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Come Home to Maine. Vibrant dahlia and rose bouquets wafting fragrances throughout the Retreat at French's Point, top of the Penobscot Bay,  Stockton Springs.    Patrick McNamara, Photographer     

Heart felt, musical surprises, mean so much, forever and ever.
Fireplace mantles adorned with flowers and photos,
personalize this gorgeous Maine Retreat at French's Point with utmost atmosphere and a spectacular view.
Patrick McNamara, Photographer

Gigantic hydrangea wreath marks the turn and heightens the excitement. Most of the guests arrived from the southern most part of Texas, a very dry, very hot location. Their Lady Bird Johnson respect for the living world of flowers and birds was universal. Destination Maine was everything they had hoped for and more.
Bonnie Farmer, Photographer     Asticou Inn, Northeast Harbor

Northeast Harbor as the quintessential, ceremonial backdrop. Asticou Inn

Top of Bo Atkinson's ceremonial arch.

Magical sun-breaks through a misty summer's day!

The beautiful Bride carried fragrant white peonies, bellflowers, hydrangea, prairie gentian, love in mist, ladies' mantle and clematis. The bridesmaids carried smaller, similar bouquets in white with just a hint of blue.

Bonnie Farmer, Photographer

Domehome grown, fragrant white stephanotis, heather and hydrangea for the men.

Bonnie Farmer, Photographer

Fragrant wild azaleas, peonies and green sea anemone mums for the cocktail tables.

A special cocktail, hors d'oeuvre tent.
Bonnie Farmer Photographer     Asticou Inn, Northeast Harbor

Bonnie Farmer, Photographer 

Blue lace, prairie gentian and rosemary strewing flowers

Green strewing flowers with lovely smells created welcoming interest on every bare, buffet surface.
Redolent bells of Ireland, rosemary and sea anemone mums

The Bridal table for ten atop full dance floor under the massive tent.

A thoroughly modern, intimate design with only limited reserved seating. When the guests arrived they simply turned in the groupings of chairs that they chose to save. Unimpeded conversation flowed. Gracious offerings surrounded the entire tents.
Bonnie Farmer Photographer     Asticou Inn, Northeast Harbor

White peonies, sea anemone mums, ladies' mantle, Queen Anne's lace, hydrangea, dahlias, love in mist and touches of blue forget me nots and wild, winter gathered, Maine, tall twiggy branches graced the heavy, clear, oval vases. The ambiance was simply exceptional with Bo Atkinson's tree and lighting.

Tall, fragrant, bar flowers with similar palette

The professional D.J., childhood friend of the family, arrived from Seattle with two turn tables and the know how, to please. As the guests arrived he began with Stevie Wonder's Castle of Love. Any Bride would melt. Full baskets of flowers lined his stage.
Bonnie Farmer Photographer     Asticou Inn, Northeast Harbor

Resplendent white, pale blue and cream etherial blossoms, befitting an intimate ceremony. Belfast.

Enchanting blues and warm, sunny blue skies. In Destination Maine, divinity is universal.
 This second ceremony for all was held highup in the fast moving clouds, overlooking Islesboro, North Haven, Vinal Haven and the Penobscot Bay. Simple gossamer bows, blew in the wind. Point Lookout, Lincolnville

Within the Summit dining room. A room with a view. Point Lookout, Lincolnville

Wildflower wedding wreaths of roses, Queen Anne's lace, blue lace, delphiniums, hydrangea, sea holly and chocolate leaved loosestrife.       The Summit, Point Lookout, Lincolnville

The walk down to lovely, All Saints by the Sea Chapel, Southport
Sharyn Peavey, Photographer

Four kinds radiant Heather~ double white, single pink, sea, and the Bride
Sharyn Peavey, Photographer

Pure, fragrant Maine Summer, flowers~ dahlias, prairie gentian, astilbe, phlox, tuberoses, roses, white love in a mist, sweetpeas and heathers
Sharyn Peavey, Photographer

White pine, calla lily boutonnieres with double white heather for traditional "good luck."
Sharyn Peavey, Photographer

Bride's bouquet and the toss bouquet on the head table under the tent. Newagen Seaside Inn  Sharyn Peavey, Photographer

Vibrant, silver bowl centerpieces in summery shades of pinks and coral roses, dahlias, sea heather, Queen Annes lace, blue bella delphiniums, love in a mist and hydrangea      Sharyn Peavey, Photographer

Buntline Knot and footed, large silver bowl vase.
Newagen Seaside Inn       Sharyn Peavey, Photographer

Frisky, clear, rehearsal dinner vases of Iceland poppies, chamomile, white daisies, gooseneck loosestrife, larkspur, sea heather and pussy willows were a gift from the Groom and his Mom. Still looking fabulous, and drawing attention, they were reset on the Wedding day's, seating card and hor's d'oeuvre tables.
Newagen Seaside Inn, Southport Sharyn Peavey, Photographer

Sheathes of sunflowers and rosemary at ceremonial site amid perfectly grown, Machias scarlet runner beans.
   Lyndsey Cronin, photographer  Friend of the Bride, Krista Hasting, co-ordinator 

Multicolored vivid cloth underlays beneath silver champagne buckets holding exhuberant bouquets of fragrant lilies, bachelor buttons, Queen Anne's lace, delphiniums, larkspur, blueberry fruit branches and dahlias.
Lyndsey Cronin, photographer  Friend of the Bride, Krista Hasting, co-ordinator

Machias Wedding, just like Grandmom's garden.  Loose, airy, informal, long, low silver bowls filled with oodles of bright and lively colors and textures. Friend of the Bride, Krista Hasting, co-ordinator         Trillium Caterers, Belfast   

Multi-colorful, wildflowers, wild blueberry, delphiniums, tuberoses, mini sunflowers, dahlias and blackeyed Susans fill large silver bowls and tent with amazing fragrances.


Flowers and petals safely mark a low spot in the dance floor
Friend of the Bride, Krista Hasting, co-ordinator

Flowers for Everyone at The Forks, Northern Maine

Hypericum Berries on each chair back

Maine Summer Ocean Bride   Robert Mitchell, Photographer 

Just gorgeous, lightly cascading blush, and white, Maine summer wildflower, Bridal Botanical Bouquet composed of jasmine, sweetpepper bush, sweeetpeas, loosestrife, calla lilies, white love in a mist, roses, tuberoses and prairie gentian.
Robert Mitchell, Photographer 

Dainty, delicate, fragrant corsage~ moth orchid, freesia, and tuberose.  Robert Mitchell, Photographer 

All Saints-by-the-Sea chapel, my most deliciously fragrant, wedding to date. Bo Atkinson's simple, birch Wedding arch moved after ceremony to Bridal cottage. The new fragrance that perfumed the Summer Chapel was cascading jasmine. 
You are my love and my life.
Robert Mitchell, Photographer 

Large, baskets of soft, ocean breeze floral colors with delphiniums, casa blanca lilies, larkspurs, hydrangeas and sea holly. First at the Chapel and then moved to the front of the seaside band.  Robert Mitchell, Photographer 

Pew ends gathered after the ceremony for cocktail display placement at the Newagen Seaside Inn.
Maine summer anemones in blush pink.            Robert Mitchell, Photographer 

Four, fragrant, kissing balls fluttered first suspended from the Chapel porch, then from the seaside tent guywires and finally within the going away brunch covering.        Robert Mitchell, Photographer 

Oceanside Maine, Southport bridal party.White and blush, Botanical Cascading Bouquets.  Robert Mitchell, Photographer 

Delphinium azure blue tent openings, entice guests. Robert Mitchell, Photographer

Bo Atkinson's birch forest, magical tent glowed for the New Moon.  Newagen Seaside Inn  Robert Mitchell, Photographer

Etherial Maine wildflowers in candlelight reflective, footed silver bowls.
Newagen Seaside Inn     Robert Mitchell, Photographer

Princeton crew send off. Maine origami wishing boats soon to be surrounded by bridemaids' bouquets. 
Newagen Seaside Inn     Robert Mitchell, Photographer

Leaving Our Lady Queen of Peace Church, Boothbay Harbor
A Maine Wedding, Sally Bullard, co-ordinator   Robert Mitchell, Photographer

Maine garden flower Bridal bouquet of honeysuckle, green zinnias, white pincushions, white amaryllis magic lilies, white bella delphiniums, calla lilies, hypericum berries, gerbera daisies, roses, burnet, tuberoses and montbretia for a flower loving Bride.
     Robert Mitchell, Photographer  

Pint canning jars with white pines and wild flowers surrounded by the Bride's collection of whimsical saltshakers and birch logs.
 Robert Mitchell, Photographer  Sprucewold Lodge

     Not to be missed, the rustic Lodge and the turn back the clock, ample, guest quarters of the vintage, Sprucewold Lodge, Boothbay Harbor. A Maine Wedding, Sally Bullard, co-ordinator Robert Mitchell, Photographer

Come Home to Maine, East Boothbay Harbor.
Greg Bader, Photographer  

Green orchid, calla lily and tansy boutonniere
Greg Bader, Photographer

Abundant, waterside, rental houses just right for small, intimate gatherings.
Greg Bader, Photographer   Green Landing, East Boothbay   A Maine Wedding, Sally Bullard, co-ordinator   

Maine, the perfect, seacape Wedding destination. Greg Bader, Photographer

Gorgeous green orchid Bridal bouquet with burnt orange callas and a collar of rose geranium for additional hand held, scent
Greg Bader, Photographer

Square, clear vases of zinnias, dahlias and orchids for wrap around porch, luncheon. Green's Landing
Greg Bader, Photographer   Laura Cabot, Caterer

Autumn colored Wedding cake topper, floral cascade and table petals
Greg Bader, Photographer      Stephanie Miller, Cake Baker

Many Maine town folks love to see and be a part of the venerable, "Ciao Bella", Just Married, most wonderful day in life, celebration.
Of course, my beautiful flowers love to show off, as well.
Greg Bader, Photographer

Bridal couple, stroll through Boothbay Harbor.
Greg Bader, Photographer

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