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Belfast St.Francis of Assisi Church, a most welcoming floral entrance vibrantly doned with roses, dahlias, pincushions, and yarrow. Bonnie Harrison Photography

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My serenely, radiant, beautiful Bride.  Bonnie Harrison Photography

St. Francis statue with tiny birds and eyecatcher, azalea florets. Bonnie Harrison Photography

A pair of well serving, large, spectacular, hot pink, chartreuse and white Kissing Balls made with hydrangeas, roses, dahlias, lady's mantle and love-in-a-mist were first suspended in the Church, then moved to the sides of the Point Lookout, celebration, fireplace mantle. Their final placement was in the Bride's childhood home. Bonnie Harrison Photography


Constructed in 1891, Belfast, Maine, historic St. Francis of Assisi Church interior set with Wedding flowers which were later moved and reset at the not too distant, Point Lookout celebration site. Placed early, the flowers did double function for an early morning christening. Bonnie Harrison Photography

Moss, lichen, white pine and rose clip-on baskets, adorned some of the pews. Afterwards they adorned the cocktail tables and here and there. Bonnie Harrison Photography


The beautiful Bridesmaids wore hunter green and carried flowers in colors of deep hot pinks, fuchsias, magentas, rubies, burgundies and chartreuse. Bonnie Harrison Photography

Bonnie Harrison Photography

Garlands of white pine, statice and full blown roses were later reset on the Point Lookout fireplace mantles. Bonnie Harrison Photography

The Bridal bouquet was composed of fluffy cotinus, dahlias and orchids with phlox and tuberoses for fragrance. Bonnie Harrison Photography

Top of the mountain, high in the clouds, over looking the beautiful Penobscot Bay islands, ever dazzling, Point Lookout. Bonnie Harrison Photography

My welcoming large silver punch bowl on the seating card table is filled with exceptional Summer generosity in bright, happy colors not usually seen in late Maine Spring. Point Lookout. Bonnie Harrison Photography

A pair of magnificent moose greet the guests as well. Point Lookout. Bonnie Harrison Photography

Large silver bowls from the sides of the Church alter now grace the Point Lookout entrance, side tables. They are generously filled with roses, dahlias, green Chinese lanterns, delphiniums, hydrangea, larkspur, gladiolas, lady's mantle, tuberoses, phlox, foxgoves, astilbe and white pine branches. Bonnie Harrison Photography

My pair of vintage silver candelabras with vases held ruby rubrum liles, phlox, sweet peas, spray roses, cotinus and other fragrant wildlings. The other of the pair was placed in the bar room with vases for the Bridesmaids' bouquets. The Bride's beautiful bouquet was at her table for two. Bonnie Harrison Photography

Wispy ferns from my domehome fern collection edge vases of footed, antique Maine silver. Bonnie HarrisonPhotography

The vibrant, glowing, floral hues subtlety united the entire celebration space. Point Lookout. Bonnie Harrison Photography

The base of the delicious Wedding cake was surrounded by additional flowers of clematis, ferns, orchids and freesia. Brian Chinn, Cakemaker. Bonnie Harrison Photography

There is magic in a beautiful Wedding cake decorated with fresh flowers. Brian Chinn, Cakemaker. Bonnie Harrison Photography

Perfect for a heartfelt garden Wedding, Bo Atkinson's twiggy arch festooned with Maine sea lavender, blue delphiniums, ivy and fragrant, white lilies.

Wonderful, wafting aromas of grilling hors d'oeuvres beckon the guests while ceremony chairs were reset under the tent. Swan's Way Catering

Informal, clear glass bowl centerpieces overflow with oodles of local garden flowers in full rainbow colors.  Swan's Way Catering

Gorgeous, droopy, swoopy, riotous flowers. Each creation, uniquely different. This one held forget-me-nots, hydrangea, red amaranth, snapdragons, nicotiana, globe thistle, zinnias, snapdragons, verbena, celosia and kiss- me- over- the- garden gate. Swans's Way Catering

My serenely radiant, beautiful Bride carried a splendiferous, loose bouquet of pick of the day, luminous, summer white flowers with silver and green berries. Newagen Seaside Inn, Southport

White delphiniums, silvery green bayberries and green berried celastrus vine decorate the Newagen Seaside Inn, Wedding arch. Small boutonnieres without flowers, but with berries and greenery were perfect for these sailing men friends.


Small silver, antique Maine sugar and cream bowls filled with crystaline white flowers first adorned the chairs and then the cocktail tables and other awaiting places. The silver just glowed in the perfect day, sunlight. Newagen Seaside Inn

A pair of nautical compass wreaths of panicle P.G. hydrangea, diverse wild and cultivated roses, green hypericum berries, fuzzy gray dusty miller and Queen Anne's lace, first sit behind the aisle chairs and then bedeck a functional shed. Newagen Seaside Inn

Seaside seating cards and silver vases of graceful arching white garden flowers watch over the beautiful, honeymoon sailboat. Newagen Seaside Inn, SouthPort

A formal, elegant Maine wildflower and garden feel permeated the large Sperry Tent. This, the head table.

Diverse, mini silver containers set off long, low silver vases filled with abundant floral and berry textures of whites, silvers and greens. Newagen Seaside Inn

Old fashioned green hydrangea, silvery brunia buds, fresh organic bayberry, pieris, seeded eucalyptus, twirly snapdragons, wild and cultivated large and small roses, prairie gentian, Queen Anne's lace, nicotiana, phlox, pincushions, tuberoses, jasmine and belladonna delphiniums were set atop silvery, dusty miller and lamb's ears. The Sperry tent smelled and looked perfectly beautiful. Newagen Seaside Inn

The Bridal bouquet and her Bridesmaids' bouquets were placed in silver champagne buckets on the desert table. Mid August is usually wild Maine blueberry season. Sweet Sensations Pastries

Small vases with fragrant dusty miller, spray roses, bayberry and bells of Ireland were set in and out of the porta toilets.

An old fashioned, NewEngland Clambake began the mid Summer Wedding weekend. Rustic galvanized tins of bold colored zinnias, sunflowers, black eyed Susans and my pretty lanterns lent an air of gracious informality and Downeast conviviality. The Lookout, Flye Point, Brooklin, Maine. Unusually Fine Photogaphy

For availability of qualitative prints and compositions, contact photographer. Photographers are alphabetically listed here.

Ethereal, The Lookout, Brooklin, Maine. A walk to a ceremony worth waiting for. Unusually Fine Photogaphy

My serenely radiant, beautiful Bride carried a bouquet of quintessential summer flowers in peaches, pinks, ivories, lavenders, blues and purples. Her supremely Maine bouquet was composed of asters, roses, tuberoses, prairie gentian, snapdragons, sweet peas, freesia, blue lace flowers, Tibetan meadow rue, foxglove and honeysuckle. Unusually Fine Photogaphy

I raise nine varieties of gardenias in our domehome and keep a room brimming with orchids. They bloom at infrequent, unspecified moments and are perfect for intimate personal flowers. They are well loved, endearing and truely romantic. Small gardenias and orchid corsages. Unusually Fine Photogaphy

Our specialty, tiny boutonnieres. These were composed of silvery brunia buds, Scotish heather, white pine and grey mini licorice.Unusually Fine Photogaphy

Joy to be flowergirls in sea lavender wreaths. The Lookout, Brooklin, Maine. Unusually Fine Photogaphy

Unusually Fine Photography

Maine has a coast line of approximately 3478 tidally-influenced miles all perfect for Alda's Wedding and Celebration Flowers. The Lookout, Brooklin, Maine. Unusually Fine Photography

Carefully harvested from the wild, my signature table of Maine moss and named beach stones for designated seating places. Order these in advance and I can place table names or numbers closer to your date. Unusually Fine Photography

Rare birds on twiggy lichened branches sat atop the long narrow glass vases filled with exquisitely beautiful, dainty flowers that were once common in cottage gardens by the Maine sea. The wondrous Bride and Groom chairs were spirited with a pair of doves, spray roses, nerines, bells of Ireland, sweet peas, honeysuckle and domehome grown foxtail ferns. The Lookout, Brooklin, Maine. Unusually Fine Photogaphy

Bo Atkinson's signature birch forest under the tent with clusters of mini lanterns and spot lighting, transformed the space. The Lookout, Brooklin, Maine. Unusually Fine Photogaphy

My serenely radiant, beautiful Bride was surrounded by vibrant Autumn flowers in colors of orange, ivory, cream, aubergine and green. John Peters Estate, Blue Hill

With many international guests, the ceremony was translated by a friend.

If you see a white dove on your Wedding day, peace and harmonous joy will be in your heart and home forever. White Doves of Washington, Maine

A choir of three dozen angels burst forth from cane baskets! They circled round and round the cloudless, caerulean blue sky above the guests, gathering close their numbers before heading home, far across the the Penobscot Bay.

The beautiful Bridal bouquet contained white butterfly orchids, fragrant tuberoses, aubergine and orange calla lilies, orange roses and wild grasses.

Very tall, see through spired vases held exuberant cascades of green hydrangea, orange Chinese lanterns, deep purple hyacinth bean stalks, jewels of opar, amaranth, oranges roses, celosia, kiss-me-by-the-garden-gate, black forest and orange calla lilies, pincushions, bells of Ireland, billy balls, marigolds, zinnias, butterfly ascelpias, wild grasses and peony leaves. Bianco Family Catering

Bo Atkinson enlivened the tent with trees and lighting for the big band, swing music dancing and extraordinary, Bridal serenade.

Phil Rich Swing Band ~ Wallace Tent ~John Peter's Estate Blue Hill~Bianco Catering

Autumn leaves, Chinese lanterns and many votive candle lights extended the floral palette to the edges of the pale gold shimmery cloths. Bianco Family Catering, Brooklin. Laurie White Coordinator

The buffet tables were lined with our fresh strewn, flowers and ferns. Bianco Family Catering, Brooklin.

Impressive hand crafted flowers topped the delicious Wedding cake. J.Cakes Celebration Cakes

My Bride's gorgeous lacey gown was reflected in her airy, all white and cream Summer bouquet of fragrant phlox, sweet peas, belladonna delphiniums, pincushions, roses, calla lilies, anemones, and gooseneck loosestrife. Sharyn Peavey Photography

For availability of qualitative prints and compositions, contact photographer. Photographers are alphabetically listed here.

A pair of large galvanized tubs held sumptuous yellows, golds, blues, purples, greens and whites. They were subsequently placed on sides of the fireplace mantle. Sharyn Peavey Photography

The ceremonial chair ends of hydrangea, sea lavender, blackeyed Susans, blue love-in-a-mist and montbretia and were later moved to the splendid buffet. Belle Fete Catering. Sharyn Peavey Photography

Green drooping amaranth, bells of Ireland, goldenrod, roses, blue delphiniums, sunflowers, blackeyed Susans, marigolds, fragrant lilies, elderberry fruits, white larkspur and hydrangea were used in all of the arrangements. Sharyn Peavey Photography

I have an extensive mouth blown, cobalt blue glass collection. Belle Fete Catering.

Upon arrival, all of the flowers are gone over for transport imperfections. We always have extras for replacement. Sharyn Peavey Photography

Bright happy flowers in wild Maine picnic colors arranged in round cobalt vases. Sharyn Peavey Photography

The long head table set with my signature fresh moss, lightup topiaries. Sharyn Peavey Photography

The topiaries aglow. Sharyn Peavey Photography

A miniature Wedding cake with our floral topper. Belle Fete Catering. Sharyn Peavey Photography

Spruce Point Inn  A dazzling white, ceremonial arch with vintage white cloth runner at the gazebo.    Sharyn Peavey Photography

For availability of qualitative prints and compositions, contact photographer. Photographers are alphabetically listed here.

Fragrant cascades of zinnia, hydrangea, sweet William, honeysuckle, roses, phlox and orange viburnum berries adorned the beautiful structure.

Sharyn Peavey Photography

My serenely radiant, beautiful Bride carried a bouquet of mixed pinks, from pale to bright with touches of bright orange and ivory. Roses, foxgloves, nerines, hypericum berries, tuberoses and sweet pepper bush completed the lightly fragrant mix. Sharyn Peavey Photography


Sharyn Peavey Photography

The Bridesmaids carried pale and hot pink roses, dahlias, nerines, sweet pepper bush, phlox and white hosta. Sharyn Peavey Photography

The Spruce Point Inn petaled, weathered aisle.

Vibrant table arrangements with September hydrangeas, zinnias, dahlias, hypericum berries, Queen Anne's lace, love in a mist, local Maine fern fiddles and montbretia. Sharyn Peavey Photography

Some of the table arrangements were in higher teapots and pitchers while others were in lower silver vases. The contrast gave a warm feeling to the Pemaquid Room. The Spruce Point Inn. Sharyn Peavey Photography

Autumn boutonnieres were composed of periwinkle, lavender blue hydrangea, heather, white pine, gray dusty miller and calla lilies.

The ceremonial arch was decorated with blue hydrangea, eucalyptus, blue delphiniums, porcelain vine berries and lavender larkspur. It blended beautifully with the soft autumnal tints of the old maple. The White Hall Inn Camden.

My serenely radiant, beautiful Bride carried a bouquet of French blue hydrangea, lavender prairie gentian, sweet peas, stock and dahlias. The Camden White Hall Inn

French blue flowers and satin bows decorated the Wedding Wheelchair.


A pair of my signature lightup topiaries were composed of French blue hydrangea, prairie gentian, trachelium, dahlias, Peruvian lilies, blue love-in-a-mist and vivid turquoise, porcelain vine berries. They later lit up both side of the Wedding cake.

A sterling Wedding cake decorated with my unsprayed flowers. Steve Watts Sweet Sensations. White Hall Inn, Camden

Photos are abbreviated to speed up internet reception. For availability of qualitative prints and compositions, contact photographers. Photographers are alphabetically listed here.

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