Here are some interesting concepts from (surreptitiously?) passed-over or misunderstood books. These books have in some aspects, helped me explore concepts of 'forces'. As these may constitute human perception-- Condensing or resonating into matter & energy. 

George F. Gillette published a book titled "Ortho Oxen of Science ~ Synoptic conspectus of author's Unitary Theory". 1936 Blackstone Publishers. My own copy of this came from a correspondent of mine in the early1990s. I met this snail-mail-friend through Nuts & Volts magazine, want ads, long before the public-internet or it's forums. We exchanged long, snail-mail letters, discussing aspects of physics, coils and  geometry. This was before the internet was public.  My friend Xeroxed Gillette's book at a Berkley library. Here is more of the Xerox copies:

As a visual-person myself, i always seek the big-picture or photo-finish, first. (Visualization before hypothesis, before apparatus, before method, to orient my interest). My friend sent me assorted xeroxes because of my obsession with spirals and coils wound upon coils. I had been laboring towards a loose hypothesis of a dynamic version of the aether-- I had very limited axis to specialized libraries in those days. Some of the old fragments of aether theory provided these thoughts to reflect on.

My friend and i considered some aspects, as a model of the tachyon or neutrino or something of that character. I even dared discuss the term 'ultimaton', from a religious book i studied for years: The Urantia Book. It had a section on unusual science, but without images. (It's text can be searched on line). By contrast, my friend was a staunch skeptic and atheist. I had no problem at all, considering fragments from religious or 'channeled' books.  My friend and i discussed the particle zoo, which held sway in those days... We actually just wanted to relate, in some fashion, to the concurrent stream of awarenesses and terms given. To have conversations. My unyielding biases were somewhat like the aether concepts, except made 'dynamic' or flowing. It seemed to me to be the primal force of this universe at large. Which, through levels of 'condensation' or perhaps through a "resonating modulation",  or through a "resonating code". Sequentially manifest, as magnetism, radiation, electric current, ionized radiation, stable matter, etc...

We also considered Lesage's "ultra mundane particle".  Adding up to three untraditional terms which somewhat could suggest the a 'primal' force for me. Gillette's 'ultimote', The Urantia Book 'ultimaton' and this third term provided some fragmentary resonance for me. I  had studied parts of all of these and felt inspired to carry out my creative explorations.  I was considering whether there might be some sort of primal force flowing past us. Could it be tapped or harnessed, somehow. Perhaps it could be a dynamic aether?  Dynamism which might govern flowing particles. Relatively, non material, or pre-material forces might deserve the attention instead. Where the metaphor of flow or movement dominates usual thinking. Along with other readings, i have leaned more towards a somewhat static, pressure or a force metaphor. Perhaps something like Tesla's longitudinal waves. "Incompressible pressure" which actualizes materialism in our perceptible world. I would have loved to read more texts by Tesla, but had no affordable sources at that time. (As of the 1990s, very little was placed on the primitive, public internet). . I was inspired to model concepts in 3d to explore the 3d physicality. Would 3d fit? My early 3d model below explored the concept of primal force, perpetual motion energizing matter-energy. Energizing traditional models of elementary particles, of traditional science...


Synergetics (of Bucky Fuller) offered the word 'isotropic' which i dared apply to this idea of forces forcing together a state of matter closer to human perception. Naming was not the point, just the geometry was explored to visual potentials, which also seemed to fit with other theories: I came across the Expando Theory, in the early days of the internet. (Around 1999 there was a website with the original writings, no?). In essence, a theory suggesting that the planet earth  actually 'grows'. (Did this include other planets and suns?)  I felt that these individual writings could very roughly cooperate physically or mechanically. Fit together, to some sort of extent. In such a way as to become perceived as gravity alone, (by humans). From the same force, a successive metamorphosis of physical manifestations result (in a sequential reaction). However not that a model is the absolute reality. A force which is pre-energy, then cosmic ray, then gravity, then matter-energy.  Along with a conservationist preference-- That forces and pressurizes will pressurize inwardly upon material particles from all sides. A concept of a dynamic version of the aether-- Except as sort of a "pressure source energy"--- Pressurizing force which 'condenses' at the interface of matter... Within a sort of wound-up-universe which can radiate energy, if and when properly 'unwound'. So that "unwinding electric power with coils" became my long standing, visualization interest..... Long story there, vaguely unwound on this page.


Two more, relatable sources i found this year:


Next Above: A clipped part of a chart is by (Dr?) Walter Russel (Better presentation of this chart was found here). This chart seems to suggest a relationship of spiralling flow, heat, cathode waves and gravity.   I love his drawings, as these are posted all over the web and are easily found today. (This was not the case, just a few years ago). I would love to find digitized text versions or excerpts from his books! To reverse-transcribe, to generate mp3s for listening. (Listen while at my physical labor)."The One Force Of The Universe Is The Energy Of Thinking Mind. There is No Other Energy", is from another of Russel's charts. Perhaps all can be Googled.  The physicality as a state of mind? Oneness concepts or unified theories generally inspire me, along with harmonious symbols like spirals. I love associating orthogonal and helical relationships.

I finally heard of Dr David Bohm's Implicate Order & Holographic Universe. ( Is it dated around 1980? I first heard of it this year 2012). Here a concise 1page presentation. I expect that the strobing, animated images there help emphasize a resonance of the hypnotic illusion, which constitutes material reality?  Here is a wonderful discussion between David Bohm and Jiddu Krishnamurti in book form, The End Of Time , (a free pdf download). YouTube has a video of this discussion, (as i prefer hearing the spoken words). Here is a lengthy book, with plenty of background: The_Holographic_Universe_Michael_Talbot.pdf ....Find it as a free pdf download-- My Thanks To All!

More recently i have found an earlier presentation of the holographic reality concepts, by Dr Richard Allen Miller. This paper has many citations and a repeatable quote: "The pattern or organization of any biological system is established by a complex electrodynamic field ............ The electrodynamic field then, is comparable to the entelecy of Driesh, the embryonic field of Spehmann, and the biological field of Weiss." Burr and Northrop, 1935

Holographic concepts are multiple and popular nowadays, but i still don't see much knowledge provided by the basic, original metaphor: Rather, it is the derivative, individualized concepts which provide their own expanded knowledge bases. From my understanding, the basic holographic apparatus produces less resolution than a basic 3d camera .   All of these very loosely relate to the antique technologies of "camera lucida", said to have been a tool which revolutionized fine art and portraiture. Here is my own forgotten version applied to 3d modeling. Which i named 'cadmera'. I feel that a 3d hologram would better fit the mechanics of 3d reality. I want to add more visualization of this at some point. Basically to establish that viewpoint is key to 3d reality as humans perceive reality. 

Removing the individualized perspectives crashes all views everywhere into a massive blur. Here is a simple 3d geometry model to emphasize my opinion about viewpoints. I recommend more consideration of  interpreted perspectives as in this linked image.


I have always liked to compare "dominant scientific reality" with ancient assertions of "illusory materialism". An ancient concept officially dated as far back as far the ancient Vedic tradition. Here i am appreciating contrast of concepts, all together. I was lucky to vaguely hear simplified, visualized or (imagined), concepts early in life. I'm also intrigued by the claims of "hidden histories and archeology", which are officially suppressed. Which also delve into the broader perspectives of reality. Alternative and hidden scholarship is rebuilding concepts of many kinds today. I always avoided authoritarian mind traps. Alternatives helped me to search for ideas like these and to settle in a rural, active-&-contemplative lifestyle. All the better to contemplate reality.


I will need to add pieces gradually, as time and focus permit.  Email is welcome and helps me to focus, sometimes.

My pictorial index page is here. Although there are many other pages besides. I will need to find out how to better map them. I do not like web coding and still use Dreamweaver software, which i never learned beyond trial and error minimalism.

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