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Sit back and enjoy the show with some of our summer floral beauties.

Alda's quintessential organics, thrillingly complement this Wedding rehearsal, lobster dinner. Stone House, Bar Harbor Regency.

Bo Atkinson, Trees -------------- Ed Haverty, photo, Berkeley

Alda's organics set on silk and burlap. MichaeleThunen, coordinator, San Francisco. Ed Haverty, photo, Berkeley

Birds' and hornets' nests were set among chocolate brown, pillar candles and log candy favors. Ed Haverty, photo, Berkeley

Alda's sensitively gathered, wild moss cradles her beach stone place "cards" which are always a custom favorite. Ed Haverty, photo, Berkeley

Almost to the wedding in Oli's Trolley, Bar Harbor. Jesse Finkelstein, photo

Gardenia, freesia, orchid, and delphinium wrist corsage. Jesse Finkelstein, photo

Entrance flowers of larkspurs, delphiniums and roses greet guests at Holy Redeemer Catholic Church, Bar Harbor. Ed Haverty, photo, Berkeley

Holy Redeemer entrance garlands create the ambiance with Alda's vintage cloth runner. Ed Haverty, photo, Berkeley

Holy Redeemer ruby velvet backdrop is swaged with delicate ivy and rosebuds. Ed Haverty, photo, Berkeley

Alter Flowers. Jesse Finkelstein, photo

Alda's fragrant, blush pink, Summer Bridal bouquet contains peonies, loosestrife, love in mist, prairie gentians, and lady slippers. Michael C.York, photo

Bellflowers, phlox, peonies, prairie gentians, roses and fragrant lilies glowed in the table centerpieces. Bar Harbor Club

Raspberry, Wedding torte with first pick of my fresh raspberries. Morning Glory Bakery. Jesse Finkelstein, photo

Island Delivery

Squirrel Island Chapel ~Alda's mouth blown, cobalt glass collection

Clematis bouquet in the rain.  Sally Bullard Coordinator. Robinhood Meeting House Caterer

Small, but gorgeous corsages and boutonnieres are our specialty. ~blue vanda and moth orchid, gardenia, and white heather corsage. Bill Getty, photo


Lighted topiaries.~Alda's signature piece. St. Mary's By the Sea entrance. Bill Getty, photo

Within St. Mary's By the Sea, Mt. Desert. Bill Getty, photo

Alda's fragrant gardenia, hoops. Bill Getty, photo

Together at the alter. St. Mary's By the Sea. Bill Getty, photo

Blush peonies, foxgloves, phlox, bellflowers, hydrangeas and hostas grace the alter. Alter flowers were left for Sunday service. Bill Getty, photo

Luminieres set. Three Sperry tents in the mist. Asticou Inn~ Bill Getty, photo

Alda's fragrant, blush Summer bouquet contains peonies, orchids, roses, sweet peas, stephanotis, and tuberoses. Bill Getty, photo

Pinks, blues and lavenders were carried by the Bridesmaids. Bill Getty, photo

Their bouquets were of astilbe, love in mist, peonies, lilies of Nile, roses, sweet peas and cornflowers. Bill Getty, photo

Functional and pretty~ Alda's citronella tubs. Bill Getty, photo

Three Sperry tents, night~ Asticou Inn. Bill Getty, photo

Nerines, foxgloves, astilbes and Louisiana pitcher plants designated the Bridal chair. Bill Getty, photo

Head table and side, tent poles. Bill Getty, photo

Asticou Dinner~ Alda's antique silver bowls. Krista Hastings, coordinator. Bill Getty, photo

My footed, silver bowls held blush, white and rosy peonies, blue hydrangea, Canterbury bells, and roses. Bill Getty, photo

Peony and lilac cake tower. Janice Strout, J.Cakes, wedding cake. Bill Getty, photo

Gorgeous lavender blues. Bok amphitheater, Camden. Marti Stone, photo

Alda's vintage, aisle cloth runner and Summer Bridal bouquet~ blues, lavenders, whites, ivories and greens. Marti Stone, photo

My Bride carried sweet peas, prairie gentians, blue lace, pin cushion flowers, phlox, love in mist, roses, and hydrangea. Marti Stone, photo

Intimate, historic White Hall Inn, Camden~ Many small silver vases and candles enhanced the dinner tables. Marti Stone, photo

Clark's Cove Farm~ Frisky peony and hydrangea bouquets for the Bridesmaids.

Alda's Summer Bridal bouquet had a new touch~ foxgloves, calla lilies, roses, Tibetan meadow rue and delicate, lavender, ostrich feather wisps .

The Bridesmaids held lavender, blue, mauve and deep purple bouquets. SharynPeavey, photo

Wedding field. Meagan Gilpatrick, coordinator. SharynPeavey, photo. Laura Cabot Catering

Alda's signageto be hung on Olin's Trolley, Bar Harbor

Bo's twiggy huppah. Bill Getty, photo

Poles were lushly decorated with calla lilies, orchids, roses, monstera leaves and ivy. Bill Getty, photo


Coral bouquets~ Asticou Azalea Garden. Bill Getty, photo

Alda's Summer cascading Bridal bouquet contained moth and coral orchids, stephanotis, roses and ranunculus. Bill Getty, photo

The Bridesmaids held coral charm peonies, astilbe, orchids, love in the mist, calla lilies, hypericum berries and roses. Bill Getty, photo

Calla lilies, peonies, proteas, dancing lady orchids, roses, heliconias, Kousa dogwood and ivy were arranged in Alda's handlown glass.~Bill Getty, photo

Minnesotan, Guatemalan, and Maine flowers composed the tall dinner tables and bar arrangements~ Asticou. Bill Getty, photo

Abundant candles lit each table. Bill Getty, photo

Night view~ Amber Small, coordinator. Bill Getty, photo

Blue hydrangea. Humbly exquisite, Our Lady of Holy Hope, Castine. Bill Getty, photo

Blue and white delphiniums, hydrangea, roses, gayfeathers, bellflowers, larkspurs and bells of Ireland were in front of the alter. Bill Getty, photo

Classic Bridesmaids bouquets~ blue hydrangea, delphiniums and love in mist. Castine. Bill Getty, photo

Rose petaled carpet. Samoset Resort

Zinnias, amaranth, bells of Ireland, wild cherry branches, roses, stock, larkspur and gladiolas were set at the front of the ceremony on Alda's twiggy stands and large white baskets.

Bride and Mom, Samoset Resort~ The Bride carried bright fragrant pink lilies, nerines, sweet peas, white protea, tuberoses, zinnias, grasses and roses.


Hydrangea and sweet pea kissing ball, corsages and calla lily boutonnieres were ready for my presentation.

Samoset Resort

Northeast Harbor, Asticou Inn~ Autumn colors in Summer. Alda's twiggy stands and natural basket collection

Preparing for once in a life time, group photo. Our Lady Queen of Peace Catholic Church, Boothbay Harbor.

Fragrant tent pole garlands festooned with thistles and sea heather~Newagen Seaside Inn

Harbor side tent~Newagen Seaside Inn

Table arrangements were composed of sunflowers, thistles, hydangeas, roses, nerines, dahlias, delphiniums, cornflowers, sea hollies and tuberoses in Alda's silver bowl collection.~Newagen Seaside Inn

Father and Bride. Cascading peacock feather bouquet~ Oakland House Seaside Resort

Alda's fragrant, cascading, peacock feather, Bridal bouquet contained lilies, stock, prairie gentians, peppermint, gardenias, tuberoses, roses, ivy and maiden hair ferns.


Oakland House Seaside Resort dinner tent, with some tall and some short vases.

White Pine Wishing Tree.

Blair Hill Inn, Greenville over looking Moosehead Lake

Alda's signature, lighted topiaries in vivid blues, pinks and whites~ Blair Hill Inn, interior

Maine windjammer Wedding, Penobscot Bay, Schooner Stephen Taber,   Katherine's Event Planning

Peppermint, hydrangea and delphinium  grace gangplank, handrail flowers~ Rockland marina

Alda's celestial blue, delphinium and trailing orchid Wedding bouquet~ Bride awaiting in Captain's quarters

Toasting the perfect journey for a life together ~ ceremony at sea. Schooner Stephen Taber. Rockland, Penobscot Bay. 


Photos are abbreviated to speed up internet reception. For availability of qualitative prints and compositions, contact photographers credited beneath photos. Photographers are alphabetically listed here.


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