Re-inspired by Tesla's mention of:
"build a structure which has no relation to reality"
Allow me to add some pictures of my Tesla inspired moments in time, where i "built structure which has relation to reality"

One can google/images the following:
"Tesla Umbrella Lightning Protector"
For Tesla's patent on his lightning protection theory and practice.
It inspired me in my implementation dating back to the mid 1970s.

Electronic suppression of the population seems to be something which the individual has to deal with individually.... Is it just electronic-EMR (electro-magneticd-radiation) noise? Is there malevolent intent behind the suppressive effects of electronics today? Mainly: is it friendly or unfriendly, with regard to overall-intent? What is each and every significant intention, behind the the control of the electronics and the power distribution industry?

Dollard spoke critically about the wave bands and EMR issues, of the cell phones pushed on to unwary consumers today. Most notable was the 'hijacking' of Tesla's proposed system of electronics. Beginning with electric power distribution. Although the book "Nikola Tesla, Lectures-Patents-Articles" does mention his promise of a benign communications systems, too. Dollard outlines the the tech behind the wrongful paradigm, as chosen by industry and financiers. Wrongful, in among other issues, it is unhealthy. Wrongful also, in the inefficient profiteering and ruination of prosperity for the general population of earth.

I have studied key note health experts and already accept Dollard's added information... I studied Electronic Technology in the mid to late 1970s, (via snail mails but could not afford the lab component, way back then). EMR has been malevolently corrupted! Get the facts people! Find your own protective measures. Do your own research well. In order to stay well.

As to the concept of (conductive) reinforcement rings, providing some sort of unverified anechoic effect... Especially in case these rings are structured in a 'coffer' configuration... I submit this is worth further testing with good test equipment. I live and work on a shoe string... Nevertheless, these coffers have proven the audio-anechoic effect or echo free effect:

When this dome was empty, there were no echo effects. Typical masonry domes have irritating echoes. Not so with anechoic structures.

I know Separately, i have been an object of 'attack'. Which might indicate some sort of value in the work which i have focussed on, during the last 12 years.


Post #30

Hey thanks plumber man,

Let me clarify though.... My life is a study of our "ship wrecked" planet. As a plumber, you might like my wavy dome water system. I invented the cheapest ever adapter and manifold system:
Just add water to mud mix and hand mold all tubings and valve together. Presto!

Up here in the Maine fog, we hope the solar-max will burn off some fog... Some coastal lore has said: "The fog can get thick enough to cut with a knife. But a really sharp knife works best!"

The down side is blight and mildew in gardens, for man's delicate food crops.... Taking up time to handle... Time to get out there and listen to some mp3 stuff, while i work on my knees.

At least the fog and rain will dampen a CME considerably, in terms of dissipating charge. There is only something like a 15 minute notice from first CME alarm until the effect hit our electronics. Perhaps it would be a good opportunity to go back to Tesla's electrical systems, instead of rebuilding the ridiculous, profiteer's grid systems.

My home of 42 years has grown slowly. In the back-woods Maine style, it is a slow progression of piles of left over materials shifted around, serving here, then there. Inspired, however, by much inherited culture, from my ancestors.

One old man told me that piles of building material serve as insulation. It keeps market value down too, making taxes affordable, (for the under employed). It gets cold up here.... People tend to flee this area come winter-- Especially during oil shortages. I use sylva-culture-wood-heating, but only a few rooms. The greenhouses and my studio average around 50ยบ F in cold months. Just above freezing at times. Kills unwanted plant pests. Keeps my head cool, for sharper thinking too. Keeps computers cool and quite..... Way too much discipline involved for the undisciplined.

PS-- I corrected a typo above which you quoted.... My spell-checker wrote 'dorm' instead of dome.... I didn't want people to think i run a boarding house

We had no kids, so no extra rooms are here, etc... I sail a very tight salvage system, Robinson Crusoe style. Always glad to share such architectural tips! I love to share practical knowledge for navigating the coming perils and difficulties... Contact me before we are all cut off....


Post #36

Here i wish to continue my builder experiences, as inspired by Nikola Tesla - Patents Lectures Articles,.

Tesla's "Tower Architecture" may or may not have been the tower to power his famously suppressed car. I will offer more on this architecture further below, for potential continuation of this conversation..... Providing that Avalon will allow sensitive Tesla related discussions, in general.
Apparatus For Transmitting Electrical Power - Patent1,119,732 Dec, 1, 1914
Search patent text for illustration-symbol P P . Note that these were called "half spherical elements". Apparently the multiple-spherical-elements would seem to refocus transmission pattern somewhat differently than would a single-large-smoothed-emitter. I wonder if it has to do with phrase shifting and some phenomena the two YouTubes present. Besides that, the general architectural concept of utilizing an array of spheroids, suggests sort of a fractal nature in the antenna, over all. The fractal nature, if it may be called as such, reinforced my decision to build coffers on my wavydome, (perhaps as a fractal aside).

Obviously Morgan killed Tesla's architecture in it's bud. As the story goes. We do not have the story of full fruition, humanity's lost the full fruition. Humanity is left to other devices, as humanity struggles along. Yet many new geniuses and promoters and builders are born everywhere. My struggle is the struggling for art. May i add i have been mortally attacked (unsuccessfully) as well (and also suppressed in other ways). What could an attack on oneself have to do with this thread and Tesla inspired architecture? I have wondered myself.

An earlier patent caught my artist's eye. I integrated the essence of the form of it in my second built solar collector. Factually, there was no serious technical intention there. Rather it was just an 'inspirational' feeling, a wonderment. Indeed a general belief we should integrate technical gleanings with buildimage on
This is a commonly known form of self-countering, mutual-inductance. I am not especially familiar with other terms it might have. It is basically two coils contra-wound in electrical series. My text below combines this principle in a flat wound coil. A configuration which Tesla was fond of. I incorporated different, pre-existing concepts into a new one.

My first solar collector configuration was the simple flat spiral. Cold water goes in from the exterior, spiraling inward. Warmed water came 'out' from the concentric center. Lovely, i thought and with a smile.

After building my first house-covering-dome, more hot water was needed. Time to try the second coil, in diagram above. Aha, change the circuitry for some fun too, why not? I had tried to understand inductance from the practical electrical side. I was fascinated by mutual inductance which to me spanned 'transformation', from radio transmission to power transformers. Primary architectural differences were in the material property selections. I was studying material sciences of manufacturing too. I admired one friend working for National Semiconductor, but also loved my artist fiends and earth-bound friends who struggle like me.... I was intrigued by the Yin-Yang lore besides. So i used the Yin-Yang principle in the flat coil center: As an 'S' shaped, soft copper pipe. This 'S' could then connect the two central incoming solar tubes.


The above image shows the general shape, except in real life i made them more rectilinear to fit between my dome arches. The two outer tubes could interconnect several of these solar units of my solar heater collector. These were placed underneath the translucent dome cover. Great, now it could produce a little water on sunny days.....

These graphics were just CAD generated without time for more precise rendering, of the originals. The illustrated concept is accurate for what these were. Four units connected in series, heating water, until....
One day i was working there, in our dome attic, when an unusually loud plane was heard coming closer. I ran down and out to see. It was a large propeller plane with a large tail like structure. It was flying at less about a hundred feet (about 30 meters), directly over the dome. I was amazed and curious.

Upon returning to attic, when water was trickling through the collector tubing, many fine leaks of water were observed! That was in the early 1980s... Some sort of penetrating radar was zapped down upon us in our home. It happened to cause this unnatural sort of fine spray leaking. Coming from the solar collectors. So why? My guess is that these coil configurations attracted interest in zapping them, (thee water coils). It took a long time to cut out the bad sections with the fine leaks and then splice them. Two of the four modules were soon scrap, garbage, (fully riddles with very-small holes or pores). No other tubing or plumbing in the house got zapped. They really focussed on the Yin-Yang Helix coils. I just figured it must be goberment protecting us from ourself so we are protected from getting freedom. Like they think freedom is the enemy or terrorist or whatnot. Doublespeak even existed back then.

Thirty years later, two of the original four collectors remain as so:

The electrical aspect here relates to water as a conductor, so called. According to Tesla, conduction, as i listen to Dollard and to 7redorbs, occurs along (or spatially associated) with the surface of the wire. It is still not quite clear if these men infer it is the longitudinal waves of conduction, to which they refer or whether this is frequency band specific. Because in regular electronics which i learned, they taught this was high frequency conduction. Longitudinal (scalar?) 'waves' are said to rise 'infinitely'? Hence the so called extra-ordinary quality of them? It was not clear in any of this whether this would lead to the hoped for zero-point-free-energy quality. The energy grail of today. In fact, the OP and the Dollard YouTube both sounded very much like (conventional) DC pulse waves of long duration. All of which was very confusing for me.


Post #37

Re: Tap on, Tap off, the tapper.
As a result of reading 7redorbs' post #32, a sense of some sort of duty completed me stop my regular work today. Prioritize an effort to focus on this thread. Frankly, several confusions threw off all better hopes. Hopes which had encouraged me previously. I have great respect for the OP. Also for the irrepressible message it conveys. The full nature of the message will indeed escape one's initial grasp, initial readings. There are mountains of data in this thread. Our common brainwashing has yet to be cured, besides. May we all please help!

The understandable portion of the message can theoretically fit within a political slogan:

Electronic science was hijacked.... Restore Tesla's science of electricity.... Purge the dis-info in science.

However theoretical 'fittings' are weak. Therefore a call for action is perhaps more like:

Show the longitudinal spark in every class room.

Assist every consciousness to the good news of abundance, at the same time.

(Fend off the flack, the derision, the black helicopters)

(With love does anyone say? Then prepare for those 9 inch nails? The rough hewn cross?)

Here is the central part, IMHO:

Show the' incompressible' nature of longitudinal transmission medium.

(God knows what to call it, to heathens bent on burning witches).

Show the inefficiency of our currently used 'compressible' transmission medium.

Determine the available extent of implementation for this waveform, (hijacked though it remains).

I studied electronics a while and was turned off by the technical-syllabus-curriculum. Discouraged by the materialist prospects and devoted my young life elsewhere. I want to learn more about this this 'new' effort to restore Tesla's legacy. This legacy was always inspiring. Though the correct avenue to approach, was never completely clear (or affordable or readily-available).


google: "inductive + inventive + methods" = About 13,800,000 results (0.48 seconds)

First Link:
A circuitous explanation emerges. Does it help? I wonder.


This paragraph still confuses my logic a little bit. Though tolerance provides workable interpretations:

7redorbs' in OP #1 wrote:
He of course had demonstrated his longitudinal wave to many people, as well as EFFECT preceding CAUSE. E.g. before the 2nd wire of an electrical circuit is closed, a blue vertical wave travels up from the ground, BEFORE the wire touches the circuit - that creates a large blue radial spark we call the spark - gap. Not only does this experiment prove that all electricity is being affected by the earths magnetic polar mass, but, that the wave traveling up, PRECEDING the wire being closed, is traveling ahead of time, or rather lagging in time, to the action of closing the terminal.
I'll end this coverage here in hopes it sparks some discussion. Let better minds input more action-thoughts. I expect my constitution is too integrative and builder-creative. Please someone, present this anew, a new breath, a new spark.


Post #39

Thanks observer, i loved Bearden's YouTube in post #31 . It is great to see what folks link on Avalon. It does seem more coherent, when so linked, rather than googling YouTubes, in the raw, without a discussion.

I actually wondered just how much any of these men. (all around), agreed about the distinctions of contrasted wave forms. This thread provided a sounding board to talk out deductions and observations all around. To see if others will speak.


Re: Tap on, Tap off, the tapper.
Posted by observer (here)

I realize this is a long research project, but there is something yet to be discovered in combining all this knowledge into one cohesive scientific understanding. end quote

This vid reminds me of the PBS vids. A mix of modern academia, ending up with the apocalyptic-comet-history of times long past. Perhaps even with a smile hinting at the 2012 what-ifs. One can only imagine what these academics would say of other 2012 presentations and commentaries.

They did mention Anthony Peratt and Hannes Alfven. I first discovered these researchers in the book,
The Big Bang Never Happened, Random House/Times Books, 1991 Eric J. Lerner
I think he is or was working on a plasma filament related reactor project.

It was very refreshing for me as the 1980s were not interesting me with the string theories. Which seemed very odd prescriptions for dimensionality, (in physics). Actually i feel the string-theory flavor of 1980s physics aptly fits what Tesla decried, in the Tesla quote, above in Post #25.

Peratt's electric universe simulations and spiral filaments was interesting and stimulating for me.

I went to the local university library and found Alven's Magneto Hydrodynamics book. The following images predated all the coil ideas i was playing with (at a very crude and perhaps, somewhat fruitless level:

The Alfven illustrations are clipped in the older style of a cross-section of a 3d model. These are more easily envisaged as tori. Or consider a torus with the donut hole merged to center, a hole of near zero diameter. Next envisage the the twisting the central donut edges... Next replace torus surfaces, with windings of an electromagnetic wires. Next replace the electromagnetic windings with filaments. Presto, the 1940s and so on.

I had expected that the word 'poloidal' (as seen in image above), would have become a more important word inside of physics. I had myself been very motivated to wind coils like tori. Except and most importantly, to explore added 'twists'. Alfven and others used the word 'kink' instead of 'twist', (so it discovered). I experimented with a variety of configurations, mostly through the 1990s. Incorporating this 'poloidal' configuration. It struck me as something to do with orthogonal or angular interplay of magnetic fields. Which somehow resonate harmonic responses, of adjustable character. However, the lecture of Dollard seems to have dicouraged the values of electro-magnetic-inductive-geometric-exploration.

The Magneto Hydrodynamic observations of plasmas might or might not infer a "compressible nature". Whereas Tesla has seemed to stress the concept of longitudinal waves as possessing an "incompressible nature". (The taught rope was used to demonstrate the 'incompressibility' in terms of non-elasticity-- Which engineering ( and building) generally define as physical properties, (in terms of a graduating-effect). I felt that Tesla's original point was that power transmission and power handling was much more efficient in terms of 'incompressibility' or 'inelasticity'. Yet my assumption has been that Tesla was suppressed from further development of this aspect of science.

RE: Dollard Lecture/ Longitudinal Waves: That the force-manifestation, in terms of electric-field and magnetic-field should propagate unidirectionally, is upsetting to me--  Unless we maintain-intact the helical or the orthogonal flow relationships. I am prepared to be corrected in this, but the Dollard lecture does not specifically refute the classical relationship, which is and has been specified as an orthagonal relationship, (geometrically speaking).  I wish i could devote more time to experimentation, but still find myself busy with other mundane needs...

To confuse my passion in this study, fluid and elastic properties have to me seemed inherent in nature. Or is it in the effects of force, at the points of manifestation-- That elasticity enters the picture. I was stuck on a variety of alternative ideas of a common constituent precursor, a precursor of gravity and magnetism, which would in a sense unify the currently disparate fields studied by physics, My alternative interests were most of all inspired by Tesla's fascinating works. My approach has been integrative and unifying, despite it's imperfections.

The image or figure below, (from the same book: Magneto Hydrodynamics), was another reinforcement' for my excursion into 'ring-reinforcement'
This ringforcement refers to my coffer illustration in post #27 above. Combining of disparate concepts into a new integrative-concept. Combining Tesla's "half spherical elements" with this dynamic visualization of Alfven, along with ferrocement. Perhaps a bit exaggerated unless one thinks outside the box.


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