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June 2018

The winter and spring saw me caught up in overly marketed distractions. I am totally recovered by discovery and absorption in the Pythagorean readings this summer. I navigated through a variety of complex studies simultaneously. This helped balance my energy endurance. Some of my system changes are briefly described in succession, as follows. First is the biggest physical system, with it's progress challenges:

After a winter of uselessly building a more traditional heat exchanger system, i finally decided to simplify my geothermal heat pump system. I was actually too detached because i was not finding good examples of system types on the web. The product selection was not ideal as "water to water heat pumps" are rare. Actually most heating systems are sold to boost oil and centralized monopolies. The oil industry wanted a larger, wasteful monopoly. Only recently have heat pumps been made popular in the market, but using cold air as the heat source. I happen to have plenty of water for heat sourcing.

I had started my installation with the general idea in my installer manual. My pre installation questions to the vendor went unanswered until, finally, after installation, my start up tests developed problems. Finally they were moved to answer this type of call. To be fair their system applies to a wide variety of applications. I just couldn't find the best examples, for my rare objective. I was amazed that progress is so chancy in our world, held back by marketing systems. So it is left to us to discover better directionsfor our short ife times.

It turned out that far more capacity and far less line resistance was actually key. I fell short of the real needs. I had just wasted six months. So now i needed to smile as i had endured a personal experience of "learning the hard way", about the best available system design for our home upgrading. Here is my new solution.

The cube is the heat pump, heating a large tank. A half round cylinder already exists in place. I will make it a full round cylinder this summer. It provides "zero head", (or low resistance for circulator pump). With which, a natural rise of heat raises water gently upwards in the tall tank. No need to waste energy pumpingheat circulation to the upstairs. This very simple means consrves energy.

More ideal would be a "heat pump unit" which sits directly inside such a tank, where the heat exchange generates it's own water circulation! I avoid the popular method of consuming so much energy to circulate heat inside "heat exchangers". Having my hot water tank placed in the stair well is the best retrofit i can think find today.


I see that most benefits in my life were due to healthy living and steadily searching for wisdom. In addition i also quit cannabis, last summer, as it likely stirs up the subconscious, too unpredictably. Yet people find this entertaining and a great release from our mad world situations. In later years of life, one may gratefully develop increased focus on control of awareness, (instead). Cannabis was interesting at times, but i wanted increased mind stamina and focussed mind power. The east-west resources of esotericism was finally energizing my full attention.

The fame of Pythagoras quickly stole my attention on new subjecdt to me: Hylozoics. A translated book excerpt, from Swedish, follows. See-

“...More and more writers of the incompetent sort, with an eye to the main chance, have hastened to produce all sorts of balderdash, for there is a rapid sale for this as for all other cheap literature. Their sense of reality being ruined by all fictionalism, people prefer fiction to reality.

There are also clairvoyants à la Swedenborg who will tell what they have seen in the "inner world". They ought to consider the esoteric axiom that "no self-tutored seer ever saw correctly", since though the next world may be seemingly like ours, it is actually totally unlike. Unless one has esoteric knowledge of the pertaining matters, one will misinterpret practically everything.

The fame of Pythagoras easily cleared my mind for absortion of it's pulverizing, recently released system. I apprediate ego shattering assertions like: “practically everybody becomes idiotized ever since childhood by the ruling idiologies (fictional systems).

I liked researching aspects of rare yoga types, which were possibly used in Paul Twitchell's Plagiarism, his crime of passion. An additional source of his seemed to be Scientology, where a boss had instilled aspects on my job at age 18, in NYC. My life was devoted more to such searches rather than to materialistic careers. Obscure connections meshed together, to better clarify the difficult merging, of the lost systems, of the ancient western and eastern esotericism. This recharges my focus on deeper systems.

My mind recharges intermittently through decades, of engaging in consciousness expanding systems. These are traditionally opposed by the main stream. Yet scientific progress always rearranges the fossilized mentality of failing societies. My blogging provides me the challenge to write accurately, (to the best of my ability). Declaring experience clarifies the achievement or level attained, especially for ones self.

I made a Youtube in April.

The linked video background is at home on April 22 . I avoid video production, due to limited tool budgets and limited digital-learning time. I used the default Mac imovie, with slow Youtube-processing-upload. The skies were beautiful, without pollution from today’s Climate Engineering. The digitized audio was converted from text, copy-pasted from NU Book3, (www searchable). The “asceticism” paragraph was included to note a confusion with cult problems. A common reaction is to suspect any hint of crafty gurus, egoism or manipulation. Prolonged distrust of these, limits findings. So i endured such possible stigma.

The human can overly restrict, or overly indulge. Either can stop wider discovery. I accept such risks. My eventual rejection of the NU song was based on lengthy evidence, only gradually found, with a final jolt to make it clear. The NU song seemed to open up some sort of malevolent telepathy portal, to prey upon deceived people. I noted public complaints by others.

As with all life, we are left to build improving outcomes, or to accept traditional backwardness and downfalls instead. Hard lessons can prove worthwhile, given adequate observation, methods and conclusions.

Here was a poor man's muffler job based on the findings of a State Inspection Report, which the inspector later "apologized for changing". After long invested labor, the car failed changed conditions, he claimed. This wasted another two weeks for me as the car is now at the crusher, all in June. The tulips cheered us up, however. Driving is less vital. Flowers offer better power.

March 31, 2018

I explore creative ways to innovate construction methods. I avoid costs and reduce pollution, by avoiding the polished result and by using many salvaged materials. Multi- functional parts also "builds more with less". Results usually look crude and cheap, but i value these results more, for the lower impact on the earth. Modern consumers have no awareness of the ongoing ecocide resulting from the modern, marketed life styles. My hands seem to explore this style of building while my mind is freer to wander, wondering about options of life's challenges.

My long drawn out winter project, provided exercise for the body and mind. While my real attention remained absorbed searching connects of the truer self.

Integrative activities of mind and body, both at one time achieves labor objectives while expanding unrelated mental capacity. The struggling artist gets two things for one period of time. In this case idiotic mind exercises were recognized ultimately. Observing first hand, the steps of victimization enables us to assist others.

I have the time to focus on this, at this point in life. Yet i neglected to do enough, time consuming research, on the material project simultaneously started. The outcome was another lesson on pointless haste. The dualistic risk divided my attention, but i need to value life's lessons. Detachment was overplayed, so the physical world kicked back.. All useful lessons, avoiding the folly of ego and attending lectures on MP3 audio, which likewise proclaimed egotistical folly which had been ripped off from esoteric Sanskrit sources.


January 2018: I love the awareness spurts which seems to open up, in some dream visions. Most nights i still have my older, basic dream style. These were usually reviewing life refections. In my dreams, the unrelenting prototype-builder struggles to perfect things, within my imperfect universe. See if materialism becomes improved. NU study has prioritized dream observation. A key for me was my free-styled dream analysis. The contrasting mental states of conscious and subconscious stimulate my adventure into all of existence. Consequently life becomes an internal adventure of existence. This is my form of integral guidance. Till the soil, see what can be grown there and then wash off the mud from these labors.


I start off this year sharing my learning from "The Real Unuverse", which was a new presentation. As it failed to distinguish itself from egoistic cultism. I let it guide my search, to see what i could see. I originally included audio clips and shows, to share this ongoing study here. I removed many links as Duane's URLs and volunteers both disappeared from the web. I found no outside interest to discuss this NU with other people. I'm amazed at the variety of internet discussion about spiritual and material slavery and this advertised appealing points of this view. The popularity proved shallow I was tolerant and patient to see if real experience, would come. Despite long patients, all that came was a clear perceptions of NU deception, preying on gullibility.


I tried to find better access to the amazing claims which were made by their leader, who claimed some sort of divinely chosen status, to deliver people to the real universes, as he described these things. It proved to be the same old sales tactic but with super charged dram telepathy, (for those who sent money of volunteered spamming to friends). I was more interested in the deeper claims made by a guide-figure named Rebisar and the origins of his interesting teachings. Much was found in my related searches, but it was generic.

I was fortunate to begin learning about predatory madness in our world, at an early age. I avoided "the system", right from the start, but it took many decades to see these extended details. I was friendly-skeptical about everything throughout life. I explore and share. Is serial learning from life after life compounded consistently? I'm keenly exploring which vehicles convey life learnings, life after life. Is that realistic? How is this claimed in so many varied ways? What can become learned between the blissful claims and claims that we are trapped in a challenging puzzle, free to explore ways out.

Is reincarnation a trap? This idea was a key NU book presentation. Proofs never were produced. Guidance seemed lacking. I had been looking for deeper understanding of the predatory nature of our world. This provided the experience first hand with a jolt.

I spent months looking through the background of the NU Presentation. Many related ideas and sources seemed to stir up promises. So i paid for NU training and books, which for a while actually seemed to cause the most remarkable sort of dream visions. After some months of this tapering off, i could see that my dream symbols actually contained red flags. Discussion of this was stopped in the Skype group. Eventually i noticed evidence of NU harms and comparable complaints of others on line. I regretted volunteering some dumb artwork for the NU groups on FaceBook. Yet initially it seemed worthwhile to test NU claims to explore the alleged entrapment of this planet and local universe. I found no supportive evidence. The warnings gradually increased. Regardless of the interesting mysticism and sources, these were just a cover for it's profiteering.

I have spent my whole lifetime trying out various systems to better understand life and it's purpose. Sadly most systems have proved limited or questionable. Tolerance provided first hand experience, which is the price of growing deeper knowledge, instead of just memorizing ideas. This was the best i could do. The benefits have been understanding limitations and moving forward to search for discoverable systems. Reading of many books has likewise seemed promising for discussion, but this has proved very limited. Again, the experience of such limitation improves the taste buds, for better findings ahead.



My 2017 Blogs Live Behind This Other Link


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