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November-December 2017 update

This page remains focused on my experiences with remedies, to neutralize the severe effects of subtle, directed energy attacks. This refers to the little known psychotronic assaults, (of transmitted radiation). This is not academic research. The exhaustive, references are ignored here. I offer no advice or cures, just my longstanding observations. Sculpted-grounded-coils, as used to preserve well-being are described at length with illustrations below. I speak from 10 years of direct experience, originally outlined on other pages.

The proliferation of stressful radiating devices, already warms the world. The heavy marketing of phones already stress the user, without shielding the human brain. Without proving product safety. This may be taken as evidence: The market impatience will overlook risks of neural infringement. Riska of a much more subtle kind. The buyers will not know. Neural entrainment apps, are extending beyond advertising. This update will focus only on the artful shielding from external targeting, as expected from bandwdth expansions, (like 5G). This describes my "electronic-detoxing". Based on years of testing. I feel these arts helped me to survive well, as i was used for subtle (but otherwise futile) target practice.

Also: My 2017 breakaway from the pessimism: Step out of the matrix. Grow the real awareness!

Many aware people recognize that psychopaths infect all world governance. Perpetrators augment unreality. Dwindle self self sufficiency. I survived psychotronic targeting, aimed at me,(intermittently, over a ten year period. My investigation of electronic protection continues. I add my gradual findings and assumptions. Where makeshift models, deflected chaos scatterings. The crimes against humanity are a separate subject.

Just by tiny milliwatt signal levels, the human brain is overpowered. Why are these particular, tiny signal levels overpowering? Where phone devices are not similarly overpowering? I say that psychotronic technology is the big difference. Human bodies operate with "nature's software", but increasing, industrial-grade radiation gradually burns away "nature's software". Psychopathic applications exploit neural vulnerabilities, (by neurally heterodyned transceiver methods). Generally, transceivers affect brain and neural codes. This specially programmed form of radiation can interfere with, sicken or disable. If precisely triangulated and decoded, edited and then remixed back again. Vulnerabilities in a target are cataloged and the person is eventually entrained, controlled or terminated. Bizarre electronic voodoo and worse electronic hijacking of mind, were aimed at me, but these i managed to deflect and survive! This enourages me to inform the world. After each event, i gradually learned more and compared my test results. My life was thrown off course these last 10 years. A really good use of this targeting technology is for construction. I had wanted to work with concrete structuring. I spent years working on customized building methods, using computer aided inspection. (CAI not CIA, hahaha)

Surround sound locates sources. Surround transceiver antennas difine precise locations, apparent in 5G antenna networks. Close range tracking, constantly updates subjects of interest. Detrimental purpose for targeting is known. Signal purposes are not indisputably provable. Useful peaceful purposes are widely promoted, but my experiences showed me the downside. Psychopathy desires non consensual telepathy or voodoo or worse. I don't expect 5G will require principles of public well being nor personal rights. It is too complex to regulate. The frontier is too expansive. It's applications are too lengthy to define. Prospectors have incentives to exploit the neural vulnerabilities. Fraud is accepted as fair game enterprising. Humans accept their slavery. Very few wake up. They wallow through unstable perks. 5G's wider bands of frequency might neurally connect. If the target brain is less aware and less disciplined.

Lazy thought opens vulnerability, for specifically tailored attacks, through neurally modulated modes. Terms like "augmented reality" trivialize the risks which become enabled. The chaos is inevitably ensuing. Therefore, in case an aware person feels certain disabling symptoms ensuing and... That these symptoms are not from natural causes, the intuition might suggest this is due electronic targeting. Unaware people may likely think it is ordinary and use consumer driven habits, to remedy situations, through their belief systems. I felt and suffered remote targeting. Microwave targeting from afar, was largely rationalized, in successive links below.

TI Shielding

Here i will jump into my findings with electronic shielding, from "low power level attacks". I do not refer to powerful, physical burning weapons, used against defenseless citizens. A best known shield is The Faraday Cage. Known to exclude electrostatics and if dense enough, to exclude electromagnetic influences, with a connection to earth or the ground. These cages as shields, are explained elsewhere and far beyond my method of protection described here. My focus is specific: I found that extreme Faraday shielding is too expensive. Also that light conductive sheets were not sufficient, all alone. That more needs to be added. Also that, TI attack modes are extremely varied in objectives. Cheer up, one can shield from low power psychotronics, by use of low tech. I feel the light weight Faraday shields are OK as a start, but that an additional feature completes greater protection. I learned this from new targeting surprises, intermittently continued, over the years. So i kept adding make shift trials, configuring recycled stuff, (raw generic parts), which i had on hand.

What could easily be added to enhance TI shielding? Tesla had diligently researched and developed the transmission and the reception of electromagnetic signals. I narrowed this down to utter simplicity. He was the first to combine electrical grounds connected to antennas, but through coils!

This innovative combination really discovered radio and much more. This intrigued my artistic intuition. After a little experimentation, a resonator experiment 'detoxed' my living airspaces, and my immediate TI attack-sensations stopped.

Improvised Tests of Electronic Shielding

I consider this artform to be a grounded-resonator art, the quality of which is variable. Also likely is the human belief system which in my case does favor electronic technology uses. Shielding from the subtle, digital attacks proved easy to build. I expect that this resonator functions as a drain-sink. To drain typical, electrical energies, but also the digitized-programing signals. Providing relief, from digitally pulsed attacks. I installed one (and later more), grounded-coil-antennas, distributed around living and also work spaces. If my mobility became impaired, i could furthermore integrate these principle in clothing, as grounding through the shoe is easy: Walking makes and breaks electrical contacts, interrupting pulse codes, to effectually intercept transceiver mode psychotronics. (...Easy if life can be lighter lived, somewhat closer to nature).

By comparison with a grounded Faraday Cage, (using metaphor), this idea adds copper coils. Small, cheaper 'antennas' might replace a plan for larger surrounding, expensive 'cages'. If already installed- the popular TI-conductive-plastic-sheet-or-conductive-paint-enclosures, might act both as cage and antenna, (through metaphor without precise labels). I simply disconnect these from ground and inserted simple coils between, (for a completed reconnection). Other adaptations might morph aspects between sheet forms and antennas, generally. The electrical characteristics for this purpose, can be verified in Tesla's writings. Artful experimentation is key, not the academics. Basically have grounded conductors in one's living space, to drain the charges.

I verified that certain attacks, most likely through microwave targeting, have penetrated a very lightweight, Faraday Cage shielding alone. So that i eventually felt motivated to add the coils. I also had earlier used one other effective device when symptoms seemed on the rise... Moving metal strips, over the sleeping person, did seem to help, at times. But when the new voodoo set of symptoms flared up (in 2016), i quickly began my coil additions. Considerable relief was immediate. I wanted more reinforcement. The passive coils, not using AC power mains, seemed just right. A muscular shoulder pain subsided immediately and amazingly to about 80%, (but took months to heal to 99%+ of full muscular recovery, in this case). Caught soon enough, symptoms are wiped out immediately.


The Belgrade Museum refers to the electrical component named 'transformer'. This is otherwise known as coupled coil pairs.(Or just say coils). I focus on the basic coil aspect alone, not the precise tuning. Our objective is to drain away spikes of broad-band vibrations and not to decode or encode tuned signals. Digital codes use spikes or pulsed codes. I refer to the first research for development of high frequency, (HF), with Tesla's own drawing above, marked up in color by me, to emphasise the prototypical resonator aspects, which i found artfully protective. Where, fast-forward, until today, Tesla's gifts have become distorted by greed-lust-marketing, ultimately to generate so much electronic pollution and general environmental havoc. (Whereas the havoc and chaos are not needed to obtain the beneficial uses of microwaves or HFs... The extensively related details are outside my webpage objective. My objective is to simply share the resonator benefits, for practical home made, artful remedies. Do not worry about precision or complexities here. Instead, just use a metaphor from Tesla's original conceptualization. This worked so simply and so well. I don't rely upon extensive literalism. but rather just metaphor.

My personally preferred electrical grounds, for this purpose are isolated from wall plug grounds, from AC power line grounds or (mains). My preference is to bury some thick-as-possible copper scrap, (as from recycled junk), copper pipe pieces, or bare copper wire in the ground, or use a grounding rod. (Avoid very fine copper wires, to avoid premature corrosion, (in damp soils), thicker copper is better). Moist content in soils, such as natural lawns or viable shrub soils are better grounds. Existing, sub soil metal pipe, or exposed concrete reinforcement rods may provide grounds.

The prototypes are made with simple "raw material", (which are strewn everywhere as junk). Surplus coils can be bought at low cost, as large or compact sizes, (or roll one's own). Size (and inductance) is not critical, but starting with varieties was my path. I use both fine wired and medium fine wired coils. I have always had many sizes and varieties of electrical junk. I feel that collecting stable forms of electronic junk, is helpful, as it can be remodelled to work in similar ways. Such is my conviction and intuition. I installed a variety all around my targeted home space. Combine that, with living close to nature, with surrounding trees, plants and animals. (These dispel or drain excess electrostatic charge in the air space). As we learn, living organisms, grown with conductive water, present some conductive and absorptive effect, for all subtle energies, (including precise-modulated-codes). Small radio-TV coils pictured below have worked for me. Indoor installations are so unlikely to present any sort of other problems.


Workable coils can be bought like those in picture, or stripped off of junk found in dumpsters, or perhaps roll your own simple coils. The copper insulated conductors are standard. except in the earth when used uninsulated, as a ground. As a ruralist, i have a separated electrical grounds in separated areas. The AC mains and the telephone are combined, but separate from my drain resonator grounds, which are several separated grounds, buried in separate shaded soil areas, least likely to dry out. I feel this takes advantage of the most conductive ground qualities, separated somewhat from utility grounds. I feel that separated grounds expand the actual surface area contact with the ground, overall., which is a technical advantage, in my personal opinion. Apartment buildings introduce a very different set of circumstances, which might demand other ground considerations. One can find amateur radio people, on line, to learn their ground connection methods inside apartments .

It took me time to realize the drawing on right, below, was to emphasize the weakening of power levels with distances from source.

As a founder of radio science, Nikola Tesla provided us his notes, made during his early experiments. I want to draw out a particular essence, from his principles of electromagnetic waves. This is an artful consideration, not engineering. Coil sculpture grounds, drain electric pollution away. This model loosely simulates the prototype of untuned radio. We are able to catch and drain all possible frequencies, through this " untuned receiver". We can begin simply at first. I tied to see if things help one's situation. Try one step at a time, see if something helps one's symptoms at all. See if one can improve digital-electrical quietness in the living space. I was glad for this relief. Targeted people can afford the time to try remedies far outside ordinary conventions. That this all is crude, encourages the readers to innovate and adapt. Seek open source discussion, to further stimulate insights and interpretations. Ignore methods which bring no benefit at all.

Adding and testing multiple mini- antennae and shield sculpture further subdued my symptoms. Numerous surrounding antennae (like 5G), are likely to proliferate throughout populated areas. Separately, manipulative programming has already been developed previously and exercised, even with satellite targeting, but now may develop at close ranges. Levels of concern range from electronic noise pollution to esoteric taplining by The Influence. Proliferated technology has reached the esoteric level, but might expand widely..

Thin wire tufts increase surface area and electrical 'connection' to atmosphere. Above is my latest wire antenna experiment, to drain charge around the computer display. It might inspire something better looking in time, but now it is for extended observations. The wire goes down into my cellar to connect to a metal fitting of my water supply. My original motive was not for looks, but rather the mentioned 2016 successful protection effort. Next are some specifics of my tuft-antennas:

The idea of 'attracting' charges was suggested by Franklin's lightning rod. Except my tufts subdivide the 'points' or wire ends, in all directions. Where Tesla commented, the sharp points tend to attract and increase probability of (sudden) discharges. My interpretation extends this probability to indoor pulsed environments, immersed in multiple, high frequencies. Lightning is not likely with my display, indoors, but the electronic noise is likely continuous. I want to observe this expectation, of a pulse-attractive drain.

l got especially inspired by the antenna style from Tesla's lightning protector, (below). This umbrella-shape dissipates atmospheric charge generally. Indoor spaces may also be "electrically detoxed" by antenna-coil-ground arrangements. It simply emulates absorption and attraction of charge. Pointed ends, according to Tesla's observations, create lightning paths, but in our miniature arrangement here, i say we attract the pulsed signals, penetrating our living spaces. As signals come at us, as polluting pulses impinge, we may as well attract and absorb the charges, draining them into ground, (through connected wires). The Tesla protector shows a direct connection of antennae to ground, for architectural protections, from natural lightning. (Tesla claimed these remove lightning paths near to the architecture.) So i have rearranged the basics, to improve living spaces.

Experimental tests of my sculpture, seemed to subdue the "voodoo like digitized attacks" during the summer of 2016. Particularly after installing the grounded-coils to roof -antennas. There are too many variables in this world of targeting. I write only about the specific attacks received here and do not describe countless other TI aspects. Specific questions about targeting can be typed into internet search engines. I am actually using a variety of unusual, ground-protective sculpture experiments. (See garden sculptures as well., in update below).

I found a much deeper source of well being, as of September 2017. I feel this is a clear way to get beyond a condemned world. A nice planetary savior is not likely to fix up the earth, (in my humble opinion). The ecological efforts of humans are stressed out and loosing countless species. Also witness endless catastrophic events this century, without any true corrections made. The powers that be show no interest in a thriving, healthy world. I believe earth's situation is hereby not fixable and is condemned to a successional destruction, as of 2017. My own targeting experiences up stepped my research into what is really happening on this planet, so that i feel qualified to make this statement.

I use coil leftovers, in this case a YinYang Coil, which happens to reduce inductance. (Inductance value is yet another aspect mentioned in Tesla writings generically).

I would have much preferred other constructive ways to spend time, but had to change my life to deal with all this. I hacked through some useful technology, building proportional, interactive arts. The proofs were simply that my human relief was obtained, from various symptoms. The expected targeting purposes for targeting me, felt like a repression of radical awareness. The powers that be apparently target many aware people.

Other popular claims are made about shielding artforms. I simply feel that art can sometimes affect well being, but, again only to limited degrees. Based on long established human agreements, we live in a world of huge challenges, with very limited regenerative powers. Nevertheless, my story shows that well being can be obtained by the determined few, who develop awareness and will power.

One loud claim, upheld by some people, is called 'orgonite'. It is purportedly based on Wilhelm Riech's orgone energy. I say that Reich presented something very different from 'orgonite'. I openly looked at both claims, with particular attention to the parts involved. Riech's 'orgone' experiments involved wrapping successive layers with metal sheets, insulated with organic material, (between sheet layers). In the 1970s, my friend carpenters joked about this effect developing from house building, reflective foil, plus lumber. Would this embody an orgone effect? Some of us smiled, just to make it through the work day. Similar to orgonite, here was experimental curiosity, enjoying quaint alchemy. I don't like use of petrochemical chemical resins, though indeed, the transparent quality please eyes. I say it all lacks electrical grounding, to the buyers loss. I doubt enough humans will push this artform, into subconscious effectiveness. Though indeed, people can inject well being, through massively spread beliefs, (or like the placebo effect).

I wondered within the dedicated claims made... Why wouldn't steel belted tires involve Wilhelm Reich's Orgone Accumulator principle? Is there a spinning orgone effect? Carbon material interleaves with metal mesh? Can massive human belief cause scientific effects? I doubt the masses consider tires much more than good rides, (period). People admire flowers, and a few tires made flower pots, perhaps some of these were steel belted radials.

Today, California is maliciously burned by psychopaths. Industrial hazards are proudly thrashed upon the earth, everywhere, over land air and water. Ecocide intensifies. Unbelieving at first sight, the public is very preoccupied. We are warned to live defensively. Directed energy increasingly clashes every which way.

August 2017 Update:

Simplistic uses of rebar as resonators has long intrigued me. Here is a quote attributed to John K Hutchison, famous research scientist, whose work has approximately supported the generalized rebar - resonator concept. Quote: "We used REBAR as antennas to capture the RF frequencies. This worked in cleaning the ground around the rebar. GET rebar and put in the ground. Along with this use your mind for healing the earth and helping Japan. This is called psychotropics. All the above information and psychotropics. are accepted sciences in the military industrial complex as well as noetic science teams. Please participate. Please help save the Earth. John Hutchison and Nancy Lazaryan # # # Q&A Rebar Question: Using rebar to capture RF frequencies? How long a piece and how much is driven into the ground? What diameter rebar could be used? How many rebars would one use? Would one use 4, one for each direction?  Answer: March 19, 2011 2:32 PM MST roughly 6 feet long about a foot into the ground 1/4" to 1/2" diameter...or whatever is available one is okay, 4 is better" End Quote

My own focus has been more directed towards manifesting intentionality. Using materials like steel rebar to symbolize and resonate harmony through our micro ecosystem, (and homestead). Harmonious collaboration and resonation of intent, with all or any beings, is the aim of my resonating work described further below.

Another famous scientist i wish to cite here is Nikola Tesla, regarding his Lightning Protector Patent 1,266,175. A simple antenna system which essentially grounds multiple elevated, branching conductors to reduce electrical charge which may build up in the surrounding air or vicinity. This has long inspired me generally, about this subject. For me, it asserts the action of grounded rebars, (scraps of reinforcement rod, shaped into sculptures).

June 2017 Update:___

Here are some experimental coils used in my yard to "harmonize the spaces” around my home, in Maine. Generally i think of antennas, coils, sculpture and perhaps various sorts of objects as resonators. Resonant frequency is a key subject of electronics yet it is actually more than one single frequency, because embedded information typically rides upon a specific, single frequency. I suggest that these are "resonant codes". Where codes and patterns are communicated or modulated or transmitted, or heterodyned on top of a fixed-resonant frequency. Therefore slight frequency variation underlies most popular usages of the word frequency. (The carrier frequency ever so slightly varies in relation to the sum total frequency at a given time, with radio waves and wifi). Therefore, to say- “this is the frequency” deserves more to be said. Intelligences do everything with codes and patterns and this cannot be done with fixated frequency alone.


I like to step aside from the very important facts just mentioned. Electromagnetic transmissions on earth are taking on chaotic qualities, at alarming rates. I explore the healing resolutions, to compensate for chaotic interference, which may become available to most humans. I go fast forward to alternative alchemy. Alchemists have long suggested that some sort of aether pervades mineral and life existences, as a basis for all material existences. Aether is the common denominator of all materiality. Aether may provide the link between the particle and the wave, (as constituents of the tachyon, neutrino of magnetism, of gravity, etc.., in physics). Today, such vibrations are endlessly analyzed in countless manners. We hear of terms like “scalar”. I reason that certain psychic phenomena cross the boundaries of all these things. I actually feel healing benefits as well as creative inspiration, along with years we invested here, in our struggle to grow a harmonious eco system.


As such it is was highly suggestive for me to sculpt with intentionality. The steel rebars provide durability to form, as well as magnetic and electrical potential. Despite that the electromagnetic specifications are arguably negligible, there remain definite hardware qualities to build intentionality upon. The clockwise spin, while looking into the direction of the red arrows is key. A side view reveals that a clockwise and a counter-clockwise coil are welded together.


My concept splits the vortices (or coils) vertically. I will sometimes add a small inverting vortex coil which i wish to name “infinizer”. This provides energetic feeling to the flows. The Coriolis effect is vaguely employed, but further enhanced by a reportedly ancient Egyptian technology, (see Biogeometry online), which goes well beyond texts on The Corlios Forces, by joining two vorticular windings into one, to harmonize life’s resonant energies. This suggested word furthermore includes "Y" from the ancient Chinese Yin Yang concept and also the wider symbol of infinity. I borrowed aspects from these ideas to employ with my differentiated geometries and codes.


The intentionality is expressed in codes or patterns which carry meaning (generally termed intelligence in communications technology). Meaning resonates harmonizers, while the raw or base electromagnetic energy is bypassed to ground. Higher frequencies, (in the air), interact with symbolic intentionality of geometries, while the raw electricity of lowest frequencies bypassed to ground. These are my initial feelings based upon continued relief, from having suffered the fate of targeted individuals.


I suggest that do-it-yourselfers should try experiments of resonating their own intentionality, with sculpture. The principles remain a personally important intentionality. Wilhelm Reich's orgone and it's later development, orgonite, both may effect coded energies, (outside the area of modern electronics). For my own focus i have made a few experiments which integrate these concepts. Below are examples made with



Next i turn to a creative interpretation of Dr Robert Duncan's brief suggestion of a method to help foil brain attacks. He himself helped to develop this type of technology professionally, before he became aware of all the project purposes. Subsequently he became a top whistle blower, alerting the whole world to it's horrible power, if applied as a weapon, used on citizens like myself. Dr Duncan himself is a positive hero, in my opinion. In my interpretive words, his device has been used in secret governmental programs like SATAN and TAMI. (See his book Project Soul Catcher. Also look up this many free Youtubes). Back to his briefly mentioned "scrambler", this was to attach many loose pieces of foil to the ceiling and blow a fan to continually agitate the pieces of foil... Here is my related idea, easier to install, but generally inspired by his idea:


The disco ball motor suspends a chain with bent metal foil dangling, to slowly rotate. I keep this above the bed to help, in case attacks seem to be in progress or immanent. I never got debilitating night symptoms, of electronic attacks when this was going. I did get attacks previously which invoke muscular inflammation, despite my ability to handle these conditions, (with an extreme "non inflamitory duet). Especially where i kept adding systems here, to interfere with such attacks. Before all upgrades here, last summer, my wife and i felt we were physically attacked, last year, in the form of illness symptoms, which were wrong for the summer season. It was extremely hot, weather wise. Yet this congestion did powerfully set in, very quickly. It was soon followed with severe debilitation of our shoulder muscles. After various intervening efforts, strangely instantaneous symptoms returned. The additive interference systems needed more efforts. This motivated me to rush into newer additional resonator installations, by use of various, coil resonators, electrically connected to antennae on the roof and grounding plates in the ground. Our symptoms were gradually overcome, but the shoulder weakness took months to overcome completely. Nearby people also suffered shoulder issues, which increased my suspicion of electronic weaponry, for experimentation in our nearby area. Electronics are used like voodoo by very covert operations. The carrier waves seem to be weather radars which are modulated with strong disharmonious effects. (Read Dr Duncan's book, mentioned in the previous paragraph, for this specific use of radars, which target individual people. Search the internet for Dr Robert Duncan's briefly suggested experimental idea, in his first, generally-attributed and weirdly-attacked text: "The-Matrix-Deciphered_Robert-Duncan_Nov-2010_276p.pdf". In particular, see pages 229-230. There are multiple documented technologies and simple methods for reference. Search these terms online for additional examples. My main conclusion however, was that my coils wired up as resonators, managed to interfere with this particular type of targeting, fine tuned, specially weaponized, transmissions aimed at us in our home, (all prior to widespread 5G installations).

Further notes inserted during December 2017: Ground the turning shaft with a grounded metal wire with a simple, lloop. otating shaft will have a friction effected connection to ground. (Not shown)... I feel this adds more effecs which change with time. I understand that moving refectors cuses interference with the remote targeting readouts, which allows relief. Likewise, i feel that the friction connection to ground can likewise add some slight grouning alterations over time, during targeting, which affect the extremely weak sgnals utilized, in digitized targeting attacks.

Further notes inserted during August 2017: These signals have been very faint, up to this date, and therefore may be easily discharged by simpel coils grounded on one terminal of the coil, with the other terminal of coil atttached to an antenna, elevated above the roof. However, the 5G microwave system may yet complicate this scenario, due to widespread microwave networks, which may yet be used for localized targeting with higer resolution for targeting purposes. In which case specific carrier frequencies would need to be tuned more closely, to further bleed off the malevolant targeting signals... If 5G is additionally used to piggyback psychotronic voodoo, controlled by psychopaths.

Add to this, the value of raising our own conciousness, to overwhelm the voodoo content of electronic attacks or weaponized psychotronics. Afterall, malevolent electronic attackis are largely discordant tones and symbols which can be over ridden with a persons higher awarenss modulations, (along with common sence defences). Recognition of attacks, by use of a person's higher ethical intent can block the effects. I witnessed this much myself! No kidding, i have seen illness symptoms vanish instantly, in my body. I hear of religious people invoking religious prayers or mantras with commendable success. While i prefer more scientifically informed common sense methods. End of added note.)


Following are fragments of this webpage originally started around 2013.

Below are older examples of my projects which helped me through my own healing. Healing from harmful telepathy intended to kill me, as part of the currently failing plan of world programs, like "Agenda 21" and the ongoing ecocide and genocide. I want to add more links eventually.

I had planned to print the 3d files pictured below, (which are based on this concept). I have not been able to activate my out-dated, (Windows based, 3d printer and have put off renewed attempts). I have also been preoccupied with other needs in life. Furthermore... I have found that intensive use of integrative creativity is likely the best protection against mind control. One can generate interference with personal creativity, or use creativity of others like audio sources, preferably to learn useful subjects, like lectures, interspersed with music or shows, all to foil mind targeting attacks. This also depends on the sorts of attacks which one may ultimately experience. As much of the war on consciousness will happen through mind.

The following 3d model, is based on tetrahedral ~ octahedrally arranged centroids. The tetrahedrons were replaced with overlapping spheres.  A circuit resonation of these centroid foci is the aim of this experimental prototype. At three levels, it also resonates cubes, tetrahedra and circles, (all in one array). The specific geometric arrangement is based on my own geometric proportions of the objective centroids. The star tetrahedron appears to have been invented or introduced by Leonardo Da Vinci. I learned this from, which terms the art thus: adaptation of the drawing that Leonardo da Vinci made of the stellated octahedron for Luca Pacioli's book 'De Divina Proportione'. Pacioli named it 'octocedron elevatus vacuus'. A hundred years later, Kepler named this polyhedron 'stella octangula'   In any case, my focus is on the fractal derivations of the stellated octahedron or star tetrahedron. I actually integrated other facilities of mind, besides academic geometry. Which enters an area possibly scorned by pure academic standards. I doubt Leonardo would scorn these experiments, which will maintain strongly objective features.

The expected resonation may interact with neuronal bands, (in my humble curiosity).  Octahedral geometry could be accurately 3d-printed in plastic and then specially coated. Reflector, absorbers, or orgonite styled coatings could be tried. This could achieve specified geometries of interest. These geometries are suggested to address energy patterns at a human scale of sizing. I'm reluctant to profess any claims but could enjoy experiments. I suggest trying silica-carboniferous or bio-organic material coatings, (perhaps sage, salt or crystalline admixtures). Cementitious layered with silica layers and or conductive layers would be easy to try, on small printed objects. This building process is fairly easy, after one has a physical 3d printout. The geometry (images below), can be precisely 3d-printed-


While the above renders the spheres semi-transparently, (like a glass).... The image below renders the same digital , 3d model as opaque. The mottling  is due to JPEG file-size reduction (to save web space and download time). These first two images suggest a single material type, consistent throughout the geometry. However, with more design time devoted and with higher quality of 3d-print machines, a semi transparent, somewhat optical quality of production material might be more pleasing. The density of coloring suggests increasing opacity due to overlapping sphere geometry. This imagery of overlapped geometry is entirely virtual as of this writing in September 2013.  I like the virtual display in that it can represent the "flower of life" or the "lotus flower wheels" concepts, which are made popular within concepts of expanded consciousness. Further down this page i will next convey my concept of coating a solid array of (boolean) merged spheres. (Interpenetrating spheres are easier to print using today's popular 3d printers. Better 3d printers would allow much more advanced geometry and subsequent experimentation.)

The two color rendering below is schematic. I am contemplating the prototyping of multi layered productions. To allow hand- dipping of the precise 3d-print, into specialized, Cementitious mixes.  To  experiment with possible resonator effects. The computer rendered image below, infers that the blue layer coats the red 3d-printed, red base.  I already have a variety of materials and a low- quality 3d printer machine. (Except that it will take me some time to assemble it's parts- as of sept 2013. I have seasonal priorities like preparing for winter. I don't know when i will be able to start working with 3d printers, but do have some 3d files ready.) A variety of experimental combinations are apparent here. Portland cement paste is actually, largely calcium carbonate and metal coatings can alternatively be painted on. Laminated coating can manifest an assortment of theoretical effects.  A variety of higher quality metallic coatings can be purchased, if experiments are funded. Or various Cementitious materials can be ground into customized mixtures. The popular concepts of Wilhelm Reich's orgone energy could be tried. If requested and specially obtained, customized orgonite or ormus concepts could be explored too. However my structural form work alone is expected to yield significant results. As it is based upon so called "sacred geometry"- Personally i prefer the term "primal geometry" as the word sacred suggests branded ideas which need not apply. I prefer freeing consciousness to explore expansively. Fresh water pearl incorporation is also available. I am able to suggest experiments and prototype them. I welcome other creative suggestions.

Fractal Star Tetrahedron Basis

I offer to collaborate in these experiments, perhaps to explore energetically interactive jewelry. Decorative items to be worn, perhaps to symbolize ones expansion of consciousness. The electromagnetic resonation is expected to be physically harmless and psychically beneficial. I spent most of my life leaning more towards objective visions, but now am balancing the objective visions with inspirational visions.

One objective would be to see if subtly harmful targeting upon persons, can hereby be overridden, through creativity. The attacks on expanding consciousness operate within mechanistic- materialism exclusively. Thus a users focus on higher psychic patterns may yet provide relief from the lower attacks. I surmise, that traditional spirituality can also achieve similar aims through prayer, for the devout. Yet the agnostics and otherwise non traditionally inclined, may achieve the same benefits through geometric creativity.

The colors in image above indicate that the final structure, would have multiple layers. These layers would function, potentially with particular effects.  My diagramed image above indicates that successive layers be applied to replicate this concept, (inspired by Reich). Let it be tested.   With time i will expand on my own adaptive ideas, to build wearable items to incorporate this and other innovations. I do have multiple interesting material sources to buy more specialized materials from.


Viktor Schauberger ethericities also provide concepts to contemplate and then to incorporate. Here is just one Schauberger example, from the freely downloaded e-book titled "Living Energies", by Callum Coats, page 272.

                   Energy From Atmospheric Ethericities
Schauberger's principle of ethericities, in this leaf, appear just a little bit relatable to the Reich's orgone principle- In the orthographic vector of energy exchange- The geometric evenly distributed, inwardness and outwardness.  Schauberger incorporates sort of a conductor between the "ethericity dipole".  I delve into the resonation of such systems, (or the resonant functions). I only recently dug deeply into the online books, which publish Schauberger's works. (August 2013~ My deep gratitude to all who made these works available on line and to the comprehensive author Callum Coats, for devoting so much of his life to Viktor Schauberger's works.) There is such a depth of prior arts to be found! I love to focus at these depths. I love considering the expanse of terminology, geometry and conceptualization.


An additional modeling use for "Leonardo da Vinci's stellated octahedron" or my fractal star tetrahedrons was to build a framework or a truss to guide and to hold coil resonators in a precise geometric form. The image below is just one random form, which is particularly easy to work with. While the principle could be re engineered to match differing results to be had.


The purpose of the coloring, here, is to show that 4, fairly simple square truss works, can unite and present a form of framework in a stellated octahedron, (or fractal star tet).  Uniting the 4 square, truss fractals, involved overlapping or "boolean unions" of some of the star, fractal parts. This means that the overlaps will simply be singular, united object parts, instead of being two overlapping objects parts. The type of geometry is said to be highly precise and readily transferable to 3d printing machines. Once printed, the plastic object provides a framework, through which, even coil wire can be threaded. The simplistic coils derived with this imaged model, could inherently infer" high frequencies", due to the coil wire length and size, bearing low inductance. (Yet other coil techniques are also suggested for experimentation). This model is otherwise a conceptual platform, upon which to derive more intricate molds, to use in castings. To cast  molded conductors and geometrically structured cores.

A separate art show on vector equilibribrium prints is blogged separately here.

"Conceptual artist is repressed?" I used to link this statement directly to my victimization of being targeted by covert psychopaths. My two experiences of attempted murder has been posted publicly for several years, (originally beginning in 2007).

I protest psychopathic programs which target individuals. I stand in solidarity along with many others, on the www. We document freedom's attempted destruction and world ecocide. Earth is progressively being destroyed by perpetua, industrialized, warlike monopolies. All conscious people are called to raise their own consciousness further, which could sway the tide. There is no limit to raising our consciousness and it can be fun, if we are free.

However inspiration persists.

I believe peaceful world resolutions could come quickly, with ethical telepathy. I feel it is a higher form of shared, consensual reality. Let it safeguard society. Let loving and peaceful privacy inspire society, inspire laws, guide justice. Let truth of all consequences be shared only through ethical forms of telepathy. Let consequences flow from growing wisdom, through respectful telepathy. Let unjust consequences be recognized before those occurrences would otherwise happen. Let telepathy and not avarice lead the way. Let the accused be investigated through telepathy, along with the accusers. End crime permanently. Banish conspired totalitarianism through telepathy. Heal mother earth from the destructive parasites and predators who presently destroy life, through destructive artifice.

How does a society accept a better goal? Perhaps by comparing one step at a time. I want to explore initiatives already underway. Telepathy is here already, masked only by our adhesion to primitive, misleading teachings. Rotted authoritarianism, has entrained humans for millennia, by our indifferent consent, by us giving our responsibilities away. We bought into it, we now own it, by believing blindly. Let us refocus and be free.

Are we really free?

Both ethical and also unethical telepathy, both, actually exist today. Choose carefully or totalitarian entrainment will be forced upon you.

I was slow to discover freedom’s skill sets, using up decades along the way. I persistently admired mind expanding disclosure at any level. I have been inspired to explore this realm, anywhere it could be found. I want to share links here, gradually, as may be found along the way.

Let us approach freedom with our unique discretions, to learn about integrative bases of knowledge. Bases which maintain collective realities, of this world we live in. I am so glad to see other blogs and materials encouraging integrative thoughts and practices. Suddenly forced knowledge and forced telepathy is difficult to follow. However, both ethical and also unethical telepathy, both, actually exist today. Choose carefully or totalitarian entrainment will be forced upon indifferent minds..


My own, unexpected experiences of harmful telepathy, took me years to understand and to overcome. I want to present some work of others, for background, before continuing with my own unfolding stories.

Here is an enjoyable, affable lecture which introduces positive telepathy well, for the average person.
Michael A. Persinger (born June 26, 1945) is a cognitive neuroscience researcher and university professor with over 200 peer-reviewed publications. He has worked at Laurentian University in Sudbury, Ontario, since 1971.

The following was my motivation for rendering and publishing these particular resonators, at this particular time period.

A Targeted Individual (T.I.) does not consent to covert targeting.


Two of my web pages include warnings to highly aware persons- To regularly sharpen their awarenesses and their senses. In that a pattern of attacks appears to be unfolding.

My own examples are here: First Incident ~~~ Second Incident

I was experimented upon and affirm that one can survive these attacks. I find that a strong sense of personal integrity and due diligence, combined with intensive self creativity provides excellent protection, (from mind control, also called psychic attacks). Such diligence should sit on one's shoulder and weed out the impulses which very well could be a hidden electronic attack, upon one's senses or upon one's neural motor skills. Such unexpected, external attacks could afflict the conscientious persons. As of this 2016 web page editing, a pattern of murdering holistic doctors has been revealed. Simply web-search the term: "murdered doctors". Yet let us not fear nor give this pattern power. Instead, i suggest 'liking' pages of bloggers who raise consciousness and who express outrage against psychopaths who murder. It is my long studied opinion, that humanity is under increasing attacks. That a hierarchy of perpetrators aim to alter the course of human destiny.  That a form of genocide is in progress to achieve this end. That the intended outcome is to be a very servile. (While a majority of humans, in general, would subsequently be removed from this planet).

My pictorial index.

You are welcome to discuss related topics with me, through  e m a i l or skype.  

December 2016 ~~~ My Latest Electromagnetic Research On A Radical Radial Pole Coil


Geometric speculation: Relationship of poloidal structure to the tetrahedron.

geometric speculation: poloidal coil structure.

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