A Home Destination in Liberty, Maine

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Optional subdivisions from a 22.9 acre parcel are offered for sale, and further adjustments are also possible. The 1.5 acre lot illustrated below is 438 ft on the top and 156 ft wide, and it is offered for $50,000. We can share professional closing costs, or save money by doing it by ourselves.

ROW = R.0.W. = Right of Way will be written into the agreeable, and warranted deed, for the desired subdivision.

The 1.5 acre lot has a culvert installed on Lampson road for an eventual finalized driveway. The top boundary has a right of way to Stagecoach Road, for convenience and which also can eventually be shared and better developed with a driveway, by a future, adjoining lot, on that eastern boundary. A potential 2 acre lot drawn below the 1,5 acre lot will need a finalized plan for a long driveway along the southern boundary, to share with potential, adjacent lots, before it can be sold. In case a first buyer wishes to buy 5 to 6 acres of field and woods, which is nearly bounded by a very old stone wall, see this attached and edited air photo with those details.

Alternatively the entire 22.9 acre parcel can be bought for an acceptable offer. Excellent central location near parks, through scenic drives, half hour from Belfast, Rockland and Camden, or a bit longer to Waterville, or Capitol Augusta. Also just minutes from brewery, ice cream, restaurants, take-outs, gas and other conveniences.

Includes paved and also shared, gravel road access, plus a private Right Of Way to Lake Saint George.
Google "49 Stagecoach Road" , (eastern access of property).

Lampson Road is paved and the western access of property, and it begins at Sherman's Corner on State highway, Route 3, and proceeds uphill a short way to the property boundary on the right side, (blue corner). The prepared access point with culvert across the drainage ditch, is further uphill on the right, marked with yellow line.

advantageous spot_

Private Right of Way to Lake>


Beautiful Seasonal Colors In Maine


Below are other development ideas based on years of experience, of the whole parcel of land. The yellow lines are based on topography suitable for easily established trails and seasonal run-off of mountain water. The top left corner of property has a flat area suitable for building, with utility power access along both roads; and with a cement lined, eight foot deep well.

Next below are conceivable subdivision potentials, based on topography for road and housing developments. The purple lines below indicate conceivable, developable, individualized house lot boundaries, requiring formal application procedures with the town planning board.

1975 Deed Title was checked in 2010 By Admiral Title, Unity, ME

I will hold offers and final sale price confidential.


See Town of Liberty Ordinances

Subdivision requires Town of Liberty approval, pending the formal application procedure. Subdivision ordinances might require professional services to handle the procedure; whereas outright purchase of the existing deed would proceed without delay.

Bo Atkinson July and September 2021