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View and choose Alda's enchanted coastal or inland wedding rendezvous flowers and ... Highest quality, baroque, Maine Flower Girl Pearls®. Flowers and Pearls meticulously crafted in the Mountains of Maine, not far from Belfast, the Penobscot Bay.

Alda and her skilled helpers grateful and gracefully accept the challenge of providing splendid flowers for your Big Maine Day~ weddings, rehearsal dinners or unique celebrations. Prompt, most efficient ambiance planning Alda's forte', even if floral names are elusive.

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Summer 2011WebStream Photographs by Alda Stich

Quintessential Blue Flowers, Whitehall Inn Camden, Maine

White windflower anemones with almost black centers and white roses; bright blue windflower anemones, pale blue and electric blue belladonna delphiniums; dark pincushion flowers, dark chocolate cosmos; and blue and white love-in-a- mist nigella filled out the love worthy arrangements.


In addition, the table arrangements had blue hydrangeas, veronica, and bells of Ireland. The green, subtly, wonderfully scented Bells of Ireland were in tribute to the Bride's beautiful Mom.



Maine Flower Girl Pearls®

My serenely radiant, beautiful Bride carried a mostly white bouquet of hydrangeas, roses, black centered windflower anemones, pincushion flowers, tuberoses, love-in- a- mist, and mignonette. Bits of blue forget-me-nots and blue hydrangeas were tucked within. The Bride's Mom's Wedding Band was fastened to the French satin binding.

Nicotianas, fairy candle cimicifugas, fairy thimble foxgloves, lilies and wildflowers perfumed Camden's historic St.Thomas' Episcopal Church.

Delphinium florets were scattered among the seating cards.

Historic Whitehall Inn, Camden

Porcelain vine berries and delphinium florets visually softened the wonderful wedding buffet on the Whitehall Inn porch.

In Alda's garden, elegant, new variety, Thai green orchids shined in some of her vast collection of antique Maine silver vases. Alda's vase collections are ready to loan, gratis.

Historic St.Saviour's Episcopal Church, Bar Harbor

Built 1899 and listed on the National Register of Historical Places

To be inscribed in church history in thanksgiving for the marriage, alter flowers are left for Sunday service. These best of the day flowers were composed of white peonies, hydrangeas, Queen Anne's lace, ammi, trachelium, jasmine, roses; blue delphiniums, nigella, "Cool Water" and "Ocean Song" lavender roses; hosta leaves, ferns; and specially raised phalaenopsis moth orchids. Alda has an area of her roof top year round greenhouse just for ferns, all kinds of orchids, bulbs, miniature roses just perfect for boutonnieres, hair flowers and corsages, gardenias and fragrant tropical exotics. While the outside temperature annually falls to -10º F to -20º F, the greenhouse dome holds at 40ºF. She has been working passionately with horticultural beneficial insect "greenhouse elves" since 2001.


Asticou Inn overlooking beautiful Northeast Harbor

Asticou's wicker furniture within the cocktail/ hors d'oeuvre entrance tent was perfect for "getting to know you". My fresh, local, green moss, gray lichens, fragrant stephanotis, gardenias and green slipper orchids provided "something to talk about".

My husband and design partner for forty years in Maine, Bo Atkinson, created composite arching hemlock trees on the tent pole.The enchanted forest, woodland feeling permeated the celebration. Alda's large silver champagne buckets were brimming with tall, foxtail lily eremurus in the lush bouquets.

Alda's vast collection of ferns, cones, moss and lichens were scattered on each table.

Bo created a lit hemlock archway tunnel for the marquee that linked the smaller tent with the large celebration tent.

His popular, lit, fresh white birch trees covered the tent poles, side poles and seams.


Half of the dinner tables were long. My special collection of dome grown and wild ferns were grace notes in everything.

Bo's lit, lichened, apple wood Branchelieres swayed gently with the breezes.


Bo's tall Birchelabras were surrounded by wispy, large, see-through arrangements. Late blooming, fragrant white peonies and tall lavender meadow rue were just spectacular on the round tables.

Alda's signature fern topper graced the wedding cake.

Historic, charming Camden's Whitehall Inn is always perfect for a rehearsal dinner or Wedding. The new innkeeper, Rebecca Miller is wonderful to work with.


Well scented peonies, lupines, candytuft, spirea, bellflowers and clematis were selected by the Groom and his Mom for the rehearsal dinner. Alda reset them the next day on the Samoset Wedding Buffet.

My serenely elegant, beautiful Bride carried luminescent white peonies.

Elizabeth Stultz Photography

Her Bridesmaids carried lush, blush pink fragrant peonies. Hardy peonies are very special in the lands of the enchanted forest and coastal villages of down east Maine.

Misty rains caused the ceremony to be moved within the awaiting the Samoset Ballroom.


Ceremonial chair ends in small galvanized tubs and larger galvanized tubs on my white twiggy stands were filled with four petaled, kousa dogwood, bellflowers, balloon flowers, old man's beard, sorbonne lilies, anemones, larkspur, lisianthus, hydrangea, roses and nigella. I later moved these to the celebration ballroom.

Samoset Ballroom with transformational uplighting provided by DJ Patrick Daniels

Delicate blush and white shades of poppies, roses, peonies, hydrangea and garden wildlings adorned the guest tables.

The couple's sweetheart table was lush with Alda's best of day Maine blooms~azaleas, honeysuckle, candelabra primroses, white lace flowers,  peonies and anemones.

Alda's contagious, kind, floral sharing began at Our Lady Queen of Peace Catholic Church in old Boothbay Harbor and ended at the Newagen Seaside Inn in Southport. Pete Chambers, DJ.


The elfin flower girl's hair wreath was of ladies' mantle and small rose buds.


Navy hanging cones filled with flowers which united the aisle were latter used on the Newagen cocktail tables. Small remembrance bouquets left for Sunday service were placed near the statues of Mary and Joseph.


My serenely radiant, beautiful Bride carried a bouquet of blush pinks, whites, lavenders and fresh lime greens. Green zinnias, pink and white dahlias, peonies and green cymbidium orchids were in the table flowers as well. Alda's Maine wedding flowers are remarkably abundant, fresh and fragrant and practically chat with the guests throughout the day.

Where the mountains meet the sea, Camden's Mount Battie granite tower.


The large ceremonial flower baskets on Mount Battie and celebration table flowers at the Whitehall Inn overflowed with flowers in shades of fresh green, pale yellows, corals and whites. Birds of paradise and trailing green amaranth were within the graceful textured, lovely throughout the entire day, arrangements.

My serenely radiant, beautiful Bride carried a bouquet of coral and yellow mokara orchids, astilbe, euphorbia, ladies' mantle, white and soft green lisianthus, bells of Ireland, phlox, dahlias and roses in coral, orange. very pale yellow and cream.

 Beautiful Camden harbor in the distance.

Alda shares great pride in the most extraordinary, gorgeous, rugged Maine Coast of the past, present and future. She and her talented helpers adore creating lovliness for your Special Day flowers and hope you will call to book your date.

My serenely radiant, beautiful Bride carried an all white, lightly cascading bouquet of naturally beautiful, freshly picked, fairy thimbled foxgloves, jasmine, sweet pepperbush clethra, tuberoses, snapdragons, lisianthus, roses, lace flowers and hydrangea.

The enchanting flower girls wore simple ivy wreaths of traditional white baby's breath.The first down the aisle, Bridal dog was thrilled with her fragrant floral neck wreath of locally raised, clove scented, vintage gillyflower carnations.



Blue Hill, down to earth country flowers.

 Wild sea lavender, blueberry and rose hip swags perked the weathered boards.

Alda's vintage lobster traps and navy ribbon marked the ceremonial site and protected from foot traffic the ancient, lichen lawn. Bedrock granite is one of the perfect foundations for love.

Porch railing tubs of flowers and some of the Blue Hill Steel Band members rouse the cocktail hour and set the tone for a whimsical, comfortable, joyous Wedding celebration with dancing and friendship throughout the night. Bianco Family Catering

The happy, bright signal-flag, family decorated tent had gentle waves of blue, white, orange and red flowers in recycled Maine jars. The waves of overflowing old jars were filled with summer hydrangeas, zinnias, roses, dahlias, saponaria, tassel flowers, freesia, ranunculus and what many consider to be New England's and Maine's most beautiful wild flower of them all, the red cardinal flower which Alda grows.

Wild teaberry and prince's pine greened the glowing, freshly harvested, first crop, frilly ranunculus. A fern topper crowned the cake.


Alda's bella elegantissima flowers were perfect at French's Point Private Estate at the head of the most beautiful, Penobscot Bay. Even hurricane Irene could not dim the merriment.

My serenely elegant, beautiful Bride carried a bouquet of the happiest colors of pink, yellow, soft lavender, orange and coral.


Large and small, soft green, hydrangea Pomanders with tiny roses and wisps of kiss-me-over-the-garden-gate and other wild flowers, lined the Wedding walk and the gazebo. They were later reset on the cocktail tables and in silver bowls within the Estate.

Pearl headed pins held down the seating cards on a bed of fresh Maine mountain moss which is replanted at the end of Wedding season.

Oh my gosh, gorgeous, fragrant table centerpieces at French's Point Private Estate were composed of ethereal roses, tuberoses, zinnias, goldenrod, belladonna lilies, ranunculus, lace flowers, veronica, heather, pale green and pale blue hydrangeas and perfect dahlias.



The inviting food buffet stations invite you to come to Maine for world class fare, nicely displayed with Alda's flowers. 


Awaiting vases for the Bride's and her bridemaids' bouquets.

Alda's vast, mouth blown collection of cobalt blue glass vases streamed sun lit, wonderful color into the sea side tent.

Some of the tables had large cobalt blue, round bowls of frisky white saponaria, dahlias, lisianthus, snapdragons, roses and delphiniums.

Other tables had Alda's signature, light- up frisky, fragrant topiaries which always give a most splendid glow to the mid level air of seaside tents.

Jean and her helpers of Red Plate Caterers, are always a real pleasure to work with.

 Alda's pure gardenias are just perfect for special corsages.

My serenely elegant, beautiful Bride carried a loose, airy, full bouquet of every white vintage flower of the day, a special gift from her aunt.

The Bride's fragrant, sublimely spirited, primavera hair wreath was composed of Alda's tiny gardenias and floretes of wispy blue wildlings. Nothing is better than this if her pure gardenias are in bloom. As I write, the buds are swelling.

May all beings have happiness, and the causes of happiness. Beautiful flowers are magical healing light for the heart.

Convo Alda for your date availability. Many great days are still available.

Or phone 207-342-5796. Simply wonderful flowers and service. Rest at ease.

Secure your date with a $100 deposit for an indepth flexible proposal.

Maine Flower Girl Pearls®

Alda will be giving a hands- on, fun demonstration talk as part of Merryspring's Tuesday Talks in Camden, May 1, 2012. Her topic~ How to Create a Bridal Bouquet Using Garden Flowers. 1st, 2nd and 3rd Best in Show prizes of Maine Flower Girl Pearls® will be awarded .