My 2018 blog starts off with audio excerpts. Are we in a real universe or are we tricked. Are we actually in something like a computer simulation which dupes us into collective beliefs? When can we safely escape without damage to other's belief systems. May humans practice their free will, just as they wish.

December 2017 ~ Finding Real Guide Connection.

December 2017 Updates on Mind Control Survival Methods

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December 2016 ~~~ My Latest Electromagnetic Research On A Radical Radial Pole Coil

Bo Atkinson ~ Design Build Consulting Page

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Bo's 2013 Magnetic Concepts

The Agony And The Impetus of building With Integrity And Ecology

I offer a wide variety of design and building skills by request, many of which are pictured below.

Welcome to my round table discussion, by email or by appointments.

I discuss building consciousness in these trouble times, on earth.

Explore translucent sovereignty in our times.

Bo Atkinson in Maine

Design ~ Build   Since 1971





My florist wife Alda has arranged over a thousand weddings!

Roof Garden Vaults Or Solar Attic Gardens

I love flowing, structural harmony with integrated design purposes. I've been working on this path for decades. Making a hard earned living through creativity drove me to the edge of self sufficiency. Click on the 'linked' pictures below to see individual webpages.



Hire Bo Atkinson to improve everyday ecology at a personal level from humility to vitality.  Dawn or Dusk 1-207-342-579

I love projects which do flow! Hire me to make your dream or your project flow.

Creatives find employment a challenge, but free time let me create with greater focus.


Thanks to all of our clients for years of floral work!


Alda's Wedding Flowers  & Bo's Service: Decoration Construction

Our heart felt thanks for all our clients who hired us to work and to provide them our best services possible.

Alda's Maine FlowerGirl® Pearls




My coil research dating back to the 1980's.

Bo Atkinson, Maine, USA


I have studied spirals or helical geometry my whole life.

Here is my 2012 page on experimental theories about coils.


My earliest work with 3d modeling software.

My exploration of electric and magnetic field relationships, through geometry.

My 1980 experiments with feeble currents and coil geometries.

Startetrahedral Circuit Assemblies

"Morphing-Sphere Spiral"
"Reflex Flame Amplifier"
"Spherical Reflex Coil"
"Plasma Resonator"
"Reflex Vortex Amplifier"
"Multi Axial Coils"

Why are honest experiments like these harshly repressed in this world?



How do i 'ground' my feet, even with footwear.

My conservationist's dedication led me to study decentralized-living and the arts of reclaiming waste-streams.


Why was my creativity suppressed? Why are people goaded with suppressive controls and tactics?

My studies of "the brain interface" and mind control, both as a favorable neuroscience and also as a mind-hijacking.

Why do powers that be ruin the earth?

I meditate on freedom from invasive mind-control tactics of the psychopaths. (Psychopaths who ruin the earth today).

I have been posting my work on the internet since the late 1990s. Just as soon as it was made public and assessable to my area of Maine.  I have always shared my work as a a free exchange of ideas.

I welcome free exchanges of ideas in discussion:



Bo Atkinson in Maine

Conceptual artist is repressed?