Stoney Memorial Structures

Customized projects are made to order, none too small or too big in size. My work examples are linked throughout this long established website. Bo Atkinson also offers consulting.

These concrete items average around 1$ per pound, as simply shaped, customized pieces. On site consulting and installation are billed by the hour. Projects are billed at the hourly rate of $40 per hour plus material costs. I offer to build all kinds of structures or gardens or systems.


I have 50+ years of experience in testing products by life long observation, including wood, metal, stone, glazing, cement-based structures, land sculpting, water works, method prototyping, projects with with big equipment rentals, or by small scale hand hewn labor, also including many pertaining studies and even do physical property management. Integral skill sets are applied for best results and/or cost savings.



Call 207 3425796 and please begin leaving your message or explaining your interest right away. We will soon answer all reasonable voice calls. Due to decades of internet listing of our phone number, we get frequent spam calls. So we prefer knowing the purpose of each call right away and knowing how we may serve you. We might not pick up a call unless it sounds relevant or reasonable.



Grow With Nature & Not Against Nature!

Easy Gardener

Consider grow bags on a pedestal to harmonize nature's need for thick-flowery growth, all the more for the for the birds and bees!

Grow bags actually give a height advantage to refined perennials, which are a little sheltered by overgrown gardens.


Time Saving! # Wilderness Tolerant! # Grow Bags on Pedestals or Stands!

I am exploring ways to customize stands and pedestals for grow bags, having lots of pertaining experience behind me. Pre orders can be scheduled for the 2019 growing season. Sales tax will apply, unless we develop a larger production possibility. I prefer stone materials but recycling plastics wastes is also a possibility for research. Bags may be separately purchased from retailers.

Raise the garden bed, all the way up to a comfortable height, at relatively low cost, (hypothetically speaking as this has yet to reach the mass marketing stage). For now, bear a little prototyping cost, for a simpler version, to save time on weeding and harvesting. This assures a significant life style simplification, as i see things: Focus one’s work at the elbow level, allowing quicker work flows, while staying on the move. Avoid back bending and squatting.


A mold for the "Pedestal Version" would be more detailed. My first versions will be cruder..
Mass production could use stone or recycled plastic material, my work is just exploratory.
What makes the "stand version" easier is simpler, rough and ready modular form work:

I spent 8 years investigating minimalist but productive food gardening, but more as a prototyper of my own lifestyle. Here is a researched gardening outcome which saved me time and labor efforts. Plant crops or delicate plants directly amidst aggressive perennial areas! Some would demand removal of these aggressive perennials. Others of us feel the need to strive for newer harmonious solutions. I lightly prune the most aggressive, tall thick stemmed, overgrown perennials, starting in the late summer, with a modified weedwhacker.

I work to free up time, in various ways, to get escape full time chores, by instead accepting the naturalized, self maintaining , strong perennial facts of life. Furthermore in support of strong perennials, the native pollinators and honey bees never miss a bountiful day, throughout the whole summer season, right up until the hard frost. This natural growth also assists birds to access bugs and seeds. Intensively manicured gardens offer less pollen to bees and to wild pollinators.

Tick Patrol

Here is my older page with concrete planters, which were made and sold decades ago. I am an explorer of harmonious living through continued exploration for consciousness development. I work with simple and practical material methods, to balance my consciousness studies. With two especially hot summers passing, my interest in trickle irrigation and compost-teas inspire me again, to revive older, delayed projects.

Construction projects are tedious on a small budget, in a world so bent on self destruction. However, with consciousness development, the daily work is made tolerable, by projecting a dream, like being on an interesting stranded-island, (which in some ways describes the situation of planet earth).Such dreams inspire some needed energy, to build physical things from scratch. Installing trickle flow watering is yet an additional project, well worth adding to the grow bags, to save even more valuable time, (perhaps with compost-tea for irrigation).

On site consulting, imagining, designing, prototyping and installation are billed by the hour. Projects are billed at the hourly rate of $40 per hour plus material costs. I offer to help with all kinds of structures or gardens or systems. Inquiries are welcome.

(Disclaimer: Ticks are invading our States, so precautions are advised for all rural-outdoor activities. Maine never had so many ticks as found in recent years. Wild and domesticated birds help to reduce the ticks, but balancing the ecosystem is a struggle on this planet earth.)

More project ideas may follow here, as time permits.

My pictorial site index is here.