Biaxial or tetra- toroid, (or poloidal) has 27 identical loops. (Edge centers of the tetrahedron, above right,

were used as snap points, (alignments), to 'mold' an individual loop, representitive of a poloidal loop, above right).

The red loop indicates corresponding views of one loop, (in poloidal and in tetrahedron mold above- right.)

The tetrahedron functioned as a mold in a 3D CAD program: each point or corner was used

in a consecutive snap operation while making a closed, quadratic, bezier curve, (or loop).

Another way to visualize: grab an "O" ring at two points and twist 90 degrees.

Another tetrahedral insight: twisting, bending or warping...

Is there a connection to the "hand rule"?,

(of electro maganetism, that is).

See a gallery with somewhat related patterns.

See another poloidal observation.

Click here for more "multi axial" structures. (306 KB !)

See a related tetrahedral study.

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