In the 1980s and 1990s i spent a lot of time considering electromagnetic meshes. As models which might apply to all scales from nano to giga scales. The ancient basket weaves intrigued me. Upper left model followed a basket weave while lower right model contained many ordinary coils to largely cover the basket surface. I like the term isotropic from Synergetics, but another term is needed to describe perpendicular fields from variously shaped surfaces. My sketches of those earlier decades were very limited as compared with 3D software renditions.

Image above is an example of visualizing my basket-weave coil study. These images reveal how limited my visualization was before computer imaging came to low budget artgineers....   I started using (accurate) 3D CAD (SilverScreen) in 1994 after 2 years of teaching myself computers. (I had very limited information before the www came to rural Maine in the later 1990s).


Remainder of page was originally posted in 1999,

demonstrating my interest in tools fore meshing with circles.

Sculptural Supplement To The www Ringforcement Page

Rings can conform to complex shapes.

Orange rings belong to dome, red rings to curving wall, blue lines to openings, green to curved roof.

This model is a quick study executed fairly easily. Important data like exact coordinates, amounts of steel and concrete can be accurately obtained by continuing the model .

Computer use at a construction site could revolutionize the concrete construction process. Computer guided placement tools could conceivably replace blueprints and coordinate uncertainties.

Views here are modeled with a software named "formZ", (URL- It offers precise modeling for several computer platforms, rendering up to Radiosity, animation and input for real world coordinates. Output for work site coordinates are a feasible possibility.

Here is an elliptical dome structure outlined in rings.


Below are ringforcement suggestions for giant relief structures as building features.


Complex shapes, preferred scaling and merging spheres are easily modeled.

Too little is known about actual test comparisons between traditional reinforcement, flat spiral loops and individual "O" rings. Rings appear to have interesting test possibilities. As a low budget single handed developer, I have very little opportunity to test the many ideas presented in these www pages. The testing cannot keep up with my my conceptual exploration.


Envisaging Transverse Force Fields:   Laminated, parallel coils are considered on this linked page.

The content on this website,, is placed in the public domain only as a free exchange of ideas and as a "hard studied wish to serve life". The author assumes no responsibility for the improper use of the concepts in these web pages, as all relevant laws of life and local codes should be verified and observed before any building or experimentation proceeds. discussion is welcome, please write.  Bo Atkinson