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Garden Sculpture Direct line to sculptor : Bo Atkinson (207) 342 5796

Indoor and outdoor fountains, concrete metaphors --- bonded stone with fossiliferous textures* --- and sculpting to your specification.

*Real leaves are fossilized into surfaces of concrete sculpture. Fossiliferous leaves are often large rhubarb, comfrey and burdok. Largest works are made hollow and may be filled and/ or incorporated into still larger structures. Options are available, including on-site sculpting.

Note: These pages are placed in the public domain and are furnished "as is". The author assumes no responsibility for the use or misuse of the concepts in this series. All pertaining laws should be satisfied, in duplicating or testing my concepts or descriptions, as are posted on my linked pages.

I grew up as an America child in the ruins of Rome , Italy . Around this "eternal city" fragments of artifacts were commonly recycled in gardens or parks. Too good to landfill, not precious enough for museums, indeed I heard that forgotten layers of past cities lie beneath modern Roma's buildings. A sense of timeless connectivity can grow in these ornamental fragments,it is also called sentimentality. And it also can grow wherever one plants sculpture which has been made in

the age worn style. Contrast the factory multiplied ornament style, which often don't grow. See my outdoor studio.

Two Bridges in photo are concrete. One in background spans 20 ft and small one in foreground spans 3 ft.. Design and on site construction of wonderful gardens, ponds and waterfalls is available. Hire me.


An actual concrete bridge with real kids. The contour mapping data from a computerized model is superimposed.

A bridge to your ideals: consult a sculptor ! Below:A typical presentation , tailored for a valued client.

Concrete protection for your well features unrestricted access options."Stupa" Well Cover. 5.5 ft $ 600, (plain finish).

(Wholesale Prices. Handling, delivery and installation are to be arranged separately)


To Right: Kitchen sink and counter built integrally together, using ferrocement. (1978).


To build a symbol, hire a sculptor.

"Teddy Chair" and other nice stone pieces, (can be made hollow for shipping). Or see some freeform sculptural building ideas of mine.

Megalithic Masks, see giant stone mask .

See examples of fossiliferous color & texture for these or sculptures of your specifications.

See other works: "more Concrete Metaphors "

See "CAD Sculpture Mapping"

See index page.

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Shipping, handling and installion cost extra.