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Welcome flower loving friends to
Alda’s Thrive on Maine,
Splendid Wedding and Celebration Flowers,
Alda’s talented helpers prepare joyful,
bee kissed,
fresh and delicate Bouquets
perfect for extreme and extremely,
beautiful places.
Since 1971, Alda’s Fragrant Gardens
have been producing
choice branches and pure blossoms
from these gentle mountain headwaters.
(She also works with many growers.)
We are located not far from the splendid,
Penobscot Bay,
the Belfast farmers’ market, and Freedom.
For Reservations 2073425796

46th Year Of Fragrant Gardens

©copyright Alda Stich

We have down sized all photos to fit mobile devices.
Please contact the photographers for better resolution.

Historic 1901 The Asticou Inn, Northeast Harbor
adjacent to Acadia National Park, Hancock County
and 1902 historic chapel, St. Mary’s-By-The-Sea
Episcopal Church, Northeast Harbor;
not far from the historic 1905,
Maine Seacoast Mission
and magnificent Island floral and wild gardens.

My serenely radiant, beautiful Maine Bride
carried a peak of perfection bouquet
of elegant maidenhair ferns, diverse white roses,
sweet peas, freesia, tuberoses, ranunculus,
jasmine and myrtle with sea star ferns
swirling over the top.
All of the harmonious natural elements
were in place for
most wonderful, fragrant Maine memories.

The Bridesmaids carried similar but smaller bouquets.
Photo ~BoatHouse Studios San Francisco Hawaii New England

Well used bouquet baskets were safely packed
for the hour and a half journey to The Asticou.

The Groom and men wore boutonnieres
of small white roses, fragrant freesia and ferns.

of small white roses, fragrant freesia and ferns.

A pair of unique, large silver punchbowls
were set on the sides of the well illuminated crossing.
They were filled with beautiful large white roses,
trumpet shaped white Oriental lilies, white hydrangea,
sword ferns, maidenhair and sea star ferns.

The Gothic Revival church aisle chair ends
were decorated with a gentle chorus
of bell-shaped white lisianthus
and tall and short maidenhair ferns.

A pair of bronze urns on the alter were filled
with best white flowers of the day
and were left for the Sunday service.

The historic Church bells pealed.

Photo ~BoatHouse Studios San Francisco Hawaii New England

Since 1998, Alda’s fine helpers have set
a nicely lit, Asticou Bridal path.

It is wonderful fun for the night walk home as well.
photo~ Nancy Jay Schieffelin

The Bridesmaids’ bouquets were placed
in clear vases behind the silver trays
of place cards in the cocktail tent.

The table arrangements of fern greenery
and late August white flowers
in old Maine silver were ready
for the journey to Mount Desert Island.

The silver bowls were filled
with perfectly opened, white Oriental lilies,
small, medium and large white roses,
sweet peas, lisianthus, ranunculus,
white scabiosa, Queen Anne’s lace,
hydrangea, sweet pepper bush, freesia,
maidenhair ferns and swirling, sea star ferns.

A sprig of maidenhair fern
was tucked into each napkin.

The simply frosted Wedding cake
had a fresh fern topper and a few clusters
of elegant flowers with ferns.
The Groom’s cake had a rare blue lobster.
Celebration Cakes
~Janice Strout, Hulls Cove, Mount Desert Island
~Brigid Amendo landfalldesigns Portland

Sunday brunch with all of the guests
on the famous, Asticou Inn porch.
The flowers from the prior day
were reset in paper mache bowls.

Historic 1880 Hersey Retreat

French’s Point Waterfront Estate,
Stockton Springs
at the top of splendid Penobscot Bay,
Waldo County;
not far from,
not to be missed, Belfast and

Large white baskets
were filled with white and pale blush peonies,
hydrangeas, delphiniums and larkspurs.
Our fine Kousa Dogwood is in full bloom
in the garden background.

My serenely radiant, beautiful Maine Bride
carried a peak of perfection bouquet
of lush, fragrant, blush and white peonies.
All of the harmonious natural elements
were in place for
most wonderful, fragrant Maine memories.

The Flower Girls wore floral crowns of love-in-a-mist,
white nigella, baby’s breath and white heather.

They carried white baskets edged with foxgloves,
filled with love-in-a-mist florets for tossing.

A perfect, gentle, misty Maine day was extremely special
for those who had traveled from far
and have longed for moist, cool, clean, air.

The navy satin, banded aisle, chair ends held clear vases
with white phlox, freesia, lisianthus and spray roses.

The vases were hung from every other row
and were reset under the Celebration tent.

Each patio table had a clear vase of
fragrant peonies, swirling garlic scapes,
love-in-mist and

selfie sticks. These bouquets were used for
the day after brunch as well.
The vast, shrub gardens at
French’s Point Waterfront Estate
are very special, indeed.
They receive
the ocean warming influences.

The Wedding party was greeted by a drone photographer.

Abundant peonies, tips of fragrant spruce and balsam fir,
veronica, astilbe,
hydrangea, Queen Anne’s lace and Ammi

were used
to decorate the food and drink tables.
~Bar Harbor Catering Company

The vast tent had five loving X kisses of long tables
with my tall crystal vases in the centers.
The vases held abundant fresh mountain olive
festooned with hanging tea lights in small, glass containers.
Framed, table seating arrangements
and hors d’oeuvres greeted the guests.

Bo Atkinson’s splayed, lit birch trees
surrounded the tent poles. Comfortable couches
were placed near the dance floor.

A cosy table for two was set
with fresh Maine moss, unique architectural
bird’s nests, abundant candles,
and wonderful glass cloches.

At dusk the moss and cloches were aglow
with tiny lights and candle light.

And still there was plenty of room for dancing.

The simply frosted, green ombre hued Wedding cake
had fresh peony flowers on top
and a few clusters of elegant flowers and greens.

Wentworth Event Center,
Coastal Maine’s Premier Event Destination
in Belfast at the top of the splendid
Penobscot Bay, Waldo County

My serenely radiant, beautiful Maine Bride
carried a peak of perfection, warm, rare,
mid October bouquet of
burgundy red calla lilies, deep black red roses;
gray dusty miller, applemint and artemisias;
trailing fragrant bells of Ireland, sweet peas,
pink snowberries and snapdragons;
and Karma Naomi deep burgundy,
and Cafe au lait, soft peachy creamy, dahlias.
~Becky Lowe, Photography Camden

Her Bridesmaids carried similar bouquets
with coral calla lilies, dark coral orange
Jomanda dahlias and feathery maiden grass.

Fall Color perfection can usually be expected
in the second or third week of October.

The Groom and men wore
red and coral calla lily boutonnieres with
rosehips, celosia, cedar, kalanchoe and ivy.

As you can see, there is a large field

between the Event Center and the Bay.

At the shore, the clean, salty waters are reflected
in the abundance of healthy rockweed.

Fleurel, Jomanda, Cornel
and Crichton Honey dahlias
with maiden grass and
deep red roses awaited the Bride and Groom.

The interior of the Wentworth Center
with dance floor at the far end.
DJ/Karaoke~ Annette Lorraine Young
• Echo Entertainment

Autumn Topsie Turvey Wedding Cake
with rose petals
~Laugh Loud Smile Big cake maker

Point Lookout Resort, The Summit and Pavilion,
overlooking the splendid, historic Penobscot Bay
Lincolnville, Waldo County, Maine

My serenely radiant, beautiful Bride
carried a peak of perfection fragrant, smooth,
crescent shaped bouquet
of calla lilies, foxgloves, snowberries,
scabiosa, gaura, orchids, jasmine,
small-leaved Eucalyptus parvula,
and garden and spray roses.
Her Bridesmaids carried smooth, round bouquets
of similar flowers.
The flower colors were vintage raspberry pinks,
pale and pastel pinks, whites and ivories.
Photo insert~ Nadra Photography Scarborough

The Groom and men wore herbal, fragrant boutonnieres
of small white roses, olive, eucalyptus, rosemary
and sage all bound together
with sweetgrass,
traditional to the Passamaquoddy communities
of Downeast Maine

All of the harmonious natural elements
were in place for
most wonderful, fragrant Maine memories.

The Chair ends were of white homecoming mums,
fruited blueberry branches, rosy dahlias, roses, ranunculus,
eucalyptus and sweet peas.

A tray of some wired and some in water,
hair flowers were offered
for the Wedding party to select.

The meaningful smudge ceremony was held
on a most vivid, dazzling day.

The Bride and Groom were united
under a colorful, fragrant border
of applemint, sage, eucalyptus,
homecoming mums, dahlias, stock and roses.

Sipayik Passamaquoddy Sweetgrass Braids
were remembrance gifts for the guests.
“To some, sweetgrass is considered
the sacred hair of Mother Earth
and is braided in three sections
representing mind, body and soul.
Sweetgrass is used in smudges,
healing or talking circles
because of its healing effect-
its smoke is believed to purify thoughts
and the environment
and to eliminate negative thoughts.”

Bowls of snow on the mountain, honeysuckle,
foxgloves, roses, sweet pepperbush and cleome
were set on the entrance tables
to the open air, Point Lookout, Pavilion.

Tiny baskets of pink snowberries,
white bellflowers and mint were placed
between birch log, seating card holders.

The table flowers were of applemint, sage, eucalyptus,
dahlias, sweet peas, roses, phlox, love-in-a-mist,
sweet pepperbush and homecoming mums.

The bowls with low, see over flowers were
set on 72” tables that seated 10 guests.
Long ivy with white pine
and assorted cones shared the space
with both floating and pillar candles
in clear votive, candle holders.

Small silver goblets awaited the Moms’ nosegay bouquets.

A pitcher of pineapple sage, rosemary,
cosmos, phlox, ivy
and my treedome grown lilies
transformed the men’s restroom.
All of the containers were exchanged
with simple containers for the day after brunch.

Point Lookout Resort, The Summit
overlooking the historic splendid
Penobscot Bay Lincolnville,
Waldo County, Maine

My serenely radiant, beautiful Bride
carried a peak of perfection
fragrant, free-form
shaped bouquet of fern curls,
belladonna delphiniums,
orange pincushions,
roses, ferns and
Irish poet, tassel flower.

Her Mom wore baby’s breath in her hair.

and my Bride wore a gardenia in her hair.

The Groom and men wore boutonnieres of fern curls,
small coral calla lilies,
fragrant dianthus, silver brunia,
frothy Cotinus wisps,
and tips of Christmas ferns.

~Perle Photography from Spruce Head.

The color scheme was blue, coral and white
with as many other flower
colors that would look well together.

Bouquets ready for travel.

All of the harmonious natural elements
were in place for most wonderful,
fragrant Maine memories.
Even a July huge Full Moon
was present.

Unique Bride and Groom crafted vases of slab wood
set with multiple vintage water tubes
were provided for the table arrangements.

The Bridal bouquet was placed on the table for two.

Zinnias, marigolds, cotinus wisps
and best of day flowers
were at the base of the cupcake tree.
~Pastries Steve Watts Sweet Sensations

Point Lookout Resort, The Summit
overlooking the historic splendid Penobscot Bay
Lincolnville, Waldo County, Maine

Beachy, rustic flowers of fragrant, night scented nicotiana,
hydrangea, Canturbury bells, hosta, astilbe, sunflower-like
gerberas and grey artemisias in
a large mouth blown, cobalt blue vase looked really fine

on the Summit entrance foyer place card table.

Memorable photos were placed beneath
another large cobalt blue glass arrangement
with fragrant lilies, bupleurum, eucalyptus,
roses, delphinium, statice,
grey artemisias and thistles.

My serenely radiant, beautiful Bride carried a peak of perfection,
essence of Summer, fragrant bouquet
of white sweet peas, ivory spray roses, applemint, phlox, foxgloves,
lisianthus and love-in-a-mist.
Her very special keepsake wedding ring
was bound near her hand.

The Bridesmaids carried bouquets of
fragrant phlox, ivory and white roses,
gooseneck loosestrife, Canterbury bells,
belladonna delphiniums,
lisianthus, foxglove,
eryngium thistles and astrantia.

Baskets of beautiful table bouquets ~

The bouquets arrived safely in traveling jars to keep fresh
and are replaced in water jars after pre-wedding photos.

Mom carried a small nosegay.

The chair ends were of dahlias, chamomile, garlic scapes,
Canterbury bells, roses, cosmos, Queen Anne's Lace,
blueberries, and silver brunia.

A pair of large baskets filled with eucalyptus,
hydrangea, alstromeria, delphiniums, gerberas, hostas,
and Canturbury bells were first set within

the lattice baskets of the arbor
and then on stands
on the sides of the dance floor.

The Groom and men wore boutonnieres of thistles,
small ivory roses, silver brunia,
dusty miller and love-in-a-mist.

All of the harmonious natural elements
were in place
for most wonderful, fragrant Maine memories.

Shades of ocean blue mason jars were filled with
asparagus greenery,
Queen Anne’s lace, hydrangea, foxgloves,
ivory roses,
bupleurum and artemisia Silver King.

The table arrangements glowed with vases of warm toned lights,
sand and sea stars surrounded by
sea glass in jewel tones

and plenty of candle light.

Merryspring Nature Center, Beautiful informal
Flower Gardens and Trails
in the midst of historic Camden,
on splendid Penobscot Bay Knox County, Maine

A pair of hanging arrangements of hydrangea, lavender roses,
larkspur, foxtail ferns, love-in-a-mist,
dahlias, kiwi vine and fragrant green bells of Ireland
adorned the family created birch arbor.

My serenely radiant, beautiful Maine Bride
carried a best of day bouquet
in shades of lavender, ivory, sea grey, and earth tones.
The Labor day weekend flowers were
lavender and ivory roses,
sweet peas, foxgloves, thistles, blue lace didiscus,
Japanese anemones, and earthy scabiosa pods.

The Bridesmaids carried similar, smaller bouquets with
Camelot lavender foxgloves and meadow rue.

All of the harmonious natural elements were in place
for most wonderful, fragrant Maine memories.

The Groom and the men wore boutonnieres of

succulents, sage, olive branch tips and small roses.

Moms wore corsages of gardenias, orchids and succulents

with ribbons of hand dyed silk.

The rose petaled aisle had chair end flowers of
delphiniums, fragrant royal standard hosta, thistles, foxgloves,
acidanthera, and lavender roses.
These were later reset on the cocktail tables.

Through the woods not far from the tent, cold champagne
and silver champagne buckets of applemint, chocolate mint,
violas, borage, thyme,
rosemary and Korean mint
herbs for tasting, awaited the guests.
~ Amymaedesign Coordinators

~Greta Tucker Photography

Still closer to the tent, the drinks table was wrapped in our
just picked, fresh, fragrant,
green, hop vine for tracery.
~Megunticook Market Catering

The table arrangements in silver bowls were each uniquely different
with thistles, dahlias, roses, ageratum, dusty miller, applemint, roses,
hydrangea, alstromeria, cosmos, succulents and scabiosa pods.

The tent tables were 60” round.

A long, wide, farm table was set
for the Wedding party and their bouquets
with a long center garland
of fresh olive and seeded eucalyptus.

In a shaded corner, a fresh moss table with a doe and a deer
held the two Wedding cakes.
One had lavender and rosemary sprigs; the other had succulents of various sizes.
~Camden Cake Lady Cakes

~The Waiters Maine Wedding Band with Rachel Doe

Family Mountainside Home,
Winter Hill,
Chelsea, Maine, Kennebec County

All of the harmonious natural elements
were in place for most wonderful,
fragrant Maine memories.

My serenely radiant, beautiful Maine Bride
carried a peak of perfection Spring bouquet
of pale blush and white fragrant peonies,
columbines, Hesperis dame’s rocket,
Japanese candelabra primroses
and small peach roses.
~Portland Photo Company

It was bound in mint ribbon.

The Moms wore corsages of gardenias, spirea buds and orchids
with coral hypericum berries.
The groom and men wore boutonnieres of small coral roses,
white pine, deutzia, spirea and hypericum berries.

Two large white baskets were filled with hosta leaves, fragrant peonies,
hydrangea, delphinium, larkspur, tall white alliums, and coral roses.

The baskets were placed on awaiting vintage stands at the ceremonial site.

and were later moved to the Celebration tent entrance.

The pup wore mint ribbons with coral sweet William,
hypericum berries and roses.

The Bridesmaids carried bouquets of spray blush roses,
peonies and Japanese candelabra primroses.

An overjoyed ceremony was officiated by the father of the Groom.

Mint green hightop tables in the pass through to the mountainside tent
were filled with choice ephemeral Oriental and Icelandic poppies.

Well used, generational, family, mason jars for the Celebration tables
were filled with flowers in corals, whites, and pinks.

The Celebration tent tables were set with candle lanterns
and the mason jars filled with
vibrant, gorgeous late Spring flowers.
~ Caterers, New Salvage BBQ Portland

There were garden roses, azaleas, candelabra primroses, columbines.
alstromeria, poppies, lupines, lilies, Hesperis, godetia and chamomile.

Maine Lakeside Cabins, Carratunk,
close to white water rafting,
The Forks on the far north Kennebec River
adjacent to the historic
Benedict Arnold Trail to Quebec,
Somerset County, Maine

Photo~Megan Marsanskis
My serenely radiant, beautiful Maine Bride
carried a peak of perfection, vibrant,
bright lavender and purple flowered bouquet
with touches of white. It had fresh picked purple monkshood,
purple lisianthus, sweet peas, stock, tuberoses, snapdragons,
foxgloves, jasmine, seaholly, hosta, larkspur,
large Ocean Song roses and Little Silver spray roses,
with maidenhair ferns.

The Bridesmaids wore shades of smokey and Victorian lilac
and carried similar bouquets but with more white, cream and soft gray greenery.
The Moms wore corsages of orchids and gardenias.

The Groom and men wore
pheasant and quail feather boutonnieres

with small, dome grown calla lilies,
silver brunia, and deep brown fern curls.

The aisle chair ends were of white hydrangea,
white poppies, floss flower ageratum, monkshood,
trachelium, astrantia and lavender and white roses.
After the ceremony, as is my custom,
they were moved to the awaiting, six, cocktail tables.

Floral, lace elegance in supreme, rustic Maine.

A most thrilling chorus of loud, booming thunder
and warm, misty rain greeted the guests f
or an hour prior to the ceremony.
All of the harmonious natural elements
were in place for spectacular, fragrant Maine memories.

A long, candle-lit, table for two
spelled out the family name in a collection of wine bottles
filled with lacy dusty miller, Queen Anne’s lace
and large and spray, lavender roses.

With no two alike, full, round, similar height,
fresh floral table arrangements
were set on pale green cloths with lacy runners.

To make the tent more sparkly, rosy red, magenta roses
were added to the lavender, purple,
white and ivory table flowers set in my antique
Maine silver collection surrounded by abundant candle light.

The simple, smear frosted Wedding Cake
was made even more festive with best of day zinnias,
petite ‘fairy thimble’ bellflowers ~ Campanula cochleariifolia;
roses, globe thistles, eryngium, scabiosa,
Oregano Kent Beauty,
lacy dusty miller and maidenhair ferns.
~Got Cake? in Maine Paula Desrosiers Winslow

With deepest love and sympathies for those who have passed.

A Rare, Warm Autumn in Mid October.
Garden Dahlias in antique Silver.
Bo’s outdoor round table covered by grape vines seats 18.

White dahlias Fleurel, 6-12”, Snowbound 8-10” and My Love, 6” .

Alda’s Flower Room is on the cool first floor level
beneath the dome. In the winter the room holds
dahlia bulbs very well above freezing.

Alda's Most Elegant AAA Baroque Pearls

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Original Home Page of Alda & Bo

A little of our history together, spanning 45 years:

Cover of Home Power Magazine
Issue 36 Aug/Sept 1993
Our Home Dome, circa 1978,
sits above an 1860’s
traditional Cape Cod style
wooden house.

Bo Atkinson’s Conservation Research (1980).

Our boy enjoying the last snows of Winter, late March 2015

Bo’s Key Hole Gate in our garden

with Double Helix Roost Tower in the distance~ circa 1992

Entrance Naga to our fragrant gardens
with over the top translucent dome greenhouse.
His classic cement, no rot, beehive window boxes
are seen below the 2nd floor windows. circa 1990
With best wishes to all, Alda and Bo
Alda Stich (Stitch) and Bo Atkinson 369 North Ridge Montville,
Freedom, Maine 04941 USA!1m14!1m12!1m3!1d273.8400764869293!2d-69.2619379155885!3d44.42125334020408!2m3!1f38.086040386303885!2f61.961214521130394!3f0!3m2!1i1024!2i768!4f35!5e1!3m2!1sen!2sus!4v1501721548621