Alda's 2010 Wedding Photos

2002 Maine Wedding Photos & Favors This Page

Wonderful Mementos

Alda Letters Maine Beach Stones With Table Numbers On The Back

Some Things Blue

Fabulous Floral Lei For Best Friend, Flower Girl

photographer Michel Stapleton 207-866-5863

Threaded Roses

Alda's Silver Collection

Small, Windproof Arrangements For Cocktail Tables

Galvanized Tubs With Hydrangea For Chair Ends/ Petaled Aisle For Tossing

Floral Huppah Poles

All Religious And Ceremonial Places Are Treated With Utmost Dignity and Grace

All White For The Bridal Table

Door Wreaths Later Placed On Silver Trays

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Spring Flowers 07-08 -- - - Summer Flowers 07-08 -- - - Autumn Flowers 07-08

See more of my original offerings:

New! Alda's Maine Origami Wishing Boats®

New! colors ~ Alda's Freedom Pearls®, not just for Bridesmaids, cultured baroque, freshwater pearl gifts

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For large tree or built decorations, and lighting design, click here, to see Bo's organically elegant, tent design ideas.

A Great Wedding Gift !  Central Maine Vacation Land

Bo, Alda & Gaia TheTurtle Sculpture

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