Alda's Never Ending ~ Unintimidating ~ Enchanted ~ Floral Joy

2006 Glorious Destination Maine Wedding & Celebration Flowers
Color & Kindness Overflowing
Seek No Further! Alda's Freedom Pearls® Pure, Baroque, Freshwater

Photo: Emilie Sommer

Samoset Resort

Mandapam By Alda & Bo _At_ The Samoset Hotel

Trees & Lighting _At_ The Asticou Inn

Trees _At_ The Spruce Point Inn

Oakland House Seaside Resort

Photos: Bonnie Farmer

Sebasco Harbor Resort

Photos: Emilie Sommer

Boothbay Harbor Yacht Club

Newagen Seaside Inn

Retreat at French's Point


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New! colors ~ Alda's Freedom Pearls®, not just for Bridesmaids, cultured baroque, freshwater pearl gifts

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