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December 2018

Two track mindfulness, one a constructive labor, continuing to experiment, now with a “geo radiator”, while the deeper mindfulness focuses on wisdom of ages, (via PDF books read to me on mp3 headphones). Here is my summary for 2018, a year of studying the aftermath, of what may seem like competing successors to the Theosophical movement. The individualized publications of the worlds first eastern and western integration, of related wisdom, deserves distinctive approaches, to reach diverse peoples.

I will try to summarize some of my 2018 impressions briefly: The human condition seems trapped by habitual or emotional situations, like stuck-songs, when songs become stuck in the head. Some people are fooled by externally monopolized desires, or otherwise by overwhelming beliefs, or even kept away by confining world views. I think this explains why few people develop an interest to explore options, of focused consciousness development. The life energy to be gained with this development is unknown until the study is invested. I’m motivated to at least share some views which struck home for me.

There are better ways forward, beyond stuck-consciousness, stuck too indulgently, like a stuck-song, which can wear out the head. Such automation can erode free will. Claims of liberation have provoked me to continually search for evidence of real advancement, however futile such hopes have seemed. My wide range of searching produced a sense of humanity’s struggling reach. Or if humanity was simply distracted or too indulged, could these become opted out of? Are human life situations too adverse to consider an advancement of consciousness?

Perhaps it was only through grueling reading and testing of varied belief systems, that a spark of insight gradually energized me, to read ever more successively and eventually after decades, to finally focus on Theosophically related texts. It became evident that this movement truly integrates what might be the most original aspects of wisdom and published in the most appreciable form. I had come across derivatives of some aspects throughout my long life of searching. I'm grateful to settle down upon the movement itself, as i love successional reading through MP3 headphones, while i do productive labor.

Gratefully i find support of this multi layered consciousness idea, expressed individually by several authors, variously related to Theosophy. I see this movement as somewhat open sourced, in the sense that authors use differing expressions, instead of all using one fixed terminology. “Multitrack consciousness” might fit as another expression, just dreamed up now, to rationalize some of the common basics.

Summarizing this year’s PDF book readings, a common Theosophical thread basically says: humans are beings born to inhabit three significant bodies, not just one body as commonly expressed, where birthing immerses us into the physical body, plus the emotional body, plus the mental body, which all together equals one human being. Or the word ‘embodiments’ might provide another sense of this. I see fitting correspondence, between multiple disciplines.

I see a striking resemblance to modern research that life is perhaps a virtual experience of a larger computerized network. The three part embodiment deserves balanced developments of all three, where humans have tended towards imbalance of these embodiments, which stunts the natural, inward evolution, towards expanding consciousness, (beyond the traditional entrapments which have typically stifled development of cosmic consciousness).

As a whole, humans may be recycling backward life habits, without advancing cosmically. After thousands of previous incarnations, we humans are encouraged to wake up cosmically, by learning to augment a balance of mental + emotional + physical bodies, (rather than to imbalance this particular bodily triad). Developing this balance is key to beginning the transcendence. Even starting in the current life, now, we may prepare for the "causal body" embodiment, which is part of the next bodily triad, on the cosmic ladder of advancing life experiences, (as described by Pythagoreans, a very close relative of Theosophy). This sort of book study, along with practical application of such principles highly energizes me.

We can free ourselves, but a person might need a big shock to jumpstart this sort of wisdom study. My whole life has been nudging myself onward, seeking workable solutions along these lines. I know how unpopular such a study is and then there are naturally, somewhat comparable, or captivating, or competing approaches to this wisdom, such that one is largely left alone to find a position of certainty with compatibility and to feel at home with pushing forward and to advance, even without a community working together, at the consciousness-objective. I write this as an encouragement, that a person can navigate this realm solo. I welcome questions or comments, from my readers.


October 2018

Progress continues with puzzling together the meaning of life. Why should we develop consciousness? How would consciousness develop further? I found excellent sources to share and a boundless spectrum of progress on our planet earth. It's not on TV, it's not on top sites, but it is easily found on the right links.


I've been reading Pythagorean-hylozoics, non-stop for only four months at this writing. I love the developmental-system that includes practice, which works effectively and beneficially. I read from a very wide spectrum of deep sources, dating back to my youth in the1960s, which has stimulated my appetite for Laurency's works, just this year. My understanding is still elementary, given the nature of expanding horizons with consciousness development. Lars writes about Pythagorean hylozoics and his own book, linked below, presents the importance of active meditation in contrast to the restrictive forms of passive meditation. I recommend this book for people wondering about their meditation options.

Food For Thought

We grow our tomatoes very rustically here, so i am accustomed to the merits of moderately wild gardening and the natural situations of spoilage and pests. I don’t spend much time on the flawed growth, (garden fastidiousness), as life is too short. I put most of my time into maximizing the good fruits of good works. In this spirit i find so much good in Laurency's work and the fine English language translation, by Adelskogh. Laurency's works are online for greater consciousness development and further successional understanding.

This "less abstract" PDF book: "The Explanation" uses more common terms, for an easier introduction. Personally, i love all levels of explanations, as additional contexts can help convey such essential meanings.

Pythagoras is still with us, in more ways than one. Following is Lars Adelskogh's book on some key parts of Pythagorean hylozoics. An excerpt clarifies our human state of existence, in the original Pythagorean form. This is a more developed context on active meditation, it struck me as an ultimate resource for contemporary consciousness development. May we liberate ourselves from misleading doctrines of old, with contemporary introductions.

All one link:
"Since the self is not one of the “lower principles”,
that is, the envelopes of incarnation –
the mental, emotional, and etheric envelopes
– and their consciousness, ...

ABOUT PYTHAGOREAN METHODS OF ACTIVATION . . . Find through the following sites:

For all details, find the copyrighted PDF books, available as free downloads from

Also find much content through:


Lars Adelskogh translated all the texts of Henry T. Laurency, into English. (I do not understand Swedish). The original Swedish versions of Laurency's books, were initially introduced in the 1950s and were soon suppressed by marketers and those ones who hate real progress in consciousness development. This has been typical for planet earth, but concentrating on this subject will help heal our troubled times.

I listen to spoken texts read to me during daily tasks, (through PDF to MP3 conversion, audio readings through earplugs or headphones). The gradual flow of hundreds of listening hours, heard successively with many replays, trains "my selves", (the word ‘envelopes’ is used for selves, asit is said in esoterics). These envelopes are Laurency's word-meaning, referring to the usual, internal, faculties of humans, the emotionality, the physicality, and the mentality, each of which compile general consciousness and dominate human attention, which comprise one’s time on earth, but by lagging habituation, are under-developed, as compared with the possibilities which humans have. Instead, we humans maintain the elementary qualities of life (through the eons which humanity has existed, according to esoterics). Human evolutionn has been stuck in this primitive life habituation, instead of using the inherent possibilities which can be studied in hylozoics. We have better ways to remedy this situation today. I always wanted an active meditation system which was not found until recently. I am barely beggining to understand these teachings and to understand that passive methods of meditation, at best, reach stages of mysticism, or sainthood, but lack the scientific balance… Where Pythagoras clarified, that "spirit is the same as the consciousness of matter". This key aspect has been lost for thousands of years, except in lesser known teachings. Today it is here, based in western languages, without need to constantly refer to eastern languages for readsing the basics, and is to be found in the links above and at laurency.com.

I study deep subjects while gardening. I just cut the weedy vines at the base, where these interfere with good crops. I wish i could get the natural pests to do this weeding, in exchange for my favoring them. For years i have wondered if human manipulation of causes are too primitive, to make such relationships possible, but whether we could make this happen through better causitive development. Bring such harmony to earth. Raising our consciousness development might open possibilities. Provide keys to develop a better civilization , if we use the right tools and methods, to reach higher planes. If we actually discover the tools of causality. Humans have fallen to quickly, away from higher consciousness development. Yet consciousness development is available internally for one and all.

I accept that earlier meditation practices very likely missed key parts, which are now available. These were held back by higher selves,for the sake of alllowing free will to find it's way on earth, with sufficient numbers of people looking for this sort of developmental practice, such as generic-group-consciousness-development. Until sufficient humans will rationally develop their consciousness, systematically reaching upwards to higher selves internally, (instead of being stuck in materialsm for too many erons of time). Advancement requires an active form of meditation, as i am begining to see it. This hylozoic system connects particular advances of western scientific and eastern consciousness with Pythagorean additives, all unified together, to be internally exercised, as a further result, of reading texts by Laurency, Adelskogh (and possibly earlier related works of esoerics, from the east and the west).

Many esoteric authors have covered some of this subject area, but Laurency and Adelskogh clinch the best way to expand consciousness development, by adding more contemporary methodology. As human development has been too wild and stray, without such guidance.

The original founder, as a person, was Pythagoras, whose poor-reception in our world, has indicated that humans would need extensive self development, before reconnecting humanity with higher-evolutionary realms, to become discovered in hylozoic guidance. Much more is clarified in the books. A " hierarchy of further develpped selves" invites humans to graduate consciously, successionally, to higher unified states above the singular-self-consciousness, to higher kinds of selves, to find unity, (instead of constantly overplaying the lower competitive states of life, as most humans have held on to, so far). There is no physically-official-human-corporation of this today, no authoritarian control to mandate this process. Discussion and groups are unofficially-open-sourced and can become based on Laurency’s epic works, now published in several international languages. An inner expansion of awareness would be the higher development, and internal association with higher selves may grow. Ultimately a higher organization for humanity may comne of it, from my understanding so far..

Individuals or groups are free to study, practice and possibly present the content to others and to mutually develop consciousness, further. This appears to me, to be a mutually amplifying development. Yet we are seriously warned to expect the powers that be, in all it’s guises, to complicate true self-conscious development. We are not to robotize our fear, but rather to steer energies above the diaphragm, to finally overcome the pitfalls of our nerve centers below, from the addictive passions below the diaphragm, (any of the physically addictive habits generally). Our heart center needs to focus on higher nerve centers of the body. Humanity needs to develop higher emotiuonal states.

Why is society suffering without creative, rational, healing efforts? I look at some problematic influences which could be handled. On the societal side of the equation i see:

globalist hoarding
mass produced obsolescence for markets
dictatorial hoarding of low standards
globally financed materialism
hoarding of fake economic values

Such things have been blamed on the masses alone, but only the elites can jump start the vehicle of change, by diverting these flows which are fixated by hoarding of wealth, (instead of letting natural evolution to harmoniously flow). Apply due process to the loopholes in materialism. The masses inattentively follow along with defaults made available. Today’s defaults are of dwindling qualities. How can market beneficiaries stand by inattentively?

It may “take one to know one”. I collected plenty of junked materials in my life. After decades the problems become more evident, but we constantly refine our collections here and also defend scrap collections for re-purposing. Sustainable, industrialized commerce likewise needs to constantly improve it’s own recycling. Decentralizing this process everywhere is needed.

Recently, the plastic recycling market has been largely diminished locally! Suddenly this summer, most of the trashed plastics are no longer accepted for recycling! How is it that industrialist cannot take responsibility for this, along with the whole chain of it’s financiers? (Include government in that picture with black hole military wastes).

June 2018

~ To Be Further Updated

The winter and spring saw me caught up in overly marketed distractions. I am totally recovered by discovery and absorption in the Pythagorean readings this summer. I navigated through a variety of complex studies simultaneously. This helped balance my energy endurance. Some of my system changes are briefly described in succession, as follows. First is the biggest physical system, with it's progress challenges:

After a winter of uselessly building a more traditional heat exchanger system, i finally decided to simplify my geothermal heat pump system. I was actually too detached because i was not finding good examples of system types on the web. The product selection was not ideal as "water to water heat pumps" are rare. Actually most heating systems are sold to boost oil and centralized monopolies. The oil industry wanted a larger, wasteful monopoly. Only recently have heat pumps been made popular in the market, but using cold air as the heat source. I happen to have plenty of water for heat sourcing.

I had started my installation with the general idea in my installer manual. My pre installation questions to the vendor went unanswered until, finally, after installation, my start up tests developed problems. Finally they were moved to answer this type of call. To be fair their system applies to a wide variety of applications. I just couldn't find the best examples, for my rare objective. I was amazed that progress is so chancy in our world, held back by marketing systems. So it is left to us to discover better directions for our short life times.

It turned out that far more capacity and far less line resistance was actually key. I fell short of the real needs. I had just wasted six months. So now i needed to smile as i had endured a personal experience of "learning the hard way", about the best available system design for our home upgrading. Here is my new solution:

Just the descriptions of “The Real Connection”, “The Real Guides” and the “The New Sound Wave” sparked my initial interest in the NU focus. These big ideas stimulated my tolerance and energized my long background research. This effort is for long-distance seekers only, with tolerance for extended hypotheticals. Despite there are too many distracting side adventures in the NU Books, (which detour into emotional worlds). I tolerated months of exploring the best part of this NU brand. Here is a computer-read excerpt, in a video. The subject matter is actually too complex for simplified summaries, but provide a sample of my mp3 listening software I wish the software provided better voice simulations! I made a Youtube in April as a software learning exercise, but lacked coaching for needed skills. I could have omitted the first two paragraphs of the audio and improved content.

The linked video background is at home on April 22 . I avoid video production, due to limited tool budgets and limited digital-learning time. I used the default Mac imovie, with slow Youtube-processing-upload. The skies were beautiful, without pollution from today’s Climate Engineering. The digitized audio was converted from text, copy-pasted from NU Book3. (I slightly edited some the pronunciations as used in NU Youtubes heard much earlier).

The “asceticism” paragraph was included to note a confusion with cult problems. A common reaction is to suspect any hint of gurus, egoism or manipulation. Prolonged distrust of these, limits findings. The human can overly restrict, or overly indulge. Either can stop wider discovery. I accepted such risks. My eventual rejection of NU presentations was based on various sources of evidence, patiently examined over several months. The limited results from the NU-U song, proved unreliable, as life was to show me.

I was already a long term explorer of comparable presentations, which the NU presentation prefixed with the word “Real”. This prefix asserts a special distinction of meaning. Supposedly to avoid all other possible confusions. I had provisionally acknowledged these prefixes, plus the upper-case-emphases and the word smithing, as used in NU Books. I endured through 8 months, to additionally study the source-backgrounds, as found through www searching. It energized me through many source materials, of the Far East. I have already spent decades seeking knowledge from many sources. I like exploring. It provoked me to locate and study deeper readings of the far east like specific types of yoga.

I began doing the “NU U Sessions” as monotones, (as a very poor singer). I gradually practiced and almost developed resonant overtones, (at times). My sound was weak, sometimes. Overall, this did help me try a variety of meditation styles. I had never liked the “emptiness style of meditation” and had avoided assorted forms of yoga, earlier. I finally quit the NU song, a month after posting this video, in my ninth NU month. I continue beyond the multiple references in my blog.

The outcome of 8 months, with a few months of attempted group participation, lacked sufficient-interactive participation. My presence in the NU skype group grew uncomfortable. Granted that, my complicated thinking deflects listeners. Gaps of needed understanding grew. A Real Acceptance, for the Real Me, specifically, was lacking. I did get some dream interactions, which seemed promising at first. Expansion of these into greater light, as suggested in the NU, steadily dwindled. I separately found that one can apply sort of a generic “dream yoga” and symbolic interpretation, to steadily improve one’s personal lucidity.

I love the nightly dream work, sparked by reading the NU Book and the externally searched resources. Night-dreams offer interesting inter activity. I love unrestricted individuality, working with symbolic guidance, dream work, or sleep yoga, or awareness-adventure… My searching experiences do provide substance for me. My energy for exploration was stimulated, by this extended exercise. I am grateful, to take dreams more seriously, to expand connections to the inner self.

March 31, 2018

I explore creative ways to innovate construction methods. I avoid costs and reduce pollution, by avoiding the polished result and by using many salvaged materials. Multi- functional parts also "builds more with less". Results usually look crude and cheap, but i value these results more, for the lower impact with less pollution of the earth. Modern consumers have no awareness of the ongoing ecocide resulting from the modern, marketed life styles. My hands seem to know this style of building and repair, while my mind is freer to wander, balancing out the facts and fictions, while exploring for deeper knowledge.

My long drawn out winter project, provided exercise for the body and mind. While my real attention remained absorbed within the truer self, as alluded by NU books and internet media. Key NU~U references support my own experiences and findings throughout life. The NU promised continuing connections to critical gaps. "The real connection" needed wide reaching corroboration. This took some months.

I was ready for a fast pace adventure, but i wasn't sure about the NU~U singing. Sing to produce a new kind of adventurous freedom . I had heard of chants, as used in this world, but none struck me so directly. Indifferently at first, gradually the singing seemed part of my adventure, with realistic results. Already pretty free in life, i found new dream awareness. Was it simply a determined effort to prioritized and and keep notes on the dream arena? I have the time to focus on this, all at this point in life. I can therefore see the dualistic forces more clearly and with greater detachment. I gave it a try, but later rejected the NU participation. Besides, detachment needs greater care, not to waste time in the physical world. I worked, "somewhat detached".on a geothermal heating system without needed research, resulting in the wrong approach. (Later to undo it).

January 2018: I love the awareness spurts which seems to open up, in some dream visions. Most nights i still have my older, basic dream style. These were usually reviewing life refections. In my dreams, the unrelenting prototype-builder struggles to perfect things, within the imperfect universe. See if materialism becomes improved. NU study has expanded my dream focus. I strove to become a better dream observer, by internal discipline. A key for me was my free-styled dream analysis. I began a discipline of recording dreams in a small dictation device, upon awakening, before my eyes are open, before i engage my day time plans. Later i wrote a summary of interpretation. The contrasting mental states stimulate my adventure into all of existence. Consequently life becomes an internal adventure of existence. Imagination strengthens with better inspiration. This is my from of integral guidance.

I start 2018 sharing my learning from "The Real Unuverse", which was a new presentation. As it audibly distinguishes from spirituality and from materialism. I originally included NU audio clips and shows here, to share this ongoing study. I removed many links as NU-Duane's external URLs were removed from the www. Interest to discuss the deeper NU writings was absent. The NU skype discussions were overly controlled. I'm amazed at the variety of internet discussion about spiritual and material slavery and this particular presentation provoked added curiosity. The NU books are so focussed on narcism, which outweighed any deeper values. (Values taken from other sources without accessible attributions). I tolerated this style, with patience, to see if it would reveal more sensible information, at some point. I doubt it ever will..
One dimensional thinking enslaves us. Two dimensional projection decorates our illusive time line. Coming soon may follow three dimensional projections, as this lab demonstration reveals ,( already). Projectors of belief & simulation are powerfully criticized in coarser NU language, to possibly reach average humans. Do people learn and expand awareness? Are we conned?. . . Are we strung along? . . . Are we 'taplined'? . . . What?

I was fortunate to begin learning about predatory madness in our world, at an early age. I avoided "the system", right from the start, but it took many decades to see these extended details. I was friendly-skeptical about everything throughout life. I explored accounts of serial-life learning. Is serial learning from life after life compounded consistently? I'm keenly exploring which methods convey these life learnings, life after life. Is that realistic? How is this claimed in so many varied ways? What can be learned between the blissful claims and claims that we are trapped in a challenging puzzle. Are we free to explore ways out of slavery?

Is reincarnation a trap? (I explored these NU ideas for a while, but ultimately felt the NU Presentation used fanciful distractions, targeting the unaware masses. The trap-bait attempts to distract people from truer guidance.)
TimeMakers : Reality is a trap. Time is your bait. (This seemed like NU bait..)

People are free to restrict themselves. What in the world gets out of control?
Who accepts a self demise? Who wakes up to exit fearfulness?

The NU Presentation used and translated many advanced ideas into slang, without helpful attributions, attempting to reach an unwitting audience for profits. I tolerated it's mix of facts and fictions, for some months, which were supposed to advance consciousness. At the least this spurred my needed catch up with far eastern, consciousness studies. My internet searching of NU history was a useful starting point. Such lessons of life can come with lengthy dealings, requiring a kick-start. This can help distinguish facts and fictions.


My 2017 Blogs Live Behind This Other Link


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