Disclosure made to Patents & Trademarks Office Washington DC

In 1979 I believed i could patent concepts like this. I tried to follow recommended procedures, like beginning with a disclosure. Here is the main illustration page which i disclosed back then:

I had wanted to invest my energies into experimenting with this sort of work. However i had to build a home and work at income bearing efforts. At this point in my life, i am trying to update my inspirations concerning geometries and explorations of coils, helices, spirals, vortices, spheres toroids, tetrahedrons. All of which seem to have relationships which can be explored. I have referred to the geometrically- related concepts by several names:

"Morphing-Sphere Spiral"
"Reflex Flame Amplifier"
"Spherical Reflex Coil"
"Plasma Resonator"
"Reflex Vortex Amplifier"
"Multi Axial Coils"


Envisaging Transverse Force Fields:   Laminated, parallel coils are considered on this linked page.

My earliest work with 3d modeling software.

My exploration of electric and magnetic field relationships, through geometry.

My 1980 experiments with feable currents and coil geometries.

Continuation of my printed coil "thought experiments", March 2013, modeling for a transversely wound and folded coil.

If any part of these concepts provide inspiration or useful content for others, i offer my prior art work and intellectual rights into the public domain. I would state this better if i understood the convention of "Open Source". This term was not known by me in 1980. I decided to take an existing route, through founding a"Non Profit Corporation". I used the name name Enersearch. It never managed to raise income or to develop these works, which increasingly became limited to my visualized artwork. Some links here show small experiments which i carried out. Please feel free to contact me for more details. I will respond as time permits.


Hollow core example of of this concentric or interleaved geometry.


Here is my generalized on inductive coupling geometries.


Here is my partial index of my casually developed website.  I like offering my artwork on line, but have little incentive to improve on these pages. I find artworks in themselves are inspiring to me. Therefore i have posted my artwork on several changing web accounts, since 1998.


Note: My 100s of pages on this website, http://harmoniouspalette.com, are placed in the public domain and are furnished "as is" and "open source". My creativity is posted as a free exchange of ideas and as my "service to others". Caution: The author assumes no responsibility for the improper use or improper misuse of the concepts in these web pages. All relevant laws of all kinds and local codes should be verified and observed before any building or experimentation proceeds. Donations to me would be welcome, for me to continue or to up step the progress of these works.  Cooperation might be possible as well, please write.  Bo Atkinson


Conceptual artist is repressed?

I'm glad to see many people putting their work in the public domain. Here is yet another individual who has also made efforts to keep spherical coils in the public domain... I happened to find his webpage recently: