Alda's 2010 Wedding Photos

Neverending ~Unintimidating ~ Enchanted ~ Floral Joy

Summer 2009 Wedding Photos.

Alda's Maine Wedding Flowers ~Spring 2009 begins below.

Very special petals carefully placed heralding Sebago Lake, over 300' deep. 

Migis Lodge          Rhonda Farnham, Photographer 

Migis Lodge wedding setting at Twilight.

Maine Spring wedding bouquet of gorgeous love in a mist, fragrant white and blue English bluebells, and deep chocolate brown-maroon, almost black, calla lilies. Rhonda Farnham, Photographer

Always unique, Alda's Maine boutonnieres of deep, chocolate brown fern curls, chocolate brown-maroon calla lilies and a sprigs of fragrant rosemary for remembrance.               Rhonda Farnham, Photographer

Perfect Maine spring bouquets.   Rhonda Farnham, Photographer

Bachelor buttons in first class wedding coach.
Rhonda Farnham, Photographer

Migis Lodge wedding arch

Never to be forgotten and always joyful! Rose petal toss. Rhonda Farnham, Photographer

     Migis Lodge cocktail hour beneath tall, impressive, white pines. Silver sugar and cream vases.  
Rhonda Farnham, Photographer

Vintage Migis Lodge

The guests came from all points of the globe for a spectacular Wedding weekend and young families got a chance to meet, greet, eat, sleep, swim, boat and play in a most wonderful, well equipped, beautiful, old Maine setting. The sounds of joy were everywhere.

Rhonda Farnham, Photographer

Rosemary, roses and fragrant gardenias for sensuous, scented columns. A nice touch when the lights were dimmed for dancing. Rhonda Farnham, Photographer

See over, long, low, aromatic centerpieces in Alda's oval, silver bowls.
Rhonda Farnham, Photographer

Fragrant hesperis, shades of blue, old fashioned delphiniums, love in a mist, roses, ladies' mantle and
chocolate leaved loosestrife in long shallow, antique silver bowls

Blue ribbon, forget me not Wedding cake, with ranunculus and green orchids, always for good luck
                     Rhonda Farnham, Photographer    Migis Lodge, South Casco

Welcoming, fragrant, large peony wreaths, later re hung on the Clark's Cove Inn barn entrance.

Befitting the Bridal couple and St .Patrick's Church, Newcastle, bright, vibrant, tartan colors and Maine Spring flower aromas.

A small part of Alda's Maine wild gardens. As I walk around, the flowers cry our "Take Me".

Rare, just right, corally rose red, candelabra primrose chair ends with fragrant peonies, hydrangea, astilbe and ladies mantle

Lush and luscious delicate poppies were on-site added to glass bowl centerpieces of spectacular peonies, hydrangea and unique, Maine grown wildflowers.   Red Plate Caterers         Celebration, Clark's Cove Farm    

A chance for all guests to adorn with frisky, fragrant freesias definitely sets the mood under the big tent. A sprig was placed in each napkin.    Red Plate Caterers      Celebration, Clark's Cove Farm 

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