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Tetra- Isotropic Coil

Many of these links below date all the way back to the last century.

2021 Swirling Field Experiments

November 2021 Trihedral Particle Concepts

3D model formats are included at this link:

July 2020: A question of using one seamless sheet of plastic to create an air-blown form-work came to me, and some 3D modeling sessions provided exploration, and as always growing in scope, this is now based on 50+ years experience in various kinds of construction trades:

Root cellar plan sparks realization for a new way to form inflatable cement form work.

Scroll down and click pictures, (as some have links). I'm living through a long life of constructive arts, imaginative actualization, corroborative integration and consciousness exploration.

Winter of 2019-2020 Low Cost Heat Pump Conceptualizations

Easy Gardener

Grow With Nature & Not Against Nature!


Rural Roadside Art Show ~Stellated ~ Crystallized ~ Cognition

Bo Atkinson ~ Design Build Consulting Page

My work is further below,  click on individual pictures.


The Agony And The Impetus of building With Integrity And Ecology

I offer a wide variety of design and building skills by request, many of which are pictured below.

Welcome to my round table discussion, by email or by appointments.

I discuss building consciousness in these trouble times, on earth.

Explore translucent sovereignty in our times.

Bo Atkinson in Maine

Design ~ Build   Service Since 1971




My florist wife Alda has arranged over a thousand weddings!

Roof Garden Vaults Or Solar Attic Gardens

Scroll further below for my earlier art links.

I love flowing, structural harmony with integrated design purposes. I've been working on this path for decades. Making a hard earned living through creativity drove me to the edge of self sufficiency. Click on the 'linked' pictures below to see individual webpages and this is only a partial index of my website.




Hire Bo Atkinson to improve everyday ecology at a personal level from humility to vitality. 

Call 207 3425796 and please begin leaving your message or explaining your interest right away. We will soon answer all reasonable voice calls. Due to decades of internet listing of our phone number, we get frequent spam calls. So we prefer knowing the purpose of each call right away and knowing how we may serve you. We might not pick up a call unless it sounds relevant or reasonable.

To build a symbol, hire "a creative"


Alda's Wedding Flowers 

Our heart felt thanks for all our clients who hired us to work.

Alda's Maine FlowerGirl® Pearls




My coil research dating back to the 1980's.


Are we actually in something like a virtual reality of a higher, largely unseen consciousness? Is the average human consciousness like a computer simulation, which instills collective beliefs? May humans practice their free will, just as they wish? I think we can find freedom, but disciplined work is required. As of October i am updating my 2018 quest blog.

Bo Atkinson, Maine, USA


I have studied spirals or helical geometry my whole life.

Here is my 2012 page on experimental theories about coils.

2017 Philosophic~Spiritual~Practical~Retrospective

Bo's 2013 Magnetic Concepts

December 2017 Updates on Mind Control Shielding Methods

December 2016 ~~~ Electromagnetic Research On A Radical Radial Pole Coil



My earliest work with 3D modeling software.

My exploration of electric and magnetic field relationships, through geometry.

My 1980 experiments with feeble currents and coil geometries.

Startetrahedral Circuit Assemblies

"Morphing-Sphere Spiral"
"Reflex Flame Amplifier"
"Spherical Reflex Coil"
"Plasma Resonator"
"Reflex Vortex Amplifier"
"Multi Axial Coils"



How do i 'ground' my feet, even with footwear.

My conservationist's dedication led me to study decentralized-living and the arts of reclaiming waste-streams.


Bo's Bio & Early Life Story


Alda's Positively Maine April 2018 (Wife's Wedding Work Pages)



Questionable Internet-Infiltration Experiences With Sreenshot Evidence

Bo Atkinson in Maine

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