Above: Concept for numerous tiles forming a shell. Next Below: Concept for fewer tiles forming a shell. Colors are used to clarify individual tile like sections. (Yet to be shown: method for anchoring mortar between tiles: Spring like spiral half embedded in tile surfaces. Pictures planned here).

Below: Ringforcement is color coded red, embeded in all surfaces. Reinforcement bar is shown passing through rings which then forms a truss which is bonded by cement rather than by welding.


My internet friend MX Steve builds remarkable vaults using his own methods, following some rich cultural paths. We discuss ideas onthe web.

Little is known about actual test comparisons between traditional reinforcement, flat spiral loops and individual "O" rings. Rings appear to have interesting test possibilities. As a low budget single handed developer, I have very little opportunity to test the many ideas presented in these www pages. The testing cannot keep up with my prototyping nor my conceptual exploration.

Note: These pages are placed in the public domain and are furnished "as is". The author assumes no responsibility for the use or misuse of the concepts in this series. All authorities should be satisfied first, as might be required, by relevant laws, before any building proceeds.

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Enersearch was incorporated in 1980 but never materialized financially.  A  synergy of concepts were developed and are reflected in the pages of this series.  The synergy continues as a single handed effort of Bo Atkinson, in Maine, USA.

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