my address). Other customized sizes and images are also available, up to 48”X96” from $400. (These print resolutions are all 150 dpi). Also Available: I welcome people to come here to see my wooden or cementitious framing options. These prints last several years in direct, outdoor sunlight, but will last indefinitely when kept indoors, out of direct sun. I have tested similar insulating, corrugated plastic for greenhouses, widows and outdoor structures.

My imagery is sent to large format printers who can print on various kinds of large media, even wall paper as well. Various printing possibilities exist. 3d printed sculpture is also a possibility, but i ask for compensation to prepare any and all customized files. A third party file transfer system is used because these files are too big for emailing. Buyers in other countries, can use their local print shops to enjoy the same low pricing!


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