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This 2015 link elaborates my spherical vortex rationales and my construction methods based on leapfrogging from primitive to evolved, by means of integrative tracing.

Quadrantal and semi toroidal visualizations and construction experiments of 2014 are provided as an open source thought experiment. First photo shows the rolling up of a flat coil segment.

The nature of winding flat coils cylindrically, tends to curl the windings as if to nearly form a ball coil! I was immediately excited by this physical effect. Second photo shows coil placed inside a food container.

The curling nature is entirely natural and relaxed. This same attribute is felt when held in hand:

Next came the cognition that forcing flat coil sections into quadrantal shaped sections provided a natural means of distributing turns in a flat coil, to more nearly space out the windings. Thus to densify the electrical field surface geometry- To reduce the 'holes' between windings.

This work demands long sections of flat coil windings. I will add photos of my efforts to build a productive, very-long, coil winder, in due course.


A very simplistic example of flat coil formation is demonstrated in this photo:

Quadrant coil sections can be force-shaped with a common iron pipe bender, but here used to shape just one quadrant:

I tend to physically test visualizations for deeper reflections on what effects may be had, such as sharper curls:

Next are array concepts. Concentric, quadrantal arrays are next suggested to explore magnetic field shaping. Such arrays might require molding of concrete, using a potters wheel, (to build shapers). Or the iron bender above might satisfactorily provide a quarter curl, while a flexible spacer might be used to create successively enlarged tori sections (and to secure the otherwise loose quadrants in a concentric array).

These concentric arrays might usefully apply to my orbital magnetic field experiments.

The nature of the nautilus shaped spiral path evokes a sense of "slinging off" a tangential force effect.

In yet another assembly concept, next photo, matched quadrantal sections may assemble to form a torus or a novel toroid:

More details on methods are planned to be added in future.

I cannot afford user posted comments on this low cost website. Comments are welcome:

All visualization and construction art work is by Bo Atkinson in Maine, USA.

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Sunspot Coil Model


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