Destination Maine for the holidays? Let's meet. View my vintage Maine Wedding and celebration flower album and set your date. Rest At Ease Special!  If you place your deposit between August 15 and December 30, you will receive a 'right-on' custom proposal in a timely manor  And  you may deduct your full $100 deposit upon full payment.

2011 Photos

2012 Photos for 2013 and 2014 Bookings

Alda's Maine Weddings and Celebration Flowers featuring Pure Gardenias and fragrant ethereal exotics, as well as poison free, humbly exquisite, mountain garden flowers and greenery for hair, cake, boutonnieres, and corsages. Serving Maine Brides graciously with lush and luscious, frisky, elegant, in season flowers, ferns, mosses and lichens, respectfully harvested from the wild, or long established, wonderful sources. My helpers have utmost, floral design talent and we all love preparing your wedding and celebration flowers. Phone 207-342-5794 for Alda's personal care and to secure the date.

Alda choreographs happy flowers.

Whether highlands or islands we do the entire State of Maine. For Weddings and celebration flowers, call Alda. If unique, over the top, ambiance, lighting and tent design will heighten the dream, call her husband, Bo Atkinson: Our phone is 207-342-5796. A $100 deposit for each or either service, will secure your Wedding day. Alda dreams fragrant flowers. Bo fulfills dreams with trees, lighting and structural decorations.

I have beautiful, vase collections and most all are loaned gratis. I can offer mouth blown or molded, cobalt blue glass, or ~  round, oval, rectangular, square or uniquely shaped, clear glass; rustic wire, moss filled baskets; white porcelain basket-weave, or white or natural terra cotta cache pots; natural or white woven baskets; limited rough hewn, hand crafted, celadon cement containers; unpainted boxes, lobster traps, or galvanized tin cans; and my most often selected, vast collection of antique Maine, radiant, reflective silver bowls, teapots and pitchers. Your vases and containers are appreciated as well. Let me see them for a price quote.

2012 Photos For 2013 and 2014 Bookings

Consider these delivery options~ Alda's Smooth Sailing, Statewide, full service, stress free, day long commitment. Over the years, by far the most popular Wedding day choice. ~$600.

Just Perfect Statewide Delivery and setup~ $300 (Truck rental may be required in addition if my van is preoccupied.)

or Send your own driver and designate your setup helpers. Your wedding and celebration flowers will be prepared here, just as you have always wanted, and we will help with the loading and impeccable planning. Loaned vases, containers and supplies must be returned to Alda's gardens, not far from Belfast, in a timely flow ~ No Charge.

If you are close or we are in the area, these fees may be reduced or waved.

Whether for a small group or many, or an elopement just for two, you will not be disappointed. No budget too large or too small.

Alda in her heather garden, 1973

Bo Atkinson's translucent roof garden, a top our 1860's cape. Domehome grown floral specialties since the seventies. Dome builtin 1980. Cementitious, naturally cooled room, for flower preparation.

Sit back and enjoy some of our latest seasonal, enchanting Maine wedding days~ with more photos soon to come.

Spring, Summer, Autumn 2010

2011 Photos For 2012 Bookings

2012 Photos For 2013 and 2014 Bookings