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A Perfect Wedding Gift !  A central Maine vacation home!

Some of my Brides say that they come home to Maine for their Wedding because of wondrous childhood memories. Others say they return for Maine's pristine views of impressive, vast coastlines scattered with myriads of islands or the great, green forests. Still others say it is because of Maine's abundant rustic camps, priceless Victorian cottages, highly elegant inns, old world hotels and modern resorts.Or maybe it is the Maine planners, fabulous caterers, luscious cake makers, undaunted tent designers, and the creative, on the go photographers, all wanting to make the Maine Wedding day, so perfect. Still, most say it is to breathe deeply the intoxicating fragrance of Maine's evergreen scented, salt air complete with sunshine, wind, rain and rainbows. My friends and I like to imagine it is also our flowers! We have an exceptional, most unique, gorgeous palette of wild and tended flowers arranged with fun and elegance in my large collection of gratis loaned vases. Our small but efficient enterprise takes great pride and works so very hard to please you with our wonderful floral creations, so that if you so choose, even small floral nuances of exceptional beauty, will be in the important places. We do Maine Weddings of all sizes and ambiance. We like to think we do them very well. We do the entire State. Please try to call early to save the date.Your pleasure is our pleasure. With best wishes, Alda 207-342-5796

The Quintessential Ceremonial Site.Nothing More Is Necessary Except For The Beautiful Bride and Her Handsome, Best Friend, Groom. My Vintage Cloth Runner Held Down With Beach Stones And My Two Large Signature Baskets Of Flowers On My Twiggy Stands. Calmness At Sunset. A Rare Moment In Time To Be Savored Forever! Thank you

My Classic "Picket Fence" Summer Way, Delphiniums and Larkspurs. Maine Is Resplendent With Classic Ceremonial Sites.

Maine Mosses Carefully and Respectfully Gathered For A Very Special Seating Card Table

Another Classic Seating Card Table- Maine Sea Glass, Maine Mussels and Clam Shells, Maine Beach Stones, and Maine Sea Heather.

Rain Almost Moved Our Peach Bride Undercover! Thank you Nancy Chase, Weddings and Celebrations Of Denver, and Gerry Hill, The Samoset Resort, Rockport

Peach Photos Jamie Bloomquist, Camden


Local Maine Pottery, Toothpick Holders- Perfect For Tiny Sea Lavender Rehearsal Dinner Seating Favors.

Goose Cove Lodge, Deer Isle. An Idyllic Location To Share Great Meals and Sunset Maine With All Of Your Friends.

My New Hand Blown Crystal Vases, Three To A Table With The Ultimate Maine, Spring Garden Assortment. It Took A Bridge Engineer Bride!

When Texans Have Part Of Their Hearts In Maine!

We Come Together To Breathe In The Salt Air Infused With Evergreen Resins At Low Tide in Brooksville. Can Anything Be More Perfect Than This?

The Asticou Inn Garden, Gorgeous In Fall. Asticou. Northeast Harbor, Mount Dessert Island.

My Custom Grown, Tulip Bouquets. A Meaningful Part of The Bride's Tradition. Rockport Harbor.

Camden Yacht Club

Camden Yacht Club Interior. How Fine To Be Able To Do the Antique Ship Roping as a Picket Fence Garden.

Scottish Tradition, Well Represented At My Maine Weddings

Cascading Overhead Evergreens and Our Lighted Ball Chandeliers

1905 Barn. Laudholm Farm Barn, Wells.

Heart Shaped Wreaths Always Make A Bold, Memorable, Entrance Statement.

Smilax Swagged Bride's And Groom's Cake Table. Tent, Asticou Inn. Northeast Harbor, Mount Dessert,. Thank you Muffy, Marina and Karen

Floating Candles In A Ring Of Two Silver Bowls With Abundant May Flowers. May Is Elopement Month In Maine. My May Flowers Are Most Exceptional.

The Bar Harbor Club, Mount Dessert Island. Perfect for A Mid Summer Night's Dream Complete With Our Live Birch Trees.

Just In Case Of Rain, Interior Fireplace Room Lined With Rose Petals , Bar Harbor Club.

My Signature Topiaries Set On Silver Trays Give Added Visual Height To This Huge Tent.

The Perfect, Frisky, Yet Elegant Tent. Asticou Inn, Northeast Harbor, Mount Dessert Island

The Bride's Chair

A Most Elegant Wedding Setting.The Gazebo Overlooking the Sea. The Spruce Point Inn. Boothbay Harbor.

Classic Little Flower Girls In A Classic Woody Car.

A Private Garden Designed For Two Fabulous Tents

My Antique, Maine Silver Filled With White And Ivory Flowers. Even My Kousa Dogwood Was Finally Old Enough To Attend

In Illuminated Manuscript Fashion, My Specialty Fingernail Sized Rose Buds, In Colors Of The Rainbow, Bedeck Seating Cards, Boutonnieres, Corsages, and Hair Flowers. Cobalt Vases Await The Bridesmaids Bouquets.

Whenever I Have An Abundance, They Love To Come Along! Can There Be Anything Better?

Dinner Plates Beautifully Displayed

Evolution of a Theme. Wild Sphagnum Moss Covers Continuous Vases of Pods and Fanciful Flowers. Lush, Fresh Boughs Completely Hide The Tent Poles With Two Full Moons Above, While Handcrafted, Antique Copper Wire Votive Holders and Candles Sparkle Like Stars. Asticou Inn, Northeast Harbor, Mount Dessert Island

Thank you To All Of My Fine Friends Throughout Life Who Have Helped So Much To Make My Life's Adventures Possible. For Your Efforts, I Am Most Grateful! XOXO

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