What is true guidance? Could this be... Obedience to rules presiding? Collected memories proclaimed? I continued my searches still wondering, skeptical of endless claims.The book Your Dream Visions, (and it's extremely simple practice) guided me better, than spirituality, or literality. The word 'TruSelf'' feels more like home and more permanent than my street address. This is an authentication assurance. To travel the expanding vision-quest. Technology has saved my reader eyes, by robotically reading these books to me. The electronic mp3 voice is the affordable oration. (If the electronic voice option is tolerable). Costing me just the added interpretation, of robotic voice limitations. (It misreads verb tenses and acronyms, but this exercises mind's attention. I tolerate robotic voices, easier than terrestrial slaving.)

The subjects of awakening has always helped me smile for life. I plowed straight through the NU Book series, keen to possibly find any missing keys. What could i have missed in 50 years of searching elsewhere? The big key found was the NU tones. It seemed awkward only until tested. Steadily, the nightly dream meanings came. More coherent and productive they seemed. I never had had progress like that before. The NU~U~U~U vocalizations opened awarenesses. Open stairways, towards the beyond. I had been weary of mantras and special Yoga practices, having preferred creative building. Leaning towards scientific perspectives instead. However these dream visions proceeded well, so it really became fun to sleep. ruing , trued


Dreams provide The RealAnswer for The TruReality LifeIS, THE IS, to expose ITSelf to those who want RealTruth & RealFreedom. Truth as we have come to know it on the earth is really a 'personal truth' and nothing more. The supposed 'truth' that is referred to here is limited to Creation and has nothing to do with The Real UNUverses where YU, The RealU IS a Free Being of RealLight. Your DreamVisions are the first step into the other worlds, until YU are ready to enter The Real UNUverses of The SoundLight Reality, The ALLAliveniss of THE IS. ALLIS The Natural Environment that Supports ALL of US, and it is best to WakeUp to Everything. Test The NU~U, Watch Your Dreams!


Peal off "worlds of creation". Drill down for actual is-ness. I have always looked for better assessments of such awareness. I had already explored many life puzzles. My NU-Book, NU videos and NU-audios were filled with deeper depths of common sense. I replayed and listened again and again. Also between catching up on other sourced subjects too. Contrasting references, rebound meanings, from multiple stances, to view the contrasts. The drawn out wordsmithing was clear. It made good sense. To distinguish NU meanings from other references. I'm mapping more existences. Improving comprehension, all around.

My mp3 players are easily prepared. Each morning push to play. Go to work, with shovels or softwares. I like my tools, collected over decades. Manual labor, leaves language ports open. Awareness loves the display. I've used this advantage for years. The body exercises our health. Listens in, while brain miultitasks. This is safer than texting-while-driving. Pause button clicks, for power tools running. These tools blare too loudly, to hear at all. So that this safety catch never fails. For all life's risks, become more aware. When we build awareness purposefully.

I always loved idealism of adventure, given opportunity to think big. I was initially put off by some of the NU Book metaphor, just at first. My interest in idealism likes more hands-on involvement. I avoid marketed fantasy. My eyes generally resist boastful writing. I almost pulled back at first. After reading a day straight through. Romance and astral stuff tested my patience. How would i get anywhere like that? Too lofty to reach, right now. How is this found right here and now? Or the adventure was too enviable, to endure for myself . My status lacking the proofs. My better self held on, to see more. I recognized truth between the story lines. I bought the full set of books. To mull over at my humble work. The truths revived my inner search. It was a welcome shift away, from the endless reports of planetary demise, of our dying world today.

The full set stirred up all my insight of decades, with continued learning. My appetite grew. The NU explanations were encouraging, like catching breath, for fresh air. It was only fair to use gradual scaffolding. Many readers need the breaks, for heavy ladder climbing. To stay awake where awareness grows. To keep fantasy from blurring. Enough to get attention going. To best the devil's advocate. These books are probably good enough, to reach any age group, anywhere. In this day of the connected masses, a quest needs scope to reach. To span all the human conditions, spread far and wide. Offering the optional exit, from, the traps, the limitations and the taplines. To hear of the RealSide experience and the awareness thence beyond.

For my targeted readers, who suffered the incredulity and stress of electronic clobbering... As i was targeted severely myself.... We scan for anything suspect. We may look for guidance and answers, but newly found books or sources, all get scanned for psyops. Before anything suspect is swallowed, before tricks are played. Presentations must pass the psyops tests. I want to clarify the NU~U dream visions are clearly not MK, (mind control). I had actually experienced very sophisticated MK dream attacks before. Here is the big difference: If you combine an unrelenting sense of honesty along with disciplines of common sense, the difference between the benign-truself and the sinister-influence, becomes very evident. Duane's method of dream visions might give consistent results, in as little as just a few sleeping dreams, or span gradually over the months. Then perhaps regularly continue, for years to come. I actually only started in earnest around the end of September 2017, but noted the steady results soon after. These feel enduring for the future.

Let's compare the electronic, MK nightmares in one sentence: Sinister, psychically injected, or electronically induced, dream states or trances, each can be evaluated, according to personal state: Is there awareness upliftment? Or is there damage to repair? In my case, i discovered the sinister intent overnight', even before morning arrived. Other cases include marketed entrainment, with targeting for profit, as a commercially appropriated mind control. The awareness or upliftment, would never be found. Handle that purposefully. Confront that head on.

Do we build cages where agreements hide the lock and key?

_ _ _ _

Breakaway from reincarnate traps. Where is the guide to see this conditioning?

I felt ready for the for "THE IS". Like a GPS device instilled, with consensual telepathy instilled as well, for instilling our awareness growth. I just today looked up this word "instill". From Oxford Dictionary, " Gradually but firmly establish (an idea or attitude ) in a person's mind" For me 'gradual' provides a distinction. I take that distinction to imply that by unmolested natural growth, that humans could distinguish the piles of earlier memories from that awareness which sustains even without collected piles of memories: "True Awareness", as NU Book 5 gets into. For book learners, seeking these distinctions of awareness, of consciousness, of mind, etc... I recommend Duane's whole book set of nine NU Books, all for under $100. (I think that remains the price, to download PDF versions). Once the NUBooks are on the hard drive, these words and the extendable definitions, plus word combinations combined, can all be looked up in the book set, to get amazing connections, hence get insights revealed. Of more immediate interest should be intoning or singing the NU~U~U~U sessions, (before sleeping at night, which in my case can send me off into great sleeps). Developing deeper awareness with dreams, is one good objective. Boosting daytime awareness was another gain.

NUBOOK SIX -YOUR DREAMVISIONS THE REALSIDE LIFEIS This book represents a breakaway guidance, from earth-life's disappointing outcomes, of good parts wearing down, into irreversible disappointment. When it becomes evident that natural life is under relentless destruction by psychopaths. They attack innocent people too, striking them from the back side, duping from hidden dens. It is becoming so evident in this new century. Let me note that most humans seem content and determined, to ignore all things against them. What ever will be, will be. When confronted, one guy said to me, "we are too dumb to care what they do". He was more interested in lunch for that day alone, but it was early in his work day. They believe the control system provides all needed needs. Most people will ignore the burning planet, until it scorches their last bite of food. Only then will they switch on greater attention, just as the conveyor reincarnates them as slaves. Until that moment, they could still build some opportunity. Open up dreams, to seek awareness beyond mind. Seek some real guidance.


I have always felt too self conscious to sing, but this dream practice has started up my efforts. I have learned that even the quite inner voice, is sufficient. The popular singing sounds great, (from good singer voices). The styling, phrasing or quality are not judged in NU~U sessions. My intent is reaching out for higher awareness beyond. This is key, in my understanding. Even poor singing activates the dream symbols, providing awareness is real. We can seek for particular answers as well, but the reply might come gradually, (disappointing impatience). Nevertheless, the increased traffic of dream symbols is evident. The dream time gladdens me, before each night's sleep. That is plenty of time to spare, to plod through, what ever this takes. Like a salary for time spent asleep.

There are good singers out there in the world and here is one singing the NU~U creatively. I'll link more real singers here, doing the NU~U, if i come across any great tonality out there. Satisfying me though, is that it is the quality of intent which is effective. My poor singing tonality is not blocking my progress. Below are "voice volume graphs", only my emphasis, showing, that NU~U~U~U reveals


Here this sung from the mouths of babes:

1st NU Sample


2nd NU Sample

The brief NU~U sessions can vary quite a bit. Click through You Tube, through SoundCloud and through FaceBook examples. Notice freeborn styles and free expressions. All to providing more introductions, to the sessions, from a variety of people. NU~Us are not formal prayer, nor worship, nor chants, nor mantras of meditation. Personalized shows can be searched-and-found. NU Us are not authoritarian.

I like the validation given for personal dreams, extensively encouraged throughout the NU Books. By contrast, my recollection other books on dreams felt more limiting and bland. Their is something about commitment to dream visions which empowers them. Was i just too preoccupied earlier in life? Did i simply fail to write down dreams before? My current, symbolic dreams are progressively showing me things to consider in my waking state. The RealGuides affect dream symbols, based on one's awake state intention. Active free will choice of growing one's awareness is prerequisite. We have such lifelines going beyond all states ever offered to humans. I'll write more on this in due course.

My introduction to NU Books was through a good number of freely downloaded videos and audios, independently posted on the internet, beginning in in September, 2017. I began reading Duane The Great Writer ~NU Books in the same month. I was surprised that i missed this author's mention, on internet forums, (before 2017). I have scanned various "awareness forums" since the internet's beginnings. How could i miss this? Well, i was ready this year, no doubt.

NU Book 2&6 was a free download as my first NU Book to read, followed immediately by my second book to read: NU Book six, purchased as a downloaded version. Here is the title page quoted: "Rebazar Tarzs & The NUExplorers Presents... LISTEN TO NATURE~ (There are many pages of introductions to this NUBook. Look for 'START HERE' for Your DreamVisions NUBook 6) YOUR DREAMVISIONS NUBOOK 6 WORLDWIDE WAKEUP WITH DUANE&EVA SEE US ON FACEBOOK / ASK EVA NOW Duane The Great Writer 201"

I welcome discussion of mutual topics, through  e m a i l or skype.   There is too much phone-spam nowadays, so we often let the answering machine here, record before we decide to pick up the phone calls. Skype is easier to use for discussion, but i can accept some phone calls too.

Fine print conclusion of this webpage, for those with ways to see it . . . . I have to admit. I have not explored all this to it's finality, myself. I don't want a physical perception. Nor the mere organ perceptions of the human body. I grow a higher awareness outside bodies, outside the astral or creation's creations, with increasing shared awareness, for the mind, (shared to the transceiver of this human earth body). The awareness signals relate how? Does the silent voice speak in the head? Does it say this to The True Self? I say no, that's not awareness of itself.. Does the non literate visualizer of shapes and patterns send such content to the mind's eye? I say no to that. The true self awareness precedes the physically based perceptions, which it loaded on the hard drive, at human birth. The answers i get in such matters, is to watch the dreams, to grow the awareness, which also restrains the physicality, of the traps which we empower. I interpret my habits seen, of a lifetime replayed, over and over again. Of me empowering the physicality of things, in times of the past. Visions include the physical seeing, while the pure, non-physical awareness may see it energizing the physical seeing, which is bringing physicality to life. Bring in the dream vision. Bring it on!

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