"Hyper Spiraling, Concentric Spheres"

A continuing study, by Bo Atkinson . (Software credits: CAD modeling system: formZ RenderZone; sizing for web downloading speed and filtering for improved contrast: Photoshop; web publishing: PageMill).


To left is an opaque rendering of a finished

hyper spiraling, concentric sphere. As with

the flat spiral spheres, construction may be

visualized as a skinning process. (See these

sections dissected below). Of particular note

to me is the visual aspect tending toward

cylindrical coil, (an ever so subtle

lessening of sphere aspect).


Next, below are two semi transparent renderings. To left is a perspective somewhat from above.

To right is a zero perspective rendering with equator at center.


To right is one section of

the above hyper spiral sphere. It is

a perspective taken from above

the equatorial plane.



Just above is a top view of hyper spiral sphere- section.

To left is a side view. (Both are perspectives).

At page bottom is a rope version....

While i haven't gotten around to organizing

my association of these models to theories

of anything in particular, i will do so when

time permits. Admitting editorial weaknesses,

of the traditional sort, this effort is presented in the

free thinking spirit of the evolving web. While editorial

styles are neglected here, certain geometric concepts are earnest.


To right is a semi transparent rope version

of a hyper spiral as the path of the rope

"weave". Let me say that very particular

proportions of regular spiraling of the

rope were chosen. This intentionally

allowed the spiraling axis of the rope

to switch "orthogonally", from left to right.

This feature is central in my search of

energetic models. Some time ago i started

diagraming this particular interest of mine.


The content on this website, http://harmoniouspalette.com, is placed in the public domain only as a free exchange of ideas and as a "hard studied wish to serve life". The author assumes no responsibility for the improper use of the concepts in these web pages, as all relevant laws of life and local codes should be verified and observed before any building or experimentation proceeds. discussion is welcome, please write.  Bo Atkinson