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January 2018:

I love the awareness spurts which seems to open up, in some dream visions. Most nights i still have my older, basic dream style. These were usually reviewing life refections. In my dreams, the unrelenting prototype-builder struggles to perfect things, within the imperfect universe. See if materialism becomes improved. NU~u study has expanded my dream focus, by becoming a better dream observer now. A key for me was my free-styled dream analysis. I began a discipline of recording dreams in a small dictation device, upon awakening, before my eyes are open, before i engage my day time plans. Later i write a summary with interpretation. The contrasting mental states stimulate my adventure into all of existence. Consequently life becomes an internal adventure of existence. Imagination strengthens with better inspiration. This is my from of integral guidance.

I start off this year sharing my learning from "Real Unuverse" presentation. As it audibly distinguishes from spirituality and from materialism. I include short audio clips to share this ongoing study. I invite discussion. I found some common sense in the audio presentation, linked below. I'm amazed at the variety of internet discussion about spiritual and material slavery. I look at claims offered online.

One dimensional thinking enslaves us. Two dimensional projection decorates our time line. Coming soon may follow three dimensional projections, as this lab demonstration reveals, already. Projectors of belief & simulation are powerfully criticized in the following presentation series.

Are we conned?. . . Are we strung along? . . . Are we 'taplined'? . . . What?
This nine minute audio explains a 'taplining' process.

The full length, two hour and thirteen minute show is linked here on Soundcloud.

I was fortunate to begin learning about predatory madness in our world, at an early age. I avoided "the system", right from the start, but it took many decades to see these extended details. I was friendly-skeptical about everything throughout life. I explore and share, even accounts of serial-life learning. Is serial learning from life after life compounded consistently? I'm keenly exploring which vehicles convey life learnings, through life after life? How is this claimed in so many varied ways? What can become learned between the blissful claims and claims that we are trapped in a challenging puzzle, free to explore ways out/

Is reincarnation a trap? Here is a 3.5 minute sound excerpt to sample.
Nu common sense about this particular world madness, here ... no kidding!
Full Version ... One hour and seventeen minute audio track.

TimeMakers : Reality is a trap. Time is your bait.
How consciousness tricks the true self. (4 minute sound clip)

My interpretations of this talk continue:
People of prison worlds like earth can escape.
We must earn a true escape pass, for our departure from earth..
This is at 22 minutes from beginning, of the full 1.5 Hr show

Do we want reality hammered into our minds throughout life? Many agree and accept ideas. I tried out a variety of these ideas throughout my life. I left each one after cooperating as far as possible. I still search for transcendent truths and find this linked audio series most transcendent and yet full of common sense. It is the transcendent parts in dreams which reveal the true self most.

People are free to restrict themselves. What in the world gets out of control?
Who accepts a self demise? Who wakes up to exit fearfulness? (1 minute audio clip)
As long as a person agrees to the collective fears, these tend to persist. We tend not to see these as restrictions, which we agree to. Here we can stumble. We can too easily agree through error. We build these causes and effect, (karma). We collect these throughout life. Here is the full, hour long talk on this subject. Next: Part 5 The Real Wake Up Now Series explores ritualism of religion.

Break through the ice dams and the simulated spell ! Dispel. the projection/ reflection/ simulation/ creation . Duane explains the human- farming in one minute flat . Or listen to the whole show, click below... One and a half hours online, free down load, as usual:
Continuing from the series,Your DreamVisions Now ~ The RealWakeUP Now, part 5 ~ Ritualism of Religion
In playlist: The RealWakeUP Now

Don't worry there really is an escape hatch ! (A One Minute Audio Clip)

We immersed ourselves in this world, through birth, through incarnation. We awaken from dreams and can awaken from this 'creation', one step at a time. When we are ready, but an urgency is also described. A window is open for internal dream guidance, (as procrastination is encouraged by "the system"). Progressive awakening can easily begin with dream vision sessions. I chose a quicker start with steady reading, through internet downloads.
Duane explains his NU~U song. (Another One Minute Audio Clip)
This audio clip came from "The RealWakeUP Now, part 6 ~ The NU-U Sessions"
In series: The RealWakeUP Now
Here is the full audio version of Part 6. Your DreamVisions Now . . . An Hour Long Presentation.

I heard diverse commentators, over the years, relating similar ideas about all existence. Ideas of simulated existence come to my mind. An "all - is - existence" provides a new label for me.

Part 7 Duane lists non authoritarian features of "unuversal positioning", in this 44 second clip.
The main idea sounds like extensive freedom from authoritarians. If this was achieved by departing from existential slavery, then it sounds ethically sound if not to infringe upon rights of others As if one created a non enslaved, self-universe.
Here is the full version of Part 7, The RealWakeUP~ UNUversal Positioning.

Controllers of our human world tell us that earth is in a material existence. While bold scientists continue to question the absolute nature of physicality. Science and technocracy stretch reality far and wide with complicated, competing compartments. Can we own our own beliefs, freed from corporate science and regulations? Imagination improves my life. I listen to mp3 audio versions of books.


Here is my initial adventure into dream visions, in September of 2017. This really does expand so simply, without rituals and unfolding gradually.

Here is my pictorial links to my rambling website.