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This page contains pictures of two weddings we did in the summer of 1999. Alda contracted the florals and Bo contracted the lighting and structural decorations separately. A very dear Japanese bride asked us build a fabric replica of the famous Torri Arch of Japan. The suspended fabric arch measures 12 ft. in length and 8 ft. in height. Orchids were threaded beneath the Torri Arch to please the dancers. Special clear glass topiary vases were blown for the occasion.

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Above: A stone basin with party fish was snuggled amongst the trees and shrubs which were brought in to the tent for the occasion.

Below: Traditional stone lantern and water bowls were made by Bo, modeled on photographs from Japan.
 After the celebration, these were delivered to the bride's garden. This end of the tent was partitioned by the trees
and shrubs for cocktails, hors d'oeuvres and the place card table.

See my computer generated plans for this job.



Left: a twig arch was made by Bo

for the terrace wedding ceremony.

Florals were by Alda.



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Bo has been a sculptor in differing mediums for 30 years.


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Below is a wedding with topiary structures modeled from a book belonging to another dear bride. The book showed the spendid Longwood Gardens, in Pennsylvania. The following pictures show their effect in a 4 pole, 60 X 90 ft. tent set up at Asticou Inn in North East Harbor, Maine. Bo built 16 standing topiaries up to 8 ft. high and suspended another 8 ball topiaries 3 ft. in diameter. Bo's soft flood lighting accented the atmosphere as night descended. All of the florals were created by Alda. Most of this work was prepared in Montville with the help of our trusted sub contractors.

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Alda's 2010 Wedding Photos

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