The Thread That Unites Us All- "Let Us Pray"

Photo Linda Crayton

When Roses Are Simply Not Elegant Enough..Alda's Orchids and Tuberoses

Hand Crafted Hanging Votives, Large Splayed Composite Tentpole Tree, With Center
 Aisle of All Organics...Mosses, Lichens, Bark, and White Flowers

Tapestry of Flowers Turns Unsightly Passageways into a Garden

Photo Bob Mitchell


Grand Arrangement In Antique Silver Graces Seating Card Table


Strewn Flowers of the day For Seating Cards, Cake Tables and Buffets

Half Lobster Trap Perfect For Rehearsal Dinner Buffet


Wagons or Other Barnyard Finds Make The Walk To The Tent So Wonderful

Magical Rose Petal Walkways

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See more of my original offerings:

New! Alda's Maine Origami Wishing Boats®

New! colors ~ Alda's Freedom Pearls®, not just for Bridesmaids, cultured baroque, freshwater pearl gifts.

Great Wedding Gift! ~ Sunny Hillside Vacation Home Land .

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Bo, Alda & Gaia The Turtle Sculpture

For large tree or built decorations, and lighting design, click here, to see Bo's organically elegant, tent design ideas.


Here is our inspector in one

of our garden prep areas.

Flower colors can be

adjusted only virtually!