Above: Pictures from Japan were used to model the arch in an engineering software, below.

Next: an actual fabric structure is built:

Below: A rendering was computer generated from the modeled using formz (rendered below in the 1999 software version).

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Here are other examples of some of my on site installation art work : a misty woodland celebration __and__ a millennial celebration .

See Bo's tent design and construction.

I am available for designing, modeling, building and consultation. My strengths are many years experience with hands on construction contracting, comprehensive consulting and intensive use of formZ software. Call 207-342-5796 (Maine, USA, EST).

Comments are appreciated: Email: boa1@pivot.net - - - Thanks

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Other, event/ trade show design work.

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Postal : Bo Atkinson, RR1 Box 2079, Freedom , ME 04941 USA


To build a symbol hire a sculptor .