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Originally written and edited from  August through December 2013By Bo Atkinson, Montville, Maine
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This web page describes hostile mind interfacing from an experiencer's perspective. I was an experiencer of two hostile attacks carried out upon myself. I think my attackers have given up on killing me. My experiences could have resulted in my death except that i gladly survived both incidents. My public contribution is to warn others that psychopaths may choose to suppress us, in extraordinary ways. The motive might be to 'secretly' remove people who work against psychopathic fascism. What else could pay for expensive attacks on insignificant citizens? Apparently there are many reports of people attacked in a variety of expensive ways. I rationalize that all these attacks serve selfish interests, perhaps including blatant tyranny. This plan for world totalitarianism is failing. I believe that my freedom flavored, critical thinking somehow got me on an attack list. An unusual form of mind-interfacing was carried out in the attack described below. This particular technology is almost invisible and is difficult to prove. I am sharing details of my experience along with corroborating rationales from many sources, (as found on the internet in 2013). Causes of deaths by remote, electronic weaponry is hidden. This is a difficult subject to study, but the internet provides many sources to learn from.

............End the consciousness war to end all wars. Start the peace of enlightenment.


My second potentially-lethal attack, occurred during August 2013. It sparked my awareness across positive and negative forces of our time. I learned a lot. I will try to show that electronics, in various complex forms, especially forms of mind control, has been misused to enslave and to murder. I will add some insights, from the many people, who manage to cope with electronic attacks- Where all humans may gradually be pushed to accept robotic inductions, (through artifice and deceptions). A subjugation of the human species is attempted, through bio-chemo-electro-robotic devices of various kinds. This appears to be in the early stages of enactment. Perhaps some of the complicity is coerced. Perhaps some complicity is invisible to all concerned. Nevertheless, increasing numbers of people are noticing hidden attacks of various kinds.

Aware observers are networking, analyzing and sorting out the varieties of evidence. Apparently law enforcement is prevented from perceiving these crimes. Yet there are thousands of reports in the USA and many more in other nations. (Fear monger-ing and disinformation is broadcast as well, so be aware). From my perspective, their seems to be an agenda of making "servile robots" out of most of the surviving human race. Also, the attacks spearhead various agendas to largely remove targeted individuals, (TIs), first. These attacks might be undergoing a developmental phase currently. As part of an agenda to eventually genocide unwanted world populations. I was very skeptical about all such things until i realized it was possibly happening to me. I felt there must be an error in these reports, earlier.  I remained reserved on the related subjects until i deeply investigated my own, "unexplained accident". I survived my first attack in 2007. Following is my continuing assessments, still unfolding. My second attack experience happened in the summer of 2013. I have therefore investigated the complex subjects and the evidence.

In my case, sophisticated weaponry of mind-invasion was used, (or cannot be ruled out). I did qualify for targeting lists. (I have long wondered about the deeper sources of corrupt governance). The murder attempts which i experienced, were remote electronic attacks, engineered so as to appear accidental. (Skip this preamble to read about my attack analysis.) Plausible deniability is a strategy, (increasingly used), to keep crimes secret. As the hierarchy of perpetrators tries to remain secret. Unimportant people (like myself) seem to provide testing and calibration opportunities, (for the weapon testers). A variety of conditions seem associated with targeting of people. There appears to be a range of motives and various methods to attack people in varied manners.

...various sources of reliable, verifiable information and facts dealing with mind control. - See more at:

Sophisticated mind invading electronics were used in the attacks on me, (which is a difficult subject of this web page). Electronic weapons seem daunting, except that matter and energy, the realm of current brain interfacing, is bounded by higher consciousness. Higher consciousness opens up for the proactive seeker. The risk for totalitarian perpetrators who sponsor attacks on the public, is to face eventual disclosure. A full disclosure could disempower totalitarians. Raised consciousness would deploy all the advanced tech for benign purposes instead of malicious purposes. Truth, beauty and goodness can overpower evil and sinister abuses of power. Therefor plausible-deniability aims to hide evidence and prevent full disclosure. Relaxed lifestyles of comfortable people and stressed lifestyles of the majority tend to miss the signs of this crisis, in our time. Lack the catalyzing energy needed to promote real civilization and end false civilization. This is why experiencers speak out energetically.  TIs support freedom and well being for all. That all may live and not be doomed. Sustain the opportunities for real civilization. The selfish controllers seem to have engineered societal failures, but this effort gradually fails , due to a majority of humans who postulate or feel a true civilization coming.

Proper electronic interfacing of the human brain should benefit humans, yes! Except that nefarious users do covertly misuse this technology. Positive, beneficial  research into various areas of neuroscience has long been institutional and therefore an expensive and less known subject. Accessibility is increasing through neuroscience and new spin-offs. Neuro technology and it's cultural applications are becoming more known and privately used. There is the internet and there are softwares and peripherals commercializing neuronal access- For the public to expand consciousness. August 2013 internet searches list countless links.

1] Example of Google's list included: "InteraXon - Thought-controlled computing - Interaxon" Examples like this seem to offer public access to preliminary mind interfacing.

2] "Brain-computer interface is something people have been talking about for a long, long time..." -Professor Chantel Prat" ... "...scientists at the University of Washington (UW) have successfully built a non-invasive system to remotely control the actions of humans" Potentially,  given good  intentions, this could suggest an abundance of potential applications for a better world.

Countless examples on the web promote neurosciences generally. I'm all for the good electronics can provide, when it is good. I had long ago contemplated electronic interface tools for design-build purposes, see my 'cadmera' webpage of the 1990s.   I invested myself in earlier computers for positive design-build uses. I had also wondered about many uses of electroencephalography, (EEG), spectrograms. Concluding that these spectrogram displays tell us only what levels of electrical power radiate at which frequency, at which moments in time. Otherwise, these might roughly correspond with packages of human thought streams.   This sounded exciting and lovely to study, but i could never afford so much fun. 

I am very grateful for freely available books on the internet. I look for a wide spectrum of corroborations, to address my experiences To provide me with some clues of what happened and how. Here is a 1997 book containing a much broader context of mind interfacing technologies:  ANGELS DON‘T PLAY THIS HAARP Advances in Tesla Technology  by Dr. Nick Begich and Jeane Manning (This is a free PDF download link. The printed edition is also available through book stores). A quote from Chapter 24:  "...It is known that sleep can be induced by electrodes in the brain, and Russian scientists claim to be able to produce sleep from afar (electrosleep)....     What these conference participants were referring to was the work conducted by Dr. Jose Delgado of Yale University and the Russian Lida machine tested by Dr. Adey, referenced earlier."  Further along in Chapter 24 is this amazing report expected to be taking effect in 1995:  "The government's plan to vise pulsed electromagnetic and radio frequency systems as a nonlethal technology for domestic Justice Department use rings the alarm for some observers. Nevertheless, the plan for integrating these systems is moving forward."  Here also was a warning that electronic weapons are fired at non combatant citizens. Furthermore:  "...Thus there is the potential to use EMR to control human behavior or even to maim or kill adversaries..."

From the internet in August2013... A UC Berkley lab writes : "Reconstructing visual experiences from brain activity evoked by natural movies" In part, the article concludes "It is possible that decoding brain activity could have serious ethical and privacy implications downstream in, say, the 30-year time frame." This cited webpage (as of 30/8/13) furthermore inferred their own technique limitations: "The current technology for decoding brain activity is relatively primitive."   From my perspective, electronics accesses only the material and energetic realities of life.  Apparently, a materialist might subjugate certain victims by electronic means, or by use of artificial intelligence.  Super computers with invasive networking, might invade worldly victims, remotely, anywhere and at any time. I believe this is a massive experiment, with various programs, but in my opinion it is most likely to fail at tyrannizing completely. It won't completely terrorize highly conscious minds. Conflicted mankind has lowered consciousness, bringing this crises upon itself. By compartmentalizing life itself, humans are dumbed down. Most humans seem to cling to the worldly compartment, to live at the effect of random outcomes. It is time for consciousness to overcome bad habits of this type. Today's evil should catalyze a public awakening and then the build actual civilization.

Warning blogs about this evil are increasing:

from the web:

Quite apart form the benign university developers, there are evil , world hijackers who seem to apply any powerful tool within grasp for evil. Megalomaniacs are documented throughout human history, but only recently are the worst elements being gradually documented and cataloged. I favor initiatives to install truer justice at high levels.  May humans finally enact higher justice.  I cannot accept that materialistic brain weapons can defeat well developed minds: Well developed implying skepticism about physical attachments and reluctance towards consuming addictions. Mastery of higher responsibility raises consciousness, (making any one wise).

Academia has not fully served peace- Megalomaniacs hijacked academia and have institutionalized aspiration! In the place of aspirations, regressive institutions plant seeds engineered for gradual human destruction.   Advanced and benign initiatives are too often suppressed. Personalized expansion of consciousness has been denounced, for it's lack of profiteering potential. Follow the profiteering trails-  Learn from a wonderful whistle blower. There are some beautiful and heroic individuals. Here is a law office challenging this corruption, even at the highest levels of commerce and governance. Evil is empowered through compartmentalization- This hides the evil agendas and provides the plausible deniability. It also prevents a comprehensive education.   Perhaps the majority of humans favor fairness and oppose evil. Too many well-meaning technologists are unaware of the evil done, due to compartmentalized departments and unlevel playing fields. Needing a living from such a hierarchy forbids awareness of corruption. A technical career applicant must wear blinders and strictly obey protocols, never questioning 'why'. The bigger picture is banned from career networks. I am outside of this hierarchy, observing many resources found on the web, spurred onwards in this study, because of the attacks upon myself. The attacks on me are subtle because leading megalomaniacs attempt to deploy a silent and hidden control over an increasingly enslaved population.

I do not necessarily endorse nor deny the links i provide here, but rather wish to share relevant, correlating information. Share it before edicts criminalise clear thinking. Then what? Shall we welcome totalitarianism? All wealth might be grabbed up by these megalomaniacs. The long arm of greed attempts to reach the world around.  The worst criminals have long been poised to serve megalomaniacs. Other choice criminals are let loose to provide distractions. While freer thinkers and whistle-blowers are suppressed or targeted. One ring covets them all, so to speak. It binds them all through artificial intelligence. Despite this, many heroic people raise consciousness, from many diverse arenas. Only the brave may remain free, but anyone may apply. I think this long Youtube suggests the right sort of tools and methods, to navigate our times. I think it corroborates some excellent, ancient methods, (which have generally kept me alive, through my ordeals). This source actually corroborates multiple, far spread, ancient principles, (which can liberate mind and expunge fear).

How to control the Matrix 


"Can A Satellite Read Your Thoughts? - The Complete Technical Story So Far"  As of: July 2013,  ...   An article with 6 eye catching videos, (Youtubes), embedded. It  concluded: "This era of international cooperation reminds me of the story of the frog and the scorpion, with our societies being the frog and the venom our human nature.... I think we have just entered the river."?

What if one experienced directed energy weapon (DEW) attacks upon oneself? Just by searching for the causes, one is marginalized. Except that the free world provides corroborations, which can be found on the internet. I'm hereby motivated to launch this webpage of observations, without any budget allowance, without better methods or without appropriate, electronic test apparatus. All i can offer is my limited, personal observations and deductions. I encourage independently minded people to expand their own awareness. The biosphere destruction and endless war seem to synchronize with the appearance of The Georgia Guide Stones and other strange reports of our time. Web search the wide extent of these things synchronizing. Search corroborations of evidence in all things.

(Skip electronic tech talk speculations. See my recovery and maintenance methods.)

Misused Satellites? 

Consider the wide scope of 'attack' evidence.   Groups of common people have become victims. They consistently report common "TI" ("targeted individual") experiences in various forms of  torture, intimidation and coercion.  The intensities-experienced and the endurances to it, do vary, (according to accounts given). Become aware of a large body of (publicly available) research listed under various acronyms and names. Next to follow, are some of the key word search terms. One can learn a lot about the related electronic technologies, by searching with quotation marks and with spaces intact:

"weapon testing" + neuroscience
microwave + "induced unconsciousness"
"Neurological Technology"
"TI" + "Targeted Individual"+"DEW"
"war against consciousness""Synthetic Telepathy"
"Artificial Telepathy"
"Neural Decoding"
"Mind Control Weapons"
"Mental Slavery"

Specialized technical terms will yield deeper information. My focus here has been to corroborate electronics technology with the search results. Please also use Google/Images to help one sort out more useful information, (if one can intuitively read images).  Look for charts which might illustrate definitions, to help understanding. Look for images bearing deeper messages. The following links (as of 2013) listed many informational sources and initiatives, (concerning mind control evil).  "


Accuracy At Microscopic Scale?

One of my first, lengthy,  informational sources, on the neuronal, electronics aspects, is the author Dr. Robert Duncan who wrote the free e-book: thematrixdeciph.pdf  Since that earlier publication, Duncan has published a paper book :  He has a blog here:     My appreciation of these technical references is for the plausible outlines, which do fit my limited training in electronics (of 1975). The technical descriptions generally fit neuronal electronics, to an extent where i can visualize the plausibility in general.

What evidence can disprove or counterclaim the basic TI experience of targeting?  Trying key word searches for the words on this page, along with words like 'debunk' or 'disprove' finds little or no counterclaim, in my opinion. If you the reader are aware of strong evidence against my observations, then please show me clear evidence. The human experience provides abundant evidence of totalitarian repression. Advancing technology and stealth has consistently been used by oppressors. Authoritarians have always suppressed the search for wisdom and freedom.

             W h i c h    s i d e    a r e   w e   o n ?        

I feel better assured by a plausible consensus, rather than a deceptive consensus. The controlled media are not covering the full breadth of neuroscience and especially not considering evidence of current misuses. Nor even considering a scientific method for determining possible misuses of neuroscience. Where is the mainstream coverage of the misuses.  There is only mainstream coverage and promotion for the status quo. The jobs of exposing pressing issues are usually done by independent humans, outside of the status quo. 

Independent research which suggests misuse of neuroscience is available with determined searches. Some of the victims are called whistle-blowers. Their stories raise many sorts of questions for me, but multiple aspects have become fairly well corroborated for me. As an experiencer, it seemed repulsively unreal at first. After long, careful study, it gradually made plausible sense to me. People deserve to prepare and protect themselves from unexpected attacks.  A new comer to these phenomena will have difficulty with my assertions, at first. The allegations are overwhelming for the uninformed.

I am amazed by the amount of growing evidence and discussion about similar experiences, to be found through Google. Web searches discover notable excerpts of reporting: "Byron Belitsos" + "The Hidden Use of Energy Weapons, HAARP, and Chemtrails for Political Control"....  A historical review of related human difficulties is  found in Googling: "Joseph P. Farrell" + Transhumanism + enslave.  Scholars are carefully covering relatable aspects if independent observers can piece these together.

For Balance: I normally spend some hours each day, working in nature, at productive tasks. Grounding out the built up electrical charges is integrated through my chores. This clearing allows me to delve more deeply into the deceptions harming our world. It also strengthens my resistance to assaults.  One does need clarity to grasp the bigger scenarios. A variety of references assert that humanity is currently being hijacked.

                            Harvest some cattail chutes!

Please bear with my limited publishing efforts, while i go into deeper details below.  I can agree that text benefits with professional editing. I just have to suffer my own imperfect editing.  The content is worth consideration despite my unpolished texts. Please consider, that raw, "un certified" and unfunded sources might offer useful information. Many advancements came to humanity through un-polished works. I don't claim much and actually admit to faults.

There appear to be many aspects to "MK" or mind control which have been meticulously engineered to be unnoticed within popular human culture. The controlled media promotes stressful content. The extensive "bread & circuses"programing perks up the population in between the stresses.  This is a form of mass-distraction to keep the public unaware and stupefied. Due diligence is a good reason to read on, study other sources, for example, to read here:

An almost equally astounding alarm is yet another consciousness battlefield: Google: "Carnegie minutes" + "Deliberate Dumbing Down of America"... See this published book or get the free PDF download. How is this possible?  A most startling quote from this shockingly documented book by Charlotte Thomson Iserbyt , copyright 1999:

" 1910 the Carnegie Endowment’s trustees asked themselves this question: “Is there any way known to man more effective than war, to so alter the life of an entire people?” For a year the trustees sought an effective “peaceful” method to “alter the life of an entire people.” Ultimately, they concluded that war was the most effective way to change people. Consequently, the trustees of the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace next asked themselves: “How do we involve the United States in a war?” And they answered, “We must control the diplomatic machinery of the United States by first gaining control of the State Department.” 


Stop evil!   Build for bliss! 

I believe:  The "deliberate dumbing down of America" is also a step towards dumbing down our entire planet. Dumbing down or messing up everything. As by use of artificial intelligence, beyond basic profiteering.  Today in the year 2013, the objective appears to emphasize a war on consciousness!  Subdue the consciousness of all populations, but  very gradually. This mad agenda seems to have many fronts of attack,

My August 2013 experience, of the psychic attack,was timed near to midnight of the 8th. (My first attack was in 2007). Each of my two significant attacks involved an 'unawake' state of mind. My attacks differ significantly from other reported types-- in that my attack seemed aimed to kill me and not just to harass or to weaken me. In my opinion, many TIs are bombarded with abrasive EMR (electromagnetic radiation) which stresses the human body. Specially selected frequency modulations can cause harm, in a variety of differing ways. These harms are claimed in various ways, by independent sources, (as in some of the linked webpages).

My personal experiences vary from the majority of TIs, except in the common symptom of questionable or unaccountable causes for pains which may be specific inflammations. (What else might a new, unique inflammation pain be due to? We have to ask . Why is an immune system response noticeably varying in contrast to usual characteristics? Such evidence can, along with other corroborating facts, suggest that some aspect of  an attack is under observation. This encompasses a wide body of evidence types reported by TIs. So that the experiencer seeks for corroborations and for remedies among those with common experiences). My Attacks went outside the more usual characteristics. My second significant attack(August 8), occurred in a semi-dream state, during sleep. A common denominator of both of my attacks was "hijacking through attenuated awareness". I have experienced two attacks involving brain hijacking during attenuated awareness. This suggests to me that people can be vulnerable to brain interfacing attacks during sleep! Although this tech must be too expensive for a very wide public deployment. This new technology is likely deployed today, to focus on richer targets. Rationalizations for an impetus to attack me are drawn out further below.

Soon after the attack i immediately devoted much study, through Google to discover considerable electronics-tech used to attack targeted individuals. Corroboration, from independent sources, regarding electronic interfacing, has seemed real to me. The corroboration verifies that audio, visual and motor interfacing, has to some extent, been independently verified, regarding aspects of directed energy-- (See links and sources above, for varied examples). One has to appreciate the difficult, individualized situations of those reporting, on the web. Whistle-blowing is usually raw-observations which has no funding for professional editors or publishers. There is little comfort in this task. I have continued editing this page for four months, after posting it on line. This online exposure of my editing process provoked my self dignity to fulfill the task.  My conscience urged me on. (I became aware of better expressions during continued, additional reflections).

For alert people: If the brain state is "at sleep" or under some sort of attenuated state, perhaps in the "delta brain state", or perhaps under hypnosis of some kind, or somehow subjected to DEW influences,then, in these cases,  the brain is vulnerable. A channel seems available for injection of audio-video sequences. These audio-video sequences could, in theory be "copy-pasted" from varied sources. A targeted individual's own memories also provide a recording source, to collect into computer libraries. Why? Key segments can be played back deceptively, by evil perpetrators. However, in my experience, these "copy-paste" segments are of low resolution and sequentially difficult to paste back for deceptive programming. Aware people are hard to trick that way. That could explain this apparent consistency: That an attenuation of wakefulness, in the targeted individual (TI), seems to be essential, for this form of mind control. I base this primarily upon my own experiences, which included both the normal sleep state and also my first attack where the delta brain state or deep attenuation consciousness, seems to have been forcefully induced, by a weapon of some sort. Perhaps more information can be found by searching "electrosleep weapon".

I was able to regain consciousness and over ride the second attack, during a specific dream sequence. This should encourage people that one could possibly interrupt an attack during sleep! Take heart literally. Live more by the heart to build sensitivity. Become sensitive to evidence of attackers during sleep. Perhaps awake and alert minds would clearly-notice copy-pasted mind assaults during an awake state of mind. Because the interfacing is a bit crude, as even dreams can appear a bit blurred or crude. So that the sleeping or otherwise, less-aware state provides the most strategic advantage for perpetrators using mind assaults. Perhaps lazy minds or even recreational drinking could expose brain susceptibility. I feel this technique was field tested, as a weapon system, upon myself. I therefore offer this as my testimony and warning to others. Given that an induced comma happened to me only once, the weapon used is likely a highly guarded and rarely used device. Over deployment of this weapon might backfire, spawning traitors and internal conflicts. Or worse yet become a popular legend.

My Assessment Of The Electronic Interfacing

This linked article and especially the linked comment section, clarifies the evidence that negligible electrical potential is required, for eavesdropping upon humans. That triangulated signal- cohering can fulfill brain interfacing.  I take it that the author assumes that no electrical current is consumed, by the radiating magnetic wave potentials. However this alternating magnetic state is visible and readable by satellites, (according to this article). The normally operating neurons simply present an electrical negligible current, which can be 'read' by satellite arrays,  after precise trilateration focusses steadily on the targeted brain. The targeting can precisely focuses upon the space-boundary of a single brain and exclude other interfering signals.   The wave patterns of a target are cataloged and full thoughts are read from these patterns.  The targeted brain can 'read' and 'potentiate' barely visible wave patterns, such that the voltage states alone, alledgedly without currents transducing,  are effective for mind interfacing, This link takes resilience to study.

Such a technology could end all privacy!  Do you want this? Verify your facts with great care!  Society deserves a balancing remedy. "Government Transparency" could protect a properly organized society. Living good lives without clandestine attacks would be the objective. Applying mind technologies to benefit human progress could provide abundance.

Human brain interfacing compares to reading and writing, as in writing computer memory- But the interfacing connection is low in resolution, in my experience. Slow or sleeping brain interfacing achieves 'reads' and 'writes'. Not so easily with alert brain states- Higher consciousness is unwilling to self destruct. Now this is very remarkable. In evil hands, brain interfacing might become the most powerful of all weapon systems. Except that this requires extensive dumbing down first, (to an impeded brain state of the masses). The final invasion would need thousands of targeted individuals, in key positions, with dull brain states, to become increasingly programed and fully passive. Multiplex arrays of satellites and mobile systems might potentially enable this. I doubt that a critical mass (90%?) of a population could be so dulled and cheated, for long. An alert critical mass (5%?) of  population seems to be perking humanity up.

Brain Targeting

Uses of this technology need not be criminal. Ethical uses of such technology could be used for positive purposes but only with high ethical standards. The interfacing has been observed as one way and as two way communication. Experiencers and technical people assert this. Once the immorality and hubris is removed, an experiencer could enjoy consensual telepathy. I include myself as an experiencer of so subtle an electronic interfacing, used immorally against my interest. I never had personal, self determined access to labs or advanced equipment- With which to use this tech creatively, for ethical purposes. I'm restricted to small pcs, to crudely sketch out routes to a better world. If humans could achieve ethical governance, worldwide, such technology could ensure justice while all people could develop higher awareness and consciousness. Universal peace could finally be achieved. In the meantime, some of us are attacked.

Part 1 of this (last linked) article analyzes electronic requirements for snooping or sleuthing, which can be carried out by global satellite arrays, which can focus on specific persons, anywhere on earth, at any time.  (Given the secret budget funding and the sneaky perpetrators whose misuse it). Part 1 also indicates that the usable electronic spectrum includes frequency bands which might not be shielded by common materials of purchased items.  Perhaps considerable evidence in support of this may be found, in general sciences.

TI resources claim benefits by grounded shielding methods, (Faraday Cages).  I wonder if there are bandwidth limitations for grounded metal shielding. I have casually and unofficially observed some relief from simpler shielding, such as dense rubber roof sheeting. There seems to be some technical claims for "carbon shielding" (Google that). Here is a technically based, mainstream oriented summary for TIs, with multiple links for "What You Can Do", is on this page: Two lawyers listed there seem to offer lengthy articles on many aspects of hostile implants and what they do both legislatively and technically to survive the harassment. Google both names together: "John Mecca" + " Debbie Lamb" + ultrapacitor   A mention there, of acoustic protection, sounds intriguing to me.

Two key questions about all these assertions might be: 1] How can a TI beamed with harassment devices, be singled out, while nearby persons are not effected?  2] How can human perception streams, (audio and video awareness of a targeted person), be filtered out from the seemingly endless interference sources? Isn't  the world too full of interfering noise? An answer for both questions seems to be that surveillance can be remotely focussed upon a very small physical space. A small space where a person's head or torso or limb is to be found. The finite space occupied by a human body part is precisely located and locked upon, by use of triangulation or trilateration. That is the needed trick to distinguish or "tune in to individual mind or organ". This also explains the occurrences during motionless sleep. The TI is stationary and needs no tracking. A sleeping Ti is essentially locked in space. Whereas a mobile person might become more difficult to track.   Highly accurate trilateration could be tuned to resonate with a signature of personal-human frequencies. This is likely determined for each targeted person. Thereafter the individual might be tracked or searched for, at any time, based on electronically identified signatures. A handler might thus seek and locate a human's thought stream. At the least, to interface with the commonly habituated "inner voice". This aspect is specifically called "voice to skull".

Skilled technicians and engineers want the work, which is carried out through compartmentalized contracts through thousands of small enterprises, all over the globe. These technical people simply earn their life support and would not ask hard questions about the end uses. Nor would a handler necessarily have detailed information, nor insights, but rather just follow a limited job description. I say replace the "voice to skull" with benign telepathy tools and life affirming training. Give humanity the tools to better perceive the intent and the heart-mind of others.

My attack experiences push me forward to sound out the assertions about advancing mind control. Despite the treacherous crime element- In my opinion, for every modulation-potential, there can be arranged a counter modulation potential. So that one objective could be to develop counter measures, such as jamming equipment, (until lawful transparency is achieved for all). A truly peaceful world would have ethics transparency for all. A truly civilized society would forbid , invasion of privacy while requiring full accountability for all public actions. There is no need to invade privacy- As a specifically terrorist intent could today be measured technologically. If the tools were made public. If the public protections were restored in full. When the public more fully feels the totalitarian evil encroaching on each and every citizen.

The currently imposed edict of mandatory spying upon honest citizens proves that we are falling for totalitarian trickery. Storage of the so called meta data shows the immaturity of despots who cannot perceive true character, nor distinguish it from false character. Electronic surveillance programs are very vulnerable to falsification and smear campaigns.  Higher consciousness sees it all, before it smears. The war against consciousness will ultimately fail because the perpetrators are implanting their own unconsciousness simultaneously- By implanting the whole environment indiscriminately. Therein, only the highly aware are secure individuals.

Megalomaniacs compete inside of their own networks. Rivalries from departmental to broadly international competitions could spur many troubles. As multiple entities will eventually compete in the arena of controlling one another.  This sort of thing could happen within departments. Adversaries might be compartmentalized research units... departments,  competing sub contractors, foreign interventions, etc...  Disunity through insider-competition will hamper these compartmentalized groupings, the sooner the better. Concerns for self preservation, should motivate the alert people to pursue higher consciousness, in all ways opening upwards.

I expect that the masses of humans are not of immediate, targeting interest to sleep attacks. Perhaps wealthy people will be increasingly robbed, by means of brain hacking. Old tricks to steal will be applied with newly hacked tools for mind interfacing. The greater the prize and/or the lazier the owner's mind, the more likely will come the attacks. I'm sure of this because some sort of perpetrators used my brain for practice attacks. Evil perpetrators should expect targets to get wiser, to this sort of assault. The tech might backfire as greed inevitably spurs retaliation from peers. The day of broader public awareness is coming. Security could be obtained, or improved with advancing neuro science applications.

Don't allow crooks to get all the brain interfacing gear. I expect that lesser, primitive versions of equipment is becoming affordable. May honest people become familiar first- Before bad people use these devices. Small-scale, portable-devices could be hacked together, at low budget levels. Half baked tech might be attempted for use in basic thefts- Which should encourage public disclosure. Help law enforcement to learn about this equipment. Pirates might ruin hopes for peace, unless good people dominate this market.

Mind control phenomena are not new!

A New Type of Nightmare?  My attack during sleep has allowed me to study the  specific dreams which i do recall and the hijacking, which actually meant a new dream sequence was imposed upon my usual dream styles of building architectural things. On August 8, suddenly a new dream phase initiated, where i was viewing a familiar sight, sitting on a ledge, ready to slip a little ways down to stand on my feet. I now believe that this dream picture was sent to my brain from an external attacking source-- Images had previously been spied or stolen from my brain. These images had been remotely recorded at some time past. During my dream-state attack, these were rerun or sent to my sleeping brain, (during sleep).  Next, the pre-recorded, motor-skill-set-recordings were invoked-- Pre recorded motions to get my body positioned for a damaging fall. Motor-type recordings were merged to fit a dream state. This sounds incredulous and is difficult to admit. However, in 2007, my motor-skill recordings had most likely been used to drive my body in a sleep walking fashion to a dangerous position, in harms way. Actually it was more incredulous than sleep walking. I have no personal history of sleep walking.

Google search:   somnambulism + suicide + history + pdf 
"The enigma of neurophysiology and polysomnography with differential diagnosis of complex partial seizures John R. Hughes"
Quoting the text:  "...Another case of SW was described in which murder was committed; the author acknowledged that in 1992, these disorders had not received much professional attention..."  AND  "...In June 2007, some news programs stated that various defense attorneys are attempting to use SW as a defense against murder. However, clear evidence for SW before the murder would seem to be required."  (I assume SW means sleep walking.)

Back to my investigation:  My experiences would be deemed as 'accidents', if officially investigated. (It was not investigated by others). Is there any legal precedent involving Manchurian candidate phenomena? Modern forensics are held back, by having secret technology hidden, (by dishonest, criminal entities). Criminal use of brain interface technology ought to be scrutinized by sane people and then specifically outlawed. Judicial use of this tech could solve the worst crimes- Only if the highest technology was available to all juries, to assure fair play in ethical-governance. Our world is so compromised and so primitive- As it is currently infected by criminals in key places. Criminals who use compartmentalization to hide their crimes. Instead we need mind-interfacing-oversight-by ethical oversight groups. To remove crime at all levels of governance. Turn the nightmare around by wakening truth!

My 2007 trauma had been caused by a severe incident-- I believe the 2007 trauma was initiated with a directed energy pulse, (to blank out brain wakefulness), followed by transmitted sets of motor skill sequences, to maneuver my body into harm's way. (To have my head smashed by a 20 ton excavator.)  Vast sums of money have been poured into sophisticated game/modeling-softwares and virtual reality softwares. Countless engineers are available for hire, to innocently write specified control-interface softwares, never knowing about all the potential uses--  Software code can be written inside compartmentalized departments, and later merged into a larger packages. Ultimately the tech seems to have been employed for evil uses. The entire populace is available to experiment upon, (according to incompetent and immoral governance). Perpetrators have no ethical oversight guiding them. Evil perpetrates this crime. The real test of civilization, is to stop advancing lawlessness. My lifetime of studying multiple disciplines, in harmony all together, allows me to simulate these suggested probabilities.

Common Sense Habits: Recalling the moments of my recent attack- I note that my human-will had restarted my breathing, after my breath had been knocked out by the engineered fall. There was a moment of stopped breathing, where the will had to step in for the stalled lungs (to restart the breathing manually). The will outperformed the remote inputs of that energetic DEW  attack. The point is that one can carry on despite ongoing attacks by perpetrators. One need not feel singled out nor alone in a nightmare. Rather just observe that we may be in a "...mass psychic epidemic, which" ... ( is) .... "..egophrenia and Native Americans call wetiko psychosis..." (as Paul Levy has worded it)... Take a break here and visualize the humor (or irony) surrounding the human condition! To assist one's own well being. This can stop one from obsessing over the quandary of current attacks.  I expect that by far, most directed energy will be automated, remote and be limited herd control efforts.  Efforts to make humans servile and compliant.  The attacks can be handled by self-customized methods.  Persistent fear could be remedied with study of options which one can understand. So many resources are to be found by searching online. The more able people can expect stronger attacks with various sorts of motives, behind the attacks. Yet good efforts can protect each and everyone.


Ironically, most if not all mind control programs and activities could be turned towards positive, life affirming purposes. Obviously, goodness and wisdom are not proprietary, but should be dominant in society. Earth need not remain primitive with predators running important functions of society. Earth could evolve forward for the betterment of society. Earth need not fall prey to yet another cycle of victimization.  Sadly, the synchronizing of malevolent softwares with directed energy weapons is profitable. Note that a large quantity of software code is offered commercially, which could be adapted, even by ordinary hackers, to then apply to haptic devices and also wide-band transceivers of low power, for close-proximity experimentation. Criminal uses of these things has not even been addressed! These devices present far more risk than guns. The publicly commercialized product outlets at this time seems to be somewhat unnoticed, in specializations of neuroscience. Introductory computer peripherals are emerging to connect user-minds with average PCs. Powerful devices can be used for good or evil. Society must intelligently safe guard the public by apprehending electronic-evil-doers.  Law makers need a crash course in misuses of these complex neuronal equipment arrays. Google: "brain interface" About 594,000 results (0.29 seconds) Another Google Search, "brain tracking" About 4,890 results (0.18 seconds) The dialectical determination between good versus evil applications needs constantly updated attention.

My type of experience, of "motor skill"attack is rare, as compared with the majority of web-reported TI targeting, (which has been expressed as  torture, intimidation and coercion). My recent, August 2013 attack was physically severe, in this sense: I was more or less "sleep-walked" (or coma-walked) into a sudden trauma of falling a couple of meters down.  This fall stressed my spinal structure and knocked the wind out of my sleeping body. The blow to the back of my head on the floor was fully felt and began to awaken me-- I gradually became increasingly aware of the attack and did not fully awaken until after struggling to restore my breath, (after the fall).  The wind was fully knocked out of me. The struggle did seem to require special effort, as usually i wake up quickly from sleep. The electronic dream projection was overlaid on my dream state, to present me with a deceptive dreamscape. The attributes of the overlay could likely be recognizable, if presented a second time, as the tech bears some recognizable artifacts.

         Regenerate Wellbeing

November 2013: My injury persists with some limited inflammation, (or pain). For a while i thought the pain was simply slow healing from my fall. I thought it peculiar and interesting that my stressed ligaments took so long to heal completely. I gradually deduced that the pain initiated during nightly sleep only. That this symptom actually corresponds with the reports from many TIs internationally. I am testing various shieldings, but subtle energies are difficult to differentiate from the background energies. I tested a sleeping shelter which had been sheathed with dense carbon. The sheathing (non conductive) rubber roof sheeting, 40 mils ,is on my land...  There is somewhat of a precedent to using dense carbon coatings to shield sensitive electronics. My own observations are recent and i will continue isolating effects. There also exists conductive - carbon - densified plastic sheeting.  Conductivity allows charge to drain off to ground. It is crazy that people have to try these remedies. 

Here is some reasoning that soul power can withstand mind control. Soul power may appear in many forms, according to race, creed or culture. It may be called by differing names, but it has worked for me and for others. (I respect that each person will perceive this in their own way, with their own definitions). Spirituality is said to explain the resilience of those who withstand attacks and persevere. DEW attacks are energetic, (just matter and energy reactions). Human will and human feeling exist distinctly, as experiences beyond raw neurological voltages or raw frequencies. Thought and feeling are much more complex (and developed through a life time). Here is a broadly developed source. Greg Braden describes some very relevant linkages~ Which are found in ancient texts, (from different cultures on earth). Greg seems to have revealed that it was the Roman highjacking of Christianity which compartmentalized "intent" away from "heart"- A separation which weakened abilities like actualizing abundance and growing spiritually, by individuals. I agree. I believe this infected Westerners with a dependency on authoritarian institutions and corporations, in an economy of engineered scarcity. Controlled restrictions have limited humans, instead of opening possibilities.  By removal of some key scriptural wording, which helped to mislead western populations- Through promoting institutional propaganda and oppressing scientific openness. The  Flavian dynasty (of ancient Rome) strongly embedded deification of authoritarianism. Embedded and embossed on most of subsequent western civilization. I think it was this Roman influence which infected subsequent western politics. (Deification literally robbing all devotion from all religious persuasions).

To much of consciousness gets bogged down in hijacked religions! I think this linked scholarship would help society more-  If it would instead focus on the political mind control methods which were involved. " Follow the money!  Follow the pillaging"  See how western society was corralled and swindled. Will society recognize it's own errors? ~ Mind control might have completely hidden forms of manifestation:  (Prior Arts of Fascist Enslavement)

Gentle breaks away from totalitarian materialism naturally provided some refuge. I found various examples in spiritual works. I tend to borrow agreeable concepts and to integrate them into my own reality. On the brighter side, Rudolf Steiner wrote "Principles of Psychosomatic Physiology" ~He suggests that human will and human feelings are not neurological anatomy (or "hardware'), but rather that- The will and feeling are non-material functions ~ Will and feelings use the organs  but are not material organs, nor mere voltages nor waveforms. I love and recommend self-improvement literature. Study how to manage the will and become strong. Coordinate will and feeling, together joined, throughout life-  Project the feeling that your will has already succeeded, before it acted. Overpower the raw energy attacks of hidden mind attacks. That's it,  project the feeling this will has been effective, and it can become reality!

Nutrition is an effective science. Widely shared realities are effective vectors. The quality of energizing is affected by the quality of nutrition. Stuffing up the body with bulky calories energizes very poorly, with worse side effects, (diseases). Yet the controllers of our world want poor human health, in order to maintain predatory domination. I regularly supplement with advantageous nutrients, to strengthen mind and body. Strengthening feelings and certainties about life also assist healing. The spiritual or psychic disciplines can also energize and heal. I feel that these aspects handle mind-invasions and torturous radiation. Even attacks in the dream state, also experienced as astral attacks, can be overridden by holding one's own reality- By well managed expectation. Held over and above the perpetrator's imposed and debilitating conventions, (like degraded foods and medicines).

If a person already has a system that ensures comprehensive well being for them, it's well that they stay with that. Over the years my collected methods added up to rational practices, albeit modified for my own lifestyle. Discovering and discerning important health essentials was key for me. Especially learning about the anti-inflammatory diet, (which is less noticed at younger ages). I gradually adopted a diet very unlike the most conditioned diets of Westerners. Where western diets very typically cause inflammation.  I happened to shift towards the very low cost aspects of, advanced- vegan minimalism,(but tasty and energetic). I verified that my choices of nutritionist experts were themselves vital and proven in every way.  (That their methods immediately proved healthy as claimed. Also that physical stamina was proven in a public, visible way. That old aged adherents actually proved healthy and vigorous.) I also wanted a low cost, low maintenance lifestyle, which provided me time for disciplined studies, provided daily exercise, aesthetic surroundings and allowed for a clear conscience. Despite that intolerant minds may hold my lifestyle in low esteem. I began this routine at a young age, with low income and plenty of obstacles. I want to encourage well being in people who feel under privileged.

DEWs, (directed energy weapons), seem to inflict inflammation. This is a commonly reported pain. It is helpful to understand the mechanism of inflammation, (of body cell)s. The human immune system naturally has multiple vulnerabilities, which are triggers for inflammation, (pains and aches). So it is no surprise that DEWs could easily trigger this common symptom. Diet or even a particular spice can provide relief. A common spice example for anti-inflammatory relief, within an hour, became evident to me- I swallow a half or whole teaspoon of tumeric for quick relief from a night time inflammatory pain. (This also depends upon additional issues. Medicated people need to observe restrictions imposed upon them by pharmacological drugs, which have many complications.) One can web search all such matters for foods and herbs which provide relief. Solutions need to be comprehensive- Just one remedy won't fix all. The average person avoids the comprehensive study of well being (and also avoids the practice of expanding consciousness). Society is losing it's grip on self improvement.  These areas demand attention, if one is to deflect the common DEW harassment type targeting. TIs can protect themselves with expanded awarenesses and applied knowledge. My "exercise routine" is hard labor which also requires close attention to inflammatory effects. A  proactive dietary regime can assist well being and avoid the standard,but harmful pharmaceutical remedies for inflammation, (remedies which add other unwanted side effects and debilitations). I doubt that pharmaceuticals, will handle nightly DEW exposures, (which challenge the immune system). Sedentary lifestyles  and human aging require some sort of compensating efforts to manage well being, painlessly. Yet i truly believe one can double life expectancy, with careful choices of lifestyle. I also treasure the age old, generic principles of balancing spiritual, mental and physical well being.  One may boost one's vitality and also ward off psychic attacks by integrating disciplines, along with workable occupations.


I want to point out some benefits of the physical laboring occupations, such as the building trades, (which provided me with alternative life support). Trades which actually create 'wealth', for society in general. We can apply electronic tools for peace. To provide means to grow actual, very small scale, building, manufacturing and other trades creatively and beneficially.  This is increasingly possible, for small sized operations. Where many today find few desirable options for a "professional institutional" career. I chose the manual labor trades decades ago, while constantly learning new abilities. Early on, i realized that a wealth of balanced disciplines was more valuable than the allure of the dysfunctional, materialistic, money matrix.

I balance inputs of study with outputs of hand labor, (instead of repetitive, less productive exercises). I listen to multiple internet audio sources and also have downloaded PDF books (to be converted by software, into audio files, like mp3 or mp4). My portable player device plays these for me which provides additional layers for thought. To flood the possible big brother spy invaders. Let the hireling spies who might monitor us, discover uplifting intelligence!   If one is fascinated with positive and useful information, this same information might awaken a spy or shill. Let it help raise consciousness to some extent. Help them break away from psychopathic regimes. In case they might experience a moral awakening. Let them grow in awareness independently and thereby nurture the human consciousness as a whole.

Protection may to some extent be achieved by steadied awareness or even very well established mindfulness.  For the very active thinker or creative developer~ A convenient remedy can be to immerse oneself with multiple, supportive studies. I continually find wonderful resources like this book on awareness- This book suggests:  Assume a fully imagined awareness, of desired or intended realities, already existing! The finished product of intent is described as key here. This is related to the ancient technique of combining will and feeling!  I especially appreciated this authors examples. The secular bias can skip over the faith based parts and simply try the fast tracked "will plus feeling = security", from mind interfacing attacks. (This type of effective remedy, was first publicized as "affirmative prayer. It was a break away from authoritarian church control. Society had to struggle overtime between liberation and subjugation.)   I have rationalized the essence here,  in a suggested contraction~ 'expectualization'. Which i think is equivalent to "join will with feeling as an assumption already made" (Thanks to the wording of author Neville)~ Visualize such a positive assumption, as already made, already actualized. Without doubts introduced. Without uncertainties introduced. Affirming this process daily or periodically.

Conceivable Protective Devices: 

Besides technological defenses... Here are subtle ideas. I believe that today's electronic invasions of a targeted individual's audio-visual perception, is very limited.  An invaders "live monitor" of a skilled, targeted mind, will likely display limited audio-video resolution. So that simple target-protective measures could include versatile thinking patterns- Just think in complex, personalized patterns, or special terms, that's it.  Here is a great advantage of not polishing ones existence. At least not obsessing over the polish. Instead honor the creative discovery in one's life.  The compromised culture of an invader would poorly interpret creative or complex patterns of being. Trilateration by arrays of satellites, is said to provide continuous location tracking methods to individually target persons (who might move around). However, electronics in itself lacks the facility of "thought and feeling combined, to visualize the actualized outcomes."  Whereas humans can develop this form of assumption or visualization. Humans have this advantage over electronic or software interfaces. I highly doubt that artificial intelligence can break out of linear thought processes and comprehend non-linear thought patterns, like spiritual being or even intellectual creativity. The feelings of human love is beyond mere electronic waveforms. Trilateration by arrays of satellites, is said to provide continuous tracking, but at considerable expense per each target. This budgetary issue limits materialistic invaders and strategists. There are too many aware individuals to track. So that fallible softwares catch only the key words. (Fail to track the feelings and just track abbreviated waveforms instead. Hence trilateration tracking is very limited in scope.) 

Providing that my linked sources, have indeed proven the claims, have actually calculated their math correctly and have referenced accurate data... Providing that my technical conjecture bears some merit...    Creative self protection might  become a publicly available counter measure to explore. The public market for mind interfacing may grow considerably. A spread of effective devices, at lower prices, should complicate evil strategies. Where biological neurons involve very subtle energy patterns, the hacker market may offer means to generate or to resonate subtle energy patterns, to confuse intrusive abusers. A digital and extensive approach would be making libraries of neuronal recordings. With an aim to mass produce low cost emulators, for the public shielding at large.  Or a form of subtle, neuronal level recording device might provide personalized recordings. To enable recording of boring segments of the targeted person's daily life. The device could provide a 'record' button for the owner to collect their own library of their own neuronal fluctuations. Subtle neuronal playback might blur an individual's private thoughts, to improve privacy. By obscuring their own, private, neuronal waveforms. Live, randomized sample recordings could possibly be transmitted outwardly.  To assure this objective even further, the wearable device could be made programmable by the wearer or owner. Varieties of counter measures would forestall the mind terrorist, (the immoral perpetrator). So fear no evil, where commercial progress should reveal mind hacking. We might merely need subtle energy patterns, to foil the assault. Good people could help by exploring commercial interfacing products and lead forward with experimentation. Promote neuronal fair play and freedom from attacks. Otherwise, bad people might misuse commercial products first! The mind-interfacing gear may also be wrongfully used for common thefts. Unfortunate thefts, might in turn urge people to gear up for protection.  

An artist's,  simplistic concepts for shielding. My effort and costs are minimal as my lifestyle is isolated and not profitable. Yet all inquiries are welcome, as my time permits.

Precise 3D Model 


Here is a simple, protective resonator, on my to-do list. (I'll post results eventually, when life permits it). Far simpler resonator tactics could be considered in decorative forms. Wearable forms like jewelry are readily producible, without much crafting cost. (The time consuming work here,  was done with 3D modeling software, over the last year).   The Octahedral outline of this geometry (or may it be called cuboctahedron related geometry) could be accurately 3D-printed in plastic and then specially coated. Thus the special geometry can be coated with more specialized materials, as a hand applied craft. Reflector, absorber, or orgonite styled coatings could be tried. These geometries are suggested to address energy patterns at a human scale, (sizing). Reports of subtle energy devices are increasing on the internet. I will add my small findings as well. I don't profess any claims but could enjoy experiments, (clearly outside of mere fetish claims). I suggest trying low cost, silica-carboniferous or bio-organic material coatings. Cementitious layers laminated with silica layers and or conductive layers would be easy to try, on small printed objects. Varied combinations will allow experimentation, to observe effects. Or it can otherwise, simply focalize 'expectualization' This geometry can be printed with today's 3D printers using this precise 3D model:

Fractal Star Tetrahedron Basis

The two color renderings above, infer that the blue layer coats the red 3D printed base.  More geometric work could incorporate more adaptable models, to build prototypes. This spherical arrangement is based on my prior model derived from tetrahedron fractals. Just ask me for details if you like. I could offer customized 3D files, ready to print out. Then coat them according to objective preferences.  I welcome discussing options, methods and potential costs. I already have a variety of these materials on hand. A variety of experimental combinations are suggested. Portland cement paste is actually, largely calcium carbonate and metal coatings can be painted on, or laminated in between. A variety of metallic coatings can be purchased for extending experiments. Or various cementitious materials can be ground into customized mixtures. The popular concepts of Wilhem Reich's orgon energy could be tried. If requested and specially obtained, customized orgonite or ormus concepts could be tested. Alternatively, some of the findings of Viktor Schauberger might be tried. I can already think of a variety of concepts to try.   However my structural model alone is expected to yield interesting effects, because of the primal patterns involved. Patterns in particular are noted for responses, in resonators. Fresh water pearl incorporation is also available. I am able to suggest experiments and later to prototype them. I offer to collaborate in experiments, as with energetically interactive jewelry, as an artist. Decorative items to be worn, perhaps even to affect the subtle- pattern- searches, picked up by the satellites. Or to override the weaker brain signals with the stronger heart signals, (electro-magnetic-radiation ). The EMR resonations should match the bandwidth of neuronal bandwidth. I need to study this a little more. Yet the signal levels are so small, (as feeble EMR), that battery power might not be needed. I am continuing this work on a new page or blog here. I welcome discussion on this, through  e m a i l. I have had email is blocked, also try calling me.

I had to wonder though, what are my qualities which motivated attackers. What entities were offended by my deeds?

Megalomaniacs hate creative individuality... Prepare to suffer for your art?


I am still just a bit reluctant to believe that building a self heating home should deserve attacks. Digging deeper: Besides creative building concepts, i have for decades studied alternative and suppressed concepts, sometimes called "free energy". Should a person become a targeted individual, for experimental or theoretical pursuits? Besides suppressing home- experimenters, or free-energy-theorists, what are motivations to murder people?  There is a bigger, publicly discussed, larger motivation. A fascist reason motivates vested-interests, simply to murder alert people. If there is some concern that an alert person will speak out against the fascist agendas or perhaps even by criticizing the slippery slope of bureaucratic socialism). Policy-debaters and political-critics are now called terrorists!  What becomes of a dead-headed or totally mind controlled world? My expectation is that such a world vomits it's megalomaniacs and it's dead heads through vulcanization and a change of ages... Likely renewing a cycle of prehistoric evolution, with dinosaurs. The current MK  psychopaths can might choose recycling to a primitive world, all over. What else can explain the current, blatant destruction of natural resources? What other motive for ruining the atmosphere and biosphere? No doubt that profit plays a part in the motive, but

I found some remarkable essays, on an external link. The website consists of many rational essays about our world. Here is one essay which describes an attack against a promising, commercial energy competitor.  This essay appealed to me.  A long standing, lesser issue of commercial obsolescence has troubled me- Could advocation for improved concrete mark me for targeting? How much advocacy marks one for targeting?

Next Below: Notice the countless holes deliberately punched in cement bags!


Cement bags should be manufactured air tight, in order to protect the kiln-dried, highly hydrophilic cement-content.  It is actually cheaper to omit the hole punching during manufacture! Holes punched in bags, cause premature lumps in cement bags. This is utterly wasteful and it wrongfully hurts consumers.  It could endanger people, if damaged cement is used in critical structures, (which later fail due to weakened cement sold to the builder). Strength is lost and therefore wasted.  Admittedly, at least one person told me they could not comprehend these statements. Public logic is damaged today.   I try my best to explain these details. Regarding my own love of working with cement: My grandfather Lynn S. Atkinson  was a member of the Associated General Contractors in California. My grand dad was among the first contractors to buy manufactured cement paste, when Portland Cement was first mass- produced by Edison's newly introduced, modern cement manufacturing plants. I have concrete roots here, (but never got to work for well established Atkinson contractors, for unrelated reasons, i.e.: that my Atkinson relatives seem to be out of construction contracting).  If lumpy cement is legitimate commerce, then the commercial code is corrupt in this aspect. 

                 Low Budget Donut Truss

Why can't the fascist mind-set use fair market competition, to gain it's profits? Why do fascists hate the level playing field? I believe unfairness has long been an earth-life-game of sorts, traceable all the way through ancient history. However, i believe we have definitely entered a new time cycle, where the psychopathic agendas are climaxing quickly. Neuro-technology has some clandestine users who secretly push the capability limits. Increasingly their deceit will become exposed. Here is a heart warming example. Technology itself will multiply the rate of this exposure (just as the internet is loosening many secrets).  Underhandedness is being exposed daily by many, independent observers. Deceit is advanced at every opportunity, but deceit ultimately backfires. Deceit eventually undermines the deceitful. Competition in deception guarantees all evil perpetrators will compte with matched evil perpetrators.  A doomed motive for mind-control crimes is to keep this secret: The most powerful subjugation of all is"interfaced mind reading and writing technology".

This totalitarian aspect is not easily found within transhumanist writings. I just looked for it on the Wikipedia page. I ask why is mind interfacing not mentioned there, as a current phenomena? The current misuses of mind interfacing are being revealed elsewhere. Remedies are also coming to view. That brain interfacing is limited to electronically induced waveform.  That the psychopathic will is limited to electronic waveforms.  Psychopaths lack empathy (feeling), which is their blockage to an ultimate world domination.  This provides one's human hope and security! Once again, the most evil beings are compelled to target alert individuals (due to their fear of inadequacy).  

Can governance save itself from mind-control terrorists? Isn't governance currently hijacked? Can corporations protect proprietary information from rogues and theft? Are powerful people safe from other megalomaniacs for long? Can competitors surprise them with hidden technologies? Are wealthy people safe from sophisticated theft? I write out these questions to indicate chaotic aspects of our present time. We are in a dialectical race between good-or-evil domination by means of mind-interfacing-technology. Evil ultimately dooms evil. While forthright people possess potential will to fear no evil.

                                   Spy VS Spy/  Mad Magazine

I ponder the bigger picture. Dad put it into one word for me: 'Why?'....  There appears to be no visible end to this question. There does appear to be an epochal evolution of "evil beings alongside fair-playing humans"-- Who's function has been to challenge and thereby stimulate positive impetus in moral people. Where people might otherwise falter into laziness. This is not my thanks, but rather this is my speculation about the mechanistic-mechanics.  World literature and deeper mythology offers some variations on this theme. I expect we are left to fix real problems, when the 'machine' is indeed broken. Materialism is clearly broken. Our world climate is heating up- I say that this heating is primarily an evil of pollution now climaxing, (in our time). We need to get up and fix situations soon, (depose megalomaniacs in public offices). Before situations dissolve us one by one, by hook or by crook. Get back on the horse, after we admit that humanity is falling into chaos. The needed repairs, i believe, largely involve raising human consciousness. The most effective fix is thwarting evil agendas of mind control.  Creativity is there to rebuild the ruined landscape.

___ Expand with fractal geometry!

Fear-not, but beware of the evil attacks on forthright and honest individuality.   Should do-gooders be wary if some cultic group becomes offended?  Perhaps my artwork offended some sort of an authoritarian sect. Perhaps even my dad offended some unreasonable DOD agenda. Could my questioning of authority offend a psychopath or a fascist mind set? I do believe that psychopaths and their sociopathic underlings are afraid of forthright minds. When forthright creativity is supported, psychopathic monopolies will perish and loose significant market share. There is so much good available in consciousness expansion! Better worlds are built by inspiration, but cannot be handed down to us by some big sugar daddy.


Image Above: Transverse Coils Etc...

My decentralized life style in Maine. Does this lifestyle offend the Agenda 21 supporters?

My consulting and contracting services page. Does this offend communists or socialists?

See my pictorial index. Do these projects offend a narrow-minded cult or whatnot?

See my 2007 'accident' page.   Be your own judge.

My wife, Alda Stich and i have always earned our living independently and currently work to live somewhat self sufficiently.

I have always contrasted multiple subjects, along with a range of sciences and also along with wisdom sought from the heart. I gradually subdued most of my lower emotional tendencies and also subdued my egoic yearnings for professional advancement.  I had wanted to improve my employability by improving my skills. Here is an inherent trap of ego and also a contrasting trap of the herd mentality. Overcoming these yearnings of acceptance is one key to self mastery. Neither trap is needed in the coming existence.  This is my acceptance that earth is passing through crises and across a threshold of graduated existence. I see humanity now splitting apart. Some might go over the cliff, recycling the predator-and-prey paradigm. The higher willed, self mastered people will separately expand awarenesses and consciousness into a new existence. Awareness expansion may well include new bandwidths of perception and new-material-interactions. A natural progression for those who do elevate consciousness, through self discipline.

From various sources of inspiration, i have found methods of thinking without the use of words.  I here refer to the constant babble of enunciating every thought through one's native language. To do so within one's own private thoughts. Even when one is working alone, as if one should practice language, to later explain one's work verbally.  As if it is important to back action thoughts up, by means of word enunciations. Compulsive verbalization in these actions is the common error here.  If one cannot compute wordlessly within one's mind, then one could well be attenuating expanded consciousness. Mathematics provides an example of the benefits of formulaic thinking as opposed to verbalizing long winded counting, of stacks of numbers.  Wholistic disciplines allow for more efficient systems of expanding awarenesses. As we need not enunciate all thoughts. Here also lies a further protection against evil mind hacking. Take heart.

I note this here on this webpage because an inability to think action thoughts or to do actions, without a compulsion to verbalize or to compulsively enunciate each action, is, in my opinion a potential susceptibility to external mind spying. Verbal communication is very important to me, yet the ability to think without words, in the work of geometry has also been vital for me.  My best geometry skills proceed somewhat instantly without needs for words. In fact the implementation of word uses within my geometry software, interferes with my work and slows down the learning curve of consumer bought software applications. I will expand on this, by claiming it is i fact what some commentators call the fourth dimension. Indeed it is an expanded method of conceiving matter, energy, space, time and geometry. Additional abilities of mind will likewise be discovered to operate as humans, in higher dimensions, (so called). A primary feature being the ability to think without the restraints of traditional languages, grammars, spellings, traditions, polished glares, etc.. I will write about my integrative philosophical and spiritual and cosmic studies on this page, as yet unfolding, as yet to be better conceived (in October 2013), but linked here, to consolidate my intention. (Note, my webpages might be updated on your next visit, so be sure to hit the 'reload' button, to avoid having your computer see the older page version).

Yet another example of the compulsive verbalization, is the well documented methods of meditation. Where many of these practices teach with phrases like "empty the mind".  I used to wonder to what end is this type of teaching directed?  Sure, the ability to control though propagation has some preliminary uses. But the best use of life and thoughts is in the fuller 3D life. I currently believe the truer benefit is to operate as a human, without the traps or attachments of materialism. Given the ability for humans to operate free from verbal babble, greater benefits of consciousness are to be found.  Can un verbalized consciousness be communicated? Perhaps it can be telepathically expressed or somehow communicated by super neuronal means. This is a positive, potential market for neuronal technology to explore. While evil perpetrators waste human tax dollars on deranged ideas of societal control and on war mongering. We need to rearrange governance, so that human minds are left to expand to fuller potentials.

Higher awarenesses open paths forwardly beyond today's chaos. Rationality is attenuated by false flag wars, mindless consumerism and the mechanistic materiality.  This paragraph comes out of me as a result of my integrated studies. My studies have wandered all over the mind maps of the cosmos...  For immediate access to many explanations of this  ^__^    Here is a "radio website" which provides numerous avenues to explore. The interviews are hosted by Henrik Palmgren, from Sweden.  He provides his interesting guests with a free platform to convey their findings and feelings, without any prejudice. Listeners are encouraged suit themselves best. Each of the guests, spanning many years by now, offer further links. To explore more areas, to expand awareness of our world and our evolving times. See here:

                       Detox for safety.

The true seekers of knowledge must discern carefully what is true for them. I am slow to list 'all' my sources only because the list is too long and multi facetted. My list will continue to grow as this field is expanding rapidly.   While starting to write this webpage, a wide variety of key words were searched which could specifically associate multiple contexts of "the war on human consciousness". The investigation of humanity's suppression included politics, ultimately linking the political hierarchies beyond our planet. This context has roots in the cultural, religious and mythic histories of men. Today there is a significant but suppressed 'disclosure' movement', which seeks to establish the ongoing relationship of human politics with worlds or realities beyond this world. It is increasingly noted that official-realities in academia and governance are restrained from expanding disclosures of wider realities, for the purpose of maintaining the current monopolies, like oil and war industries.

Megalomaniacs want their own hubris centering the universe! They pretend they are the center of the universe, dictatorial above all other people. Humanity need not be suppressed in this way. The authoritarians have challenged masses of people with disinformation and tricks.  Earth might as easily be considered as that test tube experiment in a lower school, of an evolving civilization. There are actually a variety of sources inferring similes of this kind. I avoid this area of politics, having long suspected the suppressive hierarchy- Hierarchies which are abused and extend beyond the confines of this world. It is important to expand one's awareness of this. Common awareness is gradually breaking through the walls of official disinformation. Certain cultural constructs have provided keys to expand upon. Sciences will have to reevaluate all the keys of knowledge which are now turning, (at dizzying rates).

I have long appreciated the broadcast site, Project Camelot.  Interviews exploring where government likely intersects with extraterestrial subjects. The outspoken yet politely considerate host is Kerry Cassidy, whose primary sources have been whistle blowers. Her usual format is long interviews with persons working at many levels of society. I highly commend her dedication to integrative searching for truth as it might be found on our world. I especially link this show from Kerry's AFR show: ( -Where the last numeral in the address indicates the year of the show)... In the following linked segment Kerry interviews Susan Lindauer, who was a U.S. Intelligence Asset. Lindauer revealed significant, pre 911, conspiratorial evidence, within government agencies.  I link this interview because Lindauer describes the political metamorphosis currently unfolding (in 2012-2013): Where abrasive corporations will likely be more or less deputized to crush all freedom of speech and freedom of expression. Should this currently brewing situation further transpire, then, openly declared mind control will stamp out any public doubts.  Where the massive brainwashing efforts are currently attempting to end privacy and freedom. Furthermore,  Kerry's numerous guests on her show are all worthy of hearing, to better appreciate the complexity of our high jacked world governance. Hear these interviews with highly appreciated government, corporate and institutional whistle blowers.

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1/10/15 Update: We can and should increasingly "manifest our reality" or envision what we want, then own up to it. Overcome the repression aimed at destroying our better nature. I seek, to develope and test "integrative sovereignty" as a higher common sense. I needed to wonder, does one create one's own downfalls and troubles? This sort of question may well define and place resposibility in our own hands, as the outcome of causes and effects. With much corroberation from many internet searches, i did my best to outline and share back my own traumatic experiences on this page. As my life continues more happily, with this focus of creating good, from my perspective.