The first image is my effort to superimpose the original septenary table on top of text excerpts and notes, to provide a more immediate correspondence of the content.

Next is the original table and text quoted from

The 49 cosmic worlds are divided into seven series of seven worlds in each series. The division into septenaries is due to the fact that the three aspects of existence can be combined in seven different ways as shown below.
The table makes it easier to analyze the composition of matter, the relationships of the aspects, the seven types and departments.

1 -= the will aspect (the motion aspect)
2 = the consciousness aspect
3 = the matter aspect

Image above is a screen shot from Laurency's original table and image below
is my reinterpretation using font colors instead of font sizes.

The electronic color code is here adopted to differentiate
septenary relationships. The original septenary table as
presented by H. T. Laurency was printed with a standard
black and white typography, at a time when publishers
were resistant distributing striking new subject matters
such as Pythagorean Hylozoics.

Therefore use of three colors instead of three font sizes
has been used in the reformatted table below, as a study
device, to differentiate the relationships.

Please criticize this study device. Does the original font
size convey the original study better? Does the color
substitution assist or does color impede the study of
septenary relationships?