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June 2018

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My big interest in The NU-U, (pronounced “new-you”), was the adventure beyond physical, human restrictions, to expand lucid-awareness of existence. I spent over half a year studying it's claims, it's references and background. Suddenly, this June, it has lost it's former sensibility. I gradually found startling complaints and disappointments. I decided Duane the NU founder was yet another hustler, selling products and manipulation.

Just the descriptions of “The Real Connection”, “The Real Guides” and the “The New Sound Wave” sparked my initial interest in the NU focus. These big ideas stimulated my long tolerance. The hypotheticals took a long period to research. I happily learned about many branches of yoga. Here is a computer-read excerpt, in a video. I publish this Youtube to summarize some high expectation i had for the NU. I made a Youtube in April.

The linked video background is at home on April 22 . I avoid video production, due to limited tool budgets and limited digital-learning time. I used the default Mac imovie, with slow Youtube-processing-upload. The skies were beautiful, without pollution from today’s Climate Engineering. The digitized audio was converted from text, copy-pasted from NU Book3. This PDF book can be searched on the www.

The “asceticism” paragraph was included to note a confusion with cult problems. A common reaction is to suspect any hint of gurus, egoism or manipulation. Prolonged distrust of these, limits findings. The human can overly restrict, or overly indulge. Either can stop wider discovery. I accepted such risks. My eventual rejection of the practice was based on lengthy evidence, gradually examined more extensively. The limited results from the NU-U song, proved unsubstantial, (if not detrimental), as life was to show me.

I was already a long term explorer of the related subjects, which the NU presentation prefixed with the word “Real”. This prefix asserts a special distinction of meaning. Supposedly to avoid all other possible confusions. I had tolerated these prefixes, plus the upper-case-emphases and the word smithing, as used in NU Books. I endured through 8 months, to widely explore the source-backgrounds, as found through www searching. It energized me through many source materials, of the Far East. I have already spent decades on parallel searches and explorations. This fit my interests very well. It provoked me to locate and study other, deeper readings from Sanskrit and yoga sources.

The outcome of 8 months, with a few months of attempted group participation, lacked sufficient-interactive participation. My presence in the NU skype group grew uncomfortable. Granted that, my complicated thinking deflects listeners. Gaps of mutual understanding grew. A Real Acceptance, for the Real Me, specifically, proved lacking. I did get some dream interactions, which seemed promising at first. Expansion of these into greater light, as suggested in the NU, steadily dwindled. I separately found that one can apply sort of a generic “dream yoga” and symbolic interpretation, to steadily improve one’s personal lucidity. The finally doubted Duane's integrity and "real-guidance".

I love the nightly dream work, initially sparked by reading the NU Books but the dream symbols gradually led me away from NU. I love unrestricted individuality, working with symbolic guidance, dream work, or sleep yoga. As with all life, we are left to build our outcomes, or accept dominant defaults instead.

March 31, 2018

I explore creative ways to innovate construction methods. I avoid costs and reduce pollution, by avoiding the polished result and by using many salvaged materials. Multi- functional parts also "builds more with less". Results usually look crude and cheap, but i value these results more, for the lower impact on the earth. Modern consumers have no awareness of the ongoing ecocide resulting from the modern, marketed life styles. My hands seem to know this style of building while my mind is freer to wander, wondering about options within life's difficult fate.

My long drawn out winter project, provided exercise for the body and mind. While my real attention remained absorbed within the truer self, as alluded by NU books and internet media. Key NU~U references support my own experiences and findings throughout life. The NU promised continuing connections to critical gaps. "The real connection" deserved wide reaching corroboration.

I was ready for a fast pace adventure, but i wasn't sure about the NU~U singing. Sing to produce a new kind of adventurous freedom . I had heard of chants, as used in this world, but none struck me so directly. Indifferently at first, gradually the singing seemed part of my adventure in life, with realistic results. Already pretty free in life, i found new parts of awareness. Was the benefit simply a determined effort to keep notes on the dream arena and reflect on possible meanings? I have the time to focus on this, all at this point in life. I can therefore see the dualistic forces more clearly and with greater detachment, which shunts off the imperfections of life.


January 2018: I love the awareness spurts which seems to open up, in some dream visions. Most nights i still have my older, basic dream style. These were usually reviewing life refections. In my dreams, the unrelenting prototype-builder struggles to perfect things, within the imperfect universe. See if materialism becomes improved. NU study has expanded my dream focus, by becoming a better dream observer now. A key for me was my free-styled dream analysis. I began a discipline of recording dreams in a small dictation device, upon awakening, before my eyes are open, before i engage my day time plans. Later i write a summary of interpretation. The contrasting mental states stimulate my adventure into all of existence. Consequently life becomes an internal adventure of existence. Imagination strengthens with better inspiration. This is my form of integral guidance.

I start off this year sharing my learning from "The Real Unuverse", which was a new presentation. As it audibly distinguishes from spirituality and from materialism. I originally included audio clips and shows, to share this ongoing study. I removed many links as Duane's URLs and volunteers both disapear. I found insufficient outside interest to discuss this NU with other people, outside of a small closed group. I'm amazed at the variety of internet discussion about spiritual and material slavery and this particular presentation provided me with agreeable points of view. In that the world seems to ignore it's inner guidance.

I was fortunate to begin learning about predatory madness in our world, at an early age. I avoided "the system", right from the start, but it took many decades to see these extended details. I was friendly-skeptical about everything throughout life. I explore and share, even accounts of serial-life learning. Is serial learning from life after life compounded consistently? I'm keenly exploring which vehicles convey life learnings, life after life. Is that realistic? How is this claimed in so many varied ways? What can become learned between the blissful claims and claims that we are trapped in a challenging puzzle, free to explore ways out.

Is reincarnation a trap?
TimeMakers : Reality is a trap. Time is your bait.

People are free to restrict themselves. What in the world gets out of control?
Who accepts a self demise? Who wakes up to exit fearfulness?

Below is another excerpt from NU Blogs on Facebook, (from midwinter, of 2017-2018). Duane's text is inserted on top of separately published images, borrowed from an production for the Vatican. I did the montage in participation with the NU groups on FaceBook.



My 2017 Blogs Live Behind This Other Link


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