A much later explanation of this coil work was posted here in 2021.

My early experimental Spiductor work in the 1980s -  Woven baskets were used as bases and as conceptual visualization for some of the effects observed. Daring to put inspiration before standard scientific procedure alone, I did "wind" many variations on coil and sphere themes, (beginnings of coil research pages, here). Later I tested them all with my 100MHz Textronics scope (bought from a surplus vendor in MA).

Later still, in the 1990s I began to study 3D solid geometry CAD (formZ).  After a difficult, self-educated learning curve, on a small contractor's income, I gradually mastered CAD. Also due to my artistic reputation, wages were low.  The silver lining was free time in the long cold winters, which I discovered around 1970 in Maine. My primary focus came to be electrical resonance up to low RF frequency ranges.... My primary observations were harmonic resonance waveforms. I largely set up my experiments as inductive resonance effects of the coils. I felt the research had great potentials, but it was difficult to proceed with. Also, my wife kept wanting me to try varied income adventures, none of which produced more than basic labor wages. It turned out that my 42 ft diameter green-house dome had apparently, integrally- configured Tesla's lightning protector, (described in his book  "Lectures*Patents*Articles", published in 1956, Beograd. Yugoslavia).

1980s Photo

I always aimed focus higher despite the clouded views above. Mistaken views are OK if eventually we develop greater clarity. It's OK proceeding slowly and not carrying everything out if plans change. Perhaps the best route is to do more basic work, even if it is far from our own imaginative dreams, and working for someone else on their terms, is a necessary part of serving life, to make our own living. It felt ironic when my best income earning opportunities, which lasted a decade, actually came from decorative installation work for weddings, due to my wife's then flourishing wedding flower business.


I still offer my inventive builder skills, now in my 70s, Bo Atkinson